I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Part 3



“Damn it! What are the soldiers doing in the castle?”

“S-somebody! Help me!”

When I hurriedly changed into my usual armor and left the castle, the Evil Beast had already begun attacking the town. Although the soldiers and guards who were patrolling the city were fighting, they had not yet managed to defeat the Evil Beasts that were brought here by the Evil.

Then, in front of such a scene, Kuro, who was inside me, raised his voice.

“Hyuh! That guy’s got some nasty tricks up his sleeve. He just unleashed a swarm of Evil Beasts when he had sealed off all the Holy that could fight them.”

“This is no time to be impressed!”

Kuro’s comment made me raise my voice, but he didn’t seem to care and suddenly continued in a serious tone.

“Hey, Yuuya. Did you understand that when you confronted that Avis guy earlier? That guy has already been perfected as an Evil. And that strength is something that neither you nor the Holy can touch. Perhaps… even the Genesis Dragon will find it difficult to deal with him.”

Kuro wanted to say that even Ouma-san couldn’t win, but I think that’s probably not true. After all, even when Avis appeared, Ouma-san remained asleep looking uninterested.

Having been defeated by Sage-san, Ouma-san must understand the possibility that there were beings in this world stronger than him. And, of course, he had the ability to see through that.

The fact that Ouma-san didn’t react to Avis meant that Avis was not worthy of his interest, for him at least. Besides, Sage-san, who was said to be stronger than Ouma-san, was also naturally stronger than Avis.

But that didn’t mean that Avis was weak…

“Anyway, all you have to do is run away like an adult and hide behind that door. As expected, even he does not have the power to cross the world. You can’t beat him, you know. Do you understand?”

I understood what Kuro was trying to say. With my current strength, I’d never be able to beat Avis. And I think he’s right that if I ran to Earth, he couldn’t come after me.


As I hurriedly moved through the city, I saw a woman holding a child in her arms and trying to protect the child from an Evil Beast.



I took out the [Omni-Sword] from my [Item Box] in an instant, and I cut down the Evil Beast.

“Are you okay?”

“Eh? Ah, y-yes! T-thank you!”

I helped the woman up who was staring at me in a daze and told her to run towards the castle. The castle would probably accept the people.

While seeing the woman off, I answered Kuro.

“I don’t want to get involved in something like this. If possible, I want to live a happy and peaceful life. But I can’t just sit by and watch everyone suffer in front of me.”

When Kuro heard my true intentions, he let out a sigh of exasperation.

Sigh… You’re really stupid. Do whatever you want. I’ll only lend you my power when you ask for it.”

“Yeah, thanks, Kuro.”


In response to my words, Kuro looked embarrassed and then fell silent.

“Now that I’ve got Kuro’s support, I’ll immediately──.”

“──Why are you here?”


A voice that I had heard before reached my ears. When I turned my head to react to the voice, I saw…


NyX Translation



When I went on a trip with Kaori and the others, I met a shrine maiden, Mai Kagurazaka, who was there when we had a courage test.

“W-what are you doing here?”

“That should be my line! What are you doing in this world?”

We both asked the same question, but it didn’t stop the Evil Beasts from attacking us, and one of the nearby Evil Beasts attacked us.


“Get out of my way…!”

“Gugyaa! Ggaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Then Kagurazaka-san took out that mysterious talisman and threw it at the Evil Beast. The black mist from the Evil Beast’s body leaked out and dissipated, and the Evil Beast disappeared in agony.

I also used the [Omni-Sword] in my hand to cut down another Evil Beast nearby. Then Kagurazaka-san’s expression became distorted.

“Kuh! By the way, this monster also appeared when you guys came for the test of courage…! It was your work at the time, too, huh?”

“N-no, that’s not true! I don’t even know why this guy showed up that time!”

“So why are you here? You would not be here if you had nothing to do with it. …Or maybe you were summoned just like me?”


Before coming here, I suddenly remembered the conversation that Orghis-sama and Iris-san had before we came in.

In Orghis-sama’s story, he said that he had summoned a Saint in order to counteract the Evil.

“Could it be that the Saint who was summoned was you, Kagurazaka-san?”

“That’s right! When I was suddenly summoned to a place I didn’t recognize, I was told that the world was in crisis and they needed my help… I don’t know what that means at all, but I couldn’t just ignore it.”

As if to vent her frustration, Kagurazaka-san threw out talismans one after the other to eradicate the Evil Beasts.

The Evil Beasts disappeared in a puff of smoke at the slightest touch of Kagurazaka-san’s talismans. As was the case at that time, there is no doubt that Kagurazaka-san has an extraordinary power against Evil, and the fact that she came to this world, and perhaps the technique that summoned her may have done something that strengthened that power.

However, even though she had an incredible power to fight against the Evil, summoning Kagurazaka-san from a different world out of the blue and making her fight against Evil was just…

When I was stuffed with words, Kagurazaka-san’s tone became more and more intense.

“And from what I’ve heard, I can’t go back to Earth anymore, can I? They suddenly summoned me and asked me to fight for this world! I don’t know why I should be involved in such an unreasonable situation!”


“──But if there’s someone in trouble like this, I can’t just leave them alone!”


I believe that Kagurazaka-san must have been bewildered, upset, conflicted, and troubled by the reality that she was suddenly summoned. Even so, when Kagurazaka-san realized that there was someone in need of help right in front of her and that she had the power to help them, she chose to fight like this.

Tears well up in her eyes as she deals with the Evil Beast.

“Really… why me? …I’m scared, I don’t understand.., but I cannot just ignore it…!”

Then Kagurazaka-san looked at me again and gave me a soft smile.

“…But I’m glad I know at least one person who can help me. You were probably summoned to this world just like I was, right? You were amazing at that time. Even now, you’re wielding a sword like that and killing the monsters…”

“N-no, I’m…”

“First of all, let’s work together to save as many people as possible!”

“Oh, Kagurazaka-san!”

As soon as she said that, Kagurazaka-san started to move away from me. She probably thought that by splitting up and dealing with the situation, she could help as many people as possible.

However, it was still dangerous.

“Damn! There’s too many of them…!”

The number of Evil Beasts rushing into the city was too much for me to handle one by one. I would like to use magic to wipe them out, but then the damage might be done to those who have not yet escaped.

“What the hell should I do…?”

It was the moment when I finished killing the Evil Beast in front of me while thinking desperately.


You have acquired the [Holy King] title



A semi-transparent board appeared in front of me. I’ve not been able to level up much lately, and my opportunities to acquire skills have dwindled, but I never thought I’d get a new title at this time.

And what’s more, it has a ridiculous sounding name…

I immediately checked the effects of the title.


[Holy King] :: The sole title given to those who have defeated more than 100 of the Evil with the soul of the Holy in their body and have mastered at least three of the Holy techniques. The liberation of the “Holy King’s Authority.”


“I’m not even a Holy!”

What’s with this title? As a matter of fact, it looks like it’s the pinnacle of the Holy!

And what is it? This [Holy King’s Authority] is…

When I turned my attention to the skill [Holy King’s Authority], its effect was now displayed.

“T-this is…!”

I opened my eyes and moved to the center of the city, defeating the Evil Beast.

And then──.

“I don’t know, but… I have to do it!”

As I held the [Omni-Sword] in my hand, I gathered my strength. Then, a golden light began to surge from my body.

And when the golden energy is concentrated on the sword, I swing it out as hard as I can in a circle.

[Holy King’s Authority]───!”

At that moment, a wave of golden slashes, like a dragon, was released from the [Omni-Sword]. The wave is divine, and its momentum is increasing and spreading throughout the city.

If I had just released the slash normally, it would have destroyed the surrounding buildings and affected the people as well.




The waves of golden light dispersed the Evil Beasts one after another, without harming the surrounding terrain, buildings, or people.


“T-this light…”

“I-it’s warm…”

“Oh! H-hey, look at this! My wound…!”

“M-my hand! My hand’s back to normal!”

Surprisingly, the wounds of those who were bathed in the light of the [Holy King’s Authority] began to heal. This was the effect of the [Holy King’s Authority], which could only be used by those who had earned the title of “Holy King.”

The power to exert the desired effect only on the things I want. However, it could not be activated without any risk.

“Ugh! Hah… hah… hah… I-it’s so intense…”

I involuntarily kneeled down so that I could support my body with the [Omni-Sword].

Yes, it seems that the [Holy King’s Authority] consumed a lot of the user’s life force when it was activated. Even if it’s only one time, it’s already enough to cause a lot of discomforts… If it’s used twice in one day, it would definitely shorten my lifespan.

As I was resting, unable to take another step, Kagurazaka-san came back, looking flustered.

“Hey, there was some kind of divine light coming through, and then those monsters disappeared… was that you who did that?”

“W… well…”

“Hey… you’re sweating like crazy! Are you okay?”

“D-don’t worry about me…. M-more importantly… T-the Evil… Beast?”

“Evil Beast? Do you mean that monster? If it’s that monster, when it’s caught in that light, it disappears. I took a quick look around before I got here, and I didn’t hear any commotion, so I’m pretty sure they’re all gone…”

“I… I see… then, that’s good…”

When Kagurazaka-san’s words unintentionally distracted me, I fell on my butt on the spot.


“A-ahahaha… No need to worry, it’s just my power is waning…”

“Geez, please don’t make me worry! I don’t want to be alone in this world, even though I’ve just met someone from the same world.”

I told Kagurazaka-san, who looked somewhat frightened, something I hadn’t been able to say to her earlier.

“I failed to mention earlier that… I wasn’t summoned.”


“In my house in Japan… there is a mysterious door that allows me to travel between this world and Earth…”

“No way!”

Kagurazaka-san’s eyes widened at my words. Well, normally, it would be hard to believe, but Kagurazaka-san was summoned to a different world like this.

“So, if you want to go home, Kagurazaka-san… you can always go back to Earth.”


Kagurazaka-san was stunned by my words. Eventually, she let out a big sigh as if she had cleared her head.

“Haaaaahh… I see. You could go back and forth between this world and Earth, and that’s why you were able to exert such power at that time…”

“That’s what it is.”

I managed to recover my strength, so I stood up and replied, and Kagurazaka-san gave me a stern look.

“…Even so, that power is strange. I was summoned to this world and was taught many things, including magic and the concept of skills and status… No matter how I look at it, your power is way out of line with normal people, isn’t it?”

“I-I’m not aware of that, but…”

“…Well, okay. For me, just knowing that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life in this world is a real relief.”

Kagurazaka-san looked relieved, but her expression turned serious as she gazed at the city where the attack by the Evil Beasts had ended.

“There are many things I’m not happy about and don’t agree with, but if people in this world are in danger because of something called Evil, I want to help them. I want to fight for everyone. It’s because I know that I can always return to Earth with your help that I can think like that with a relaxed mind.”


“So I’m going to stay in this world a little longer. They might attack again. You’re a high school student just like me, right?”

“Eh? Ah, yes.”

“As you can see, I’m on summer vacation right now, so I’ll be here at least during the summer vacation to watch out for those monsters.”

She’s a really nice person, isn’t she?

“I understand. I’ll come back for you at the end of the summer vacation.”

──Although I ended up meeting Kagurazaka-san again in an unexpected place, I’m glad I was able to get through this attack safely. I took a deep breath as I remembered Avis’s words that would eventually come back to haunt me.


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