It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 2 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – I Tried Out My New Powers


Flying potion and fire magic.

I decided to go outside to experiment with these two.

I opened my [Item Box] in my mind and selected my full gear for adventuring.

My whole body was instantly enveloped in dazzling light, and I was fully equipped in an instant.

My torso was covered in the Armored Bear Armor with the Fenrir Coat, and my arms were fitted with the Black Spider Gauntlets.

On the middle finger of my left hand, the Ring of the Flame Emperor Dragon glittered with a crimson glow.

“All set, I guess.”

It’s too dangerous to shoot fire magic in the city, so let’s go to the mountains.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was already eleven o’clock in the evening. The other guests might be asleep, so I quietly slipped out of the inn.

Aunen is the largest city in the area, and the center of the city is still bustling with activity.

I’m still well known, and even if I just walk around for a while, people will call out to me.

“Hey, isn’t that the Dragon Slayer! Why don’t you join us for a drink?”

“Bro Dragon Slayer. Would you like to have some dinner? Our soup is extremely spicy and delicious and will keep you going until morning!”

“Oh, you’re Kou Kousaka, right? If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear the story of your dragon slaying.”

I lightly responded to the people’s voices and headed for the north gate of the city.

I presented my guild card to the night guard and asked him to open the back door of the city gate.

“It’s unusual for you to be out so late at night, Dragon Slayer-dono. Is there something wrong? Haha, it’s not like there’s a new dragon…”

“No, it’s not like that. I’m just about to practice my magic.”

“What…! So you can use magic, Dragon Slayer-dono?”

“I’m only a novice, though.”

“Haha, you’re too modest. Well then, have a good time! Be careful!”

The guard gave me a neat salute and sent me on my way.

As I continued north along the road, I eventually reached a grassland. This was the place where I had defeated the Black Dragon before.

Immediately after the battle, it was a burnt field where not even penny grass could grow, but in just fifteen days, it had returned to its original state. It’s amazing how resilient the vegetation is. If I could bring plants from this world to my original world, environmental problems would be solved in no time.

“Well, I’m not going back to Japan, though.”

As for me, I’d rather live as I please in this other world.

Further north in the grassland, I reached the base of the mountain. There are a few trees around, so let’s use them as a test subject.

If I say the name of the magic, it will be activated, right?

I pointed my left hand at a nearby tree and shouted.

“Fire Arrow!”

The next moment, I felt something hot gather in my left hand, and a meter-long fire arrow shot out from my palm.

As soon as the fire arrow pierced the tree, it turned into a huge flame. The flames burned through the tree in just a few seconds and then disappeared.

It did not spread to the surrounding trees, plants, and flowers.

It was an uncommon situation, but it was probably the result of the adjustments made by the [Full Assist].

“It’s quite convenient.”

The fact that there is no danger of a fire spreading means that fire magic can be used without hesitation, even in the forest.

This is something I should keep in mind.

“On the other hand, is it possible to spread the fire intentionally?”

Since I’m here, let’s give it a try.

I turn around and face the grassland.

The power and other adjustments were done by voice input, right?

“The target is a grassy area 30 meters away, burn down a radius of 10 meters around that point. Fire arrow.”

A single fire arrow was fired from my left hand.

As a result, the result was exactly as specified. The flames burned down one grassland area in a circular pattern and naturally extinguished without spreading to other areas.


The ability to specify the range of the attack with such dexterity will greatly expand the scope of the battle in the future.

It’s quite interesting.

As I was nodding to myself, I heard a growl from the forest behind me.


I turned and saw a Lonely Wolf there.

It is a wolf-type monster, and it prefers solitude as its habit.

In fact, there are no other Lonely Wolves around. There was only this one enemy.

It was just perfect.

I wanted to experience magic combat, so I’ll let you practice with me.

Immediately after setting up my left arm, the Lonely Wolf roared and attacked me.


“Fire Arrow!”


The Lonely Wolf was pierced head-on by the fire arrow and was sent flying backward. It doesn’t move a muscle.

As I got closer to check it out, I noticed that only the heart was burned out with pinpoint accuracy.

In the end, [Automatic Collection] was triggered, and the corpse was collected in my [Item Box].

“It’s not going to be burnt to a crisp, is it?”

As soon as I muttered that, [Full Assist] was automatically activated to supplement my knowledge.

It seems that when using magic in the battle against monsters, the corpse will be minimally damaged so that it can be used as material.

That’s quite thoughtful, isn’t it?

As I was admiring this, I heard the sound of grass rustling in the distance.

It seems that a new monster has arrived.

“””””Pipi! Pipi!”””””

The next thing that appeared was a rabbit-like monster.

There are about a dozen of them, and they all have thick arms and repeat movements like shadow boxing.

I activated my [Appraisal].


Punch Rabbit: A rabbit-shaped monster with enlarged arms. Its signature attack is punching. Its fur can be used to make underwear.


It’s a rabbit that can punch, so it’s Punch Rabbit.

It’s an easy-to-understand name.


As soon as the Punch Rabbits squealed in unison, they attacked me.

But… they’re moving so fast!

“Wipe them out, Fire Arrow!”

Ten fire arrows shot out of my left hand.

The fire arrows pierced the chests of the Punch Rabbits and precisely burned out their hearts.

The battle was over in an instant.

[Automatic Collection] was activated, and the corpses of ten Punch Rabbits were collected in the [Item Box].

At the same time, an inorganic voice echoed in my mind.


With this experience acquisition, you are now level 92; your HP and MP will increase, and your physical abilities will improve.


Since I’m taking the opportunity, let’s check out my current status.

Level 92, 950 HP, 47800 MP.

My MP is a relative value to which the magic power of an ordinary magician is 100.

I think I have an impressive amount of magic power.

My skills are [Transmigrator], [Full Assist], [Creation], [Dexterity], [Artisan’s Divine Eye], [Item Box], [Dismantling], [Appraisal], [Automatic Collection], [Auto Mapping], [Material Alchemy], [Calamity Summoning], and [Flame Emperor], for a total of thirteen. It is said that the inhabitants of this world only have three skills at most, so I can say that the number of skills I have is out of the ordinary.

After that, I continued to test with Fire Arrow.

As it turned out, it is a very useful attack magic.

It can fire multiple shots at the same time, and its power and attack range can be adjusted to a very fine degree.

Depending on my imagination, I might be able to find a use for it outside of combat.

So that’s it for magic for now.

Next is the Flying Potion.

“I wonder what it’s like to fly.”

To be honest, I’m really curious.

I opened my [Item Box] and took out the Flying Potion after putting it in a water bag.

The liquid is clear, and when I put it in my mouth, it spreads a rich, mellow flavor.

“…It’s delicious.”

The aftertaste is clean and smooth, like a fine sake.

At the same time as I finished drinking it, I had a floating feeling.

The Flying Potion’s…《Wind Blessing S+》effect must have been activated. My body was floating about 30 centimeters off the ground.

Immediately afterward, [Dexterity] is activated.

This is a skill that allows me to use all kinds of items, and in the next moment, I completely understood how to use the《Wind Blessing S+》.

“Let’s try to gain some altitude.”

Apparently, I could move by changing my posture.

I straightened my back and looked up. Then my body rose higher into the sky.

I was not afraid. Rather, I was more excited to be flying freely in the sky.

Perhaps it was thanks to the mental resistance of the [Transmigrator].

There seemed to be no limit to the altitude, and before I knew it, I had reached the top of the clouds.

There were stars shining in the sky.


A natural planetarium.

Nothing was blocking my view.

It’s almost as if I could grab the stars if I reached out my arm.

Surrounded by such a spectacular view, I began to practice flying.

Tilt my body forward to move forward and backward to move backward. It seems that the posture of the body is the direction of travel.

In a way, it’s similar to skiing or snowboarding.

Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I try out zigzagging trajectories like a UFO and somersaults.


I can move freely now, and I think I can fight in the air with this.

I returned to the ground with plenty of time to spare before the Flying Potion expired.

“It was time to end the night’s play.”

I should get a good night’s sleep since I’ll be busy preparing for the journey tomorrow.

After that, I walked back to Aunen.

It was past midnight when I returned to my room at the Quiet Moon Pavilion, where I took a shower and lay down on the bed.

Oh, right.

The corpse of the Punch Rabbit was dismantled to obtain its fur, which was then used to create the Punch Rabbit’s underwear.

The effects granted were《Texture A+》and《Temperature Control S+》. When I tried it on, I found that the texture was indeed smooth and comfortable.

Moreover, it is said to always provide a comfortable temperature for the body.

I’ve got a good thing here. I was very satisfied and went to sleep.

Good night.


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