It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 3 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – I Tried To Confront A Volcanic Eruption


Thus, Surara and Tidal stayed behind.

The rest was up to Lily and Leticia.

“I’ll go.”

Lily said in a modest but strong tone.

“I have seen Iris-san’s new spear several times in my [Foresight] a few years ago. Perhaps the contents of my dreams may be useful.”

“Please allow me to join you.”

Following Lily, Leticia opened her mouth.

“This arrogant dragon has other unique abilities besides [Domination], and perhaps they will be useful.”

“I understand. Then, I will be counting on you.”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

Leticia said, spreading the hem of her skirt and bowing. 

As usual, her gesture was very graceful.

For a moment, I even had the illusion that we were in a ballroom.

What brought me back to reality was a small tremor.

“…Another earthquake.”

I looked at the monitor and saw that the time limit on the upper right was “24:15.”

The remaining time was dwindling significantly.

I had better hurry.

“Let’s go, everyone!”

I called out to Iris and the others and left the monitor room.

We were running out of time.

I will definitely stop the eruption.


* * *


We took a short run back to the ship’s dock.

I opened the [Item Box] and thought of taking out the Exceed Cruiser.

A large magic circle floated on the water’s surface, and a ship over 15 meters long emerged from it.

Dest was connected to the center of the hull as if pierced through it. Dest turned toward me, saluted with a clang, and uttered a voice.

“Good work, Master! May I help you?”

“Yeah. We need to be out of here in a minute.”

I told Dest and got into the Exceed Cruiser.

Iris, Lily, and Leticia followed behind.

Once everyone was on board, Dest said.

“Well then, we’re leaving!”

At the sound of his voice, the Exceed Cruiser’s engines roared to action.

The ship left the dock and passed through the front gate.

“Keep your distance until we can see the entire island.”

“Very well!”

Dest nodded at my words.

The Exceed Cruiser accelerated rapidly, and we were out of the cave in a single bound.

It continued to move away from Mahoros Island.

How much time do we have left?

[Full Assist] answered my question.


We have established communication with the control system of the ruins.

The estimated time until the eruption is 18 minutes and 30 seconds.


That’s pretty close to the limit.

But it’s times like this when it’s important to remain calm.

I took a deep breath. Then, keeping my eyes fixed on the island, I call out to Dest at the right moment.

“Can you please stop the ship now?”

“Roger that! Slowing down!”

The Exceed Cruiser turned and decelerated.

A white splash of water rose up.

When it came to a complete stop, the front of the ship faced Mahoros Island.

Smoke was billowing from the volcano in the center of the island, and there was a tingling atmosphere in the air.

The sky was shrouded in black clouds, and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

The weather was ominous.

I furrowed my brow and told Iris.

“It’s time to get started. Are you ready?”

“Yes, okay.”

Iris gave a small smile and raised the Fimbul.

The tip of the spear glowed blue.

“…The spear says.”

Iris muttered with her eyes downcast.

“Partially freezing the volcano won’t help. In fact, it might even hasten the eruption.”


I don’t know much about it myself, but I remember hearing in a class back in high school that eruptions occur when top magma cools.

When the temperature drops, some of the magma solidifies, and the gas that was dissolved in it escapes. As a result, the pressure increases, leading to the eruption.

Perhaps that was what Fimbul was warning about.

As I was convinced, Iris continued.

“Fimbul is going to interfere with the entire volcano with its《Absolute Freeze EX》to stop the movement of the small, invisible “particles”──apparently. It’s going to take a long time because it needs to exert its power over a wide area… Anyway, I’ll give it a try.”

Invisible little “particles”?

Maybe it was talking about atoms and molecules.

At absolute zero, all atomic and molecular motion would be static. Fimbul was probably trying to suppress the eruption by creating that state.

That’s a hell of a power…

Even though it’s an item of my own creation, I couldn’t help but be impressed.

In the meantime, the Fimbul grew brighter and brighter.

The cold wind blew with a whoosh.


A small, watery object struck me around the neck.

What is this?

“Snow, I think…”

Leticia muttered as she looked up at the sky.

The reason why she looked somewhat nostalgic was probably because she was from a snow country.

At first, the snow was falling slowly and unobtrusively. But soon, the snow began to fall with increasing intensity.

The ambient temperature began to drop, and a cold wind was blowing.

“It’s cold.”

Lily said, shivering.

I took off my Fenrir coat and draped it over her shoulders.

“Thank you very much… But are you alright, Kou-san?”

“No problem. I’m fine.”

However, the weight of the snow might sink the ship if it continued accumulating. Just as I thought that, Dest raised his voice.

“The magic core is now running at maximum capacity! Heaters on!”

From inside the Exceed Cruiser, a driving sound like a scream rose up.

Soon, the surroundings became warmer and warmer.

The snow on the deck began to melt. I didn’t know such a convenient function existed.

Now, how about the volcano?

I turned my eyes toward Mahoros Island.

Smoke was still rising heavily from the crater.


The estimated time until the eruption is 12 minutes and 30 seconds.

There are 8 minutes and 50 seconds left until Fimbul’s《Absolute Freeze EX》is activated.


[Full Assist] announced this in my mind and supplemented the information further.

This snow was just a byproduct of《Absolute Freeze EX》, and the magic was still in the stage of kneading its magical power.

At any rate, if things continue to progress smoothly, it looks like we will be in time for the eruption.

…If we are careless with things like this, something unexpected will surely happen.

When I was in Japan, I had to deal with such scenarios many times when dealing with flaming incidents.

The most dangerous time was when you felt that everything would be fine.

I would like to look for other cards to play in addition to Fimbul in case of emergencies.

Just as I thought that, I heard the sound.




A thundering roar came from the direction of Mahoros Island.

The sea shook, and the waves rumbled violently.

Since the Exceed Cruiser had been granted《Stability Enhancement S》, the hull did not waver much.

But there was something more important.

The volcano was shaking.

The roar was getting louder.

Isn’t this bad?

The [Full Assist] in my mind alerted me.


The estimated time until the eruption had suddenly shrunk.

Thirty seconds left.


I shouted as quickly as I could.

“Use the spear, Iris!”


Iris looked puzzled for a moment but immediately looked at me and nodded.

The spear was raised, and at the same time, she raised her voice.


Fimbul released a dazzling flash.

I involuntarily closed my eyes. A strong wind blew.

After the light passed, I slowly opened my eyelids.

The volcano was covered in white snow.

The roar of the volcano was gradually subsiding.

Was it possible to stop the eruption?

As if in response to my question, [Full Assist] informed me.


Fimbul’s《Absolute Freeze EX》was activated incompletely.

Volcanic activity is still continuing, but the eruption has been averted for now.


Does this mean that we were able to buy some time?



The estimated time until the eruption was 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

In order to reactivate Fimbul’s《Absolute Freeze EX》, 8 minutes and 45 seconds are needed.


This is not good.

We’ll never make it in time.

Iris had already raised Fimbul and started to reactivate《 Absolute Freeze EX》, but she seemed to sense the lack of time and her expression was grim. She was even hesitant to talk to me.

I need other cards in my hand to stop the volcano.

What can I do?

I looked around… and suddenly, my eyes met Lily’s.

She seemed to have a hard time with the cold, and she was holding onto the Fenrir Coat I had lent her earlier, looking up at me.

“Um, Kou-san?

“What’s wrong?”

“…I know this scene.”

She said this and turned her gaze toward the volcano.

The snow around the crater had already begun to melt.

The estimated time until the eruption was five minutes and thirteen seconds.

“I saw it in my dream. A pale spear, a snow-covered volcano, and then…”

And then Lily suddenly stopped talking.

“I’m sorry. I can’t find the right words…”

“No problem. Just tell me what it is, even if it’s a little fuzzy.”

“…I understand.”

Lily nodded and told the rest of the story.

“In my dream, a very large mass fell from the sky. A meteorite, I guess…? I thought it hit a volcano, and then a golden light spread out. I don’t know what happened after that. I woke up…”

“I see.”

I nodded my head for a moment, but it didn’t make any sense at all.

I would like to get a few more hints.

“If it was a meteorite, I have an idea what it might be.”

It was Leticia, who was right beside me listening to the conversation, who answered.

She continued speaking while looking up at the sky.

“There is a unique ability of the Arrogant Dragon called [Falling Star]. It summons the stars shining in the heavens and strikes them to the ground. Such is its power.”

In other words, does this mean an attack by dropping a meteorite?

In a sense, it may be a unique ability befitting a world-destroying calamity.

“How about I summon a meteorite with [Falling Star] and smash it into the volcano? If the volcano itself is obliterated, there is no danger of eruption.”

It was a very Leticia-like idea, bold and forceful.

It was interesting, to say the least.

But it was too dangerous.

If a meteorite hits the ground, the shock wave will cause earthquakes and tsunamis that would devastate Fort Port. That would make it completely pointless.

The purpose of this mission is to protect the people of the city.

After informing Letitia of this, I said.

“The idea of eliminating the existence of the volcano itself might be an option.”

“Then, if we can’t destroy the volcano, we can seal it up into a mountain…”

“That’s it.”


There was a flash of inspiration in my head.

I have the [Creation] skill.

Why don’t I just use the volcano as a material and make a new mountain out of it?

Like when I restored the Zard Bridge, for example.

Or when I rebuilt the harbor at Fort Port.

It may be a forced method, but I wonder.


Yes, that’s it.

It is indeed forceful itself, but it is worth considering.


In my head, [Full Assist] answered.

Its voice sounded as if it was smiling wryly.


We will now construct the means to realize the [Creation] of a new mountain.

Please wait for a while.


Oh, please take care of it.

I’m always indebted to [Full Assist].

Thank you so much.


You’re welcome.

You’re a strange one, talking with your skills.


I think so too.

But, it would be nice to at least express my gratitude, wouldn’t it?



…Construction is complete.

This [Creation] is expected to place a tremendous burden on the mental realm.

In the worst case, you may lose your thoughts/feelings and become crippled.

May I run the process?


* * *


I took a deep breath.

I might become crippled.

I was indeed a little shaken by such a statement.


I would feel terrible if I ran away from this place. I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I don’t want that.

I would rather risk my life than abandon someone I could have saved.

“──You have to do the process. Rebuild the volcano.”



[Full Assist] compliments you on your courage and determination.

We will now perform the installation of the information necessary for [Creation].


Immediately after, a flood of information flows into your mind.

It lasted less than a few tenths of a second, and before I knew it, I fully understood what I was supposed to do.

There are less than five minutes left until the eruption.

Let’s make this quick.

“Leticia, can I ask you to prepare the [Falling Star]?”


At my words, Leticia raised a bewildered voice.

It’s no wonder. The idea of using the [Falling Star] was rejected just a few minutes ago.

However, Leticia looked at me and immediately nodded.

“I understand. …You have your own ideas, don’t you, Kou-sama?”

“Yeah. When I give you the signal, summon the meteorite.”

“Leave it to me. Fufu, my arms are ringing.”

Leticia smiled wryly, and her right hand was covered with the radiance of a meteor.

The wind swirled, and her long golden hair floated softly.

The appearance was so dignified and beautiful that one could not help but gaze at it.

But that’s not the point now.

I took my eyes off Leticia and headed for Iris.

The area around her was filled with bluish-white particles.

She was probably working up the magic power to activate the《Absolute Freeze EX》.

“Iris, change of plan.”

“Roger that. …You’re going to reshape the mountain, aren’t you?”

“You got that right.”

“I heard Kou’s voice.”

Iris smiled and continued.

“I wonder what I can do to help.”

“I need you to freeze the volcano at the same time as Leticia drops the meteor.”

“I understand. If I freeze a part of the volcano, it might accelerate the eruption, but if you remake the mountain itself with [Creation], there should be no problem.”

“That is the way it is. Please take care of it.”

I told Iris that, and finally, I went to Lily’s place.

“Kou-san. Do you have a role for me?”

“Of course I do. Wait a minute.”

I answered Lily and opened the [Item Box].

A voice echoed in my head as I took out the Yggdrasil bow.


From now on, the forced interference process will be performed on Yggdrasil’s bow, and the seal will be released.

Please activate [Limit Break].


──[Limit Break].

It is a skill that I obtained right after the battle with the Gluttonous Dragon, and it allows me to raise my magical power capacity significantly temporarily.

I concentrated my consciousness and thought about activating the skill.


At that moment, a warm golden light enveloped my entire body.

This was the same phenomenon that occurred during the battles with the Black Dragon and the Gluttonous Dragon.

Magic power filled the air.

In terms of MP, the number kept rising… 500,000, 1,000,000, 2,000,000…

In a matter of seconds, not only 10 million, but 100 million, 1 billion, 1 trillion, and so on.


The forced interference process is initiated.


A golden light streamed into the bow.

At the same time, my head ached.

Was this the load on the mental realm?

It felt as if my skull had cracked.


I involuntarily put my right hand on the side of my head.


Lily shouted in surprise.

I shook my head and answered.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.”


“Trust me.”

I told her with a serious expression on my face.

Lily was anxiously silent but then shook her head.


Forced interference process, successful.

The Yggdrasil bow is now unsealed and can be used at 25 percent output.

The bow’s status is shifted from “anti-calamity” to “[Creation] assistance.”


Yggdrasil’s bow is not just a weapon to kill calamities.

It can also function to assist in [Creation]… apparently.


We will now execute the process of summoning the arrows.


The golden light surrounding my body became even more bright.

My headache becomes even more intense, and my vision repeatedly brightens and darkens.

It’s like a broken TV set.

Soon, a magic circle appears in the void.

I put my right hand into it.

Something hits my fingertip, so I grab it and pull it out.

It was a golden arrow.

It was different from the “Calamity-Killer Arrow.”

It was covered with silver light.

Then, what is this golden arrow?

The [Appraisal] is automatically activated, and information about the arrow flows in.

It is called “Ymir’s arrow.”

When the [God of War’s Shrine Maiden] releases this, everything in the surrounding area can be used as material for [Creation].

Apparently, the power of Warden, the God of War, can make the very existence of all things “Fragile,”… but to be honest, I only understand it lightly.

However, the word “Ymir” was familiar to me.

It is said that Odin, the supreme god, created the universe using Ymir’s body as the material.

I knew that this world was like something similar to Norse mythology.

I handed the bow and arrows to Lily while thinking about this.

“When the meteorite from Leticia falls, put your magic power into it and shoot the arrow. ──!”

Behind my right eye, I felt something burst.

My words were interrupted unexpectedly.

Something trickles down my cheek.

I wiped it with my right hand and found that it was covered with thick blood.

It seemed that my eye was bleeding.

It was probably a reaction to the summoning  process.

The headache continued at this moment.

Frankly, it was so painful that I wanted to throw it all away. Somehow I managed to hold on to my consciousness as I continued to speak.

“I had already summoned the arrows. Lily should not be burdened.”

“…Thank you.”

Lily was looking up at me with an expression that looked as if she was about to cry.

“Don’t worry. I’m okay.”

I patted Lily’s head while putting on a strong smile.


The last thing I needed to do was to prepare myself.

I opened the [Item Box] and took out the Spirit Ring and the Twilight Scroll.

I put the ring on the middle finger of my right hand.

Then, the scroll spread by itself and floated in the air.


The connection with the twilight scroll has been established.

We will now confirm the conditions.


Creator God, Spirit, Dragon God, God of War, and Calamity.

The role given to the twilight scroll is to unite the five great powers.

Now it is about to be fulfilled.


One. Kou Kousaka has acquired [Creation].

Two, Kou Kousaka is in possession of the Spirit Ring.

Three, we have confirmed the presence of [Dragon God’s Shrine Maide] Irisnote Fafnir at this place.

Four, we have confirmed the presence of God of War’s Shrine Maiden] Lily Luna Lunaria at this place.

Five, we have confirmed the existence of a calamity cooperating with Kou Kousaka in this place.

The name is “Leticia di Meteor,” the “Brilliant and Arrogant Dragon.”

Since all conditions have been met, the performance limitation of [Creation] is temporarily lifted.


And then…

Suddenly, all the pain disappeared.

My consciousness became clear.

It was like a refreshing morning after a good night’s sleep.

My thoughts were clear.

I wonder if the lifting of the restriction on [Creation] had such an effect on my mind and body.

I felt like I could do anything now.

The time remaining before the eruption was… 56 seconds.

With the time limit nearing, the volcano rumbled, and the sea shook.

Another earthquake came.

But the remaining time did not decrease.

The reason for this was given by [Full Assist].

Thanks to Surara and Tidal’s continued adjustment of the control system, it seemed we were able to prevent further accidents.

Thanks, you two.

With a small smile on my face, I tell Leticia.

“──Now. Please.”

“Very well!”

Leticia’s [Falling Star] was activated.

A huge magic circle appeared in the sky.


With a spirited shout, Leticia raised her right arm.

A chain of light extended from her hand and was sucked into the magic circle.

“…I got it.”

Leticia muttered in a whisper and swung her right arm down.


Then, as if pulled by a chain of light extending from her right hand, a huge meteorite appeared from the magic circle.

Its diameter probably exceeded a hundred meters. It was so majestic that it looked as if the sky was falling.

The huge mass approached the volcano.

At that moment, I shouted.

“Iris! Lily!”

“Leave it to me!”

“…Leave it to me!”

Iris’s Fimbul released a blue flash, and the volcano was enveloped in ice and snow.

At the same time, Ymir’s arrows were released from Lily’s bow.

The arrows were covered with a sparkling brilliance and became golden meteors.

Everyone did a great job.

Now it’s my job.

The volcano, the ice and snow, the meteorite, and Ymir’s arrows.

The four things were the materials, and I activated [Creation].



NyX Translation


A dazzling flash of light bursts forth.

Since the performance limitation of [Creation] had been lifted, there was no longer any need to be touching the target.

If I wish for it, everything will become a reality.

By mixing the volcano and the ice and snow, the eruption was suppressed. Here, I added meteorites to create a new source for the core of the mountain. The ground would also be rebuilt.

Every step of the process was done in an instant.

It is strange to say it myself, but it was truly an act of God.

The golden flash that enveloped Mahoros Island gradually faded and eventually disappeared completely.

The mountain created by the [Creation] was one size larger than the original volcano and occupied more than half of the island’s area. All the magma became a mineral resource, and because the structure of the mountain changed and the crater itself had disappeared, the smoke plumes stopped.

I couldn’t hear the earth’s tremors anymore.

All I could hear was the sound of the Exceed Cruiser’s engine.

For a moment, I looked in the direction of Fort Port.

The danger to the city is now over.

The damage was prevented, and there were no casualties.


It’s a happy ending, no complaints.


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