I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 47 – 48

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Chapter 47 – Prisoners of The Enemy Camp


There was a time in my life when I dreamed that the enemy of my enemy was my friend.

When I heard that it was the Imperial Army, I sneaked into the encampment, and sure enough, there were many prisoners of war lying around. They were wearing familiar shackles, manacles, and collars.

Many of them ― if those who look like humans are mixed race, then all of them are subhuman.

We searched the empire’s camp in the shadows of the night. They were divided into three tents, 26 people in total. This time, there is no such thing as a woman brought into the tent.

It’s unclear if this is a sign of discipline in the Imperial Army or if it’s due to a strong sense of discrimination against subhumans.

More than ten guards are standing around each tent, making it impossible to approach without being detected.

As we continued to search, we began to get a vague idea of what these people were all about. About two hundred Imperial troops were surrounding the village. They were mainly light cavalry with minimal armament. They didn’t even have the Transportation Corps, just a lot of horses for luggage. I guess they were planning to procure locally from the start. The meat roasting on the bonfires was livestock bought or requisitioned from the village. The drinks in jars and barrels probably came from the same source, as they would not have loaded such things on their horses.

“This must be an advance party of the occupying forces.”

“I understand that they’re trying to take advantage of the civil war in the kingdom to carve out territory, but why are they capturing subhumans?”

“Because they are an eyesore.”

Minya replied to my words.

I wondered what she had seen in her young eyes, but her voice was stripped of emotion.

“The empire only allows humans the right to live. To the people of the empire, subhumans are animals. They are animals that do not produce hair, milk, or meat and are no better than livestock. That’s why subhumans are excluded from the empire’s territory and sold to neighboring countries.”

“So, the logic seems to be shifting at the end.”

“Whatever it is, it’s a disgusting story. Watch me; I’ll show you.”

Yadar, who was just carrying a machete, was about to charge into the enemy camp, but Myrril and I desperately held her back. Minya is in a rather welcoming mood and is preparing her own bow.

“Idiot, it’s too early! Yoshua, get that M16 out of here!”

Someone stop this hothead. At least wait until we rescue the people.

At the same time, Myrril gestures to us to be quiet.

I heard the footsteps of men rushing into the central tent, which seemed to be the command center, and the muscle brain girls and I hid in the shadows.

“Report! The trail has been cut off by the road ahead!”

“The autonomous wagons…”

“We’ve been searching far and wide but have yet to find it.”

“…If there really is such a thing.”

Oh, this is… that?

Immediately, a shouting voice comes from the central tent.

“What are you talking about? If you don’t find it, it will be you who will be annihilated!”

I looked at Myrril beside me, and all three of the muscle-brained girls gave me a blank stare.

The one who was shouting was a low-ranking nobleman who was very cooperative with the interrogation due to having his subordinate killed and the corpse’s head blown off. I forgot his name.

After I was done with him, I did my best to keep him alive, and this is what I got.

“I told you so.”

“I’m sorry.”

I pulled my weapon out of storage to take care of it myself. It’s a new weapon I got from Simon, along with a bow and a machete, but it’s very old, from the 70s.

It’s a MAC10 with a silencer, a rugged gun called “Ingram” after its designer. It’s a .45 caliber pistol with a low velocity (subsonic) bullet, so it effectively reduces noise.

Well, that’s just what Simon told me.

The MAC10, which is about 30 centimeters long and small, is classified as a machine pistol, not a short machine gun. It is a pistol that can fire fully automatically. The design is simple in both structure and form. The concept of the pistol was also specialized for the purpose of dispersing bullets.

It is based on a simple open bolt system. The rate of fire is over 1,000 rounds per minute, and a 30-round magazine can be emptied in a little over a second. Even though the cost of the gun itself is low, the total economy is terrible.

The small size and lightweight of the gun also backfires, making it difficult to control recoil, and the accuracy is not very good. Submachine guns are now required to shoot precisely in the gun market, and they have been eliminated except in developing countries.

It doesn’t matter to me, though, because I’ll never be in a situation where I have to shoot a hostage-taker.

“What in the world is that?”

“It’s like a cheaper version of the UZI. The suppressor makes it a lot quieter.”

“Hmm. Is that a “.45″ too?”

“Yes, but I won’t give it to you.”

Myrill snorted in frustration when I told her that. You have your M1911 copy and your UZI; you should just stick with that.

“If you don’t want to make noise, you might as well use my bow.”

Well, yes. But the bow I gave to Minya is something that shouldn’t exist in this world. If it’s a bullet hole, there’s a high probability that it will be misinterpreted as “magic” even if it’s examined, but if there are arrows with arrowheads, shafts, and feathers made from materials from another world, it will be immediately discovered that someone other than a hunter or a soldier has entered the place.

“That’s the last resort. Save it for the attack.”

I said something appropriate to cover up my mistake. I don’t care if they know I’m here or not when we’re going all out.

As the entrance to the tent was kicked open, the defeated low-ranking nobleman came out. His demeanor was very different from the time he had cowered in front of us.

He slumped down with an angry expression on his face and yelled at whoever was in the tent.

“You’re going to regret this soon!”

That would be you.

We followed the low-ranking nobleman as he strode along, his footsteps sounding rough, blending in with the darkness. As he entered the tent that seemed to be assigned to him, I fired a single shot from my MAC 10. A muffled snap sound is heard, and the low-ranking nobleman collapses, holding the ejection hole in his chest, and stops moving.

“Well, the information leak has been prevented.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where the word “aftershocks” could be more appropriate.”


Does that idiom exist in this world? I don’t know if it’s a translation of some other phrase, but whatever it is, I can’t hear it.

“Okay, listen up.”

I gathered the girls together and explained the plan of action, which was not so much a plan as it was a game of chance.

“The raid and rescue will take place in the middle of the night after the soldiers have gone to bed. I’ll be using a MAC 10, Myrril a small sword, Yadar a machete, and Minya a bow. We will rescue the trapped beastman and escape with as little noise as possible. There is no need for annihilation. Our first priority is to rescue the people.”



“Well, I guess that’s where the microbus comes in.”

Myrril smiles happily. Do you hate Humvee that much?


Chapter 48 – Obstacles To Escape


“Go, go, go!”

“Yoshua sometimes uses words I’ve never heard before.”


[T/n: MC uses English here.]


“Hey, stop talking.”

“He’s another world summoned mage.”

“That must be some crazy barbarian language.”

“Hey, hey, stop talking! You know why I got you a noiseless weapon…?”

“””Shh! Quiet!”””

…You girls are terrible.

I mean, it’s pretty cool to be able to go into the enemy’s territory while chatting, and all three of them seemed to be doing it just as if they were doing it for a change of pace.

Especially Yadar. Every time she swings her machete, she slashes the heads and torso of the imperial soldiers, and it’s scary to watch.

“Yoshua, this is amazing. This is much more amazing than the rifle or the shovel!”

“Ah, yeah. I guess so. And the shovel is not a weapon.”

“Yoshua, give me this bow.”

“Minya, can we talk about this later, please?”

Here, she’s shooting with little regard for the target, but she’s making sure she’s hitting everything. In the head of a moving enemy. And even the arrow feathers.

It doesn’t look like she’s putting that much effort into it, but it’s amazing.

“But it’s difficult. If you pull it off, it will fall out.”


“If you draw the bow all the way and fire, it will go through a soft target like a human being, and you won’t be able to retrieve it, right?”


I don’t understand. But I get it. I finally understood Yadar’s interpretation. Minya is an elf who was known as a great archer even though she was very young. What if she were to use a cheat weapon that would allow anyone to handle powerful tension?

“So, give me this.”

“I don’t know what that means. Well, if we can get them out safely.”

The smile on her face suddenly widened. It’s rare for Minya, who always has a cool (or cold) expression on her face. It’s a small price to pay if this motivates her. Rewards are important.

“Yoshua, I’m bored. Can I shoot?”

“Of course not. Not until after we’ve collected everyone.”

“Umu, that will do.”

Myrril was suddenly in a good mood as she readied her beloved UZI.

I hope there are still enemies left until that time.

Every time there’s a thump, thump, thump, there’s a splash of blood and a splash of flesh. I didn’t hear a single scream. The physical capabilities of the beastman are scary.

“It’s over.”

Minya’s distant area of responsibility has been neutralized.

“Did you recover the arrows?”

“Of course. I’d never leave something that good behind.”

Yadar also waved the blood from her machete to signal the end of the incapacitation. With this, the patrol was wiped out. The only ones left are the soldiers sleeping in their tents. If no one comes out until we rescue the people, we won’t have to kill them unnecessarily.

“Yoshua, put the microbus out there. The head should be facing that way. That’s the most convenient way to cover our escape.”

This comment was made with the doors, escape routes and loading lines in mind. As soon as the car started, the three of them moved. They ran around noiselessly, returned with the weakened people in their arms, put them in the car, and ran again. It was frighteningly quick, efficient, and lean. The three of them have grown so much since they’ve done so many rescues and exterminations.

The only things I’ve improved on are teleporting and driving, though.

“North tent, two secure, six remaining.”

“East tent, three down, four to go.”

“South tent, two men remaining.”

“We’re done. We’ve checked inside each tent. Nothing left to load.”

I went around the car quickly, checking for anyone in bad health, and while I was at it, I stowed away the manacles, shackles, and collars.

“Okay, that’s good. We’re moving. Everyone hold on somewhere.”

“…Wait, please.”

One of the beastman ladies who had been held captive clung to me as I tried to return to the driver’s seat. I had a bad feeling when I saw the desperate look on her face.

“Did they take someone?”

“No. They escaped.”

“They escaped?”

“Eight children. They’re in the woods.”

She points to a small, dense forest about 200 meters away.

“Don’t worry; we’ll pass through it when we run away. We’ll pick them up.”

“Hold on to something; it’s going to be bumpy for a while.”

When I started the engine, even the sleeping soldiers noticed it. I wasn’t worried about them catching up with me because I was just running away. A search in a place like that would probably mean an additional retreat battle.

I hope we won’t be needing the M60. I’ve got it strapped to the seat of my Humvee, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it out in a hurry.

I don’t know why Myrril-san smiled at me when she saw my face clouding over.

“I guess it’s time for me to come in, huh?”

Ah, yes. That’s right, that’s what’s going to happen.

It wasn’t a question, just a confirmation. When I saw the muscle brain little girl lovingly stroking UZI, I first felt a hint of anxiety rather than feeling relieved.

I wonder what this girl is going to do?


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