I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – The Power of Evil

Part 1


“───Now, let’s start training seriously today.”



About a week after Yuti started school, I decided to intensify my training, as the situation had finally started settling down. The reason for this was that with the fight with Yuti, I realized I was not strong enough. I knew that if I kept things as they were, I wouldn’t be able to feel safe in the other world.

It’s not that I’m interested in having great power, but I’ve been caught up in the battle between the “Holy and the “Evil,” and gotten involved with Yuti’s case…

Sigh… I wish I could be in peace in the other world, but… not everything goes the way I wanted.”


“Buhi, buhi.”

Night and Akatsuki put their paws on each of my legs as if to comfort me in my depression. They are adorable.

Just as their appearance began to soothe me, I suddenly realized.

“Huh? Speaking of which, where is Ouma-san?”

To be honest, another reason I decided to train this time was because of the appearance of a super-powerful entity in my vicinity, Ouma-san.

Although Master Usagi is also powerful, he would come over and teach us about kicking, then take a magic lesson from me and go away again. For this reason, I’m very thankful to have a super-strong presence who is always present…

“Answer. Ouma-san, he’s sleeping.”


When I turned around, I saw Yuti standing there.

“What’s wrong? Earlier I heard that you’re going to study…”

That’s right, although Yuti was able to perform well in physical education classes at school, she couldn’t keep up with the other classes. Now she not only prepares and reviews for the classes at home but also studies the contents from elementary school.

Luckily, the act of learning itself seems to be fun for her, and Yuti is constantly absorbing more and more knowledge.

I’ve always hated studying, but that’s about the only thing that I could reflect on through my efforts… I do study properly now…

Although I had properly tried dieting and doing muscle training all my life, I never lost any weight nor gained any muscle until I leveled up.

To my question, Yuti told me with a straight face.

“Training. I’m going to be Yuuya’s partner.”


“Discomfort. Since yesterday, I’ve been feeling strangely unwell. That’s why I move around.”

“So you want to take a break from studying?!”

How did she jump to the conclusion to move her body?

“Negative. I feel restless when I’m not moving. My chest is all buzzing…”

“Even though you say it’s buzzing, it’s just…”

“I had been a disciple of the “Bow Saint” before Yuuya learned about it. Seniority. That’s why I’m going to take care of Yuuya, too.”

“H-huh…? I appreciate that, and it’s good if you want to move around and maintain your body condition during your break… By the way, is Ouma-san really sleeping?”

“Affirmative. After lunch, he said he felt sleepy and went to sleep.”

“He really does as he pleases…”

Ever since Ouma-san arrived at my house, he has been lazing around at home, eating and sleeping all the time. Although, he has always praised all the food I cook for him as being delicious.

If it were up to me, I’d take him outside the house, but that would cause a big commotion, so I had no choice but to ask him to endure.

This is why it’s difficult for me to complain about Ouma-san slothenly life of eating and sleeping. To begin with, he is a strong legendary dragon, so there is no need to train him.

“Well, if that’s the reason, then it can’t be helped… So is Yuti going to help us?”

“Affirmative. There are the reasons I mentioned earlier. But I want to practice, too. Even now, the buzzing in my chest is getting stronger and stronger…”

“Eh? What does it mean───.”

At the moment I was about to say that.



Suddenly, Yuti was in pain and collapsed in place. When I held her in my arms, her eyes opened widely. And her eyes were──completely bright red.


“”It took a long time, but I recovered and finally got out.””

I hear two overlapping voices coming from Yuti’s mouth. Night steps in between Yuti and me to separate me away from her.



“Fugo, fugofugo.”

Then, not only Night but also Akatsuki showed signs of alertness, so I turned my gaze once again to Yuti.

Then Yuti stood up unsteadily and looked at me with her red eyes.

“”Hey, hey, don’t stare at me like that. I’m your precious friend, aren’t I?””

“What are you talking about…? Who the hell are you to begin with? You’re not Yuti!”

The body and appearance were completely that of Yuti, but the Night and Akatsuki’s reaction made me realize that the person inside was entirely different.

In response to my question, Someone in Yuti’s appearance grinned and said…

“”Is this vessel really that important to you? Then… I’ll give it back to you…!””


In the next moment, a black haze erupted forcefully from Yuti’s body, and it gradually took shape. The black haze that escaped from Yuti’s body took a form which looked exactly like Yuti’s – becoming a “Black” Yuti, so to speak, in contrast to the characteristically white Yuti.

“Eh, Yuti!”

“”Nay? I’m “Evil.” Well, I’m just a piece of it…””

Whereas Yuti had characteristic white hair and white eyes, the black haze that escaped from Yuti’s body was similar to Yuti in shape, but the hair was black, and the eyes were red.

When the black haze──the Evil──had escaped from Yuti’s body, Yuti suddenly lost her strength and collapsed on the spot.


“Oops, it makes me sad that you are ignoring me.”

With a grin, the “Evil” in Yuti’s appearance produced a bow from its body and shot an arrow at me.



“I-I’m fine.”

That blow was comparable to Yuti, the disciple of the “Bow Saint,” and if I had continued to stand there in a daze, I would have been killed.

However, the “Evil” looked down at its own hand bitterly.

“Tsk… It’s already made me so exhausted with just one attack. I’ve got to find the next host as soon as possible.”

“A new host?”

My guess is that this black haze is the “Evil” power in Yuti’s body. As for why it came out of Yuti’s body, I suppose…

“Why are you coming out of Yuti’s body now?”

“Oh? Of course, that’s because she’s no longer useful, you know?”

“No longer useful?”

“Yeah. She was pure and full of dreadful negative emotions. You guys have ruined it, you know. That’s why I waited to recover my powers and came to seek out a new host like this.”

The “Evil” laughed and stared at Yuti, then produced an arrow in its hand and aimed it at Yuti.

“Well… let’s get rid of the unnecessary stuff quickly!”

“Huh! I won’t let you!”

I instantly equipped my [Bloody War Demon Series] with the effect of [Bracelet of Replacement] in an instant. While at it, I also took out my [Omni-Sword] and immediately activated my [Magic Attire]. I was able to instantly move between Yuti and the “Evil.”

Then, after catching the blow from the “Evil,” I cut at it immediately.

That attack was easily avoided. But Akatsuki was waiting for it and activated his [Sanctuary] skill.


“Ha! You succeeded when I was still inside that immature host, but it’s not strong enough to deal with me, a pure piece of “Evil,” pig!”



What’s more, as Akatsuki was shocked that [Sanctuary] didn’t work, the “Evil” shot an arrow at Akatsuki. As such an attack is unavoidable for Akatsuki, I hurriedly tried to rush over to him, but Night, who was waiting nearby, instantly took Akatsuki in his mouth and left the spot.


“Fugo. Buhii…”

“Woof woof.”

Akatsuki, who was now somehow safe, thanked Night, But he was depressed that his [Sanctuary] didn’t work. Thus Night comforted him.

I was also surprised to find that Akatsuki’s [Sanctuary] failed… But, from the word of the “Evil,” it seems to be related to the host or something.

If the immature host it described was Yuti… I think Akatsuki’s power could keep it in check when it’s inside a host, similar to the time when it was in Yuti. If so, the “Evil” in front of me now couldn’t be suppressed unless it is inside someone’s body?

As I was thinking about this and that, and the “Evil” glared at Yuti again.

“Tsk… I thought about destroying this useless vessel as soon as possible, but it would be a waste of my energy to do so. Then I guess I should get out of here quickly.”

“What? Do you think I’ll let you go?”

“Hey, hey, are you trying to beat me?”


To be honest… I mean, it’s pretty tough.

I have already used the [Magic Attire] technique a while ago, so there is no other way to catch it off guard. Besides, if it’s true that it has stayed in Yuti’s body, it should have some idea of my moves…

I couldn’t answer its question, and as it had implied, this was the only answer. Its smile deepened.

“Hmph. Then, I will quickly get out of here and seek out a more suitable host.”


At this rate, the power of the “Evil” is really going to escape. There will be more people like Yuti who will be corrupted and run amok…

That has to be stopped at all costs…!

As soon as I thought of this, I naturally replied.

“Then use me!”




At my suggestion, the “Evil” gave a wicked smile that lived up to its name.

“Sure, I was watching from inside Yuti, but you’re that rabbit’s apprentice, aren’t you? You looked pretty strong and───. The stronger the host, the better. Well, whether you can fit in or not is another matter…”

As the “Evil” stared at me to observe me, Night and Akatsuki seemed agitated at my suggestion, but I did not say that without a plan.

If a host is greatly affected by this “Evil” power while it is in the host, I thought that by putting it in my body, it could be suppressed by Akatsuki’s [Sanctuary]. But my plan seemed to be noticed by the “Evil” as well, and the “Evil” deepened its smile.

“By putting me in your body, you’re planning to suppress my power with you… But, you know, even Yuti couldn’t hold me down. Nevertheless…”

As soon as it said that, the “Evil” eye was blazingly bright and the dark haze came into my body at once.

“You will regret how naive your idea was…!”




Night and Akatsuki tried to prevent the “Evil” from entering my body, but the process was over in an instant. Then, a somehow unpleasant force swirled around inside my body, as if trying to invade my body from the inside──.




“What a stupid guy. How dumb of him to give himself up!”

The “Evil” power that jumped into Yuuya’s body made a vicious smile inside Yuuya.

“The idea of containing me inside his own body wasn’t a bad one, but how could he think that… I don’t have any countermeasures after all this time?”

Not only was the “Evil” power restored while inside Yuti’s body, it also took measures to avoid repeating the same mistake the next time.

“Well, there is a limit as to what I can do… if his very soul is dyed black… he might die.”

As the “Evil” power said, if Yuuya’s soul itself had become pitch black due to the influence of the “Evil” power, then purifying it with Akatsuki’s [Sanctuary] would end up erasing Yuuya’s heart itself.

“Now, let’s dye this guy’s soul black right away…”

While licking its own lips, the power of the “Evil” reached out to Yuuya’s soul.


“Ah? …W-what’s this?”

The power of the “Evil” couldn’t help but shout.


“W-what the hell is this… I’ve never seen a soul like this… it’s all white! There is not a single black stain! What am I supposed to do with this?”

It’s also unexpected for the “Evil.” There was not a single black stain in Yuuya’s soul that could be used as a catalyst to influence it.

“No way… I can’t do anything with this…!”

In order for the “Evil” power to corrode the heart of the other party, the soul of the host needs to contain dark factors. In order to turn the soul dark, negative emotions are required in order to instigate corruption. But Yuuya, who is gentle in nature, has no negative emotions. So to speak, he has no factors for the “Evil” to manipulate.

Therefore, the “Evil” can’t touch Yuuya’s soul devoid of any dark elements.

“This can’t be happening… I have to get out of here quickly…!”

The “Evil” power desperately tried to escape from Yuuya, but the surroundings were as blank as Yuuya’s soul, and it found itself trapped without a way out.

“Oh, hey, are you fucking serious?”

The “Evil” was dumbfounded and realized that its power was nearing the limits.

“I can’t do anything about this… Haha, how can there be such a person…”

The “Evil” was unable to do anything inside of Yuuya and gave up powerlessly.


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    1. The author has answered. All those oblivious moment that yuuya showed us..all of that has led to this very moment.. if he was prideful or arrogant as to what we all have wanted him to be. He will not survive this ‘EVIL’. it seems he was created to be pure for a reason.

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