It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 1 Chapter 8 Part 1

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Chapter 8 – I Tried To Save Iris’s Life

Part 1


I activated [Creation] and created a Heal Potion from the Wet Moss and Naose Grass.

The granted effects were《Increase Recovery Amount S+》and《Increase Recovery Speed S+》which would take effect immediately.

It was stored into a water bag, and when I took it out of my [Item Box], I immediately sprinkled it on Iris’ body.

From that point on, it was like a miracle.

As soon as the Heal Potion seemed to have permeated through her body, the scars disappeared from Iris’ entire body.

“Uh… Ah… Kou?”

Iris regained her consciousness. She opened her eyes slightly and looked at me.

“Please run. The Black Spider is…”

Even at a time like this, she’s still worried about others. She’s really a nice person, isn’t she?

“It’s fine. I’ve already killed it. More importantly, how’s your body?”

“I can’t move my hands… or my legs… because of the poison…”

Iris’s words were stuttering, indicating that her tongue was not working properly. It was probably due to the Black Spider’s paralysis venom that still lingered in her blood.

I used [Creation] to make a Detoxification Potion with the Wet Mushroom and the Lilium Herb and took it out of my [Item Box]. Just like before, it was already placed in a water bag, and then I brought it to Iris’ mouth.

“Drink this. The poison should disappear.”

I told her that, and she nodded. She put her lips on the edge of the water bag.


Her throat was moving slowly.

I tilted the water bag, careful not to have Iris choke. It took about three minutes for Iris to drink the potion down, which was about a cupful.

“How’s it going? Can you talk?”

“Y-yeah… It’s amazing; the poison is really gone…”

Iris opened and grasped with her right hand while she had a look of surprise on her face. It seemed that there was no problem with her body movements.

“Thank you, Kou. I really appreciate your help. …I owe you big time for this.”

“Don’t worry about it. You gave me a lot of advice yesterday, didn’t you? I’m only returning the favor.”

“I was merely a guide on the quest. But Kou saved my life. That’s not fair.”

“Then take me out to dinner sometime.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”


What are you saying all of a sudden? It’s a little too sudden for my brain to follow.

“It’s a joke. …I was trying to lighten the mood, but it’s not something I’m used to doing.”

Iris was talking a little fast, perhaps she was embarrassed. I felt like we’d gotten to know each other much better than when we first met.

A flock of crows flew over our heads. They were cawing fluently.

The sun was tilted to the west, and the sky was tinted red.

“It’s already evening…”

“Let’s go back to the city. We don’t want to stay out in the open, after all.”

I agreed with her. Too much had happened today, and I wanted to get a good night’s sleep in my bed.

It’s a long way to the bottom of the mountain, and if we’re going to go down, we should move quickly.

“Iris, can you stand up?”

“Yes, I’m fine. …Kyaaa!”

I don’t know what to say.

Iris staggered to her feet but lost her balance. She lost a lot of blood, so she probably hadn’t regained her strength yet.

She fell towards me, so I held her in my arms.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“It’s going to be hard to walk, isn’t it?”

Perhaps we could wait until she regained her strength, but if we did that, it would be nighttime.

…The conclusion was that I would have to carry Iris down the mountain on my back.

“…I really owe you a lot. I’m sorry.”

“It’s no big deal. We, adventurers, are supposed to help each other, aren’t we?”

“Err, um… I wonder if I’m too heavy.”

“No problem. You’re rather light.”

Even without the Armored Bear Armor’s…《Monstrous Strength S+》Iris’s body was extremely slender, and I was reminded once again that she was a woman. Her soft breasts are touching my back. If it had been me from when I was in college, I’m sure my ears would have turned bright red.

“Come to think of it; you defeated the Black Spider, didn’t you?”

“It wasn’t a one-hit kill like with the Armored Bear, though.”

“That’s just natural. The Black Spider is one of the strongest of the A+ danger levels. You can’t compare it to an Armored Bear. …Rather, I’m surprised that you went to fight it alone. Aren’t you afraid?”

“I was so preoccupied with saving Iris. I didn’t think about anything else.”

“…Is that so?”

Iris murmured and buried her face in my left shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. …But thanks.”


It was about an hour later that we reached the bottom of the mountain. The sun was already setting, and the sky was turning indigo.

We managed to get through the mountains.

As for Iris, she was probably at her limit from fatigue and was sleeping on my back.

“Kuh… Suuh…”

It would be awful to wake her up, so I’ll just let her sleep.

I chuckled and started walking down the road.

When the walls of the city of Aunen came into view, we came across a group of adventurers. There were about twenty of them, all carrying torches in their hands.

They looked as if they were going hunting in the mountains.

“Oh, it’s the Bear Killer! And he’s with the dragon-folk neesan!”

“They’re both safe! That’s a relief!”

“Well, well, thank goodness!”

…According to the story, this group of adventurers were on their way to rescue Iris and me.

“What happened to the Black Spider, by the way? Could it be that you’ve killed it?”

“No, no, no, that would be reckless.”

“But maybe, just maybe. …How’s it?”

The adventurers looked at me with a strangely expectant look in their eyes. It’s not something to hide, so I’ll answer honestly.

“I’ve killed the Black Spider. So please don’t worry.”


“You’ve got some skills, huh… Isn’t this the first time in history that a Black Spider has been killed solo…?”

“That’s amazing! You’re so amazing, Bear Killer! No, Spider Killer!”

…Spider Killer sounds weak, so please continue to use Bear Killer. No, the very existence of the title is embarrassing in the first place, so please call me by my name.

The adventurers returned to the guild ahead of us to report on the survival of Iris and me and the subjugation of the Black Spider.

I walked through the city gates with Iris, the sleeping princess, on my back and leisurely strolled through the well-lit streets at night and finally reached the Adventurers’ Guild.

When we entered the lobby, I found the swordsman boy and the priestess waiting for us.

“Kou-san! Thank goodness, you’re safe…”‘

“As I thought, the spirits were right. But I’m really relieved that you’re not injured.”

Both of them were really worried about me, weren’t they?

When I went to the counter, I found Milia sitting there, just like she did this morning. I wondered if she had been waiting for me.

“Welcome back, Kou-san.”

Milia greeted me with a gentle smile that seemed to encompass everything. Just by looking at her smile, my tense feelings began to melt away.

A warm feeling spread in my chest.

“…I’m back.”

I told her, and she nodded happily.

“Thanks for finishing the quest. Would you like to eat? Or would you prefer a bath instead?”

It was the same light conversation as usual, and it gave me a sense of security. It made me feel at ease, and ascertained that the battle had ended and things were back to normal.

“Let me report on the quest first.”

“You’re very serious, huh, Kou-san? Well, that’s a good thing.”

Milia gave a small chuckle and stood up from her seat at the counter.

“I’ve heard about the Black Spider from other adventurers. You must be tired, so let’s go upstairs to the reception room for further details.”


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