It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 4 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Awakening



I raise my right hand.

[Awakening] was activated, and two skills were instantly born.

One is [Nullify Interference Ability], which can nullify any interference ability. The other is [Spatial Blocking], which “blocks” space itself to prevent any attacks.

I first used [Nullify Interference Ability] to nullify the interference with skills and effects.



[Full Assist] can remain sealed.

That skill is like a cage to keep me contained.


The Greedy Dragon’s voice echoed in my head.

[Full Assist] probably had the role of controlling the power of the Greedy Dragon.

As a result of that being blocked, I obtained [Awakening].


For the Demon God Dragon, it meant that [Causality Counterattack] had backfired, right?


Yes, that’s absolutely right.

I nodded to Greedy Dragon’s words and activated [Spatial Blockade].

No matter what kind of attack it is, if the space is not connected, it is meaningless.

The heat rays of the Demon God Dragon are sucked into the distortion of space at a position about five meters in front of us.

Iris looked back at me with an astonished expression on her face in front of that scene.

“Kou… Did you save me?

“Yeah. It’s all right now. Thank you for covering for me.”

I took out a Heal Potion from the [Item Box] and sprinkled it on my right leg. The wounds healed quickly.

I put strength into both legs and stood up.

Golden particles were swirling around my body.

“Kou-sama. No way, that presence is…”

Leticia looked at me with a surprised expression on her face.

Perhaps she sensed the presence of the Greedy Dragon.

“Yeah. It’s me.”

The part of me that is not me replied.

The current me is a fusion of “Kou Kousaka” and the “Gleaming Greedy Dragon” through [Creation].

[Awakening] is already in a state of complete release, and my whole body is filled with power.

After blocking the heat rays of the dragon, I released my [Spatial Blocking].

Now, let’s counterattack.

I held out my left hand and spoke the words that popped into my head.

“Disappear in the brilliance of the stars. ──[Gleaming Dragon’s Breath].”

It was a skill that had just been created by [Awakening].

A crest combining circles and triangles appears, and a golden heat ray is emitted.

It engulfed the Demon God Dragon’s right head and right wing, vaporizing them in an instant.


The two remaining heads screamed. The huge body tilted and began to fall.

With my right hand, I pull out the Gram Origin from my [Item Box].

I told Iris and Leticia while levitating by manipulating the wind.

“You two come up behind me. I need you to follow me in case of an emergency.”

“I understand. …Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“But, if necessary, Kou-sama is always willing to sacrifice himself. I know that too well.”

Leticia puffed out her chest.

Good grief.

I’m no match for my sister.

I smiled and realized that my thoughts were gradually becoming mixed with those of the Greedy Dragon.

About 30 seconds had passed since we fused with [Creation].

I have to settle this quickly.

I quickly raised my altitude.

When I looked at the Demon God Dragon, I saw that it had just crashed into the ground at the end of its fall.

As for me, of course, I had no intention of slowing down my attack.


With a cracking spirit, I poured magic power into the sword.

A silvery light was released and became a huge blade.

I swoop down toward the Demon God Dragon, slamming down with a slash!


Of course, the dragon was not completely without resistance, and after giving top priority to regenerating its right wing, it immediately moved off from the ground.

The sword on its left arm was covered with flashes of light, and it charged at me.

Two huge blades of light collided head-on.

A dazzling brilliance bursts forth.

Twice, three times, four times…

The dragon and I slash at each other fiercely.


The head in the center roared and opened its mouth wide.

What surged up from the back of its throat was not a flash of purple electricity but a golden glow.

It seemed that it had learned the [Gleaming Dragon’s Breath] thanks to the [Causality Counterattack].


A heat ray was released.

I raised my left hand and activated my [Gleaming Dragon’s Breath].

A larger magic circle than before appeared, and a golden flash was shot out.

The heat rays collide head-on at close range.

The Demon God Dragon mimicked the attack it received by amplifying it through [Causality Counterattack].

If this was the case, then the Demon God Dragon should be the one to win this clash.

But I have [Awakening].

If the Demon God Dragon was going to counterattack as higher-level compatibility, then I could just become my own higher-level compatibility.


The heat rays emitted from the magic circle gain momentum.

It pushed back the heat rays of the Demon God Dragon and even pierced through the head at the center, annihilating it.


The remaining left and right heads that had just finished regenerating screamed simultaneously.

The movement of the Demon God Dragon slowed down.

I didn’t miss the opportunity and poured more magical power into Gram Origin.


With a single slash.

I slashed down the Demon God Dragon’s left arm along with the light blade extending from its elbow.

Using the return swing, I further cut off the left head.

Finally, in an attempt to cut off its right head──.


My vision went completely white. My whole body was in intense pain.

I coughed, and fresh blood spilled from the corner of my mouth.


This is not good.


The Greedy Dragon’s voice echoed in my mind.


The restraints of the [Awakening] were no longer working.

I guess my compatibility with the [Awakening] was too good.

But my physical body had not caught up with it.

At this rate, I will destroy myself before the time limit of five minutes.



While regenerating its body, the Demon God Dragon opened its right jaw and tried to spit out a heat ray.

I guess I should intercept it with my [Gleaming Dragon’s Breath] as well.

However, the intense pain was disrupting my consciousness, and I couldn’t even activate my ability.


Perhaps sensing my inability to act, Iris moved forward.

Holding up her Fimbul, she activated《Absolute Freeze EX》.

A blue flash of light gushes from the tip of the spear and strikes the right head of the Demon God Dragon, which was just about to release a heat ray.

For a moment, the right side of the head was frozen in ice, and the next moment, the energy of the heat ray exploded in its mouth.

With this, the Demon God Dragon lost all its heads, but the battle was not over yet.

Because even now, its body was continuing to regenerate at a furious pace.

I, on the other hand, was in great danger.

[Awakening] was now out of control, and my body is beginning to collapse from the inside due to the repercussions.

My wind control was disrupted, and my posture collapsed.

Just in time, someone supported me from behind.

At the edge of my blurred vision, I see long golden hair.

“Good gracious, you have always been reckless, haven’t you?”

Leticia sighed in exasperation.

At the same time, I felt something warm flowing into my body.

“I’ll use [Domination] to calm [Awakening]. Please accept it without rejection.”

Normally, [Transmigrator] would have been triggered here, and [Domination] would have been repelled.

The reason was that the Arrogant Dragon’s factor was “foreign” to Kou Kousaka.

But now I am mixed with the Greedy Dragon through [Creation].

I had no resistance to accepting my sister’s power.

“Take a deep breath in and out, with me… You’re good. Now breathe in and out again…”

I repeated the breath as I was told.

Each time I did this, the pain in my body eased, and the [Awakening] regained its composure.

“It seems to have stabilized.”

“I’m sorry. Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s for the sake of my precious brother.

Leticia smiled at me.

It was a soft expression that seemed to encompass others to no end.

I opened my [Item Box], feeling a warm sensation in my chest.

I took out a Heal Potion and drank it all at once.

My body, which had been battered and bruised by repeated [Awakening], immediately returned to its original state.

It’s a Heal Potion that even healed the wounds on the God of War.

My body could be healed in an instant.

When I turned my gaze back to the Demon God Dragon, I saw that there had been a major change in its appearance.

Its three heads had been reduced to one.

However, its size was more than three times larger than before.

It was as if the power that had been dispersed among the three heads had been combined into a single head.

Perhaps its strategy was to push through with its offensive power rather than with the number of moves it could make.

The dragon opened its mouth so large that it could have swallowed a small village whole and released a grotesque heat ray that was a mixture of gold, silver, and black and also covered with cold air.

It must have concentrated the power it had learned in the [Causality Counterattack].

It was a very reckless thing to do.

Iris and Leticia looked at me.

I gave a small nod and did nothing.

I knew there was no need to do anything.

A silver light flew from the direction of the royal capital, from behind us.

It struck the heat ray of the Demon God Dragon head-on, and after a violent spark, it was completely canceled out.

“──Kou-san! Iris-san! Leticia-san! Thank you for waiting!”

A voice was heard a little later. It was accompanied by a pleasantly lovely sound, like the tinkling of a bell.

Wings of light fluttered from above our heads, then disappeared in particles.

Before long, what landed in front of us was not an angel, but Lily, with pure white wings on her back.

Her entire body was enveloped in a faint silver glow, giving her a somewhat divine air.

“Lily-chan, that figure is…”

Lily nodded at Iris’s words.

“Yes. I have inherited the power of the God of War.”

Lily was carrying Yggdrasil’s bow in her right hand and the calamity-killer arrow in her left.

According to the [Foresight], it was originally necessary to offer Lily’s life in order to summon the calamity-killer arrow.

However, by inheriting the power of the God of War, that had probably been eliminated.

Just as the time with the White Dragon, the future had changed.

I was honestly happy about that.

“At last, the four of us are all here.”

Leticia seemed to feel the same way, and her voice was full of excitement.

“This is where the real work begins.”

“Yeah. Let’s decide at once.”

We looked at each other and nodded to each other.

The time limit that the Greedy Dragon had given me had less than a hundred seconds, but it was enough for me to decide the outcome.


The Demon God Dragon roared again, spitting out a torrent of heat rays.

“──Let’s go!”

Lily declared in a voice more dignified than ever and raised the calamity-killer arrow in her left hand.

She then set it on Yggdrasil’s bow and fired it…!

The arrow was clothed in a shimmering brilliance and became a silver meteor.

The meteor dispersed the heat rays approaching and headed straight for the dragon, piercing its wide-open jaws.

A moment of silence.

A light like a supernova explosion exploded at the back of the dragon’s throat.


A scream echoed through the air.


If I were to put it in the [Full assist] style, I would be saying something like this.

──The [Causality Counterattack] of the Demon God Dragon has been nullified by the calamity-killer arrow.

Oops, it looks like its regenerative ability was also stopped.


The Demon God Dragon writhed in pain and flapped its left and right wings furiously.

It rushed toward us at a furious pace.

It was like a suicide attack.

“It’s no use!”

Iris raised her Fimbul and activated the《True Dragon God Barrier EX》.

The barriers deployed were not simply for defense.

It surrounded the dragon from all sides and restrained it so that it could not move.

“Kou, take care of the rest!”

“──Leave it to me!”

I pull out Gram Imitate from my [Item Box] with my left hand.

“Nee-san, can you pour some magic power into my sword?”


Leticia rolled her eyes for a moment, perhaps not expecting me to call her ‘Nee-san.’

But she quickly regained her composure and put her hands on Gram Imitate’s blade.

“If it’s my brother’s request, I have no choice but to give it my all. I will go all out.”

Immediately, the sword is enveloped in a comet-like blue glow.

On the other hand, I was pouring my magic power into Gram Origin in my right hand.


The preparation for the divine technique was ready.

The principle was the same as “Lævateinn” using the power of the Black Dragon.

A special blow using the power of my sister and me.

The name is──.


How about “Ragnarok”?

It’s going to kill a Demon God Dragon, so it’s perfect, right?



I nodded to the Greedy Dragon’s voice, manipulating the wind to raise my altitude at once.

I activate [Awakening] for a few seconds and create a new skill as a derivative of [Spatial Manipulation].

[Forced Transition].

This is the power to shift an enemy within view to any location.

If I attack with all my might, I might engulf the royal capital.

I concentrate on my consciousness.

The space distorted around the Demon God Dragon and the entire barrier that restrained its body was warped far into the sky.


I raise my left and right swords, crossing them.

“Light of the end, eat the god and bring about a new dawn. ──Ragnarok.”


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As I uttered the incantation that floated in my chest, Gram Origin emitted a golden flash, and Gram Imitate a blue flash.

Controlling the two raging forces, I swung my sword down with all my might.


The two lights, gold and blue spiraled and merged into one, becoming polar light and engulfing the Demon God Dragon.

Each barrier restraining it burned through its huge body.


A desperate scream rang out.

The roar echoed with an explosion so loud that one would have thought the sky would crack.

The Demon God Dragon disappeared without a trace and would never return.


I won──no, that’s not it.


We won.


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