Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 2 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Bath and Karaage


Unlike yesterday, I woke up refreshed. Just being able to sleep peacefully makes a big difference. Besides, just the thought of taking a bath today is enough to motivate me. I quickly finish breakfast and start setting up the bathtub.

I carried the bathtub into the tent and set it up. The tent has a tarp-like monster leather covering the entire raft to prevent water from getting in, but for this raft, I should only put it over the area where I will rinse the body. Now the water should flow into the ocean on its own.

Hang a lantern in the center of the tent, put a basket for changing clothes, and prepare a pot, charcoal, and firewood for burning stones outside the tent. This completes the bathroom.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it looks pretty good. I’ll take a bath in the evening, and after training, I’ll go looking for stones and slime for the burning stones.

I pick up a lot of round stones, about the size of two fists, and return to the bath raft with blue slime and green slime. Wash the stones I picked up with a water well to remove any dirt. I’m kind of enjoying this situation where the preparations are progressing so steadily.

My current situation is probably the same as camping. …Huh? I have tons of supplies and a lot of tools because of the ship summoning… Maybe it’s a warmer environment than camping. …Yeah, that’s why it’s fun, right? Yep, that’s fine then. Let’s enjoy what I have now.

Put the charcoal in a big pot of ashes and build a fire, and when it’s hot enough, add more wood and put the stones in an iron basket net on top of the intense flame. More and more wood is added to make the stones hotter and hotter.

Whew, next, I guess I’ll fill the bathtub with water using the daily life magic. It is quite laborious to fill the bathtub with water. After repeatedly filling the bathtub with water, the bathtub finally has enough water.

Next, it’s time to put in the burning stone. With iron tongs, I carefully pick up the burned stone and throw it into the bath. A loud noise and steam rise. I think it is going quite well.

I put in the burning stone while checking the temperature. Is this about right? I gently put my hand in the bath. Oh, the water is nice. The bath is successfully heated… but I feel that the efficiency is not so good.

I think it would be faster to put the burning stone in a pot and boil the water, leaving the burning stone as an auxiliary. Next time, let’s try burning the stones while boiling the water and then try to make a bath. This is a subject for the future, but for now, let’s enjoy a bath after a long time.

I took a hot bath and soaked myself in hot water while making an “Aaah” sound like an old man. The tent is open, and I can see the sunset-tinted sea in front of me. It is a blissful moment.

After taking a long hot bath, I wash my body. It is definitely more refreshing than wiping with hot water. I soak in hot water again and go up after enjoying the bath after a long time.

Well, the bath feels good, but if I put on my clothes right away, the water will cling to them. I want a jinbei or yukata.

After draining the water and putting out the fire, I returned to the tent raft. There is a pleasant sense of fulfillment in the success of the bath. Now, let’s have a leisurely dinner and play with slime.

There was plenty of room to play with the slime in the spacious tent raft. I enjoy my time with the slime as much as I can, chasing after it, pulling it around, feeding it dried meat, and so on.

…Well, I played with slime a lot, but I didn’t get the tame skill. Can’t I just keep playing with them? But I can’t think of any other way. Anyway, I should try to get to know them better.

It’s time to send the slime back to the forest and go to bed. I’ve had a lot of fun, and my body is refreshed from the bath, so I think I’ll have a good dream.




Waking up refreshed. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but my body feels light. Maybe it’s the effect of taking a bath?

I eat breakfast, do some training, and then make vegetable soup. Alessia-san and the others are scheduled to come back today, so I should prepare dinner and bathe early.

I wash the bathtub and boil water in a pot while burning stones. After preparing dinner, I went looking for slime… When I reached the beach, I found a green slime and a blue slime quickly, so I quickly took them back to my tent.

I feel like I’m getting used to finding and securing slimes. Rather than taming skills, I feel like if I had skills like slime detection, I’d be able to get them soon.

While I’m having fun feeding them dried meat and rubbing them, I hear a voice calling me. It seems that Alessia-san and the others have returned.

“Welcome back. Are you hurt?”

“I’m back, Wataru-san. Everyone is fine, with no injuries. Oh, yes, this is a souvenir. It’s delicious bird meat.”

They handed me a piece of bird wrapped in a leaf. It looks like the meat has been cut up into pieces. I’m glad they didn’t give it to me as a whole bird because I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

“Thank you very much.”

After receiving the gifts, I bring Alessia-san and the others on board the Japanese-style boat, return to the tent raft, and offer them hand towels and tea.

“The hand towels are very comfortable, aren’t they?”

After everyone had settled down with a cup of tea, I was about to talk about the bath when Alessia-san spoke up with a sense of satisfaction. I guess she beat me to it.

“Wataru-san, I’d like to wipe myself off.”

“Oh, please wait a minute, Alessia-san. Can you try the bath before wiping yourself off?”

“A bath? Do you mean the bath that people say is in the mansions of aristocrats and wealthy merchants?”

Even Alessia-san’s level is not familiar with baths. So would that mean that Alessia-san and the others are having their first experience with baths? That’s interesting.

“Yes, that’s right. I made a bath for everyone.”

I might be looking a little proud. Oh no, getting carried away is never a good thing. Let’s calm down.

“Really? Can you really take a bath in a place like this?”

“Yes, I did my best, after all. Let me show you, and you can check it out.”

I lead everyone to the Japanese-style boat, head for the bath raft, and guide them into the bath. Oh, everyone seems surprised. It was worth it.

“Let me explain. The bathtub is now half full of water. To this, we will add the boiling water that is being heated outside the tent. After you fill it with boiling water, please put the water in a pot with daily life magic and boil it for the next person who enters.”

“Wow, that’s interesting.”

“Then stir the water to check the temperature. When it is lukewarm, put the stones you are burning in this enclosure. When you put some in, and it reaches the temperature you like, it’s ready. Is everything clear so far?”

“Yes, it’s fine. But it’s really a bath. I thought you were joking.”

“Haha, it’s a real bath. If it gets too hot, use the daily life magic water to cool it down. Also, before you go in, you have to rinse your body with warm water and clean it before getting into the bath. Once you are warmed up, wash your body, and then get into the hot water again. Be careful not to stay in the bath for too long, or you will become dizzy. Well, I guess it goes like this.”

I explained everything in a simple manner. There is nothing difficult, so it should be fine.

“Yes, I understand. Who’s going to go first? Just barely two people, considering the size of the place, right?”

“I’m a little afraid, so I’ll go in after you.”

“Me too.”

Is there a pattern of being afraid of the bath? That’s a little unexpected.

“Then Carla and Claretta will be last. If there is no one else who wishes to go, then Dorothea and I will go in, followed by Ilma and Marina, okay?”

Everyone nodded in agreement. The order was decided easily.

“Oh, and please note that if you don’t bring a change of clothes with you to the bath, you’ll have to put your dirty clothes on again.”

It kind of reminded me of the emptiness of forgetting my underwear at the pool. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, but it makes me kind of sad.

“Let’s go back to the tent and pick up our change of clothes.”

Alessia-san instructs me with an air of excitement. Maybe Alessia-san is a curious type of person. We all returned to the tent raft and sent Alessia-san and Dorothea-san back to the bath raft again.

“If you need anything else, just call me.”

“Yes, I’m going to take a bath then.”

Alessia-san is excited to go to the bath. Dorothea-san followed her quietly. They make a good duo, don’t they? We boarded the Japanese-style boat and returned to the tent raft.

Now, what should I cook with the bird I got for dinner? I guess karaage is the way to go. I also have potatoes, so I’ll make French fries.

I rub the bird meat with salt, garlic, and ginger. Next to the bird, I cut the potatoes into sticks and soaked them in water. I can hear the sounds of fun and comfort from the bath raft. I wonder what kind of scene is spreading inside that tent.

‘”Wataru-san, does taking a bath really feel that good?”

Carla-san asked me timidly. She said she was scared earlier, and I guess she is anxious.

“Well, you may like it or not, but for me, not taking a bath would be a great loss in my life. Are you afraid of taking a bath, Carla-san?”

“Somewhat anxious…”

Her bear ears are twitching and are very cute. Adventurers who are anxious about baths… isn’t that kind of problem?

“I see… four people take a bath before Carla-san. After you hear their impressions, I think you can decide whether or not to go in. In the extreme, you won’t die even if you don’t take a bath, so I think you should just take it easy and give it a try. I think it’s okay if you just want to give it a try.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it after I hear it.”

“Yes, please do that.”

“Wataru-san, we are out!”

I heard Alessia-san’s voice calling from the bath raft.

“Then, I will go to pick you up. Marina-san, Ilma-san, we are leaving.”


I brought Marina-san and Ilma-san and went to pick up Alessia-san and Dorothea-san on the Japanese-style boat. Wow, I didn’t recognize them clearly because they were wearing protective gear or heavy clothes until now, but I can understand them better when they are thinly dressed after taking a hot bath.

…Alessia-san is an F-cup, and Dorothea is an E-cup, I guess? The rich parts of the sexy big-breasted beauties in hot water are swaying with the vibration of the boat. They are so plump. This alone is worth the price of the bath. Thank you, God.

“Wataru-san, a bath feels so good. It makes me feel warm and refreshed, and I feel like it takes away all the fatigue from my body. Right, Dorothea?”

“Yes, it felt so good, and I feel like it warmed me from the inside out. Thank you, Wataru-san.”

“I’m glad you’re pleased.”

Her smile is dazzling, and it looks like the two of them liked it. If they can have a bath as many times as they want, that means I’ll be able to see this scene over and over again. I’m really looking forward to it.

“Ufufu, it feels so good, huh? We must look forward to it, Marina.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Ilma-san, Marina-san, please check the temperature of the hot water first. If you need anything else, just let me know.”


After seeing Ilma-san and Marina-san off into the tent, I returned to the tent raft with Alessia-san and Dorothea-san. As I was preparing the food again, I heard happy voices coming from inside the tent.

In response to Carla-san and Claretta-san’s questions, Alessia-san and Dorothea-san told them how pleasant it was to have fun. From the tone of their voices, it sounds like they like it a lot, and both Carla-san and Claretta-san will be relieved.

I continue to prepare the food while listening to their voices happily frolicking in the tent. It makes me so happy.

“Wataru-san, we are done.”

While I was cooking, I heard Ilma-san’s voice.

“Yes, I’ll be coming to pick you up now. Shall we go, Carla-san and Claretta-san?”

“I understand.”


Carla-san is giving off an air of a soldier heading for the battlefield. She didn’t have to be so serious. Claretta-san seems to have calmed down after listening to the conversation and is looking forward to the experience.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. How was your bath?”

I came out of the tent and called Ilma-san and Marina-san, who were waiting for us.

“Ufufu, it was great.”

This is dangerous. She is usually a big-breasted beauty with a mysterious charm, but now that she’s finished with the bath, her charm has increased even more. Her sexiness has gone over the limit. Marina-san’s usual calm atmosphere is a little broken down, and her cozy atmosphere is very attractive.

Ilma-san is an F-cup and Marina-san is a D-cup. I can’t get enough of their breasts that tap and sway with every beat of their movement. Ilma-san’s atmosphere that draws people in is especially dangerous. It makes me want to forget everything and jump on her.

“I-I’m happy if you like it, too. So, what are you going to do, Carla-san and Claretta-san?”

“…I’ll take a bath.”

“I will take a bath too. I’m beginning to look forward to it now that I’ve heard you talk about it.”

It seems that Carla-san and Claretta-san have also decided to take a bath. Now everyone’s appearance after taking a bath is complete.

“Then, I’m going back. Please call me if you need anything.”


They both seemed to like the bath and thanked me happily.

Then Ilma-san noticed the gazes gathered on her breasts, and smiling bewitchingly at me, she crossed her arms in front of her and lifted up her ample part of them. Thank you for the feast.

Back at the tent raft, the four of them were happily talking about the bath. I wiped the potatoes dry in the water. All that’s left to do now is to coat the bird meat in flour and fry it. After the two people who are currently taking a bath get out, I’ll fry the bird and potatoes.

But Carla-san and Claretta-san have been in the bath for quite a long time; I wonder if they’ll be okay?

“Wataru-san, we’re done.”

I heard Claretta-san’s voice, as I felt a little uneasy. Apparently, I wasn’t oversensitive.

“Yes, I’m going to pick you up now.”

I went to the bath raft with the Japanese-style boat and found a beautiful woman with big breasts. …How many times have I said this line? It just confirmed once again that all members of Girasole are big-breasted beauties.

I thought they were both the calm type in terms of mood, but now they are loose and look like they could melt.

And Carla-san is an F-cup, and Claretta-san has at least a G-cup. Every time she walked around in a relaxed manner, she looked like she was going to be pulled or maybe even bounced?

“Carla-san, Claretta-san, how was your bath?”

“”It was great.””

Both of them answered with their best smiles. I felt embarrassed.

“I see. I’m going to clean up the fire before returning, so please wait a little while.”

After telling them to wait a bit, I put the lid on the pot with the charcoal and wood in it. Now all I have to do is put out the lanterns, and it will be perfect. For a moment, I had a feeling that I could sell the leftover water from the bath Alessia-san and the others took for a high price… I feel like if I do that, I’ll never be a human being again.

A little disappointed, I brought the two of them back to the tent raft with the Japanese-style boat. The two of them were very excited during the boat ride and told me repeatedly that it was great.

Back at the tent raft, Carla-san and Claretta-san joined the four people in the tent and enjoyed themselves. I want to join them too.

…Let’s just cook. I put oil in a pan and fry the bird and potatoes. Besides that, heat up some vegetable soup and bread, and dinner is ready.

“The food is ready, everyone. Let’s eat at the table on the terrace today.”

It’s too bad we can’t see the view after the sun goes down, but it would be a nice atmosphere if we lighted the lanterns and laid out the food. Karaage, French fries, vegetable soup, and bread. It wasn’t fancy, but it turned out to be quite a luxurious dinner.

“Wow, that looks delicious. And sorry I didn’t help you.”

Claretta-san complimented me when she saw the food.

“It’s not something you should worry about, Claretta-san. It’s what I like to do. Well then, let’s eat before it gets cold.”

With an “Itadakimasu” (Thank you for the food), everyone started eating at once. The karaage and french fries seem to be very popular.

I’ll have some too. …Oh, this karaage is delicious. Alessia-san said it was a delicious bird and looked like she was right. The meat was firm, and juices overflowed as I bit into it. The garlic and ginger flavors that have been thoroughly rubbed into the meat increase the appetite.

“It’s delicious, Wataru-san. Both the bird meat and the potatoes are very tasty. What is this dish called?”

Claretta-san was even more enthusiastic than when I taught her how to make the soup. Apparently, she really liked the food.

“Claretta-san, please calm down. Carla-san, we don’t have any more meat, but we do have more potatoes and soup.”

The power of fried food is tremendous. Everyone is eating at a faster pace than usual. Carla-san has already had another serving of french fries, vegetable soup, and bread. That refill alone is enough for a normal person’s meal, Carla-san.

“Yes, it was delicious. A delicious meal and a hot bath. The sleeping quarters are a little cramped, but it’s probably more comfortable than living in the city.”

“Ufufu, yes. I especially like this meat. Can you make it again, Wataru-san?”

“I’m glad Dorothea-san and Ilma liked it. The bird dish is called karaage. I made this dish with the gifts you gave me, so if you prepare the ingredients, I will make it again.”

“Yes, we will definitely hunt them down. I’ll have to ask Marina to do her best.”

Dorothea-san speaks with a serious expression on her face. I heard that Marina-san hunts the birds with a bow. I’ll support Marina-san, too. This bird is quite tasty.

The lively meal is over, and we savor a leisurely cup of tea. …The slimes are being rubbed by Dorothea-san and now Marina-san as well. Maybe the number of slime lovers will increase. It’s a very good thing.

However, it’s time to go to bed. I’m going to collect the slimes from the two who are playing with them in order to return them to the forest.

All I have to do now is go to bed… I’ve seen the exciting Alessia-san and the others today… I wonder if I’ll have a good dream or if I’ll have an agonizingly erotic dream.




In the morning, I make a charcoal fire and boil water while also heating up some soup next to me. Alessia-san and the others wake up, so I put breakfast on the table, and we all eat together.

The conversation during the meal is dominated by karaage and the bath. The topic of the bath was especially highly rated, with many happy comments, such as how well they slept and how their bodies felt lighter and more refreshed after the exhaustion.

I guess they liked the bath so much that they asked me to prepare a bath for them, as they would return as soon as they hunted a big game earlier today. There was no way I was going to pass up the chance to see a big-breasted beauty after a hot bath, so I readily agreed.

I sent Alessia-san and the others back to the forest and washed the bath to meet their request. Next, it’s time for training. I haven’t been fighting lately, and since being a merchant seems to be my main focus, I feel the meaning of training is waning, but I’ve learned it all, so I’ll continue training as much as possible.

While I was training with a renewed spirit, Guido-san’s magic boat came driving by. Come to think of it; no one had come for four days. Usually, someone comes back soon, but this is unusual.

“Wataru, we’ve all brought rafts with us. Give us a hand.”

When I asked him about the details, he told me that Guido-san, Carlo-san, and Daniel-san had worked together to bring the raft to the island. I now understood why they had not been on the island for the past few days. They had turned down work in favor of the raft. I thought the merchant guild would be in trouble if they were doing that.

“I have no problem helping out, but one of us needs to stay here in case the people from Girasole come back. What should we do?”

“Then I’ll stay here, and you go, Wataru. When Girasole comes back, I will go and call you, so you don’t have to worry. Carlo and Daniel will be waiting for you in that direction, so please help us.”


I went in the direction Guido-san pointed with the Japanese-style boat and found Carlo-san and Daniel-san waiting on the other side of the difficult passage. Yes, even from a distance, I could see that they had a lot of luggage. All three of them are really fired up to make their life on the island better. At any rate, I’ll go over the difficult spot and join the two of them too.




“Wataru, you came. I’m sorry, but I need you to carry the raft. Hmm? What about Guido?”

“I have him watching over the adventurers who are in the forest in case they come back.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Sorry to bother you while you’re working.”

“Well, it’s only for a little while, so it’s fine. I’ll be back when we get past the difficult spots, so please come with me, Daniel-san.”

“Oh, okay.”

I received the raft from Daniel-san, and we crossed the difficult spot. After crossing the difficult spot, I give the raft to Daniel-san and return to Carlo-san’s place. Repeat this process to carry all the rafts. When all the materials of the rafts had crossed the difficult spots, I towed Guido-san’s raft back to the bay.

“Oh, Wataru, thank you. Carlo, Daniel, let’s get the raft together quickly before dark.”


“Do you need any help?”

“No, we’re just grateful to have had you bring things up to here. Thanks.”

It seems that my help was unnecessary. But, when Guido and the others’ rafts were completed, there would be five tent rafts floating in the bay, including my two rafts. It would be interesting to see a small village on the water after some time.

While watching Guido-san and the others assemble the rafts, I look for slime. Today I found two blue slimes. After rubbing the slime, I fill the bath with only half full of water.

Guido-san and the others are working hard. I should offer them a cup of cold tea.

Around sunset, Alessia-san and the others came back carrying a big deer. It is called a “giant deer,” and although it is only B-rank in strength, it is rare, and its antlers have medicinal properties, so they are highly prized.

This time it was a whole deer, so they didn’t know whether it would be stuffed or used as medicine. They also gave me two of yesterday’s birds as souvenirs. I guess this means they want me to make karaage from these two birds, right?

As usual, I gave them tea and hand towels. Today, they are going to take a bath alone, and they have a fierce battle to decide the order of the bath.

After putting the giant deer on the tent next to the bath raft, I filled the bath with boiling water and burned stones to boil the water. Shall I pick them up when they’re ready?

“Your bath is ready. Who is the first?”

“It’s me; let’s go.”

Dorothea-san cheerfully announced. Her smile is dazzling.


After dropping Dorothea-san off, I prepared dinner. I feel it will be much easier now that Claretta-san has offered to help me.

“I’d like you to peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks, please, Claretta-san. Also, Alessia-san seems to be in a bad mood, is something wrong?”

“Yes, well… fufu. Alessia is just sulking because she was last in line for the bath. Please don’t worry about it.”

Is it okay for her to sulk over her turn to take a bath… even though she is the leader?

“Wataru-san, there is a raft at Guido-san and the others’ place, but are they going to pitch their tents as well?”

“Yes, it’s late today, so I think they will pitch their tents tomorrow.”

“It’s going to get easier and easier to live on this island, isn’t it?”

“Yes, maybe we can set up a small village. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I guess so.”

“Wataru-san, I’m finished.”

“Yes, I’m on my way. Who’s next?”


Carla-san raises her hand with a smiling face. This is not a school… Well, she’s cute, so it’s okay.

“Carla-san, huh? I’m glad you like the bath. Shall we go?”

I sent Carla-san to the bath raft and returned to the tent raft with Dorothea-san, a brown-breasted beauty, after taking a hot bath. I’m so glad I came to another world where I could see a big-breasted beauty after taking a bath up close.

After Carla-san, Marina was next. Ilma-san, Claretta-san, and Alessia-san followed in that order. All of them were beautiful, had big breasts, and were hot after taking a hot bath.

After Alessia-san left the bath, I cooked dinner. It was the same menu as yesterday, but everyone enjoyed it. Karaage is very popular, isn’t it?


Balance: 0 gold coins, 21 silver coins, 70 copper coins.
Guild account balance: 12 gold coins, 70 silver coins.


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  1. I keep thinking that it’s inconvenient not to have small boats to let people get around the rafts, but now that there’s more of them it seems good to loosely connect them together with ropes, even if you aren’t going to fasten the rafts together. If you’ve got good anchors and the rafts are placed far enough apart not to collide in a storm, seems like it would only make things more stable, other than convenient? It’s for the best if you can make the rafts communal, since only a couple of them are usually present at any one time, and it’s better if decently sized adventurer parties can split into two “rooms.”

    I commented before about how I hoped it would develop into a floating outpost, inn, and settlement, but got a reply that it wouldn’t happen because it would draw monsters… Two adventuring teams simultaneously staying on the boats is already more than the minimum of what I was imagining, so I hope they’re being careful, lol. I meant to go back and check the details after that, because as I remembered it the previous outpost attempt was on land and this island ecosystem has a peculiarity where none of the monsters are able or willing to swim very far, but I am clearly too lazy so we’ll have to see.

    Either way, I look forward to seeing him eventually snap and openly reveal his powers to expel people. He needs a bigger boat, a couple people as a live-in security force, and it would also be good if he managed to deepen his network of connections before that happens, but I’d like it to happen. Even if he himself doesn’t get fed up with stuff like small fry merchants threatening him, the readers and the gods certainly will. Raise your middle finger to the world and become a legend overnight, that’s what we want to see.


  2. Adventuring girls, active and combat-fit, with F and G cups… what a wonderful world. Might be a bit too much for me, though. Depends on the proportions… anyway! He should court one of the many girls that he finds so attractive instead of dreaming about a slave girl (in an earlier chapter).


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