I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 – The Great Giant

Part 1


While Yuuya and the others were exploring the temple, a meeting was being held in the Regal Kingdom.

Not only the King of Regal, Orghis, but also the King of Alceria, Arnold, and other kings from various countries had gathered for the meeting.

Because, first and foremost, Orghis officially announced that he had summoned a saint at this [King’s Council]. It was obvious that he would be condemned by other countries.

Schleimann, the emperor of the Romel Empire in the northern land, turned his sharp gaze to Orghis.

“…Orghis-dono. Do you understand what you’ve done?”

Following his words, Braha, the king of the Sahar Kingdom in the south, also opened his mouth.

“Indeed! Summoning people from other worlds… is no different from abducting them. And what does your country intend to do with the strength of the saint you summoned?”

As if in agreement with the two of them, the other participants raised their voices one after another and nodded.

Orghis was blamed for two things: abducting people from other worlds and possessing such a force…

But then Lexia and the others, who had been watching the meeting quietly, spoke up.

“As you may already know… the Evil has returned.”


When the kings of each country and Orghis heard the words of Lexia and the others, they looked at Lexia with sorrowful expressions. It’s not just the Regal Kingdom, but other countries as well that have been affected by the Evil Beast and have been somewhat aware of the appearance of the Evil.

Therefore, each country was on the alert for the appearance of the Evil, gathering various information and preparing their forces.

The moment they were about to discuss the resurrection of the Evil… and the existence of the ultimate perfection Avis ── Lexia dropped another bomb.

“But… that… Evil has already been destroyed.”



“I’m sorry, Orghis-sama! I forgot to tell you until now!”

“You forgot?”

The content was no more believable than the return of Evil. Above all, even Orghis, who initiated this meeting, had never heard of it before.

As soon as Orghis recovered from his shock, he immediately asked.

“W-what do you mean by destroyed?”

“It means exactly what it means. You don’t need to worry about Evil anymore.”


He could not help but be appalled. He said he was going to talk about what to do, but the target, the Evil, was already gone.

Then a voice came from the king of another country.

“P-Princess Lexia. Are you saying that it has been defeated by the Holy?”

“No. It was someone else.”

“Someone else? You think there’s anyone other than the Holy that can fight the Evil?”

The kings were in a state of disbelief. But only Orghis, the image of a certain young man, came to his mind.

“N-no way…”

Lexia only smiled at Orghis, who widened his eyes.




“…I can’t believe the Evil has already been defeated…”

Due to Lexia’s bombastic words, there was almost nothing left to discuss, and the [King’s Council] came to an end.

While each king returned to their prepared rooms, Orghis called on Lexia and the others to hold an informal meeting to hear more details.

And when Orghis heard the details from Lexia and the others again, he muttered in dismay.

“…So, you really think that Yuuya-dono defeated Evil?”

“Or, to be more precise, it was Yuuya-sama’s companions, but…”

“…In the end, it’s all due to Yuuya-dono’s power, isn’t it?”

As Orghis said, although Night and the others had defeated the Evil, they were also contracted with Yuuya, and it was no exaggeration to say that they were a part of Yuuya’s power.

“What is really going on here? It’s so easy for someone from another world, like Mai-dono, to destroy even the Evil…? Is another world really that great?”

“N-no! It’s not! It’s just that guy… Yuuya is amazing, and the rest of us are normal!”

“B-but Mai-dono also has special powers, doesn’t she?”

“Y-you’re right, but… I’m also pretty unique in my world, but most people don’t have the power to fight.”

Mai was desperately trying not to let the existence of the Earth be interpreted in a strange way.

“I-I see… Then, Mai-dono’s summoning was for naught… and although I am glad that the problem of the Evil has been solved… what should I do with Mai-dono, whom I summoned without considering her inconvenience?”

“T-that’s the thing, but… Yuuya can go back and forth between this world and my hometown, and thanks to him, I can go back to my world. I’m sorry I haven’t told you this before, but… so please don’t worry about that.”

“Is that so?”

Orghis’s eyes widened at the new fact that was brought to him here.

He knew from Mai that Yuuya and Mai were from the same world, but he did not know that he could travel freely between the two worlds.

“T-then you can always go back to your hometown, Mai-dono…?”

“Yes. But I still have to go to Yuuya’s house to go home…”

“Does that mean that Yuuya-dono has inherited the magic of the Sage…?”

In response to Orghis’s question, Mai looked at each other with Lexia and Luna.

“Err… I don’t know what kind of magic it is, but it allows you to go to and from the other world through the door in Yuuya’s house.”

“A door? T-then again, if the door is there, can we also go to Mai-dono’s world?”

While suppressing his surprise, Orghis began to make various calculations in his mind at the fact that there is a means of communication with the new world, but Lexia cut him off immediately.

“I think it’s best not to think too deeply, though?”


“The door belongs to Yuuya-sama, and if you try to get him involved in something strange, I don’t think the Genesis Dragon will stay silent.”


Remembering the intimidation he had received from Ouma, Orghis was at a loss for words.

“And even though the Evil is gone, the Evil Beasts are still lurking in many places, so it’s too early to relax.”

“…You’re right. I also heard that some strange people have been moving around lately.”


Orghis let out a sigh and looked around at Lexia and the others.

“Have you ever heard of a group called the Evil Cult?”

“Evil cult? Which gods do they worship?”

“No, it is not a cult that is generally accepted in this world. It’s a group that worships the Evil.”

“The Evil?”

“Yeah. There are not many of them, but they have been working in the dark in various countries with the cause of saving humanity through Evil since before the revival. In the past, they have not directly caused any major damage to the country, so we have kept our guard up and have not done anything to crack down on them. But recently, these people have been strangely active.”

“There is such a group…?”

Lexia was surprised to hear of the existence of such a group for the first time. But Luna was the only one who knew of their existence, having belonged to the Dark Guild.

“I know of their existence, but I don’t know what they do. Although their ideology is dangerous, they haven’t caused any major incidents in the past. There are also some of them in the Alceria Kingdom, but I have not heard of any of them being caught…”

“Right. I’ve been vigilant of them because of what they worship, but there has been no particular movement. However, the fact that the activity has increased recently suggests that not only us but also the Evil cult have sensed the resurgence of Evil… However, now that the Evil has been destroyed, they must be beginning to make other moves.”

“Another movement?”

“Yes. Perhaps they are aware of the fact that Evil has been destroyed. And recently, there have been sightings of Evil cult followers searching for something in various places.”

“Is it something about Evil?”

“I don’t know. It could be that they are looking for something or someone. It’s not a problem that can be left unattended, even if it hasn’t caused any real harm up until now. So I ordered a search of the base of the Evil cult, but it was… empty.”

“So you’re saying they escaped?”

In response to Mai’s question, Orghis nodded with a mysterious expression.

“Yeah. Perhaps they sensed our movement. It’s also possible that they’ve already found what they were looking for… Either way, now that we don’t know what they were looking for, we can only remain vigilant.”

“B-but then again, the Evil has been destroyed, and there is no such thing as more of it, is there?”

“In the worst-case scenario, it could be that… they have found a way to resurrect the destroyed Evil, but in a more enhanced form.”


Imagining the worst-case scenario described by Orghis, Lexia and the others could only stay silent.


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