It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 2 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – We Cooked Together


Thus, we had a new companion on our journey.

Lily Luna Lunaria.

She was a priestess of the God of War religion and had the rare skill [God of War’s Shrine Maiden].

She had a  serious and disciplined character. Considering that she was able to hold the Devil Treant at bay by herself, she must be quite capable as a priestess.

The sun was already high in the sky when I looked out the window by the time we finished talking.

The wall clock in the living room showed that it was past twelve o’clock.

“Hey, Kou, shall we have lunch soon?”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

I nodded at Iris’s words and opened my [Item Box] in my mind. There are a variety of dishes stocked in it, but now that we have a new companion named Lily, I want to do something out of the ordinary.


Yesterday, I got a lot of souvenirs from the ranch in Toue.

A block of Toue beef, homemade cheese, butter, yogurt, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as freshly baked bread, and much more.

With all these ingredients, I guess I can cook by myself.

There is a splendid kitchen in the rear of the carriage, and if I grab a knife or a pot, the [Dexterity] will provide me with assistance.

The Lonely Wolf’s apron, which I created with [Creation] from Lonely Wolf’s materials, also has《Cooking Skill S》attached to it, so I should be able to make more than just a few things.

Okay, let’s give it a try.

The next moment I thought of that, to my surprise, [Full Assist] was automatically activated.


I propose the following as today’s lunch menu.

・Beef stewed with tomato sauce

・Cheese omelette

・Banana yogurt


[Full Assist] is a skill that supports various aspects of my life in this other world, but it was indeed unexpected that it suggested a menu for a meal.

While my eyes blinked in surprise, [Full Assist] installed the recipe for the meal in my mind. This skill is handy.

Anyway, the menu for lunch was decided.

I get up from the sofa.

“I’ll cook lunch today. Is there any food you guys don’t like?”


Iris sounded surprised but soon looked convinced.

“Come to think of it, I remember in Aunen, you used to help out at a restaurant on a city quest. You were well known among adventurers. I heard that the food tastes so much better when Kou is in the kitchen.”

“I am honored to hear you say that. Well, I’m going to make something.”

“I’ll help you.”

“I’ll help you, too.”

“I’ll do my best too!”

Apparently, everyone is fully motivated.

Since we’re going to this trouble, why don’t we all make it together? It’s kind of exciting, like camping at a forest school.


And so we all decided to cook together.

I created two more aprons with [Creation] and gave them to Iris and Lily. Since I have such useful items, It would be a loss if they don’t use them.

Of course, I’ll wear the aprons myself.

Next, I took out the ingredients and seasonings from the [Item Box] and placed them in the kitchen.

The main ingredient this time is a block of Toue beef, and the part of the beef is the shoulder loin. It has a good amount of fat on it and looks very tasty.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

When I picked up the meat knife that was provided in the kitchen, the [Dexterity] was activated.

I move the knife along the muscle fibers of the beef and cut it into bite-size pieces. At the same time, I give instructions to everyone.

“Surara, please peel the tomatoes. When you’re done, stew them in the pot.”

“Yes! It’s supposed to bring out the acidity and richness! I’ll take care of it!”

Surara said that, and then he lengthened his length to the size of the cooking table, which he could reach.

He picked up a knife and peeled the tomatoes. He is quite good at it.

As a Helper Slime, he must be good at cooking.

“Iris, please cut the vegetables. First, the onions, please.”

“Roger that. …Ugh, my eyes are watering.”

Even as she said this, Iris picked up a knife and cut the onions into skewers one after another.

“I see you’re used to it.”

“I’m not as good as Kou, but I can at least cook. Fufu…”

Iris puffed out her chest proudly. Her expression showed certain confidence.

“When you’re done with the onions, please prepare the garlic, carrots, and mushrooms too.”

“Leave it to me. …The apron made by Kou is very effective. My hands move more easily than usual.”

Iris seemed to be feeling the effects of《Cooking Skill S》and was humming as she chopped vegetables smoothly.

This way, it seems that I can take my eyes off of her.

I then called out to Lily.

“Can you wait a little? We’ll do it together when we’re done here.”

“Yes. Thank you for your guidance…!”

Lily bowed her head, stiff and nervous.

According to her, this was her first time cooking. She said that all her previous meals had been prepared by people from the church.

Perhaps she was treated specially by the church because of her special skills as a [God of War’s Shrine Maiden].

After I finished cutting the block of meat, I washed my hands at the tap and headed for Lily’s place.

“Well then, let’s get started. Shall we crack some eggs first?”

“I-I’ll do my best…!”

“It’s not that hard. Just take it easy.”

After I finished cutting the beef, I washed my hands and then took the egg. I smashed it against the corner of the table, cracked it, and broke it with both hands.

The fresh egg meat falls into the silver bowl.

“If you hit it too hard, it will shatter, so you should be careful there.”

“I-I understand…!”

Lily fearfully reaches for the egg and hits it against the corner of the table.

After a few repetitions, a small crack eventually appeared.

“It cracks…!”

No, I think you should make the crack a little bigger.

Before I could say so, Lily held the egg in both hands and… crack.

The egg cracked, but because of too much force, the shell shattered and went into the bowl.

The《Cooking Skill S》is also granted to Lily’s apron, but it seems that she can’t follow through to the point where she has zero cooking experience.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s like this for everyone at first. Don’t be in a hurry to get used to it.”

I used to cook for myself when I was a student, but when I was a beginner, I made a lot of mistakes.

After removing the shells from the bowl with a spoon, I told Lily.

“Let’s try it together. Hold the egg in one hand.”

“Like this?”

Lily held the egg in her right hand.

I went behind Lily and lightly placed my right hand on her right hand, and knocked the egg against the corner of the table.

Looking at the egg, there was a reasonably large crack in it.

“That’s about right for force.”

“Kou-san is very good at this…”

“Anyone can do it once they get used to it. Let’s crack it open then.”


There is a cracking sound, and the eggshell breaks in two. The contents fell into the bowl and shook delicately.

“It’s done…!”

Lily breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, next time, try it on your own.”

“I understand…!”

Apparently, Lily had already gotten the hang of it, and although her movements were a bit awkward, she was able to crack eggs properly. The《Cooking Skill S》must be having an effect.

“I should get back to my work.”

Two magic stoves are set up in the carriage’s kitchen, each at a distance from the other.

Surara is stewing tomatoes on one, so I decide to use the other.

I take a frying pan out of the cupboard, put in the cut shoulder loin and the garlic that Iris had cut, and turn on the magic stove.

The shoulder loin oozes fat and begins to crackle in the heat of the frying pan. Soon, the delicious aroma of garlic wafts through the air.

“It smells good…”

Iris muttered.

“I’m done chopping the veggies. What do I need to do next?”

“Prepare the cheese for the omelette. If you could chop it finely, that would be great.”

“I understand. It’s fun to cook together like this…”

“I agree. Not bad once in a while.”

I proceed with the cooking as we talk.

I remove the browned beef and garlic to a platter and throw the onions, carrots, and mushrooms into the frying pan. After frying for a while, return the beef and garlic and add more wine.

The heat of the frying pan evaporated the alcohol, and a cloud of white steam rose.


Lily, who had finished cracking the eggs, looked at the contents of the pan with sparkling eyes.

“They look delicious.”

“Do you want a little taste?”

“Um… I’m fine.”

Lily said this with reserve, but her eyes were glued to the frying pan.

I smiled wryly and took a small plate and fork from a nearby cupboard.

The beef and vegetables are well cooked, and I’m sure you can eat any of them.

I chose a smaller beef piece and moved it to a small plate. Then I handed it to Lily with a fork.

“A child should not hesitate to eat. Just give it a taste.”

“Eh, oh, um… I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Lily shrank back as if afraid, then took the fork and brought the beef to her mouth.


Her expression broke into a smile as if a flower was blooming.

As I was smiling, Surara called out to me.

“Master-san, the tomatoes are ready!”

“I understand. Bring it over here.”


Surara holds up the pot with both hands and carries it over to me.

“Where should I put it?”

The magic stove I use has two side-by-side burners, and the pan is heated on the right side.

“Put it on the left side.”


Looking into the pot, the stewed tomatoes are tender and look very tasty.

I turn off the pan and throw all the ingredients into the pot.

When the pot is boiling, I turn the heat down to low, put the lid on, and watch for a while.

I put the pan on the sink nearby.

“Master-san! I’ll do the washing up!”

“Yes, please.”

“I’m going to scrub!”

With Surara by my side, I set about my next menu item.

Let’s make the cheese omelette.

“Iris, how’s the cheese?”

“I just finished cutting it up.”

“Thank you. That helps.”

I make an omelette by adding salt, pepper, fresh milk, and Iris’s chopped cheese to a bowl of eggs.

I take a new frying pan out of the cupboard and heat it on the magic stove while I pull out the butter.

When it was warm enough, the omelette batter was poured in.

This is where the [Dexterity] comes into play.

I shook the pan to shape the omelette, and when it was just one step short of half-cooked, I moved it toward the edge of the pan.

With a simple motion of my wrist, I flipped the omelette over.

“That’s amazing…!”

Lily sighed in admiration. Each of her reactions was so cute and innocent.

“It’s not so difficult. Do you want to try it with me?”


Lily was puzzled for a little while but eventually replied, “If it doesn’t bother Kou-san…”

“It’s all right. Then come over here.”

“Please take care of me…!”

I let Lily hold the pan and put my right hand on it, just as I did when we cracked the eggs.

“Then we go…three, two, one…”


The well-shaped omelette spins halfway through the air and returns to the frying pan.

“It’s done…!”

“Perfect score.”

“Thanks to you, Kou-san. Thank you very much…!”

Lily looked up at me and smiled happily.

Seeing that expression made me happy too.

Well, I’m getting really hungry, so let’s finish the rest of the omelette in one go.

I take out the third frying pan from the cupboard and start cooking omelets on both sides of the stove at the same time.

“Kou is really dexterous, isn’t he…?”

Iris murmurs in admiration.

“It’s all thanks to my skills. Anyway, can I ask you to do one more job?”

“Of course. Anything you need.”

“Thank you, that helps.”

I asked Iris to cut up a banana and mix it with yogurt.

This is for dessert.


Five minutes later, lunch was ready.

On the first floor of the carriage, there is a dining area in addition to the seating area with sofas.

The food was laid out on a large table, and everyone took their seats.

Then, let’s enjoy the meal.


NyX Translation


The beef stewed in tomato sauce is a brilliant red color, and just looking at it makes my tongue salivate. The acidity of the tomatoes accentuates the sweetness of the beef, making it a dish that everyone was pleased with.

The cheese omelette was soft and fluffy, and the eggs’ gentle taste combined with the cheese’s rich flavor created a taste that I never grew tired of.

“Kou’s cooking is superb, after all.”

Iris says with sincerity in her voice.

“If you opened a restaurant in the royal capital, it would be extremely popular, you know.”

“I think so, too.”

Lily nodded vigorously.


It had been less than five minutes since the meal began, but Lily had already finished both the tomato stew and the cheese omelette. On the contrary, she seems to be a little unsatisfied.

“Lily. Would you like a refill?”

“Um… I’m fine.”

“As I said before, a child should not be reserved. You’re growing up, so just keep eating.”

“…Sorry. Thank you.”

Lily was a little embarrassed and reached out a plate of stewed tomatoes.


The after-dinner dessert was banana yogurt, another very satisfying dish.

We all cleared away the dishes, washed up, and returned to the sofa.

“I had never had a meal that good before…”

Lily let out a sigh and muttered sincerely. The aftermath of lunch still lingered strongly on her face.

“Cracking eggs, flipping omelets… cooking was fun, too.”

“I remember you said you’d never cooked before in your life.”


Lily nodded and began to talk about what had happened to her.

“My parents died in an epidemic. I don’t remember it because I was very young, but thanks to the fact that I had the [God of War’s Shrine Maiden], I was taken in by the God of War religion and went to live in the Holy Land as it was.”

“How was life in the Holy Land?”

“I was very blessed. Everyone around me was very kind. ….So as a way of repaying the favor, I made it my top priority to learn what I needed to know in order to fulfill my mission as [God of War’s Shrine Maiden].”

“So that’s why you put cooking on the back burner.”

“I’m sorry…”

“No, you don’t need to apologize. Lily is very earnest.”

“Is that so…?”

Lily tilted her head in wonder.

Well, you never know with these things, do you?

“Anyway, you have completed your mission, and I hope you will be able to experience many things from now on.”

Iris nodded next to me as I said this.

“Kou is right. Lily is still young, and it would be a waste if you don’t enjoy your life.”

“…I see.”

Lily pondered for a moment and then gave a slight nod.

“That may be so.”

“Playing with me is fun!”

This was right after Surara innocently said so.

Suddenly, the carriage shook violently.

Dest’s voice echoed from the speaker-type magic device built into the ceiling.

“Earthquake! Emergency stop!”





The recoil from the sudden stop sends Surara bouncing off the seat. I reflexively reached out with both hands and caught his round body.

Several more earthquakes followed, but fortunately, we were in the middle of a plain.

There were no trees falling or landslides.

Just to be sure, I checked the map of the area using [Auto Mapping], but the ocean was far away, so there seemed to be no danger of a tsunami.

Phew, what a surprise.


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