It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 2 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – We Arrived In Surier


Soon the carriage arrived at the Surier gate and stopped slowly. The sky had changed from blue to a pale red, and the sun was now slanting to the west.

Is it already dusk?

Time seems to have flown by faster since we started our trip. Despite the troubles we have encountered, I think it is because we are enjoying every day and are very content.

When we got off the carriage, we all stretched out.

“It’s really amazing how fast we made it to Surier in just one day.”

Iris muttered in admiration. Beside her, Lily was nodding her head.

Generally speaking, it is said that the distance from Toue to Surier is four days. Considering that, the travel speed of the Grand Cabin must be quite fast.

“The reason we were able to get to Surier so quickly was thanks to Dest.”

I walk over to Dest and touch his steel body.

“Thank you again today. Have a good rest.”

“Hahaha, I’m honored. Thank you for your kindness…!”

Dest replied in a theatrical tone and dropped to one knee on the ground with his head drooped.

The gesture was so human that I couldn’t help but laugh.

The《Advanced Calculation Function A+》granted to Dest seems to be working very well today.

I’m starting to feel a little sad to say goodbye, but I remind myself to put him in the [Item Box]. A magic circle appears on the ground, and Dest and the Grand Cabin are absorbed into it.

Soon, they were completely out of sight.

At the sight, the young guard who had led us here said, “Oh…!” He was amazed.

“It is as if I am seeing an illusion. The [Item Box] really can hold anything, can’t it?”

“There are limits, though.”

Storage capacity is unlimited, but there is a limit to the size of objects that can be taken in and out at one time.

For example, city walls cannot be stored in the [Item Box].

I don’t know the exact upper limit, but since I can take the Grand Cabin in and out, I can probably carry a two-story house or so… I’ll do an experiment next time.

While I was thinking about this, the young guard said,

“Please come to the guard station for the time being. Please come along with your companions.”


The guard station was located just to the left through the gate.

The building was reasonably new, and the interior was clean and tidy. It was clean and looked very comfortable.

“Please come in here.”

The young guard escorted us into a common room at the back of the building.

Soon after, a female clerk came in and offered us a cup of fragrant tea.

“You must be the Dragon Slayer, Kou Kousaka-san, right? Welcome to Surier. Please make yourself at home.”

“Thank you.”

“Very well. I’ll excuse myself then.”

The female clerk bowed and left the common room.

Like the young guard, everyone was very pleasant. The tea was delicious. I have no complaints.

“Then, Kou-dono, please tell me more about the bridge. I will write up a full report and submit it to the chief of the guard, the town manager, and the lord, Count Maillard.”

“I guess we’ll be talking to the lords as well.”

It’s kind of getting more important than I thought.

“I suppose it is. The Zard Bridge is a major transportation hub, and it would be unprecedented for just one person to build a new bridge…”

“That was a real surprise.”

The young guard nodded deeply as Lily muttered thoughtfully.

“Indeed. I couldn’t help but doubt my own eyes when the bridge extended from the other side of the river. …Well then, Kou-dono, please explain to me.”

“I understand. Let me start by explaining my skills…”

The young guard prompted me to tell him about the whole process of building the bridge.

“…I see that the new bridge is made of Devil Treant trunks.”

“Oh. It’ll automatically repair itself, so there should be no maintenance required.”

“That’s wonderful…! Thank you so much. Building a bridge is a kind of public work, and I believe the lord will pay a reward. You can look forward to it.”

“I wonder, is the lord, Count Maillard, in Surier?”

As I muttered this, the young guard’s complexion changed.

He asked me in a serious tone of voice.

“…Kou-dono, where did you hear about this?”

“I got a letter from a nobleman I know, who told me about it.”

“I understand. As you know, Count Maillard is in this town for recovery. However, I would appreciate it if you would keep this matter confidential.”

I don’t know the details of the situation, but I guess nobles have a lot going on in their own way. There was no reason to bother complaining, so I just nodded my head.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

The young guard bowed his head slightly.

“And everyone as well, thank you for your cooperation.”


While Iris and Lily nodded quietly, Surara shouted cheerfully.

“My mouth is shut tight! Don’t worry!”

I have an image of a Slime’s mouth as being soft and pliable, though.

Joking aside, Surara is not the kind of person who breaks promises, despite his childish behavior. You can trust him on that point.

“I guess that’s about it.”

I said so, and the guard nodded.

“Yes. I apologize for taking up your time when you are tired. ──Once again, welcome to Surier. How long do you plan to stay?”

“Four days and three nights.”

“That should be enough for a tour of the hot springs. Tomorrow there will be a festival to celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary, so please enjoy yourselves.”


After we finished talking, we walked out of the station. The sun had set before we knew it, and the sky had turned dusky indigo.

Looking out over the streets of Surier, we saw many tourists, as it is a hot spring resort town.

“It’s so bustling.”

“Master-san, there’s white smoke in the air!”

Surara was right; several white vapors were rising here and there in the city. It was probably steam from the hot springs.

We would enjoy visiting the hot springs tomorrow, but first, let’s have dinner.

“I wonder what the specialties of this town are.”

“Surier is supposedly famous for a soup dish called ‘Hotep.'”

“I’ve heard of them too. I’ve heard that each restaurant has its own secret broth, and it tastes completely different.”

“I want to try everything!”

“Let’s just stroll around town for now.”

I start walking with Iris, Lily, and Surara. I heard that the festival would start tomorrow, and in fact, preparations and decorations were being made all over the city.

I took a peek into the central square and saw a magnificent stage with a roof set up in the back.

According to the program posted on a bulletin board nearby, there would be a concert with musicians from outside the city, a magic show, and so on.

“Tomorrow will be a pretty big day, isn’t it?”

“I thought they were celebrating the city’s 300th anniversary, but it’s been around for quite a long time.”

“Originally, there was a city of an ancient civilization here. It seems that three hundred years ago, people used the ruins of the ancient city to build Surier.”

Iris then turned her attention to the fountain in the plaza. In the center of the fountain is what looks like a small shrine. It is made of stone and looks quite old. Perhaps it is a legacy of an ancient civilization.

“I know it!

Surara shouted.

“Four thousand years ago, there was a city here called Sasan! There was a facility underground that made hot springs, and I think it’s probably still working!”

I see.

So the reason why Surier is famous as a hot spring resort is because of an ancient civilization?

“Surara knows a lot of things.”

“Fufu! I’m a clever Slime, you know! That’s all that matters!”

“Of course.”

Anyway, it was surprising to learn that Surier was associated with an ancient civilization. Maybe there are some Helper Slimes living in the underground facilities.


After we left the square, we went into a restaurant called “White Pot Restaurant” and ordered the famous soup dish… “Hotep.” The quantity should be enough for four people.

As we waited excitedly to see what kind of food would be brought to us, a large pot was placed in the middle of the table.

Inside the pot, beef, chicken, carrots, onions, etc., were stuffed tightly together and were simmering in a delicious amber-colored soup.

The word “soup” implied a light meal, but the portion was quite large. The atmosphere was similar to that of French pot-au-feu.

When I tried it, the soup’s flavor flooded my mouth as I chewed the meat and vegetables.

“It’s so rich…”

“The soup alone is delicious.”

“It’s warm…”

“Munch! Munch!”

Apparently, Surara liked the Hotep, and he ate it all up in one big gulp.

In the end, four servings were not enough, so we ordered two more.

“We ate quite a lot…”

“Seems like they use more chicken in the broth here.”

“Maybe tomorrow we’ll try another restaurant.”

“It seems there are a lot of Hotep stalls at the festival, so it would be nice to try a little bit of each.”

That sounds interesting.

We left the restaurant very satisfied and headed for our lodging for the night.

The inn’s name is “Five-Star Pavilion,” and it is widely introduced in tourist guidebooks as “one of the best hot spring hotels in Surier.

The building is divided into the main building and an annex, and it seems that only a few VIPs can stay in the annex.

As I stepped into the front desk, Iris said.

“Hey Kou, what about Lily-chan’s room?”

Lily joined the traveling party after leaving Toue. Therefore, naturally, she was not included in the lodging reservations arranged by the Scarlet Trading Company.

“Kou-san, please don’t mind me.”

Lily muttered in a reserved manner.

“I have been traveling alone ever since I left the sanctuary until today. I can find a place to stay by myself.”

“But it is lonely to be left out.”

Surara raises his voice.

“Master-san, can’t we do something about this?”

“Maybe we can get one extra person to stay with us. In the meantime, I’ll check with the inn.”

I said, and headed for the man at the reception desk.

After presenting the letter of introduction from Chrome-san, I explained that I had one more companion and asked if Lily could stay with us.

“──Understood. I will consult with the manager, so please wait a moment.”

The man at the reception desk bowed and disappeared behind the front desk.


As it turned out, Lily was staying with us.

“I’m so happy for you, Lily-oneechan! Yay yay yay!”

Surara was bouncing around on the spot, shouting with joy.

I decided to pay for Lily’s lodging.

I have the money I earned in Aunen and the reward for defeating Devil Treant. It’s not worth it to save it up, and it’s better to spend it when I have to.

“Thank you, Kou-san. I’m sorry for the inconvenience…”

“Don’t worry about it. In the future, you can help me out if I’m in a pinch.”

“…I understand.”

Lily nodded with a serious expression on her face.

“If Kou-san is in danger, I will do everything in my power to help you.”

“Don’t take it too seriously. Just take it as far as you can.”

“But I can’t really picture Kou in a situation where he would be cornered.”

Iris said jokingly.

No, no, no, I’m having a rather hard time too. I was pretty close to being defeated by the Black Dragon.

While I was thinking about that, a man came to guide us.

“Kou Kousaka-sama, and everyone in your party, thank you for your patience. Now, let me show you to your rooms.”

Our room was on the fifth floor of the annex, in other words, the top floor.

As in Toue, the reservation was for two rooms, so Iris and Lily used one of the rooms while Surara and I were to use the other.

“On the first floor, there is an open-air bath exclusively for guests of the annex. You are the only guests staying in the annex today, so please make yourselves comfortable. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

The man in charge of the information desk bowed quickly and left down the stairs at the end of the corridor.

“Now that we’re at the inn, I guess we should start with the hot spring.”

I nodded at Iris’s words.

“Yeah, let’s go to the open-air bath on the first floor. It’s kind of like we have the place to ourselves today.”

“Right. It will be a waste if we don’t go. Is that okay with you, Lily-chan?”

“Yes, I’m fine. …I’m looking forward to the hot springs.”

“Master-san! Let’s get ready for the bath first!”

“Yeah, right.”

So we went into our respective rooms to get ready for our baths.

I heard that only a few VIPs were allowed to stay in the annex, and the rooms had the right atmosphere. In addition to the bedrooms, there was a living room and a reception room, and each piece of furniture had a luxurious feel as if it were the residence of a noble family.

“It’s gorgeous.”

“I feel like a big shot! Fufu!”

All my stuff is in the [Item Box], so the preparations for the bath were quick and easy. I grab a towel and bath towel from the room and leave the room.

“Bath♪ bath♪”

Surara seems to be looking forward to the open-air bath so much that he bounces around the hallway with a towel on his head.

Five minutes later, Iris and Lily came out of their room.

“Kou, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Sorry, it took so long…”

“It’s no big deal. Let’s go then.”

“Let’s go!”

We headed down the stairs to the first floor.

Just outside the stairs is a large restroom with several comfortable chairs. Some of the walls were made of glass and offered a view of the illuminated garden. The entrances to the outdoor baths were in the back, separated for men and women.

“So, Kou, we’ll see you later.”

“What are we going to do after getting out of the bath? Shall we go back to our rooms separately?”

“We need to finalize our plans for tomorrow, so why don’t we meet in the break room there?”

“I understand. Iris, don’t get too excited.”

“Fufu, I’m fine.”

Iris hummed as she said this and headed for the women’s bath with Lily.

“We should go, too.”


Surara and I walked side by side through the entrance to the men’s baths.

There is a changing room with a row of large lockers.

All of them are fingerprint-authenticated magic tools, but I have an [Item Box], so I stored my clothes in it. Surara also took off his round hat and carefully put it in his mouth.

When I left the locker room naked, I found myself in a partitioned shower room.

I washed my body here and then entered the open-air bath.

This system is a little different from that of Japanese hot springs, but it is fresh and interesting.

“Master-san, let me wash your head! Gently rub it! Is there anything itchy?”

“I’m fine. I’ll wash myself, and you can take a shower, too.”

“Yes! I’ll make my body shiny too! Showeerr!”

After we finished washing our bodies, we went outdoors.

The outdoor bath was made of natural rocks, where we could leisurely gaze at the starlit sky and the moon.


I soaked myself in the bathtub, surrounded by the warmth of the hot water. After all, hot springs are the soul of the Japanese people.

It warms you to the core.

It was healing.

Now I am being healed so much…

“Master-san. I’m going to melt. “


I noticed that Surara was sinking into the bathtub due to over-relaxation.

I hurriedly lifted him up from the bottom.

“Whoops! Thank you, Master-san!”

“Be careful.”

I patted Surara’s head and looked up at the sky with his round body in my arms.

The white crescent moon was shining bright and brilliant. Its coloring is similar to Lily’s silver hair.

Lily Luna Lunaria.

She is a priestess of the God of War and has the [God of War’s Shrine Maiden] and [Foresight] skills.

She had two missions as a priestess, “to give the bow of Yggdrasil to the [Transmigrator]” and “to find the magic sword Gram,” but both were fulfilled, and she joined us on our journey.

She is only 15 years old, but considering that she was able to hold Devil Treant at bay by herself, she must be quite capable as a priestess.

As for her personality, she is serious and disciplined and is likable as a human being.

As I thought about this, my body was getting warm, so I left the open-air bath with Surara.


After wiping ourselves off and getting dressed, we headed for the lounge.

Iris and Lily had not yet arrived. They must be enjoying the hot spring.

As I sat on a comfortable chair by the window, soaking in the afterglow of the hot spring, I could hear the sound of sleep coming from right next to me.

“Kuu, suuhh.”

I looked over and saw Surara sleeping soundly with a towel on his head.

I chuckled a little, and then Lily came over to me.

“That was a nice bath…”

Her expression was one of heartfelt satisfaction. Apparently, she had thoroughly enjoyed the hot spring.

“What about Iris?”

“She’s going to relax in the hot springs for a while longer.”

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait patiently.”

I don’t have any urgent business to attend to, so let’s cool off here for a while.

Lily sat down on a comfortable chair to my left.

“I’ve never actually been in a hot spring before in my life.”


“Not only the hot springs, but also the cooking, staying at such a luxurious inn ── today was the first time for me to do everything, and I really enjoyed it. …Is it okay for me to be this happy?”

“Don’t worry about it. Lily has completed her mission as a [God of War’s Shrine Maiden], and you can think of it as a reward for that. Is there anything you would like to do from now on, any goals or dreams? …When I say dreams, I don’t mean [Foresight].”

“It’s okay, I understand.”

Lily chuckled softly.

“But I can’t quite think of what the future holds.”

“It’s like your mind was occupied with nothing else but fulfilling your mission.”

“…Yes. Sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for.”

I gave a slight stretch before saying so.

“I’ve got plenty of time. In the meantime, you can find something you want to do. I’ll help you if I can, and don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you very much. …You are very kind, Kou-san.”

“You are exaggerating it. I’m just a caring person.”

Right after I said that to hide my embarrassment, Iris came into the break room.

“Ara, everyone’s here already. I guess I’m the last one.”

“Did you enjoy the hot springs?”

“Yes, I feel great. My skin is glowing, and I feel 20 years younger.”

Considering Iris’s age, that would take her back to before she was born.

“But more importantly, let’s make plans for tomorrow. There’s a festival coming up, so why don’t we focus on that?”

“Shall we move the hot spring tour to the day after tomorrow?”

“Yes. The hot springs won’t run away, but the festival is only happening now.”

“…I’d like to go to the festival, too.”

Lily muttered in a whisper but with a clear intent in the air.

Then, the answer seems to have been decided.

“Let’s enjoy the Surier festival tomorrow. We’ll meet in my room at ten in the morning, okay?”

“Oh, that’s fine with me.”

“I think I can wake up, too.”

“Munya… Festival, soup, gulp…”


After that, we went back to our respective rooms to sleep.

Surara stayed asleep, so I took him in both hands and carried him to bed.

“Suuhh… Kuuhh…”

Chuckling at his innocent sleeping face, I laid down on the bed.

Perhaps because my body had been warmed by the hot spring, sleepiness soon set in.

Tomorrow will be another interesting day.

I’m looking forward to it.


──Well then, good night.


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