I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 8 – 9

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Chapter 8 – A Sudden Encounter


I was lying in a heap at the entrance of the alley, unable to move due to the rapid depletion of my magic power.

I was able to teleport from the castle gates to a straight line of houses and shops in what appeared to be the noble’s district, but this was probably the maximum range of visibility that I could afford. The distance is about 200 meters. In other words, it is possible to teleport at that range with the remaining 11 magic power.

This is good in itself. The problem is that it is in a straight line from the castle gate, which also means that it is visible to the guards guarding the gate.

“Damn it! Oh, jeez…”

I encourage my weak limbs to crawl to the shadows, my vision on the verge of blackouts, and try to pull my AKM out of storage, but then I stop myself. The assault rifle is too conspicuous. If I were to lose consciousness, it would be the end of me. I don’t think it’s possible to recreate it with the industrial strength of this world, but if it’s pointed at me, I have no way to counter it.

I moved to the back of a dimly lit alley to find a safe zone where I could rest until my magic was restored.


“Tee… Agh!”

Oh, for heaven’s sake.

There were people there before me. There were five thug-like men with daggers at the ready. One of them is holding a girl’s hand and trying to cover her mouth with his other hand. The girl is wriggling around, trying to escape, but her body, which probably weighs less than half a pound, seems unable to move.

I took out the M1911 copy and loaded it with the last two rounds I had left.

Oh, shit. A shot fired in this place would echo for several blocks. If it were a slum, I’d probably ignore it, but this is a noble district. The guards and officers will hear the noise and come. Then there would be a battle. Although I may be able to build a pile of dead bodies, it is impossible to escape with a body on the verge of fainting. It’s only a matter of time before it ends here.

But that’s the thing. That girl is so small.

The man’s wrist, which she had grasped with all her might, bent at a right angle.

“O-oh… A-aaaaahhhh!!”

The girl’s sharp hooks cut deep into the side of the man’s body as he turned away from her with a shriek. Seeing their companions rolling around with blood spewing from his mouth, the remaining four men kept their daggers at the ready and kept their distance.

“Do you think you’ll be able to get away if you go against the nobility of the kingdom…?”

Thud. Then one of the men flew into the air with a dull sound. He was slammed into the wall and bounced to the ground, his crushed body not moving an inch.

“You think?”

In the girl’s hand who spoke as she spat, there was a handy weapon. That is to say, the leg of the first man who was beaten was held in her hand. She grabbed his ankle and swung it around, probably hitting the other guy.

With my mouth hanging open, all I can do is watch the scene unfold.

“Damn you…”

The weapon flashes again, this time with a light, dampened sound. The first blow seems to have shattered the man’s head, and he was torn to pieces in a spectacular spray of brain, bone, and blood. Just as the other men, covered in blood and flesh, turned their heads away, the girl grabbed a dagger that was lying on the ground and plunged it through the back of the nearest one. In a single movement, she turns around and strikes another.

However, the last one reacted very differently. The steadiness of his hips and the quickness of his step. The precision of his grasp of the situation and his ruthlessness, not hesitating to sacrifice a friend, indicate that he was clearly an expert.

The man goes around the blind spot, and a tremendous slash hits the girl from behind. The man’s strength flung her body away from the dagger, which he held up as quickly as he could. The small body that rolled while bouncing like a football ball is…


It landed on my stomach, where I was leaning against the wall, quietly draining my breath and consciousness.


Chapter 9 – Give And Take



The surviving man looked at me and furrowed his brow slightly. An unfamiliar man in unfamiliar clothes, with unfamiliar hair and an unfamiliar face shape. I know I look suspicious, but you can’t blame me for that.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. I’ll go away after a short rest.”

“I need your help.”

My voice was muffled by pain and suffering. The girl kept her face down as she clung to me.

Oh, she’s a noja loli. I’ve never seen one before. An out-of-place admiration flashed through my head and then disappeared.

To be honest, if she had the strength and stamina to do that kind of heavy lifting, I’d rather have her help me. But that’s not good. The dagger was blown away by the previous attack, and her arms and legs were limp as if she had been injured somewhere.

“I never thought there would be a fool in this country who would risk his life for a single dwarf.”

“That’s a terrible misunderstanding. I’m just a merchant here; I’m just resting for a while.”

I felt like a fool, but I bet on the slight possibility that the man might let me off the hook.

Now the wager is over. But then the man comes strolling towards me, daggers at the ready in both hands. The look on his face, full of murderous intent, indicates that I’ve lost the bet.

“It’s give and take.”


[T/n: He said it in English.]


I say to the girl, and she slowly raises her head at my voice.

Up close, her eyes and nose are well defined, and her face is not as young as I had expected. Her messy, curly hair was shiny and lustrous, and she looked young and well-bred.

I believe the word “dwarf” was used to describe her, so perhaps she is not just a little girl, despite her appearance, but a rather small-built race.

However, the puzzled look on her face suggests that she doesn’t understand the words I’m saying.

“Gib, what?”

“I’ll help you, but you have to help me. If that’s okay with you, I’ll give you a hand.”


The deal is done.

But before we could do anything, the man had gathered up all his strength and started slashing. I took out the M1911 copy from my pocket, pointed it at him, and pulled the trigger.

There is a bang sound, and the man stops moving. The warhead is sucked into the center of his chest, spilling blood and flesh behind him. The man puts his hands on his chest, stares at me, and drops his weapons from his hands as if he were observing a strange phenomenon.

“What, fuuh.”

His voice is muffled, blood spurts from his mouth. His eyes turned upwards, and he fell on his back, motionless.

“Eh? What the hell was that?”

“Please, I can’t move right now. From here… I want to get out of this city, and if possible, out of this country. If you help me, I will tell you. Depending on the conditions, I can give it to you. It’s up to you.”

With only one round left, I put the M1911 copy on safety and put it back into storage. That’s when I lost consciousness.


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  1. Huh, it’s interesting so far.
    Looks like the author invests the time in picking the right gun for the job too.

    let’s see how it goes later on 🙂


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