I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 6 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


“…Now, I wonder how long it will take for Yuuya to master the power of Evil.”

When Yuuya began to train with Master Usagi, Ouma, who was taking a nap in the house on Earth, opened one eye and muttered.

“Geez… Holy, Evil, and all that nonsense. That’s too much trouble for Yuuya, who has to train to handle the acquired extra power .”


Night, who was also resting in the house on Earth, tilted his head in response to Ouma’s murmur.

“I’m pitying Yuuya, who is caught up in these things in the other world, even though he belongs to this world called Earth where there is no Holy or Evil.”

“Woof… woof.”

Night made a small thoughtful gesture and then nodded in affirmation to Ouma’s words.

“Don’t you think so, Night? The Evil are also troublesome existences. If they are attacking in order to gain control of the world… let’s just destroy the entire planet.”


As Night barked strongly as if to say that it is no good, Ouma let out a sigh of annoyance.

“Don’t get so angry. It’s just a joke. Yuuya wouldn’t want that… and more importantly, that guy wouldn’t want that either.”

As he said that, Ouma stared into the distance, thinking of the Sage who was no longer in the world.

Then, interrupting the gloomy conversation, the sleeping Akatsuki woke up with his stomach exposed.

“Fugo… fugo?”

“Hmm? So you’re awake too, Akatsuki?”

“Fugo… Buhi. Buhi…”

Akatsuki woke up and thought that he should get up, but then he realized that Yuuya was not at home and started to sleep again.

“…This guy’s really got his own pace. Isn’t it better if Yuuya is a little more like Akatsuki?”


Night couldn’t say anything to Ouma’s words.

“Well, that’s fine. Yuuya also just started his training, so I will take another nap too──.”

The moment Ouma was about to say that.



Ouma suddenly sat up with an inexplicable expression on his face and stared towards the front door. His eyes seemed to be fixed on the Earth itself rather than the front door though.

Night tilted his head in wonder at Ouma’s behavior.


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“Didn’t you notice, Night?”


“…Hmm. It might be difficult for the current Night. I guess you’ll find out when you grow up…”

As Ouma said that, he turned his attention to the Earth.

…I felt a faint presence of Evil from this world called Earth… but it doesn’t seem to be the power of Evil itself… Anyway, it is strange that such a being is on this planet. I’ve never felt anything like this before. Ouma said to himself.

Ouma had sensed a faint presence of Evil from the Earth.

Why is there a presence of Evil from the Earth? Also, where did the presence of Evil come from…? It was an instantaneous event, so even Ouma did not know.

I didn’t imagine this… I felt it for sure, albeit faintly. But the presence of it has completely disappeared now… Hmm. I don’t understand. Ouma continued.

Although he thought about it, Ouma had no way of confirming the situation since Yuuya told him not to go outside the house because there are no dragons on Earth.

“It’s really inconvenient at times like this. Why don’t I just go out without telling Yuuya?”

“Woof!? Woof!”

Night, startled by Ouma’s words, rushed to stop him, and Ouma let out a sigh.

Sigh… Just kidding, just kidding. I’m not going to do anything like that. But you should also be aware of my desire to go out there.”


Unlike himself, Ouma was not allowed to leave the house on Earth freely, so Night could not say anything more. It’s not Night’s fault, but seeing that Night was pouting, Ouma smiled bitterly.

Geez… he’s so cute and obedient, even though he’s a Black Fenrir, a legendary race that rivals my own. But… should I tell Yuuya that there was a presence of Evil from the Earth? said Ouma.

This was the moment when Ouma thought so.

*Ring, ring*

“Mmm! It’s time to eat!”

The clock had just rung for lunch, and Ouma’s attention went straight to lunch.

For Ouma, who couldn’t look around the Earth, eating was one of the few things that allowed him to experience the other world, and that was why he looked forward to mealtime more than anything else.

Because of this, the thoughts about the presence of Evil that he felt on Earth had slipped entirely from Ouma’s mind. From Yuuya’s perspective, it was a big problem, but from Ouma’s perspective, it didn’t matter where the Evil appeared; he was more interested in the food.

This was the gap between the priorities of Yuuya and Ouma, who was an absolute powerhouse.

“Fumu. What’s today’s meal? I want to eat curry after a long time.”

Ouma said so and then went to urge Yuuya to cook with an exciting look.

──How will this affect Yuuya… no one knows yet.




It had been a few days since I started to train the power of Evil with the help of Master Usagi and Yuti. It was true that I was able to release the power of Evil, as Kuro had said. Still, it wasn’t easy to adjust the output as I wanted, or rather, to adjust the power.

When I unleashed the power of Evil, my stats certainly increased, and I was able to unleash attacks with tremendous power.

But it was too powerful, and I was overwhelmed by it. If I were to fight in the city like the time when I first met Yuti, the damage to the people around me would be tremendous.

In addition, the power of Evil could not be released for a long period of time. During the training when we were sparring as a pair, the power of Evil was suddenly cut off, and suddenly the fight was done in a normal state.

When I had the power of Evil, I was able to fight evenly with Master Usagi, but I was beaten to a pulp as soon as I lost my power.

By the way, when I asked Master Usagi if he could double his stats when he fought with me because my power was from the Evil. He said that he could adjust his stats, so when he fought with me, he fought with normal stats.

The reason why he still beat me up was purely because of the huge difference in level and the large gap in stats between us.

And even now, while using the power of Evil, I was in an even match with Master Usagi.



My kick, clothed in the power of Evil, was swept away by Master Usagi’s kick like a soft willow, and he counterattacked.

By the way, when I used the power of Evil, a black aura overflowed from my body, and my eyes changed to red.

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re getting it.”

“I know!”

And when I use the power of Evil, I ask Kuro to help me. Kuro controls the power of Evil inside me so that I can somehow control it.

Or how should I say this? Master Usagi is a monster. After all… all of my attacks are blocked! However, by watching the movements of Master Usagi, I have been able to adapt his techniques gradually.

I’m not sure, but lately, I’ve been able to catch the movements of Master Usagi and Yuti with my eyes. I wonder why?

As I continued to do such practices, I suddenly felt as if I had forgotten something important.

Huh? What was it?

Then, Master Usagi, who sensed that I was distracted, intensified his attacks.

(To be thinking about something else while you’re training, you’ve got some nerve, huh…!?)

“Huh? T-that… Whoa!?”

While dealing with Master Usagi’s attack, my thoughts were still struggling to remember something that I had forgotten.

What… am I forgetting?

As my mind worked frantically, I finally remembered what I had forgotten!

“Ah…. aaaaah! I’m going to have a test soon!”

It completely slipped my mind! I’ve been preparing and reviewing every day, but…

“I-it’s not good! I have to study for my test…!”

(Concentrate on your training.)

“B-but, if I don’t study for the test, I won’t be able to concentrate on my training──.”

(Shut up.)


Finally, I was attacked by Master Usagi and blown away.

“I… I have to study…”

As I said that for the last time, I lost consciousness.

──I’m not sure if I can say that things are going well… but my training to handle the power of Evil continues.


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