I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140 – Snowfall


Dinner at the “Wolf’s Tail Pavilion” was charged separately, but it was more than enough for the two of us for three silver coins. I don’t understand the monetary value of this world well enough to boast about such things, but… at any rate, it is clear that Myrril-san’s nose was caught in the right spot.

The women of Casemaian are also very skilled cooks, but the landlady of the Wolf’s Tail Pavilion is certainly not inferior to them.

The first dish was a soup of rich fish stock, beans, and fermented seasonings. The bread is a hard, sour black bread, almost like a thinly baked cracker, but it goes very well with the rich dish.

The main course was a roast of some kind of chicken-sized wild bird with stuffing in its belly. Even though it was winter, it was colorfully garnished with vegetables, mainly root vegetables, and the flavor of the meat that soaked through was concentrated in the barley? Rice? The granular-like grains were extremely delicious.

Myrril and I devoured the whole bird together.

The last was a dessert of fruit soaked in honey. The fruit seemed to have been slightly frozen, which gave it a wonderfully crunchy texture and flavor. Combined with a refreshing herbal tea, it was a perfect match and very satisfying.

“With a dish this good, it might be a good idea to have a large portion made and stored away.”

“Umu. This is the guidance of the wolf’s tail. I think we should make this our regular lodging.”

We were told that there was ale and wine available, but we decided not to drink them because of what was to come.

The landlady seemed to misunderstand that it was something romantic, but I responded with a smile, not denying anything in particular.


◇ ◇


When I woke up after a light nap, it was quiet outside. My sense is that it was about 2:00 am. It was pitch black with no streetlights or moonlight, but I could tell that it was snowing.

I put on my winter coat and checked my gear, leaned out the window, closed it quietly, and teleported down to the ground since the landlady would know if we left through the front door.

“I wonder how much commotion there will be when this is all over.”

“After all, will there be? I was going to go on as if nothing had happened.”

“No, you can’t do that. At least Tig, Louie, and the receptionist, Hal-san, are totally aware of it.”

“…Yes, that’s true. I guess it’s too late to do anything about it now.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure out the rest later. It’s not like I’m going to live here forever.”



Before I knew it, Moff was behind me. He had escaped once before lunchtime, so this time, I double-checked the locks, but how did he get out of the stables?

“Hmm, that’s typical of monsters…”

“Thanks, Moff. I was wondering what to do since it’s a little hard to move around.”


With Moff wagging his tail and looking happy, I put Myrril-san on his back, and we moved near the east gate of the town. I was thinking of buying a snowmobile for the trip, but this one is quiet, fast, smart, fluffy, and definitely better.

I don’t think Simon’s would even sell snowmobiles in the first place.


Myrril stepped down from Moff and pointed to a light in front of us.

There are torches and guards at the gate, but they don’t come out into the snow. It is only natural since no one comes in or out of the city unless the gates are opened.

“Let’s go then, Moff too.”


With a short teleport, we jumped to the top of the city walls and then long-distance teleported to the east direction of the town. The guards didn’t seem to notice.

It’s a useful skill, but I can only fly in a straight line within my field of vision to a visible position. I can’t teleport through windows, walls, and other obstacles.

Which means… That’s it.

“It seems difficult to teleport within the tunnels, doesn’t it?”

“That’s true. I mean, Myrril-san, you really can read my mind so easily, can’t you?”

“Umu, it’s written on your face.”

Based on the information we had received from the adventurer party “Battlecry” in Sarz, we continued onward through the snow. Our destination was the remains of a mine ten miles east of the town.

“I heard that the steep cliffs and piles of steel slag are the landmarks, but I wonder if they are buried under this snow?”

It had been about an hour since (Myrril-san) had been swaying on the back of Moff, who continued to walk without any hesitation. The snowfall was intensifying and blocking our vision, but then we saw something that seemed suspicious.

No, it didn’t come into my field of vision.

“I can see a bonfire. Look, it’s about half a mile away.”

“…No, I can’t see it. Are there any guards?”

“There are two. They are so well dressed that I can’t tell, but their physique is that of dwarves, at least according to their size.”

I’ll get out my secret weapon. It was the last resort because I was worried about the battery, but the visibility was so bad that it couldn’t be helped.

“…What is that? Is that a bug costume?”

“What kind of curse is that in this situation? No, it’s not. This is a pair of night vision goggles, a machine that allows you to see in the dark. Do you want to use it, too, Myr?”

“Of course. Since it is a matching pair.”

The goggles are helmet-mounted, which is probably necessary for head protection if we are going to go into the mines, and can be lifted up on the forehead when not in use. According to Simon, it was made in France, which has an established reputation in the European military.

I showed Myrril how to operate the device and let her try it out. When you face it, it looks like a monocular, which is a little scary.

“It looks good, but why is it green?”

“Just think of it that way. I don’t know the details either.”

After approaching a distance of a quarter of a mile (400 meters), I was finally able to see the enemy. The snow may have suppressed any sound or sign of the enemy, but they didn’t seem to notice us even when we got as close as 200 meters.

I stopped Myrril-san, who was about to release the UZI and used the MAC10 with a sound reduction device to kill the enemy.



I store the fallen corpse of the guard with all their equipment. We move toward the tunnel.

Moff doesn’t want to go in, so he sits at the entrance and wags his tail. It seems he will stay here to watch over us. He’s a smart guy, isn’t he?

“Oh, I almost forgot.”

“Trying out the Alaskan? No problem, the target is easy to find.”

Well, that’s true, of course.

I thought the same thing before with the tank gun, but isn’t that not a test firing but a “live performance”?


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