It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 3 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – I Became Acquainted with a Blonde Young Lady


Leticia di Meteor.

When I met her in the forest at midnight, she told me that she herself was a “great calamity dragon.”

In other words, she is the same kind of dragon that attacked Surier.

…Is this really true?

As if to answer my question, [Full Assist] tells me in my mind.


I will report on the progress of the analysis.

Leticia di Meteor’s body is that of a human race, but it is presumed that she carries the soul of the great calamity, the “Bright and Arrogant Dragon.”


I see.

To put it very roughly, she is a “calamity in human skin.”

She looks like a beautiful woman, but inside she is a calamity… In my former world, there is a saying, “A pretty rose has its thorns,” but she has some rather dangerous thorns.

“Fufu, I hope I didn’t startle you.”

Leticia whispered in my ear with a mischievous look on her face.

“I, for my part, have no intention of antagonizing you. I will not attack the city or its people like other calamities. You can rest assured of that.”

“…What do you mean?”

“The mission of the calamity is to destroy this world. …But whether or not I follow it is another matter, isn’t it? I’m seventeen this year and a little late in my rebellion phase.”

Does this mean that she does not intend to engage in destructive activities like the Black Dragon and the Gluttonous Dragon?

Of course, there is the possibility that this is an act to catch me off guard… but now, how do I judge it?

“Well, it is inevitable that you will be suspicious of me.”

Leticia said as if she had guessed what I was thinking.

“I have already lied about being attacked by the White Scorpion and fainted, so I guess I deserved it. Please allow me to apologize for that.”

“Can I ask you to tell me why you lied?”

“It’s that simple. If I told you that …I was a calamity when we first met, you might misunderstand me as a crazy person, wouldn’t you agree?”

“…That may be true.”

Leticia’s point was clear enough for me. 

I have been transferred from modern Japan to this world, but I don’t reveal it to others, saying that I have been living deep in the remote mountainous area.

I don’t know if people would believe me if I said I came from a different world, and in fact, there is a high possibility that they would question my sanity.

In that sense, Leticia and I may have a similar thought process.

“Then why did you decide to reveal yourself?”

“…It’s a bit vague, though.”

Leticia told me hesitantly.

“I had a feeling that I had met Kou-sama somewhere in the distant past.”

“I thought we had never met before.”

While answering that, I was still feeling a little strange. 

I had a strange feeling that I had exchanged words with Leticia before──.

This is what is known as deja vu.

I would like to say it was just an illusion, but this kind of thing can be considered foreshadowing in anime and manga.

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to keep this in mind.


When the conversation came to a close, Leticia explained the circumstances leading up to her passing out in the woods.

“As I mentioned earlier, there have been a series of sightings of large monsters in this vicinity. I was visiting the forest to investigate.”

In the forest, she found a White Scorpion and decided to challenge it to a fight.

“The White Scorpion is a ferocious monster. If left unchecked, it could cause damage to neighboring towns and villages. …Shouldn’t we nip trouble in the bud as soon as possible?”

“I certainly agree.”

As for me, I don’t disagree with Leticia’s opinion. In fact, I’m all for it.

Early resolution of problems has been my policy since the days when I was busy dealing with the flames in Japan.

It’s just…

“Taking on White Scorpion by yourself was a bit reckless, wasn’t it? It takes eight A-rank adventurers, doesn’t it?”

“Kou-sama. I am a calamity. There is no way I can be defeated by White Scorpion.”

“But you were unconscious when I came here. What happened?”

“…Actually, I don’t know why.”

Leticia said this while shaking her head.

Her expression was truly puzzled, and she didn’t look like she was lying.

“But just before I lost consciousness, I felt something like the “pressure” of another calamity from a short distance away. The presence was similar to that of the Gluttonous Dragon, but that dragon must have escaped to the “outside” of this world after being deeply wounded in the battle with Kou-sama. It is not possible for it to come back in such a short period. What in the world is happening…?”

“Maybe it’s because I used [Spatial Manipulation].”

“That’s the unique ability of the Gluttonous Dragon, isn’t it? …How did Kou-sama get it?”

“I took it.”


My answer was unexpected to Leticia, and she was surprised. 

For now, I’ll show her the proof.

I activated one of the abilities included in [Spatial Manipulation] ── [Invisibility].

“Do you believe me now?”

“Yes, this is indeed the [Spatial Manipulation] of the Gluttonous Dragon. …Ara?”

“What’s wrong?”

“May I see your left hand for a moment?”


I deactivated [Invisibility] and held out my left hand. 

Then Leticia comes in with her hands on both sides.

“I can feel the presence of the Black Dragon from Kou-sama’s hand. …Could it be that you can also use the [Calamity Summoning]?”

“How did you know?”

“I have knowledge of what it means to be a calamity. There are three natural enemies of calamities. One is the hero with the [Dexterity], another is the sage with the [Magic Ingenuity], and the last is the demon king with the [Calamity Summoning] ── you have the [Calamity Summoning], so you must be the demon king.”

“No, I’m not.”

I shook my head.

What comes back to my mind are the events that took place just before I was transferred to this world.

Which role do you want to play, the hero, the sage, or the demon king? I was suddenly confronted with such a question.

I chose the hidden option “4, none of the above,” and as a result, I obtained a number of cheat skills, including [Creation].

One of them includes [Dexterity].

I’ve never heard of [Magic Ingenuity]… but then the [Full Assist] starts up, and information flows into my head.

According to this, it seems that I am in possession of [Magic Ingenuity] at some point.

The effect is that “by wearing a ring that seals the dragon’s power, you can freely handle magic of the corresponding attribute,” and in my case, it is integrated into [Full Assist].

In short, I have all the skills of a hero, a demon king, and a sage, respectively.

When I told this to Leticia, she was completely speechless.

She looked stunned for a while but eventually came to her senses and said to me.

“The “hero, the demon king, and the sage ── possessing all three of these powers is something that would normally be impossible. …You are truly an out-of-the-ordinary being. Now I am very interested in you.”

Leticia continued to talk as she looked at me with curiosity.

“If it is all right with you, I would like to accompany you on your journey, Kou-sama. However, it’s a sudden proposal, and if it’s inconvenient, you can feel free to refuse, so──”

“I don’t mind, you know?”

“──What did you just say?”

“It’s getting late at night, and I’m worried about leaving a woman so deep in the mountains. Shall we walk back to my carriage together?”

“Thank you very much. I would like to take your word for it… but, Kou-sama, are you sure about this? Once again, I am a calamity.”

“You don’t mean to antagonize me, do you?”

“Of course not. I have decided that I will only point my fist at villains and monsters.”

She sounds like a righteous hero.

I tell Leticia with a wry smile.

“If so, I have no problem with that. I’m looking forward to working with you.”


“What’s wrong?”

“I think you have a big heart, don’t you, Kou-sama? I think you’re very nice.”

“That’s an overstatement.”

I answered shortly.

I was a little embarrassed because I had suddenly been praised. 

At that time, I heard the voice of [Full Assist] in my head.


We agreed that Leticia di Meteor accompanies you.



It seems that [Full Assist] also came to the same conclusion as me, but on what basis?

I’m a bit curious about this… and the words continue to be spoken further.


If you have Leticia di Meteor accompany you, you will be able to conduct a detailed analysis of the existence of the calamity.

By using that information, we may be able to create an item with [Creation] in the future that is equivalent to or even exceeds the Yggdrasil Bow as an “anti-calamity” item.


This is a good thing to hear.

The Yggdrasil Bow is known as the “Bow of the Calamity Killer,” and as its name implies, it is immensely powerful against calamities.

However, to use it, the “arrow of the calamity killer” is necessary, and according to Lily’s [Foresight], the arrow is summoned in exchange for her life.

In the battle against the Gluttonous Dragon, the arrow could be summoned by consuming Lily’s magical power.

But that was because the bow’s output was only at 20 percent, and if it were at 100 percent, for example, Lily’s life might be sacrificed.

For my part, I would like to avoid such a situation.

If an item more powerful than the Yggdrasil bow could be created with [Creation], then the whole problem would be solved.

Let’s hope for the results of the [Full Assist] analysis there.


* * *


I decided to guide Leticia back to the Grand Cabin, and on the way, she told me about her background.

“I was born in a snowy country far north, across the sea. Believe it or not, I was the second princess.”

“You mean you were a princess?”

“Fufu, I’m a little embarrassed to hear you say that.”

Leticia continues her story with a smile on her face.

“I thought I was just a human being at first. I kept all my memories and my powers as a calamity in the depths of my mind.”

But one day, five years ago, Leticia underwent a profound change.

At the time, the king of her country was ill, and a battle was raging in the court for the right to succeed to the throne. Of course, Leticia had no intention of succeeding to the throne, but whether that mattered to those around her was another matter.

On the day of her twelfth birthday… Leticia ate a poisoned cookie, which led to her spending three days and three nights on the verge of life and death.

“It was then that I remembered who I was.”

When Leticia realized that she was a calamity, her power overcame the poison, and she returned from the brink of death.

She then denounced the second prince who had ordered to poison her cookies, and after eliminating him from the race for the throne, she decided to leave the country.

“Leticia was the second princess, right? How could someone of such high status leave her own country so easily?”

“Originally, it would have been impossible. However, each calamity has its own unique abilities. In my case, there are several, and I used one of them.”

“And what kind of ability is that? …I mean, can I ask you this?” 

To rephrase my question, it would be, “Tell me your moves.”

Normally, it would have been understandable if she refused, but Leticia immediately responded,

“Since you have accepted me to accompany you, I would like to share some information with you. One of my unique abilities is [Domination] ── simply put, it’s a kind of brainwashing. By infusing the dragon’s factor into anything I touch, I can turn people and things into puppets.”

“Does this mean that it can be used on non-living things?”

“Yes. Let me demonstrate it to you.”

After saying this, Leticia reached out with her left hand and touched a tree that was nearby.

“──I command you in my name. Let it wither and lose its branches and leaves.”

Many branches grew from the tree, and it was covered with numerous green leaves.

But the moment Leticia gave the order, all the branches and leaves fell off at once.

“…That’s roughly what happened.”

Incidentally, Leticia is now buried in the fallen leaves because she was standing at the base of the tree. Only her face is sticking out, which is quite a surreal sight.

Perhaps she is more careless than I thought.

“Are you all right?”

When I said that and extended my right hand, Leticia replied with a mischievous expression on her face.

“Ara, aren’t you afraid to touch me? I might use [Domination] on you, Kou-sama.”

“If you were going to use [Domination] on me, you wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of demonstrating and revealing your moves, would you?”

“But there is a possibility that I might be trying to catch Kou-sama off guard.”

“Well, I can’t deny that possibility. But to begin with, [Domination] won’t work on me.”


Apparently, my words came as a big shock to Leticia.

Her young lady’s language seems to be falling apart a bit.

“Yeah. I’m serious.”

I nodded.

In my mind, [Full Assist] was telling me this.


We are currently analyzing [Domination].

──Progress report, the Arrogant Dragon factor can be blocked by the [Transmigrator] possessed by Kou Kousaka.


“…Kou-sama is truly out of the norm, isn’t he?”

Leticia sighs in admiration.

“According to my memory as a calamity, the hero, the sage, and the demon king are all protected by the [Transmigrator] skill. But the effect of [Domination] should have been much stronger.”

“Shall we give it a try?”

“If only you would be willing to try it, Kou-sama…”

Leticia reached out with her left hand and squeezed my right hand from the back of the hand.

“──I command you in my name. Um, tell me what your hobbies are.”

Although I am not sure why she wanted me to tell her about my hobbies, I guess Leticia thought she was giving me a reasonable order.

As I was being convinced myself, an inorganic voice echoed in my brain.


The Arrogant Dragon Factor has been detected. The condition abnormality nullification of the [Transmigrator] is used to block it.


The next moment, a silver light burst around my right hand.


Leticia lets out a small scream.

Then, looking sullenly at my right hand, she said.

“The [Domination] certainly didn’t work, did it?”

“That’s what I meant. By the way, my hobby is…”

Huh? What are my hobbies?

When I was a university student, I used to play video games, but after I started working, I haven’t been able to play anything properly.

I don’t think I have any hobbies even after coming to this world.

I read a few books when I moved from city to city, but that was just like killing time…

When I was at a loss for an answer, Leticia chuckled.

“You don’t have to answer. By the way, my hobbies are poetry and painting.”

That’s a very cultured hobby.

“Shall I recite one?”

Leticia said casually and took a deep breath.

Then, she sang in a high voice.


“You are the dragon-slaying hero who led the Black Dragon to devour the Gluttonous Dragon.

You have come from a distant land. What do you think and what will you do?

May your journey brings you many blessings.”



I lack artistic sense, so I can’t judge if this is a great poem or not.

However, the overall atmosphere is somewhat chuunibyou-ish, and in that respect, I feel a sense of familiarity with it.

I used to write strange poems in my notebook when I was a teenager.

“This poem, though.”

Leticia said.

“I’ve taken the liberty of making a poem about you, Kou-sama. Did you notice it?”

“Yes, of course.”

I can use the Black Dragon through the [Summoning Calamity], and I have taken away the [Spatial Manipulation] from the Gluttonous Dragon.

Moreover, in Aunen, Toue, and Surier, I am also called the dragon slayer; it is clear that Leticia’s poem is about me.

“Fufu, I’m glad you recognize it. When I was back home, no one understood my poetry.”

Well, I guess that’s inevitable.

A chuunibyou poem requires a special sense to decipher it.


We left the forest and headed up the hill to the Grand Cabin, which was parked near the top.

Dest, our lookout, noticed us and approached us.

“Welcome back, Master. And who’s this woman…?”

“Leticia, can you introduce yourself?”

“Of course.”

Nodding at my words, Leticia picked up the hem of her skirt and spread it from side to side.

“My name is Leticia di Meteor. Pleased to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, Leticia-san. My name is Dest.”

Dest bowed with his left hand on his abdomen and his right hand on his back, just like a butler.

“Fufu, that gesture is almost like a human being. You are a remarkable Orichalcum Golem, Kou-sama. Where in the world did you find this child?”

“I found it, or rather, I made it with my skills. Strictly speaking, Dest is not an Orichalcum Golem. He’s a Destroyer Golem equipped with a super high-powered magic laser cannon. A new type that didn’t exist in ancient civilizations.”


My reply was unexpected for Leticia, it seems.

Her deep blue eyes widen in surprise, and she blinks repeatedly, muttering softly. 

“If my knowledge is correct, it should be impossible to manufacture a new type of Orichalcum Golem with modern technology, even if one has the skills. And, to produce an original new type of Orichalcum Golem is… You are truly out of the ordinary, aren’t you, Kou-sama?”


At Leticia’s words, for some reason, Dest proudly puffed out his chest.

Both of his eyes flashed with a cupid’s eye, and he emitted an electronic voice.

“Master is an amazing person-nanodesu!”

“Fufu. Dest-san really admires Kou-sama, doesn’t he?”

“Of course!”

Dest straightened his back and made a saluting pose with his right hand.

…What can I say? I am indeed embarrassed when I am praised so much. 

I opened the door of the Grand Cabin with my left hand while scratching my cheek with my right hand. 

“It’s getting late. Why don’t we go inside?”

“Fufu, yes, of course.”

Whether Letitia noticed my embarrassment or not… she smiled softly and got into the Grand Cabin with light steps.

The ground floor of the Grand Cabin was pitch black, but when our presence was detected, the magic lights on the ceiling automatically flicked on. A warm orange light illuminated the area.


Looking around the interior of the Grand Cabin, Leticia let out a sigh of admiration.

“I’ve never seen such a luxurious carriage before. It has a living room, dining room, and even a kitchen in the back…”

“There’s even a private room upstairs. Leticia is… right, you can take the room at the front, just up the stairs.”

It was originally my room, but I’ll give it to the lady.

I can sleep on the living room sofa.

It’s wide enough for six adults to sit side by side, so there’s plenty of room to lie down.

“The other two rooms are occupied by my friends. They are probably asleep by now, so can you introduce yourself to them tomorrow?”

“Yes, that’s fine. …By the way, may I ask you something that I don’t know?”

“Of course. Ask me anything you like.”

“How many private rooms are upstairs?”


“I occupy one of them, and your friends occupy two, right? There are only three private rooms, so they are all occupied.”


Leticia seemed to have noticed.

“Where will you sleep tonight, Kou-sama? If you give up your room to me, I’m afraid you won’t have any place to sleep…”

“No need to worry. I will sleep on the sofa in this living room.”

“If so, please use the bedroom, Kou-sama. I am a calamity, and the sofa will be enough for me.”

“What does that have to do with being a calamity?”

“I don’t know…? But it is certain that I do not choose my bed. Even when I was in my homeland, I was scolded for taking naps on the tree tops.”

“…Leticia was the second princess, wasn’t she?”

“My father told me, ‘I was hoping you would grow up healthy, but you’re too healthy,’ that’s what he said…”


In sum, Leticia’s outward appearance is that of a “noble daughter,” but on the inside, she is a very tomboyish princess.

“So, I’ll be sleeping in the living room, is that right?”

“There is no connection at all.”

“As expected of you, Kou-sama, you have noticed it after all.”

“Of course. Be that as it may, whether Leticia is a calamity or not, I can’t have a woman lying in a place like this. Think of it as you doing me a favor and taking the upstairs room.”

“…Now that you put it that way, I can’t argue with that.”

Leticia giggled, and a smile appeared in her mouth.

“I don’t want to embarrass you, Kou-sama, and I’m going to be very gracious this time.”

“Yeah, please do.”

“Thank you. Then good night. I really appreciate your concern.”

Leticia finally said and went up the stairs to the second floor with light steps.


Once I was alone, I yawned.

I’m feeling nice and sleepy, and if I’m going to sleep, now would be a good time.

Well then, good night.


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