I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 6 Chapter 2 Part 4

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Part 4


“Okay, table three, two yakisoba noodles, please!”

“Here, one glass of beer!”

“U-um, Two curries, please!”

──Before we knew it, we were working at Ginji-san’s beach house temporarily, which was different from our original purpose of playing on the beach.

Sawada-sensei’s good idea was for us to work as helpers. I suddenly thought back to Sawada-sensei’s behavior at that time.

Sawada-sensei said, “There are some of the most beautiful men and women in the school here. So I’d like to ask you to be our sales staff.”

“S-sales staff?”

“Of course, we’ll pay you.”

 ──With that in mind, we began our work here. Moreover, Ginji-san seemed to be somewhat troubled by the lack of customers, so when he asked us to help him, we took the job.

Well, Ginji-san treated us to yakisoba. I also had a chance to taste his curry as well, which was also very tasty. So, I think Ginji-san’s food will attract many repeat customers, and I’m going to help him with that.

As soon as we started working as wait staff, many male customers came to see the beautiful Kaori and the others, and thanks to the handsome Ryo and the cute little animal-like Shingo-kun, many female customers came as well.

As the number of customers increased, Ginji-san was cooking at an incredible pace.

“Ahhhh! That’s a happy cry, oi!”

“Oh, Dad, keep up the good work!”

“Rie, you should at least be able to cook as well!”

However, since Sawada-sensei couldn’t cook, she couldn’t help Ginji-san. Instead, she was doing her best to wash the dishes. Ryo and I offered to help with the dishes, but Ginji-san said he would take care of that himself, so we put all our effort into carrying the food out.

“───Two yakisoba and two beers, correct?”



“Please shake my hand!”


“Oh, that’s not fair!”

“Please take a picture with me…!”

…I got some weird orders like this quite often, but I think things were generally going well. As the number of customers increased, word of mouth seemed to spread, and eventually, enough customers came to fill Ginji-san’s beach house.

“Aren’t all the waitresses here high level?”

“The girls are super cute!”

“And the boys are amazing too!”

“I mean, is this some sort of event?”

“The yakisoba is delicious, though!”

“The curry is good too!”

I could hear the various customers’ voices, and it seemed that they didn’t have anything bad to say. Ginji-san’s food was delicious, wasn’t it?

Now I not only had to carry out the food, but also clean up the dishes after the customers left, and it was getting too much for me to handle. So I increased the number of dishes I carried at a time.

“H-hey, that’s…”

“Eh, amazing…”

“How many could he carry…?”

I put trays on my hands and arms, placed dishes on top of them, as well as stacked them on my head, and carried a considerable amount of after-dinner dishes. It’s a lot of work, but my improved body had the balance and strength to carry it without difficulty. I’m glad that I’m useful in these areas.

“Tenjou. I need your help.”

“Yes? What’s the matter?”

“We’re about to run out of food, so I need your help to buy more. You seem to have the most strength.”

“I-is that so?”

“What are you talking about? You’re the guy who wrestled a bear on the field trip, aren’t you?”

That’s right. So, while Sawada-sensei was taking me to buy food, an incident happened.




“U-um, please don’t!”

“Eehh? Come on, let’s have some fun together.”

“Yes, yes, we’ll show you how to have fun.”

A group of male customers with tanned skin were grabbing Kaori’s arms. Seeing that, Kaede, who was nearby, called out to them.

“Um, can’t you stop doing that? You’re troubling her.”

“Oh, you’re cute, too!”

“Yes, you can hang out with us, too!”

“Come on, come on, let’s bring your other friends.”

“P-please stop!”

“Hey, you guys──.”

Ryo, who was nearby, tried to stop them, but one of the male customers, a muscular man, stood in his way.

“Don’t get in our way.”

“I’m not interfering; I’m telling you to stop.”

“If you want me to stop, go ahead and try. What can you do, you skinny bastard? Huh?”


When one of the men surrounding Kaori and Kaede pushed Ryo away, he staggered heavily.

Ryo was good at sports, and he was by no means frail. However, all of the men surrounding Kaori and the others were much more muscular and taller than Ryo, making them quite intimidating.

In terms of the number of people, the situation was not good, and the atmosphere in the whole store was getting worse──.

“───Oh, excuse me, I need to pass by.”


Yuuya, who was just coming back from shopping for groceries, came back with both hands full of shopping bags. However, having just returned from shopping, Yuuya couldn’t grasp the situation and headed to Kaori and the others without hesitation, as he had something to do.

“Excuse me. Please excuse me for a moment.”


One of the men furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure at the unabashedly approaching Yuuya.

“Hey you, can’t you see that? We are having a nice conversation with these girls right now. Get lost.”

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. But we’re a little short-staffed, so we need these two to help us out…”

“Huh? You don’t understand the situation, do you?”

“Even if you say so…”

Since Sawada-sensei, who returned earlier with more ingredients, the orders that had been stopped began to move and the store became hectic again.

“For the time being, the two of them have work to do, so I’ll take them with me. I’ll listen to what you have to say instead…”

“You, you just…”

In order to stop Yuuya from taking Kaori and Kaede away, the man grabbed Yuuya’s arm, but he didn’t falter.

Then, Kaori and Kaede were freed from the man’s hands and immediately went into Ginji’s store. Seeing this, Yuuya felt relieved for a moment, took a breath, and tried to head back as well to put down the bags in his hands.

However, the men moved into a position to surround Yuuya.

“Hey, are you fucking kidding with us? Huh?”

“E-eeh? W-what’s───.”

“Shut the fuck up!”


The other female customers shouted at the man who suddenly attacked Yuuya. But Yuuya, who was attacked by the man, was in a panic about something else entirely.

(To suddenly attack me… It’s dangerous for the other customers and it will destroy the store’s property too!)

Not understanding the reason at all, Yuuya was just as confused about being attacked, but he was more worried about the customers around him than about being attacked, as the men went on a rampage.

As he avoided one man’s attack while thinking about that, the other men attacked Yuuya one after another. In order to do something, Yuuya tried to move but remembered that he still had the shopping bag in his hand.

Realizing that he would not be able to move properly, he threw the shopping bag into the air and gently caught the men’s fists and kicks, then straightened them all into an upright position and held them there. Just then, the shopping bag came back to Yuuya’s hand.



The men didn’t know what had happened and, for some reason, cocked their heads at the fact that they were standing upright. When Yuuya confirmed that there was no damage to the surrounding objects or customers and that the men were not injured, he took a breath.

“Um, please don’t get violent. There are customers here…”

The men came to their senses when Yuuya told the bewildered men and tried to attack him again, but…

“O-oi, you──.”

“──I thought it was so noisy when I was concentrating on cooking in the kitchen… You people, what are you doing? Huh?”

“Ah? Hyii!?”

Ginji was glaring at the men with anger on his stern face. His expression was so terrifying that all of the men who had been so energetic earlier were scared out of their wits.

“You… you’ve got some nerve there. I wonder if you’re ready to be chopped up and used as a filling for yakisoba? Huh?”

“””I-I’m sorrrryyyyyyyy!”””

The men ran out of the beach house with tears in their eyes because of Ginji, who did not look like a regular person. All of them, including the surrounding guests, were stunned by the scene, and Yuuya immediately bowed his head.

“I’m sorry, Ginji-san. Thank you very much.”

“Hmm? I didn’t do anything. Are you guys okay?”

“Y-yes! We’re fine!”

“Ryo-kun and Yuuya-kun helped us…”

“No, I didn’t do anything. Yuuya was the one who saved you.”

“I see… Yuuya, you’re amazing! When I looked closely, I could see that you’ve been working out like crazy…”

“Tenjou is one of the most physically gifted in our school. All of the P.E teachers were amazed. They said he could be in the Olympics.”

“That’s just…”

Ginji’s cheeks twitched at the information provided by Sawada-sensei. And then the surrounding guests began to applaud.

“That was amazing!”

“Yeah, yeah! It was like watching a scene from a movie!”

“I mean, I’ve only seen moves like that in the manga!”

“It was so fast; I could barely understand it!”

“Um, well, that…”

Yuuya, who didn’t expect to be praised, was bewildered by the reaction of the people around him.

Ginji laughed at the situation and turned to his customers.

“Well, our waiter is awesome, right? Well, please continue to enjoy your meal.”

…Thus, despite the troubles, Ginji’s store, thanks to the hard work of Yuuya and the others, as well as Ginji’s cooking, achieved the highest sales ever.


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  1. So the shopping bag scene. Anyone else think gohan vs cell Jrs when he tossed the senzu beans up then proceeded to murk them before catching it again?


  2. Yuya should start having more self confidence in himself and view himself in a more positive light.. i guess it takes time for him to overcome past traumas but eventually he has to find his ‘light’ and start being more positive.
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    1. Saddly I say that will happen about the time he loses his v card. Which given the tendency of troupes in this LN would be about never.


    2. You know years of one sided abuse and all the shits they do to him his selfesteam would be gone but little by little he would get it back but it will take long time


  3. Thanks for the chapters Nyx-san
    I thought that the teacher would bring up her marrige proposal she did to Yuya and have a confrontation with her father Ginji-san, that would be funny


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