Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 2 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Shopping and Danger


I wondered what I was going to do today… Oh yeah, that’s right. I was going to go to church and then go shopping, right? I also have to report to the merchant guild. It’s going to be pretty busy. First, let’s have breakfast and get moving.

I heard that there are not enough boats to go to the southeast island, and if I go to the guild first, I might be suddenly assigned to a job. First, the church, then shopping, then the merchant guild.

I ate breakfast and headed to the church. It’s a little early for prayer, but I hope it’s okay. Oh, there is a priest cleaning in front of the church. Let’s ask him.

“Good morning. I’m sorry it’s so early in the morning, but is it okay if I pray?”

“Good morning. Yes, it’s fine.”

Thank God I didn’t have to do it twice. I bowed to the priest, entered the church, got down on both knees in front of the statue of the creator god, and prayed. I report on what has happened recently, including my arrival in the southern city, the level of my ship summoning, and my new job.

I didn’t get called to the divine realm after I finished praying. I give the priest an offering of one silver coin and leave the church. The fact that I wasn’t called means that, for now, they aren’t dissatisfied with my behavior enough to call me to the divine realm, right? …I don’t know what the gods think, but let’s assume that’s the case. It’s easier mentally that way.

Next, I need to go shopping. I bought eight wooden boxes, a plate, a spoon, a cup, and six blankets at the tool shop for one silver and 60 copper coins. I want to get some food, too, but my luggage is getting too much. Shall I carry them to the Japanese-style ship first?

It took two round trips to carry eight wooden boxes. I wanted to use the storage ship on the way, but I couldn’t find an inconspicuous place. It’s inconvenient that I can’t summon a ship freely at a time like this.

I lined up six wooden boxes on the Japanese-style boat as chairs and put blankets inside. In the remaining two, I put an iron pot, a blanket for myself, and dishes.

I would buy bread, flour, and vegetables that would go well with the pot… The meat might go bad if I don’t use the ship summoning. Or I could buy more dried meat. That’s it; there’s no broth. Oh, there are dried mushrooms. Also… what about bird bones? I wonder if those would go bad too. I’ll go to the butcher and buy some dried meat and ask if they can share the bird bones.

“Bird bones? I don’t mind since I will just throw them away, but what are you going to use them for?”

“Where I come from, we used to slow-cook the bird bones to get the broth. I don’t have that bird here, but I want to see if I can make a similar soup.”

“You can take it if that’s what you want. Let me know if you succeed, and I’ll give it a try.”

The butcher’s uncle also seemed interested. Apparently, chicken broth is not available in the southern city.

“Yes, but it’s an amateur attempt, so don’t get your hopes up.”

I don’t even know if I’ll be able to finish it, but I don’t want to get his expectations too high, so I’ll lower the bar. Well, I guess the uncle is only half joking. Now I’ve bought almost everything I need, right? I spent one silver coin on vegetables and dried meat. But I was lucky to get the bird bones for free.

I remember I had to wash and boil the bird bones. I vaguely remember seeing it in the golden legend*, but I can’t remember. At any rate, I should cook them so that they don’t rot. [T/n: Probably a Japanese TV show?]

I returned to the boat, made charcoal, and filled the pot with water. The water comes to a boil… and I put the washed bird bones into the pot. There are some pieces of meat floating in the water. Maybe I should boil them and then wash them? I discard the hot water, add water, and wash the chicken bones clean.

Oh, I thought I was supposed to crush the bones to make it easier for the flavor to come out. And I think they also added leeks? I couldn’t find leeks at the market, so I decided to make it without them this time.

I filled the pot with clean water again, added the crushed bird bones, and put it over the coals. I remember that you are not supposed to bring the water to a boil. Slowly simmer it. No, I don’t want to stew it here. I have to stew it on the island because I’m also killing time on the island…

I put out the fire and put the pot and vegetables in the wooden box. Now, let’s head to the merchant guild. I hope Camille-san is there.

I arrived at the guild and looked around the reception counter. Oh, Camille-san is there. Let’s report it right away.

“Hello, Camille-san. I made it to the island safely.”

I reported to Camille-san with a big smile on my face. Was I showing a little too much joy? 

“Well! Is that true, Wataru-san? No, excuse me, could you please come to the other room?”

Huh? After being surprised, Camille-san’s expression turned serious.

“Um, another room? I don’t mind, but why?”

“I’ll tell you that in another room, too.”

Did I do something wrong? I hope it won’t be troublesome. When I look forward, I see Camille-san walking. She has a fox’s tail, too. I want to stroke it.

“Wataru-san, did you tell anyone that you made it to the island?”

“No, I didn’t tell anyone. Oh, but I met Guido-san on the island, so he knows about it.”

“I see. If it’s Guido-san, then it’s all right.”

What’s all right?

“Um, did I do something wrong?”

“No, it would be very helpful if more boats could reach the island. However, many of the medicinal herbs and materials on the island are very valuable, and there are many people who want to take that route. And among them are people who don’t hesitate to resort to illegal means.”

…To sum up what she just said, huh? Am I being targeted?

“Whoa, what should I do? Should I run away to another town or something?”

That’s serious trouble. Did I get carried away thinking I could make big money? If I weren’t on the boat, I’d be hunted down in no time.

“Going to another town is an option. However, as a merchant guild, we would really like those who can reach the island to be active in the southern city. Excuse me, but what about your combat skills, Wataru-san?”

“Haha, I’d say goblins are the best I can do.”

If I could afford to use the ship summoning, it would be a different story. However, if someone suddenly kidnapped me in the city, I would not be able to handle it.

“I’m extremely sorry, but would it be possible for you to give us Wataru-san’s magic boat if we pay you the difference in price and a replacement magic boat from the merchant guild?”

“I understand that it would be safer to do so. But I am the only one who can handle that ship.”

“Does it even have user’s rights? She must be a really nice boat. In that case, it is really dangerous unless you hire an escort or leave the city.”

“An escort…?”

An escort means that there is always someone by my side, right? It would be quite a hassle to use the ship summoning as well. What to do? …When I think about it, the fact that I will be targeted is very obvious because I will be able to make a lot of money. There must be a lot of people who want it.

“Um, what about the other four boats?”

“The other four? Three of them hired guards in the beginning, and after they had saved up enough money, they bought strong slaves to protect themselves. The other one is a high-ranked adventurer, so no one seems to have meddled with him.

I guess that means I have to have a way to protect myself. Hmm, I can’t afford to buy a luxury liner if I don’t earn money. This job definitely pays well, so I should hold out and earn until I can hire an escort and buy the next ship.

I’m very interested in slaves, but I don’t think I have the funds right now anyway. It seems like the shortest way to a luxury cruise ship is to have an escort protect me, earn money, buy a bigger ship, and try the pepper trade.

“Umm, I need to hire an escort to earn money, but how do I hire an escort?”

First of all, I don’t know from there. It’s a long road ahead.

“Well, it’s not easy to hire a reliable escort, but since you are the one who can reach the island, I’m sure if you talk to the guild master, he will introduce you to a reliable escort.”

“May I ask?”

A guild master’s introduction, huh? That sounds like a good idea. It would be a lot better than searching for one myself.

“Yes, I will need a few minutes of your time.”

“Yes, please.”

I know it’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s troublesome. Well, I just have to be patient until I can save up the money. Until then, I’ll give up and work hard to earn money. After I buy a luxury cruise ship, I want to relax.

While I was thinking, the door suddenly opened, and a cheerful old man entered. I guess this pattern is the appearance of the guild master.

“So you’re Wataru; I see you’ve got a nice boat.”

“Guildmaster, please wait. I’m sorry, Wataru-san.”

Camille-san rushes in. I knew it was the guild master.

“I’m Wataru. Please take good care of me.”

“I’ve heard about you. I’ll find you a good escort. Would you prefer a girl?”

“I’m a man myself, so I’d prefer a woman, but since my life may be on the line, I’d prefer someone competent.”

‘Yes, because there is nothing you can do if you are dead.”

“For the time being. The guild is a great place to stay today for your safety. Tomorrow, you will take the island request and go to the island for a while, and we will provide you with an escort.”

“Excuse me for asking, but are the adventurers going to the island safe?”

“The adventurers who go to the island are restricted to those of high rank and trustworthiness, and we will not accept any underhanded requests. Moreover, if they find out, they will not be able to accept the lucrative requests on the island. Neither do I know how much they would be willing to pay to take on such a lucrative request.”

I see. So there’s no need to go to the trouble of picking a fight with the guild and crossing a dangerous bridge when the island exploration is profitable.

“I understand. I look forward to working with you.”

“Well, goodbye.”

He just said what he wanted to say and left. He is a guild master; of course, he is busy.

“Let me show you to your room.”

“Yes, please.”

Camille-san showed me to the room where I would be staying today. The situation was very different from what I had thought until this morning.

“Please use this room. Is there anything you need?”

“May I ask you something?”

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“Are you going to find the adventurers who are going to the island now? Are they people you trust?”

“Yes, I think we will find them. Since it is irregular as to when the ship will return, those who wish to go to the island can apply to the adventurer’s guild so that they can be contacted.”

“I see. Thank you very much. Also, what time do I have to leave tomorrow?”

“I apologize for not explaining it properly. The earlier you arrive on the island, the easier it is to move around, so it is normal to leave at 6:00 a.m. Please be ready according to that time.”

“I understand. Also, I’m staying at the Black-tailed Gulls Inn. Could you please leave a message that I won’t be back for a while?”

I didn’t tell them anything because I didn’t expect this to happen out of the blue.

“Very well. Do you have any food on the island? It’s an emergency, and we can provide it for you…”

“I have some food, but I’m not sure if it will be enough.”

“I will prepare it and give it to you tomorrow morning.”

“I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much.”

“No, please call me if you need anything else.”

Well, that’s quite a mess. Tomorrow I’ll be on an island, huh? I thought about the possibility of a sudden request, but I didn’t think about the threat to my life.

It can’t be helped if this happens. If things get dangerous, I’ll run away. Until then, I’ll make as much money as I can. For now, I had nothing to do, so I practiced daily life magic… Ah, what should I do for dinner? I want hot water, too.

“Wataru-san, I brought you some food. Would you like to eat it?”

“Thank you very much. I was wondering what to do with it, so it will be very helpful.”

Oh, I haven’t told her yet, but she brought it to me. As expected of Camille-san.

“Is there anything else you need?”

“I’d like to wipe myself up after dinner, so I’d like to have some hot water.”

“Yes, of course. I will bring it to you when you finish your meal.”

“Thank you.”

In a sense, I was being served. It would be nice if my life weren’t targeted.


Balance: 1 gold coin, 47 silver coins, 80 copper coins


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