I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 11 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – False God


As soon as Gwen-san sensed the invasion of the false god, he immediately snapped his fingers, and we returned to that simple city.


“Oh no!”

To our surprise, the place was already in a state of destruction.

As we stared at the scene in dismay, we saw two rapidly approaching presences.

When I turned my gaze in the direction of the presence, I saw Lanael-san and a strange monster violently colliding with each other there.



Lanael-san noticed us and took advantage of an opening by the monster to deliver a powerful kick, then quickly flew down to us from a distance.

“Everyone, your return means…”

“Affirmative. We’ve got the divine authority without problems.”

(More importantly, what on earth is that thing?)

Master Usagi was staring sharply at the figure of the monster that was kicked away by Lanael-san just now.

With six sharp limbs like a praying mantis’s sickle, its round, octopus-like body was covered with various kinds of eyes.

When we were startled by its eerie appearance, Gwen-san told us.

“That’s the False God’s Sentinel… the False Soldier.”

“The False Soldier…”

“Lanael! Is it the only one here?”

“N-no! There are other false soldiers and us apostles right there. And Dea-sama and the others are fighting with the false god!”

The moment Lanael-san reported this, a tremendous explosion sounded in a distant direction.

The shockwave reached here, and I was almost blown away.

“Kuh! Lanael! You and your fellows deal with the false soldiers! Yuuya and the others, follow me!”

Gwen-san snapped his fingers again as he gave the order.

At that moment, our view switched to the fierce battlefield.

“W-what is this…”

──There was, indeed, a hellscape.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah! H-help──!”

“I-I don’t want to disappear! I don’t──”

The apostles were hit by tremendous shockwaves one after another, and when the haze disappeared, even the apostles’ figures were cleanly obliterated.

And then, the entity that was probably the source of the shockwave was sitting right in front of us.

“That is the false god…!”

It was a faceless, gigantic god.

It was a translucent humanoid figure walking leisurely through the city of observers.

The place where the false god passed through was empty as if everything had vanished into emptiness.

The ground, the sky, everything was being transformed into a dark void.

If such a being were to descend upon another world, that world would easily be destroyed.

While we were stunned by the tremendous size of this being, there was a person who was trying his best to attack the false god.


“Ugh! Gwen! You made it in time!”

Dea-san gave instructions to the other observers, and while moving at high speed, she fired her divine authority from all directions and attacked the false god.





At that moment, the faceless god howled.

At that moment, a tremendous shockwave hit us!

“Kuh! [Heavenly Saint Slash]!”

([Piercing Leg]!)

[Destroyer Magic]!”

Iris-san and the others immediately reacted, and while activating their newly acquired divine authority with all their strength, they unleashed their skills at the incoming shockwave.

Iris-san and the others’ skills reached the shockwave, but after a brief struggle, they were blown away by the shockwave.


Iris-san and the others were stunned to see their full power of the skill being blown away, but the shockwave that reached us was weakened by the three’s attack, and all of us managed to hold our ground.

“Wait a minute! How are we supposed to defeat such a thing!”

“Unknown. It’s too big!”

Yuti was right; this false god was too huge.

It was far bigger than Ouma-san, who could transform into a giant.

“Hou? Is it bigger than me?”

Ouma-san seemed to be bothered by the size of the false god, and as if to compete with it, he turned into a giant and unleashed a super-sized breath without hesitation.

The breath engulfed the surrounding false soldiers and crushed them all at once.


“Hmph. It’s nothing compared to what I’m used to.”

However, it did not seem to have any effect on the main false god, and despite Ouma-san’s powerful breath, it did not seem to have done any damage.

“Tsk… this divine authority thing is a pain in the ass to deal with…”

The earlier breath was apparently an attack mixed with divine authority as well, which was probably why the false soldiers were crushed. I mean, Ouma-san, you really could use divine authority…

While I was thinking about that, despite the situation, Dea-san flew to us.

“Everyone! Since you have gathered like this, it seems that you have successfully mastered the divine authority.”


“That’s good to hear. The only thing is, as you can see, it’s huge. I didn’t expect such a thing to attack our base out of the blue…”

“We can’t observe their movements, so there is nothing we can do about it.”

Gwen-san replied to Dea-san, who muttered in frustration.

“Um, that is the false god, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That guy is definitely the main body of the false god.”

“Does it have an ego?”

In my eyes right now, the false god is nothing more than a killing machine that does its utmost to destroy.

“Well, as a matter of fact, we don’t really know much about the false god either.”

“You don’t know?”

“After all, they suddenly arise from emptiness and try to destroy us as if their sole mission is to destroy us.”

W-what is this terrifying existence…?

In fact, although observers and apostles were fighting frantically ahead of us, the false god continued to march forward without paying any attention to us at all.

“So you don’t even know how to defeat it?”

“No, the only thing we do know is that the divine authority that you all have mastered will be effective. That is all.”

“Then you don’t know if you can defeat it…”

While everyone’s faces were clouded by the thought of dealing with such a messed-up entity, Dea-san shook her head.

“No. I am sure we can defeat it.”


“There is no such thing as a perfect being in this world. In fact, even we, the observers, are about to be destroyed by that false god… so it also should not be impossible to destroy the false god.”

“The woman there is right; we can defeat it if we want to.”

Ouma-san, who had been releasing his breath while listening in to our conversation, called out to me that way.

“Ouma-san! What do you mean by that…”

“That thing is covered by a mysterious barrier, but there is a huge mass of power in its chest area. Perhaps that is its heart.”

“H-how do you know that?”

When Dea-san asked Ouma-san, who had easily discerned what even Dea-san and her fellows had not been able to discern, Ouma-san smiled at her.

“Even the sage would see it right away. If that is the case, there is no reason why I should not be able to see it.”

Ze-Zenovis-san might be able to see through it in an instant…

“I-if what Ouma-san said is true; then we should attack the mass of power at its heart.”

“Question. But how? At that size, our attack would be insignificant.”

“Ugh… T-that’s true too…”

“That’s exactly what we could do with the help of the Genesis Dragon.”

Iris-san said so, but Ouma-san had a bitter look on his face.

“If I could do that, I would have no trouble at all, but… it seems that I have incurred its wrath. I’ll act as bait for a while, and you guys can handle it in the meantime.”

“Eh, wait!”

Ouma-san told us that much and then took off into the sky with a mighty leap.

At the same time, the false god roared again, and a shockwave hit Ouma-san.

Moreover, from the shockwave, countless new false soldiers were created and approached Ouma-san like ants swarming for food.

However, Ouma-san managed to avoid these attacks and fought back against the false god.

“We can’t just sit back and watch…! We have to attack too…!”

(Do you observers have enough power to blow away the mass of power that the Genesis Dragon was talking about?)

“No… unfortunately, the false soldiers can be dealt with by us without any problem, but we don’t have enough power to counter that gigantic false god.”

“W-well then, can’t we get bigger with the divine authority? If we could become giants too, we would be able to fight on equal terms with the false god.”

Odis-san immediately suggested, but Gwen-san and the others shook their heads.

“It’s no use. It can only be damaged by attacks that combine divine authority, but if we strengthen ourselves with divine authority, it will somehow become more powerful, as if it’s a response to that divine authority. If we were to grow to the same size as it, it would also become that much more powerful.”

“No way…”

So, the only one who can deal with the false god is Ouma-san. But Ouma-san has been the target of the false god and continues to receive waves of attacks.

How in the world can we deal with such a situation?

If it is Sage-san…


The moment I thought about it, I remembered something.

“Yes… there is that!”

I remembered something. Something I had inherited from Sage-san.

It was the silver-white giant that fought the Dragoon, the mothership of the Dragonias, during the Space War.

I turn my attention to the bracelet.

Please… lend me your strength…!


“──Confirming contractor’s intention. Activate immediately.”




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The moment an intense light covered the surroundings, a huge white and silver knight stood in front of us.

Seeing this figure, Dea-san and the observers were appalled, but Odis-san and the others who had also fought in space nodded their heads.

“I see! That golem is the legacy of the sage! It was not made gigantic by divine authority!”

“A-are you saying that this was created by the sage?”

“W-what in the world is the sage exactly…?”

Even the observers, Dea-san and others, did not seem to be able to keep up with Zenovis-san’s thought process and power of action.

“With this, I will slay the false god. Therefore, I ask all of you to deal with the false soldiers!”

I told everyone, and the next moment, I was moving to the maneuvering space inside the golem.

“Now… this is the second time, but… how long do you think I can last this time…?”

“Same as last time, three minutes is the limit of activity.”

“Short as usual, huh?”

Rather, it’s probably inevitable since my magic power hasn’t increased. With such light talk, I made the [Omni-Sword] appear in my right hand.

“Now… let’s go!”

I ran toward the false god, and Iris-san and the others began to move along with me.


“We’ve become stronger too!”

Iris-san held her sword in the upper position to unleash her usual [Heavenly Saint Slash].

However, the power that the sword was clad in was not only the power of the Holy.

“This is the new power that I have──!”

The aura of the Holy and the aura of the divine authority spiral around the sword. The two combined auras extended high into the sky, and Iris-san swung it down at once.


[Sacred Slash]!”


An overwhelming torrent of power was released toward the group of false soldiers.

However, since there were apostles such as Lanael-san among the group of false soldiers, they would have been engulfed by an ordinary attack.

However, since there was a mixture of Holy power as well as divine authority, the attack did not cause any damage to the apostles, observers, or other allies and precisely exterminated only the group of false soldiers.

Furthermore, the attack reached the main body of the false god, and the false god that was chasing Ouma-san was slightly shaken.

Perhaps because of such a powerful attack, the false god also turned its attention to Iris-san.

(Iris is not the only one who has become stronger.)

Then, Master Usagi followed Iris-san and jumped out at once into the fierce battle area where the false soldiers were densely concentrated.

There, Master Usagi, with his legs and ears clothed in Holy aura and divine authority, reaped the false soldiers.


([Divine Leg]!)


Master Usagi distracted the false soldiers by using his divine power to move instantaneously and kicked them down one after another.

Finally, he reached right in front of the main body of the false god.

(I know it won’t work, but it would be good to give it a try.)

Saying this, Master Usagi smiled ferociously, which is unbecoming of a herbivore, and then he unleashed a kick with his Holy and divine authority aura concentrated in a single point, right at the body of the false god.


([Divine Flash Leg]!)


The aura, which was like a laser, did inflict damage on the body of the false god. However, even so, it only distracted the false god and did not inflict any major wounds.

(Hmph. It’s always troublesome when dealing with such a big figure.)


“Then, me too…!”

Odis-san then produced a mass of extremely compressed magic power, which he had also used in the battle against the Dragonia aliens.

“If I add my divine authority to this [Destroyer Magic]…!”

A rainbow aura enveloped the jet-black sphere of magic power, and it flew to the point where the false soldiers were most concentrated.



“Blast them all!”


At that moment, a huge explosion erupted.

The three powers of magic, Holy power, and divine authority were released all at once, wiping out the surrounding false soldiers.

“Kuh… As I thought, one strike is my limit.”

The only thing is, because of the excessive use of powerful magic power, Odis-san looked sluggish.


“Question. Night, can you be as big as you were during the space war?”


“Roger that. Then we’ll all do our best. Ciel!”


As Yuti called out, Ciel’s blue flame enveloped Yuti and Night’s bodies.

The blue flames were also mixed with the rainbow’s aura.

“Next. Akatsuki!”


Akatsuki transformed into a giant on the spot and became about the same size as Ouma-san. But Akatsuki had no means of attack, so he concentrated on healing his surroundings.

“Buhi, buhi!”

When Akatsuki shouted powerfully, the [Sanctuary] skill was activated in the entire surrounding area.

The skill healed the wounds and restored the energy of the apostles, who had been nearly extinguished in the battle against the false soldiers, and it even granted them the ability to be Holy just like a holy beast to the surrounding area.

And then──.

“Satisfied. Then, Night, let’s go.”


The blue flame from Ciel and Akatsuki’s Holy power also joined forces to annihilate the false soldiers one after the other.

Among the false soldiers, some of them were quite huge, although not as big as the false god.

But even against such an enemy, Night did not take a single step back.

“Grrr… Gaaaah!”

By using his divine authority, he jumped into the false soldier’s chest and sliced through them entirely with his fangs and claws.

Yet, Night, who charged in alone, was a good target for the false soldiers, and they took this opportunity to swarm him at once.

However, the false soldiers were also a good target for one girl.


“Aim. Shoot them all at once!”


Yuti quietly looked at the false soldiers who were swarming around Night and released an arrow that she drew.


[Divine Rain].”


It was like a rain of blessings pouring down from the heavens.

Countless arrows, strengthened by Yuti’s divine authority, shot precisely through the heads of the false soldiers.

As the false soldiers fell one after another, Yuti nodded her head.

“Done. Now no one will get in Yuuya’s way.”


“Ha-hahaha… everyone is getting so much stronger…”

The false god was also wary of me because I had summoned a huge golem, a legacy of Sage-san.

At this point, the main target of the false god was Ouma-san, but it was also trying to deal with this huge golem as soon as possible by sending large-sized false soldiers toward me.

I was heading toward the false god while cutting them down, but everyone else defeated the false soldiers who stood in my path.


“I’ll decide the rest… in one fell swoop!”


I, who activated my divine authority in this instant when the false soldiers were gone and moved close to the false god.

Then, as expected, the huge existence ignored Ouma-san and changed its attack target to me, probably because of my sudden intrusion into its proximity.





A translucent shockwave erupted from the body of the false god and attacked me.

If I take this in stride, even if it is this golem, I don’t know what will happen.

That’s why…


[Magic Armor], [Holy King Authority], [Holy Evil Creation], and the divine authority.

I used all the power I could muster right now to strengthen the golem.

And then, a flash.


“There is nothing that can’t be cut…”


The two had been fighting so fiercely, but now silence reigned around them.




A line ran through the body of the false god.

With that line as the center, one half of the false god’s body shifted and fell away and then disappeared just like sand. The other half of the body, which was left behind, also disintegrated into particles, as if melting into the atmosphere.

As soon as the false god disappeared, the remaining false soldiers disappeared in the same way.

This was the very meaning of our victory.


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