I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Breakfast And School Bus



“Hey, Yoshua.”

“What a lovely morning.”

Yeah. You were all asleep, so you might say that. As for me, I’ve been driving all night, and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the mess in front of me.

The weather was clear, and the breeze was refreshing, but it was a bit annoying at the moment.

The muscle-brain girls are tilting their heads and looking at me suspiciously as I do my best to smile at them. When trouble occurs after staying up all night, I feel like I have no room left in my mind, which is not good. That’s when I have to laugh it off…

“…I don’t know if I could handle this!”


In front of us, the beloved Niko Niko Kindergarten bus with its bear face was lying on the ground with its side exposed. To be more precise, I was the one who rolled it over.

At dawn, when the bus hit a big bump, it made a strange noise and went out of control.

The speed wasn’t too high, so I stopped immediately, and it wasn’t so much an accident, but when I connected the clutch, all I heard was a squealing and groaning noise, and the bus wouldn’t move.

I asked everyone to get off the bus, stowed it away, and then took it out horizontally. I couldn’t jack it up, could I?

Yeah. After looking at it that way, all I could see was that there was nothing I could do about it.

“Hey, Yoshua’s laughing. Did he hit his head or something?”

“No, he didn’t. I mean, even in such a thrilling situation, he managed to stop the car without any trouble.”

I don’t care what they say, but all the beastman, as well as the muscle-brain girls, were asleep and unaware of the accident until I woke them up. If you look at it in a positive light, they might have been exhausted, though.

The Elf and the Dwarf were sensitive and immediately woke up and offered to help. I’m very grateful, but I don’t really know what to do either.

Just in case, I gave the muscle-brain girls my firearm and asked them to stand guard around the perimeter. They don’t seem to be paying much attention, though.

“Yoshua, can you fix it?”

“No, I don’t think so. The suspension is broken, and the driveshaft is bent.”

“Sasupension… Fumu, I see it. It stretches and contracts to soften the impact of the wheels. This is a great idea and technology. As expected of the microbus.” [T/n: Suspension.]

That’s not the case, Myrril-san. Well, since it’s broken, I guess I can give it to her.

“Where’s the duraibushafuto?” [T/n: Driveshaft.]

“It’s that big, bent stick over there. It has many gears in between to transmit power to the wheels. Once it’s bent, there’s no fixing it. When we get to Casemaian, you can do whatever you want with it. Take it apart and study it, or rebuild it.”


Myrril clung to me with a happy smile and rubbed her head against me. It’s so cute, hey.

“So, let’s clean up the microbus and have breakfast.”


The beastman children, who were anxiously watching the situation from a short distance away, raised a cheer.

Immediately after the rescue, the fluffy kids were exhausted, but they were able to join their parents safely, and after a night’s sleep, they seemed to have completely recovered both physically and mentally.

After picking up the kids, we had to get as far away as possible from the monster that Myrril had attracted (even though it was a strategy), and since we were on a forced journey to get back to Casemaian as soon as possible, I just distributed the miscellaneous portable food that was left in the storage.

We only stopped for about three minutes for a restroom break to check the map, but we made it here almost nonstop. According to Myrril’s estimate, our current position is 30 miles to Casemaian or about 48 kilometers.

“Food, food, food♪”

“Hey, what? Yoshua, what now?”

The kids crowd around me, sniffing at my hands and backpack. They look more like puppies than beastman, their tails wagging in anticipation of what they’re going to find. My clothes and bag are all soggy from the drool, but I’ll forgive that.

Ever since I gave them a big bag of sweets and some extra snacks (probably nutritional blocks for sea rescue) after the rescue, they’ve recognized me as someone who gives good food.

It’s okay, though. They’re cute and honest.

“Take this to the adults. It’s heavy, so be careful.”


“It’s hard!”

“Don’t bite the can. It needs to be warmed up, so leave it at the pot.”


The beastman adults built a few simple hearths out of nearby stones and wood. They were very quick to build and light the fire as if they were used to it.

I asked them to boil water in the large pot I had taken out of storage and heated up the remaining group rations (portable food for small units). As usual, I didn’t know what was in it until I opened it. It was quite heavy, so I assumed it was a stew or something.

In the other hearth, I decided to cook the Wyvern meat I had in stock. This time it was thighs and wings. However, each one of them is about the size of an elementary school girl.

After a very successful karaage party at Casemaian, the women tried their best to preserve the meat before it got damaged, but there was nothing to be done with more than ten of those huge, almost as big as giraffes, so I kept them until we needed them.

I had no problem offering them to the rescued brethren.

“Oh, it’s meat… a big meat…”

“Ohhhh, it smells so good…”

I handed out the grilled Wyvern meat and warmed rations, along with some flatbread that I had baked at Casemaian. The flatbreads are still warm even though they were baked fresh in the pantry days ago. After all, time doesn’t seem to pass in the storage room.

The drinks were mineral water and boiled tea. The dishes and utensils were among the luggage we had taken from the Transportation Corps of the kingdom’s army.

The beastmen seemed to be very hungry, probably because of their high food intake. Some of them were even in tears when they tried to bite into the huge pieces of meat.


“Oh, good for you. Eat more. If it’s not enough, I’ll give you more.”

“”””Thank you♪””””

The little beastman children wagged their tails in unison as they happily bit into the meat.

They’re all so cute, hey.

I’m thinking about buying more supplies and replacing them, so I’m taking this opportunity to get rid of some inventory. Simon’s got a lot of money now, so I’m sure he’ll have more suppliers.

“Hey Yoshua, this is soooo good. What kind of meat is this?”

“It’s Wyvern.”


All of them, including the adults, gasped.

At most, a few of them have seen it fly off high into the sky from a distance. They’ve never even thought of eating them, except to worry about being eaten. In fact, they have never even heard of eating their meat, let alone distributing it.

I guess that’s true. But it’s delicious, so what does it matter?

“What happened to this Wyvern?”

“The Elves of Casemaian killed them. There’s still plenty left, so don’t hesitate to eat it.”

When I suggested it, the adults nodded, looking both relieved and worried.

“What kind of Elf hunts Wyverns, and in such large numbers?”

“Moreover, I am grateful for the fact that you generously offer such valuable meat to us who have just met you… but are all the people of Casemaian like that?

“I don’t know what “they” are, but they’re all good guys.”

“No, I don’t know if I can get along with people who can defeat such monsters. I’m almost human in appearance; won’t they hate me?”

At Ricola’s words, I decided to answer a little more seriously.

Everyone knows about Casemaian, but it is a city in a story that once flourished as a country of subhumans, and few people know what the Casemaian of today, in reality, is like. In addition, no one knows what kind of people are there and what they are trying to do.

Even Ricola, who had been working as a secret spy to communicate and coordinate with the Liberation Army, was worried. If I don’t explain it properly, he might feel uncomfortable.

“In Casemaian, no one cares about other people’s appearance. We’re all working together to rebuild a place where we can live happily. So, we just have to do what we can, little by little.”


“What’s more, Yoshua and I are also newcomers. In addition, Yoshua is not only human in appearance but also in reality. It was a bit of a scare at first, but now they accept him. I believe that you will be able to get along with each other in no time.”

“Eh? Is this person human? Not a half-breed?”

“Yes, that’s right. …Well, I have a lot going on, you know. We’ll talk about it later.”

The people of Yerkel have no objection to abandoning their village and starting over in Casemaian. In the first place, most of the subhumans living in the kingdom are refugees from Casemaian and their descendants. They seemed to be happy to be back in their homeland that they had heard about from their parents and grandparents.

With about 40 people, including us, we had cleared out most of the food I had stored. There were still nine Wyvern meats left, half of which could be served to Casemaian’s table.

After lunch, I bought some more supplies from Simon. The budget is still ample, but I need to plan accordingly about the future. For now, I need to secure transportation.


Simon, who was leaning his elbow on the counter and blowing on a cigar, noticed me and raised his hand.

This time, he was wearing a… fluorescent purple suit and a white shirt that looked like silk. The tie is fluorescent green. That’s exactly like what the enemies of Batman wore. [T/n: Joker, obviously.]

I don’t care what he wears. Where do they sell it, though?

“Oh, Brother, how’s the situation?”

“Oh, I think the war is over, thanks to you. Now there’s a new problem.”

“Of course it is. When a big country falls, it loses control and splits. After that, there’s more trouble. Because only small people want to be on top.”

I know what he means. I don’t know what country Simon is from, but I’m sure he’s seen, heard, or experienced it many times.

“So, what can I do for you today?”

What’s with the businessman-like tone? And yet, the tone of voice was surprisingly natural.

Strangely enough, Simon seems to have gained a strange sense of calmness. His clothes are colored like an unsuccessful comedian, but the quality of the material seems high. The smell of his perfume has become more moderate, and he no longer smiles like an idiot. I wonder if his position, money, and environment have changed him. Let’s hope he doesn’t change for the worse.

“I need a big car. A bus or a truck with minor malfunctions, and this time I don’t need it to be fast, armored, or armed.”

“Will it be for goods? Or people?”

“People. I have about forty people, including children.”

“Ah, so there are two options. A Russian military truck and an American school bus. Both are in good condition. They cost four thousand and seven thousand.”

“The school bus is more expensive?”

“Yeah, it’s a GMC, even if it’s outdated. Compared to the Urals (a Russian military vehicle manufacturer).”

Hmm. To be honest, I don’t know much about them, since both companies are not familiar to Japanese people. After checking the specifications and the condition of the bus, I decided on the school bus. It would be a pity to transport people in a military truck, even if it is covered.

There will probably be more refugees to be transported in the future, so if possible, I’d prefer an automatic transmission so that other people can drive it. The truck, a Ural 375D, had a manual transmission. I heard it has a 7-liter V8 gasoline engine that doesn’t get good mileage.

I bought some additional supplies and stowed them, and when I checked the remaining budget, there was still $600,000 left.

After the deal was done, Simon asked me to shake his hand familiarly. As I pulled my hand away, I suddenly noticed the ring. He must have sensed my gaze because he smiled languidly. That was the first time I saw Simon’s face like that.

“I got married. She’s a nice girl, and her parents were very against it, but they finally approved it. And I owe it all to you.”

“…Hmph. Alright, then give me the money. $50,000 is fine.”

“Eh? O-oh… that’s fine, that’s fine. It’s your money anyway.”

Simon pulls out a neatly sealed dollar bill from under the counter. I don’t know how much it is, but I’m guessing it’s $50,000. I take it and slip it into the breast pocket of his stupidly colored jacket. Yeah, it doesn’t fit them all. So, I shove the rest into his side pocket.

“It’s your wedding gift. Congratulations on your good fortune, but don’t get too greedy, or your wife will cry, and both of us will be in trouble. You have to be careful, okay?”

Simon, who had a puzzled look on his face, nodded with a straight face.

Yeah, he’s gotten a better look. He will probably be fine. I waved my hand at him as he bowed graciously then closed the market skill.

“Hey Yoshua, what’s this?”

I turned around at the sound of Yadar’s voice and saw a huge school bus parked on the street. The huge yellow vehicle with a hood is a full-size bus, not a micro. Oh yeah, I’ve seen them in Hollywood movies or something.

I don’t know if it was the design, but it seemed much bigger than Japanese buses. I wonder how it didn’t fall under the weight limit.

“It’s a new car. Would you like to drive it, Yadar?”

“Eh? Are you sure?”

“I might need someone to drive it for me when I’m not available. You should get used to it.”

I taught her how to operate it and then called out to the Yerkel people who had finished cleaning up after breakfast.

“Is this a new vehicle? Where’d you get it from?”

“This one doesn’t have a face, does it?”

“I like the old one better.”

The bear-faced bus seemed to be popular not only with Myrril but also with the beastman children. When we get back to Casemaian, I’ll ask Myrril and the dwarves to see if they can fix the bear-faced bus.

When I looked for Myrril, I saw the back of a Dwarf girl slumped over with a sullen look on her face a little further down the road.

“Oh, Myrril, what’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“There’s a problem… but in a way, I can say that most of the problem has been solved.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, then.”

There was a wreck of a carriage lying on the corner of the road. Lying beside it was a huge bow, nearly three meters wide. It looked like a ballista, a huge crossbow that was used as a siege weapon in my original world. There were two of them. Neither of them had a string attached.

Apparently, these are the mechanical bows that Myrril developed ― and that the kingdom took and hastily copied and produced ― as “secret weapons to change the war.”

It seems that both were abandoned due to some kind of trouble that prevented them from being transported. One had one wheel buried in the mud, tilted and slid down, and the other was thrown out of a broken wagon with a broken axle.

“The axle must have been too heavy for such a small wagon. Considering the weight, it should have been obvious, what an idiot.”

Yadar called out to Myrril, who dropped her shoulders.

“Oh, I’ve seen one of those on the battlefield.”

“Eh? Really? I don’t remember seeing one.”

“…I don’t remember seeing one either.”

“I was loitering behind a pile of wagons when it blew up with a bang.”

Myrril-san, who was worried about what would happen if her horrible inventions were directed at the people of Casemaian, looked at me with an expression that said she didn’t know what to do with her face.

…I think you should laugh. No, I’m quite serious.

“I wonder if the other one is out there somewhere.”

“That stuff doesn’t matter anymore! As long as it’s not aimed at the people of Casemaian, they can throw it away, destroy it, launch it into any army, or do whatever they want with it! Let’s go!”

Myrril said cheerfully, as if she had completely gotten over it, and started walking towards the school bus.

“Um, Yoshua. I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to make that yellow vehicle a tiger stripe!”

“Oh, that’s great! I’ll help you!?”

“Eh? What? Stop it. I just bought it…”

“And put a tiger face on it!” Said Myrril.

“Well, now that I’m driving it, it’s my car! It’ll be cool for sure!”

No, it won’t! It’s not your car, Yadar; it’s mine! Don’t modify it without my permission!


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