I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 8 Chapter 4 Part 5

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Part 5


“I-I’m so tired…”

After all the hijackers were restrained, and the plane was safely secured, I quickly returned to Ouma-san’s with Merl-san and left the place.

“Ah, Merl-san, I’m sorry, but can you please erase the memory of everyone there regarding Ouma-san?”

(Yes. I’ll take care of it.)

“Thank you very much! Phew… That’s a relief.”

This should take care of the cleanup.

Ouma-san seemed to be more satisfied with the air trip than expected, and after defeating the hijackers, we returned and decided to rest at home.

“I didn’t expect to move so much…”

In the end, as a result of putting the girl’s safety as the top priority, I even activated the [Holy King’s Authority] even though there is no Evil anymore.

“But I never thought I’d see Kaori’s sister in a situation like that.”

I’m glad that I could save everyone, including Kaori’s sister, thanks to me activating the [Holy King’s Authority].

When I was relaxing at home, Yuti came home from playing with her friends today.

“Returning home. I’m back.”

“Oh, welcome back.”

“…Question. Yuuya, were you on a plane today?”


When I froze at the unexpected question, Yuti continued.

“I watched it. When I was playing with Haruna and the others, I heard the news. The hijacking of a plane was already a huge fuss, but now a single young man has defeated the hijackers and solved the problem.”


That’s ridiculous! Merl-san certainly has the memories related to Ouma-san──.

“A… Aaaahhh! Merl-san, when I say “related to Ouma-san,” it doesn’t include me?”

As I shouted out, Merl-san approached me, tilting her head.

(Is there any problem?)

“Um, you erased the memory related to Ouma-san, right?”

(Yes, that’s right. I completely erased all memories related to Ouma-san.)

“About Ouma-san, you say…? C-could it be, though, that about Merl-san and me…?”

(Hmm? I didn’t erase it.)

“I knew it, aaaaahhh!”

In other words, she erased the memories relating to Ouma-san, who managed to bind the plane on his back and flew gracefully in the sky, but she did not erase the memory relating to me, who fought the hijackers in the plane.

“Merl-san! Please erase that memory too, right now!”

(…That’s going to be difficult.)


(Memories and records need to be erased as soon as possible after the event has taken place. This time, it can’t be erased anymore since quite a lot of time has passed already…)

“N-no waaayyy!”

I was hoping for a little more help from space technology…!

“Convinced. I knew it was Yuuya.”

“Ugh… W-what should I do… But, now that I think about it, I moved to a place where the passengers were so early, so they didn’t see my face that much… right?”

The only people who have seen my face are the hijackers I beat and Kaori’s sister, who I rescued. I-it will be fine. I believe it won’t be a big deal…!

Even though deep down I felt it was too late, I told myself that.





“Father, Nee-chan…!”


NyX Translation


When Kasumi Houjou arrived safely at the airport, there were many people there, including the police and the media. In the midst of all this, Kasumi found her father Tsukasa and her sister Kaori first and rushed over to them.

Tsukasa hugged Kasumi tightly.

“I’m glad… I’m really glad…”

“Y-yeah… sorry for worrying you…”

Kasumi, who was usually energetic and strong-willed, was quite gloomy at this moment.

However, Tsukasa shook his head slowly and smiled warmly.

“No, I’m just glad Kasumi is safe.”


“By the way, I heard that a young man defeated the hijackers?”

When Tsukasa asked, Kasumi’s eyes brightened as if her earlier gloominess had been a lie.

“Yes, yes! It’s amazing! A very handsome Onii-san and a strange haired Onee-san appeared out of nowhere, and the Onii-san defeated the hijackers in an instant!”

“U-ugh… It’s hard to believe, but the other passengers also said they saw a young man and a girl.”

Tsukasa could only groan at the unrealistic situation. But Kaori had an idea of the young man and muttered to herself in dismay.

“A woman with unusual hair…? Don’t tell me… Yuuya-san…?”

“That Onii-san was so cool! I wonder if we can meet again?”


Kaori reacted to Kasumi’s words, which were muttered in a somewhat dreamy way.

“Hmm? Nee-chan, what’s wrong?”

”Eh? I-it’s nothing! More importantly, I’m really glad that Kasumi is safe…”

“Yeah, thanks, Nee-chan.”

Kasumi smiled embarrassedly, as she hugged Kaori, and told her cheerfully.

“──I’m back!”

“”Welcome back!””

In this way, the happiness of the Houjou family was preserved through the efforts of Yuuya.


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