I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 145 – Chapter 146

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Chapter 145 – Finished and Unfinished


“Good one, Joshua.”

All that’s left is to retreat now, and I don’t need to worry about how much magic I have left. I don’t want to spend too much time with the guard, so I carry the guard in a crouched position and move in a straight line through the field of vision, carrying Myrril-san under my arm as I teleport.


I teleported several times, but I could feel his helmet graze the beam girder a few times along the way. My weapons and skills are not suited for fighting in tight spaces.

It takes me only a few minutes to return to the position of the first trap we saw. This is where the wall with the paralyzing poison was located.

As we reach the exit of the tunnel, where a dusting of snow is blowing in, Myrril notices something.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, but there seems to be something strange out there.”

I have the guard lean against a nearby wall, and I quietly peer out from the entrance of the tunnel. Moff is nowhere to be seen from where he was sitting. In the surrounding darkness, I could see some torch-like lights.

I tell Myrril to get into the shielding, lower the receiver of my night-vision goggles, and turn them on.

As I looked through the darkness, I saw a figure creeping in the distance.

“Someone is coming toward us. There are five of them, and I can’t see them because they are hidden by the snow.”

They were still more than two hundred meters away and did not seem to see us.


“I know. It doesn’t matter what the enemy is; an ambush of that magnitude is not a problem. We’ll set up a barrage of bullets to check them, and after that, we’ll use “Surefire” to slow them down and eliminate them one by one.”



The snow-white wolf, lying on the ground, had almost completely assimilated into the snowfield. Is he hiding?

I notice that his usual cheerful cry is a little suppressed.


Moff glanced back as if to say, “Come here,” and started to walk away.

“What is it, Moff?”

Moff leads me to a rock about 10 meters from the entrance of the tunnel, where we hide in the shade of a rock.

In the green vision of my night-vision goggles, I saw a man and a woman approaching the tunnel entrance, taking turns working together. They were covered in winter clothing, but their stature was familiar.

“…They are from battlecry.”

“What are they doing?”

“No, what is it? Are they about to rush in because they’re worried about a captured hostage, or a fellow adventurer fool, or both of us who recklessly ran into this place together, or all of the above?”


Leading the group is McCain, a shield-user giant. Guarding the side is Tig, who is strangely equipped with a spear in each hand (perhaps as a countermeasure for fighting in the tunnels).

Guarding the perimeter in the middle is the mage Eino and a small man whose name I haven’t heard.

Supporting her companions while guarding the rear is Louie, a muscled fighter. Today she is carrying two small round shields instead of cuirasses.

Is she planning to hit someone with those?


Moff barks happily. Louis will probably get the job done safely. There may be nothing to gain, but I’d be happy to buy her a drink if she does.

“Calmon! You’re alive!”

Oh, I almost forgot.

I left the dying guard at the entrance.

“Hang on, Calmon!”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch! What the hell did you do, you idiot?”

“Eino! Give him some healing magic, quick!”

At any rate, now they wouldn’t have to go home empty-handed. With the adventurers in high spirits, we quietly left the bandit fortress.


Chapter 146 – Waking Up in the Morning 


By the time we finally arrived at the “Wolf’s Tail Pavilion,” it was almost dawn. I sent Moff back to the stables (the door was unlocked even though I had locked it from the outside, which was strange), and as soon as I teleported through the window and entered my room on the second floor, I collapsed into bed, feeling very tired and exhausted.

With little consciousness, I realized that it was just before noon or 10 o’clock if I had to guess. The landlady came to wake us up. It was past breakfast time, but she served us a hot meal, which she said was just what she had on hand.

There were thin slices of crispy black bread and fluffy round bread. A paste of herbs and crushed nuts mixed with lard, which may have been a substitute for butter, or perhaps it is a part of the local food culture.

There was also some seared salted pork that looked like unsmoked bacon, grilled dried fish, and a fried egg that was a little bigger than a chicken egg. A light root vegetable soup and a small bowl of marinated fish were also served. All were deeply delicious.

The landlady’s warm look at us, who were still in a daze from sleep, seemed to be misinterpreting our meal as if to say, “You had a good time last night, didn’t you?”

But that’s not the point.

“What about your room?”

“Oh, right. Check out?”

“No, we are staying for several nights, of course. And how much would that be for a month?”

“Eight a day, ten including stables. For a month, I’ll give you 25 instead of 30.”

That would be 250 silver coins, or 12 gold coins and ten silver coins.

In addition to the money that was exchanged at the merchant guild, there were also a lot of gold and silver coins amongst the items that were taken from the bandits, so currently, my pocket is warm.

I don’t know if there is any problem (legally in the Republic) in looting the entire amount of treasure in the hideout, but we are willing to play it cool anyway.

I paid the landlady with two gold coins and 210 silver coins.

She was surprised when I immediately paid her at the counter, but I don’t know if that was because of my wealth, quickness of calculation, or storage magic. Maybe it was all of it.

“…..Who are you actually, customer?”

“Takifu is a very good merchant in the kingdom. Well, he had to close his store because of the political upheaval, so he came to the Republic.”

“I see. That’s a tough time for you. If you want to start a business here, I can at least introduce you to some connections.”

“No, I’m thinking of becoming an adventurer here for the winter.”

“Adventurer? You don’t have to take such a risk… Are you in need of money?”

“No, it’s his hobby. It’s not that dangerous; a few magical beasts can be killed with a single blow from our magic tools.”


The conversation seemed to be not communicating well, but this is purely our fault. Yeah.

I was the one who introduced myself as a merchant at the beginning, and it’s not the landlady’s fault that my character is so blurred.

“I’ll take the two gold coins and 210 silver coins, then. That’s right.”

Paying with gold coins or silver coins is the same, but in the monetary value of this world, a gold coin is equivalent to about 10,000 yen, but in the transaction with Simon, the kingdom gold coin is worth 1,000 dollars. That would be about 100,000 yen.

I have not checked, but I think the Republic gold coin would be about the same, and if it is worth ten times as much, I would prefer to pay in other currencies than gold.

The exchange ratio of silver coins is not much different when dealing with Simon than it is in this world.

“But the landlady’s cooking is really delicious.”

“Well, it’s nice to be praised by someone who used to live in the kingdom.”

No, even in the kingdom, or rather in Casemaian, I did not live a luxurious life. I was eating some good food, but it was thanks to the beastman’s ladies, not a luxury that I was fed up with for money.

“Well, I’m taking it a little easy today…”

“There they are!”

The door was opened with a kick, and Ivan, the captain of the Sarz town guard, and his guardsmen came in.


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