I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 6 Prologue Part 2

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Part 2


Meanwhile, at the same time that Evil was taking action, a secret experiment was being conducted in the Regal Kingdom, in the basement of the castle that Lexia and Luna had visited the other day.

A group of people in black robes surrounded a large magic circle were in discussion, each holding a book in their hands.

The people in robes were sorcerers of the Regal Kingdom.

“───How are things going?”

“! Your Majesty.”

Then, Orghis, the king of the Regal Kingdom, came down the stairs with a woman in an elegant dress.

The woman was about the same age as Yuuya, with long blond hair curled vertically. Her golden eyes carried a mixture of flamboyance and elegance. The woman, with her strong-willed eyes downcast, was standing behind Orghis.

Then one of the robed men opened his mouth.

“Everything is going well. Although I had never imagined that such magic existed…”

“That’s only natural───since it summons heroes and saints from other worlds.”

The words spoken from Orghis’s mouth would not have been missed if Yuuya had been present.

Orghis then took a book from a nearby sorcerer and gave it a quick look over.

“A long time ago… in the world of fairy tales where the recently rumored legendary dragons made an appearance, there was another existence in this folklore. This was the only person who reached the level of god──the Sage. The Sage was said to have created magic based on his experience of wandering into another world once.

“Yes. The Sage recognized the existence of another world and created magic to travel there again. And we’ve obtained some of his research materials.”

“Hmm. And the application of that research is this magic circle…”

Orghis said and gazed at the huge magic circle drawn in front of him.

For a time, many adventurers traveled the world searching for the lost research of the Sage scattered throughout the world, and the many countries fought each other for possession of the knowledge. As time went on, the countries signed a treaty to stop wars to fight over Sage’s literature, and it was forbidden for adventurers to seek them out.

However, the pieces that had already been acquired were treated as the treasures of each country. The countries that possessed them were encouraged to study them.

However, the Sage’s magic was too powerful for ordinary people to control.

Moreover, the effects of some of them are unknown until they are activated, and some of them are dangerous.

“In the story, it was said that in that other world was developed by an unknown technology that we do not know about, and it was very prosperous.”

“Are we so cornered that we have to rely on this unknown technology?”


One of the sorcerers nodded gravely at Orghis’ words.

Orghis also lowered his eyes with a bitter look on his face, but his eyes had a look of determination.

“…But, if we don’t do this… we will be destroyed by the Evil. We have no choice but to do this.”


“As Sword Saint-dono is here, there’s nothing to worry about, but in many places… the Holy, which were supposed to oppose the Evil, had disappeared. This means that it’s possible that they’ve been defeated by the Evil, or perhaps…”

Orghis frowned as he imagined the worst-case scenario.

From the Sword Saint that he had welcomed to the Kingdom, Orghis had heard about the return of the Evil as well as the disappearances of an increasing number of the Holy.

Of course, the Sword Saint knew that many of the Holy had fallen to the Evil, but it was not disclosed to Orghis because the Sword Saint was aware that it was the Holy’s role to fight against the Evil.

After letting out a big sigh, Orghis called out to the woman who was standing behind him.


The woman called Layla is Orghis’ daughter and the first princess of this Regal Kingdom. With her good looks, high intelligence, and strong personality, she is adored by the people. Just like Lexia in the Alceria Kingdom, she is very popular.

Layla responded to Orghis’ call elegantly.

“Yes, father.”

“We will probably be condemned by the whole world when we perform this summoning… We are trying to bring people from other worlds to help us solve our problems. It’s no different from a kidnapping. Of course, by bringing them in, we intend to entertain them with the whole country. If a hero is summoned, we will give him all kinds of beautiful women. And… you may have to be offered as well.”

“…I understand.”

Layla understood the importance of the magic that was performed here and the cruelty of it. If the summoning fails, there will be no future for the human race in this world, and if it succeeds, people from other worlds will be asked to fight for them.

Either way, there was no choice.

The reason why they still put their faith in this gamble was that no one in this world could fight against the Evil anymore, and they couldn’t just sit back and let themselves perish.

The only way for humanity to survive and escape from the hands of Evil was to rely on a new power, even if it meant sacrificing another. Even if they had to commit the great sin of kidnapping a hero from another world and having the whole world be their enemy, they had to do it in order for humanity to continue to live in a world overflowing with positive power.

And Layla had an even more important responsibility.

Originally, the Regal Kingdom was known as the world’s leading nation in magic, with its active research in magic. As such, it had succeeded in reproducing some of the Sage’s magic, albeit to a limited extent.

And the royal family, who are the leaders of this magic superpower, inherited a high amount of magic power from generation to generation, and Layla, who was said to have the highest amount of magic power, was necessary to activate this magic.

“…This magic can only be activated by you, the most powerful magician in this country. For such a heavy responsibility to be placed on you──.”

“Father. I’m fine. So please, don’t worry.”

Layla smiled gracefully while remaining dignified.

Not only Orghis, but the sorcerers who were working nearby as well, could not say anything. Layla’s determined smile was very powerful and beautiful.

In response to that smile, Orghis was taken aback for a while but eventually responded with a bitter smile.

Sigh… Really… You are a strong girl. This makes me pity the man who will take you as his wife.”

“Of course. It’s only natural that the man who marries me should be a strong man. That’s why the man who is summoned… has to be as strong as a hero…”

“Then, there’s no way you’re going to find a marriage partner in this world… No, come to think of it…”


Suddenly, Orghis remembered something, and Layla tilted her head.

“No, during the meeting with the princess of the Alceria Kingdom the other day… I can hardly believe it, but… it seems that there is a person who is followed by the legendary dragon.”

“Wha!? I-is that true?”

“Looking at Princess Lexia’s reaction, I don’t think it’s a lie… but it’s hard to believe that the legendary dragon exists in the first place. However, the earthquake that shook the earth during that time was unusual. Some folklore says that it was originally sleeping in a valley said to be near the Alceria Kingdom. It is said that the dragon had awakened and was tamed by a man.”

“N-no way… So, what is the name of that man?”

“Yes. I believe he was called Yuuya…”

“…That name sounds quite unfamiliar.”

“Yes. I’ve never heard of that name around here either. It’s not a common name in the Alceria Kingdom either, so he must be someone from another country. However, it is said that this person is the fiancée of Princess Lexia. But I don’t know if this is true or not.”


“But if there were such a man, he would be a suitable husband for you, and more importantly, we could count on him in the fight against the Evil.”

Layla, who had been listening to Orghis, shook her head.

“Father. Certainly, if such a man existed, I would gladly give myself to him. But this is impossible.”


“In the first place, the legendary dragon is said to have been defeated by the Sage in the Sage’s mythology, isn’t it? I doubt it even existed.”

“That’s… but based on Sage’s research materials, he created magic as such. Perhaps the legendary dragon also existed?”

“That’s exactly the reason. This means that the story of the Sage who defeated the rampaging legendary dragon in the fairy tale is also true, right?”

“…I guess that’s true too.”

“Sure, the earthquake and the roar were unusual, but I don’t think it was because of the legendary dragon. A legend is still just a legend. So I think it’s probably an Ancient Dragon.”

“I see. But even if it is an Ancient Dragon, just the thought of having one around is a threat.”

“That’s true… but according to what father said earlier, isn’t that man already engaged to Princess Lexia?”

“Umu. That’s what Princess Lexia said… but judging from the reaction of the girl who was escorting her, it’s doubtful that they are really engaged. Most importantly, when the princess of the Alceria Kingdom becomes engaged, there should be a big announcement.”

“That’s… I guess that’s true.”

“He’s a mysterious person. But at the national festival, he’s going to have a match with the Sword Saint. We should be able to evaluate him there.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes. Let’s enjoy the national festival to our heart’s content.”

“Yes. After that, we’ll perform this magic───.”

In the Regal Kingdom, a great plan was being implemented based on a strong conviction.


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