I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 11 – 13

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Chapter 11 – Dwarf Attack


“Myrril, do you know any magic?”

“I can only use elementary defensive magic and general life magic. I don’t have the skills to block those ridiculous attack spells, nor do I have any means of attack other than body enhancement.”

“We’re doomed, huh? I don’t have any magic to fight it either.”

“Dwarves are known for their courage, brute strength, and technical prowess. Hiding and sneaking around is not our strong suit. It’s better to kill them before the enemy can attack.”

“Shh, someone’s coming.”

There is a shadow at the location where the magic struck earlier. A man in a black hood. He is probably a mage. As soon as he found out that there was no sign of the corpse, he immediately looked around. If he has some kind of detection magic, it’s only a matter of time before he finds us.


I could faintly hear the mage’s voice. It’s a dead-end, huh? I don’t have a choice here. I took my AKM out of storage and gestured to Myrril to take cover.

“What is that?”

As I feared, the dwarf girl’s curiosity overcame her, and she followed me to my side. She kept her voice down, but she was too excited to see what was going on.

“It’s just a bigger gun than the one I used before. I don’t know if it will work against a mage, so can you stay hidden?”

“No. I will stay with Yoshua.”

She told me with a snort, but probably… and definitely not out of concern for me. There is no time to persuade her, and even if I did, she would not accept it. I gave up and took my pistol out of storage. I removed the safety, rechecked the ammunition, and with the muzzle pointed in the direction of the mage; I motioned for Myrril to hold the grip.

“Hold this. Point it at your opponent and pull this to fire an instant death arrow. You can only fire one shot. Do not fire until you are within visual range of your opponent. Don’t put your finger in the trigger guard until just before you fire. And don’t ever point it at me, okay?”


I know I said to take good care of it, but I only loaned it to you, okay?

“Two, northeast woods.”

I don’t know who he was talking to, but the mage seemed to have found us and started moving towards us, cutting through the obstructions. He doesn’t seem to have seen us, but in a forest where the evening darkness is becoming thicker and darker, we are at a disadvantage because we can’t use detection magic, and we can’t see at night.

I checked the mage’s figure through the iron sights of my AKM. The distance is about 15 meters. It’s not a gun that requires much aiming, and I haven’t adjusted the sights properly since I got it. If possible, I’d like to kill him before he gets cautious…

“Yosh, I can see him; I just need to be in range, right?”

“Oh, you idiot!”

Don’t just yosh it, you idiot!

I don’t know how she misunderstood or misinterpreted the situation, but she jumped out of the forest in a low posture. She used her short limbs and short stature to make a quick dash, using a barrier to close in on the mage in no time at all.

Then there was a high possibility of a misfire, and now I couldn’t shoot. I couldn’t leave her alone, so I ran after her. Rather, this role is a diversion, a decoy. I wielded my rifle prominently on the opposite side of Myrril and aimed while standing so that it would be visible.

“Damn, you’ve got to be kidding me…”

“You are…”

Myrril was already standing right next to the mage. Looking straight into the eyes of the man who looked back at her, the noja loli laughed.

“I can see you.”

The .45 caliber bullet landed on the man’s nose, and due to the height difference, it went through the top of the man’s head, splattering his skull and brain plasma into the air. Without looking back at the falling man, Myrril gestures in the direction of the forest.

“They’re coming. From what I can see, there are one mage and four heavy cavalries.”

The crisis didn’t end; reinforcements arrived. Though, I’m not sure why she looks so happy about it.


Chapter 12 – Annihilation of Enemy Soldiers


I looked around for a place to hide. They seemed to be coming through a winding path between the woods, which was not a good situation for a long-range gun. A little farther from the edge of the forest, there was a place where a slope had collapsed, and there was a large rock that Myrril and I could hide behind.

We both ran into the shade of the rock and caught our breath before the enemy arrived.

“Is it possible to shoot now?”

“I don’t have any ammunition available right now. And even if I had, I wouldn’t have time to teach you how to load it. Maybe later.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

This girl, don’t give me that… “It was a promise” look anymore.

I saw a figure coming through the woods. I took my AKM and timed my shot. He was a heavy cavalryman, so of course, he was riding a horse. The weapon in his hand was a long spear. He also has a sword on his hip, but it is an auxiliary weapon. I can’t see the mage whose presence is vital. If possible, I’d like to defeat him first, as he is the biggest threat to us right now.

Myrril, who was watching the cavalrymen on alert in the surroundings, looked back at me and tilted her head.

“You’re not going to shoot?”


The mage. Where is he?

It seems that Myrril has sensed my intentions and has begun to watch the surroundings. It’s not like she’s using detection magic; she’s simply utilizing her ears, eyes, and senses. Her gaze traces something and then turns to the back of us.

“Ahhhh, Yoshua!”

“Hellfire, dance to the breath of darkness, Firestorm!”

A man in a black robe shouted, waving his staff. He was planning to go around our back, but when he realized that he had been discovered, he changed his mind to attack with magic.

Myrril and I threw ourselves in opposite directions, and a spiral of fire passed between us. It seemed to have scraped off the rocks where we had been hiding and grazed the cavalrymen, causing the neighing of horses and shouts of anger to rise behind us.

The mage seemed to be in a panic because his aim was off, and he seemed to be torn between running away and attacking again. The distance between us is less than ten meters, and he seems less experienced than the first mage we killed.

“Protect His Highness!”

From the shouts of the heavy cavalrymen, I guessed that he was an inexperienced royalty with an aptitude for magic. The master mage failed to remove the enemy, and he’s here to avenge him.

I don’t care. We’re unrelated and have nothing to blame… Who are you to attack us on your own? It doesn’t matter if you’re a prince.

I shoulder-mounted the gun and fired a single shot. The bullet in his chest caused “His Highness ” to fall as if the thread had been broken.

“Your Highness!”

I heard the sound of hooves and turned around. The cavalries rushed forward, spear points held horizontally. The men shouted in anger, confident that they would overrun us in a few seconds.

“Ooooh, you lowlife!”

Damn it. Do they think that just because they’re wearing armor and riding horses that they’re alone in a safe zone? Do you intend to bring down the merciless hammer like a god? Just like the royalty who tried to kill me after dragging me in on their own.

“I’ll never forgive you! I will tear you all to pieces…”

The first shot. The head of the leading horse popped and tilted, and the cavalryman who was hit by the piercing bullet fell backward. One of the following horses was caught up in the fallen horse and was sent flying. One shot struck the body of a cavalryman who was close behind. Another well-aimed shot at a cavalryman who had slowed down, perhaps frightened by seeing his comrades or superiors fall one after the other. Finally, I pointed the gun at the fallen and groaning survivor and looked at Myrril.

“Is there any more enemy?”

“No, I can’t see any. That’s the last of them.”

What shall I do? The dwarf girl’s intentions were clear as she stared with sparkling eyes.

“W-will you let me shoot too?”

I knew it.

“You don’t mind killing a human being, do you, young girl?”

“It’s a little late for that. I’ve already had my hands on a few people, even if it was to protect myself. I’m not good enough to show mercy to those who have tried to kill me. It would be a noble sacrifice to gain valuable skills and experience.”

With half amazement, I put on the safety and handed the AKM to Myrril.

I confirm the direction of the muzzle and the mounting of the muzzle, explain the recoil and the sound of the gun, and teach her the procedure for loading and unloading the weapon and releasing the safety.

The half-dead survivor was muttering something that sounded like a curse, but we didn’t care. With the situation so complicated and full of enemies, it’s only a margin of error if one person’s resentment or hatred increases.

“Put off the safety.”





There was a bang, and Myrril’s body shook, and the barrel sprang up.

“…It feels good.”

It looks great. But it’s too damn antiquated, though.


Chapter 13 – After The Battle


I went around the bodies, storing robes, swords, staffs, armor, clothes, harnesses, and even equipment.

I leave the underwear behind (because I don’t want to touch it), but then I wonder if I should move the nearly naked corpse, but decide not to. I had no obligation to take the time and trouble to protect the dignity of the dead. I’ve heard that if you leave a corpse unattended, it will decompose and spread pathogens, becoming the source of a plague, but I have no intention of returning to this country.

I simply don’t have the manpower or the strength to do it. I’m sorry to trouble the neighbors even though I don’t know if there are any.

“Merryl, what’s over there?”

“The area where the battle took place remains quiet. Perhaps we’ve killed them all.”

“Do you know who they are?”

“Probably the third prince of the kingdom and his cavalry guard.”

“Do you know any of the royal family?”

“I used to work in the blacksmith’s workshop, you know? There is no way I know them. Especially since subhumans are treated like livestock in the kingdom.”

“Then how do you know him?”

“There are only three princes in this kingdom. The first two are much older, an archer and a swordsman. The third prince is the only one who has the aptitude to be a mage, which is unusual for a royal family.”

I felt like there was a word that bothered me in the middle of the conversation, but Myrril went on and on. She said that everyone in the kingdom knows the story of the magician prince.

I don’t feel good about it, the wizard prince. That means he’s the star of old virgins.


[T/n: There is a saying that an old virgin in Japan is called a wizard.]


“I see. I’m not sure why such a large group of people needed to conduct a battle… or annihilation or whatever magic attack on such a mountain road.”

“Umu. Whatever it is, it’s clearly overkill. The only forces that can compete with these guys are platoon forces. How can such individuals be roaming around the country?”

She’s talking about what we did to kill them, but whatever. The power of the gun is amazing. I’m sure Myrril, who was forced to leave the kingdom because of inventing the same vector, understands this. I took one look at the corpse and gave a slightly bitter look.

“Half-mile, huh? I don’t know the extent of this in this world, but let’s see what did they do before.”

“Oh, I can ride that demon beast magic tool again, can’t I?”

I brought out the “Niko Niko Kindergarten” microbus from storage and set off down the forest path, which had already begun to be engulfed in darkness.


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  1. [T/n: There is a saying that an old virgin in Japan is called a wizard.] … As one person on the internet to another, don’t just go saying “In Japan”. It’s pretty common knowledge that a virgin at age 30 in a wizard, 40 is a arch wizard and then the paths deviate according to the lines you follow

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