Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 3 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Crazy Employee and Mixed Fries


I followed Claretta-san, who was angry at the employee’s attitude. That fun dinner party mood dissipated in an instant, didn’t it? What’s going to happen now?

I was led into Girasole’s room. Alessia-san froze as she was about to call out to me. She must have been affected by Claretta-san’s aura of anger. What will happen next?

Whoa, Dorothea-san came up to me and spoke to me in a whisper.

(Wataru-san, what’s going on? I’ve never seen Claretta so angry before, you know?)

(This inn’s employee’s attitude was a little, no, it was terrible, but I didn’t expect Claretta-san to be that angry. I don’t know what to do.)

(I see. Claretta is surprisingly strict with etiquette. No one has ever been rude to us before, but I guess he was quite rude to you, our guest, huh?)

(Yes, well, it was pretty blatantly disrespectful.)

(And then Claretta got mad at him for that, yeah, okay, let’s just wait for Claretta’s anger to subside, there’s nothing we can do about it.)

She gave up easily, well, not surprisingly. Right now, it seems that Claretta-san is trying to calm down and cool down her own anger, but still, everyone in the room is frozen in place, touched by the aura of anger.



Please calm down, Alessia-san. Claretta-san isn’t angry with you.

“When I went downstairs to pick up Wataru-san just now, I found the owner’s son treating Wataru-san in a very rude manner. Didn’t that man turn away our customers before without our permission?”

He had a record, huh? And yet, in a way, it’s amazing that he can still behave in that manner. But an owner’s son shouldn’t have that attitude, right?

No, a normal employee would have been fired. Only he, who has the privilege of being the owner’s son, could behave like that.

“He was a man to whom we owed a debt of gratitude. We managed to meet at the adventurer’s guild, but didn’t he promise at that time that he wouldn’t judge our customers and turn them away without our permission?”

“Y-yes, indeed, that did happen.”

“Did he keep his promise at that time? He seemed to have the intention of telling us about our visitor, but he served the customer with a grim face, clicked his tongue in a way that Wataru-san could hear, and walked slowly and sluggishly in front of Wataru-san as if this was a bother. What do you think? Don’t you think it’s a problem to be grumpy and rude to our guest even though he tried to keep his word and tell us?”

“No, I think it’s a problem. Come to think of it, my adventurer friend who came to the inn before also said that the innkeepers had a bad attitude, just as he was displeased, too. I thought there must have been some misunderstanding because the people at the inn are kind and they serve us politely. From what Claretta told me, it doesn’t sound like a misunderstanding.”

“I’ve been told that too.”

“Me too.”

“Yeah, me too.”

How many people have been told that? That employee was working completely out of desire.

Huh? Even Alessia-san and the others got into a serious mood. Is it such a big problem? I thought they were just going to give him a little lecture, and that would be the end of it.

“Yes, I couldn’t believe it either until I saw it with my own eyes, but it was the worst reception I’ve ever seen. I get dizzy just thinking about how many people who have visited our inn have been made to feel uncomfortable by that kind of attitude.”

Everyone cooks and eats delicious meals together. It was supposed to be a fun dinner party, but why is this happening? Well, it’s that employee’s fault, but I couldn’t have predicted that it would turn out to be this much trouble.

“Whew, I guess he must have made quite a few people feel uncomfortable. But why did he do that? Did we do something wrong to him?”

Eh? What are you talking about? Are you serious, Alessia-san? I looked at the members of Girasole in surprise and saw that all of them except Ilma-san were deep in thought.

I secretly moved next to Ilma-san and asked her in a whisper.

(Um, are the others seriously thinking about it? I mean, not just joking around?)

(Yes, they are seriously thinking about it. I have warned them several times, but they are unaware of it.)

(Ilma-san, you are very aware of this, aren’t you?)

(Yes, Wataru-san made me aware of it with his passionate gaze.)

If you say something like that while lifting your chest with your arms crossed in front of you… Well, that’s a feast for my eyes.

(Thanks for the treat, no, Ilma-san was fully aware of it from the moment we met, right?)

(Ufufu, wasn’t I?)

(Yes, you were, and so were Dorothea-san and Marina-san? I think those two are the type of people who observe their surroundings.)

(Yes, they are calm and watch their surroundings while searching. But they are usually natural.)

(Um, good job. Keep up the good work.)

I never thought that the bewitching and sexy Ilma-san was the only sensible person in this party… The world is full of wonders, isn’t it?

When I was about to leave, after saying a few words of encouragement, she crossed her arms. Ah, it was as if that breast said, “Ufufu, that’s right, it’s very hard, so please help me out.” Ah, if you speak in such a sexy voice in my ear, ah, my breath will be…

“Let’s ask Wataru-san for his opinion as well.”

Eh? Ilma-san, is this what you mean when you ask for help? Do you want me to raise their self-awareness? Do you want me to tell these beautiful women that this happened because they are beautiful?

“Right, Wataru-san, have you noticed anything?”

“Hah, I think the reason why the employee did this is probably some kind of possessiveness.”


“Yes, you are all very beautiful. And he couldn’t stand a man who came to see you all, who are so beautiful, so he behaved like that.”

“It is embarrassing to be called beautiful, isn’t it? But Wataru-san, you are exaggerating too much. He wouldn’t be rude just because of something like that.”

“Hahahaha, is that so? I guess you’re right.”

“You mustn’t give up.”

“Even if you say so, was it difficult to understand what I was explaining? It couldn’t have been any clearer, could it?”

“Still, please do・your・best.”

It’s not fair; I can’t say no to such a request. But Ilma-san is aware of her sex appeal and uses it to her advantage, so why can’t the rest of them understand it?

“You see, were there any women among those who said the inn’s employees had a bad attitude?”

Everyone is shaking their heads.

“The women have been let through normally, but the men have been uncomfortable. I think that’s because the employee didn’t want the men to meet the Girasole’s members. I think he was jealous of all the men who approached the beautiful ladies he had a liking for.”

“Wataru-san, I don’t mean to speak for myself, but I think we are good-looking people. I have been told that we are beautiful, but is that enough of a reason for him to do such a thing?”

“Yes, I think the employee has let his love and admiration get the better of him.”

“Hah, I can’t say I understand completely, but I do understand that such things can happen. It was a nice place to stay, but I think we should probably move to another place.”

Is that okay? I looked at Ilma-san, and she nodded, so I guess it was good.

Knock, knock… “I am sorry; I heard that my foolish son has caused you trouble, and I have come to apologize. May I come in?”

“You may enter.”

“I am truly sorry for the trouble he has caused you.”

The innkeeper and his son were bowing, huh? When I looked up, he glared at me.

I felt a surge of anger from Claretta-san. Why, let’s push our feelings away for the sake of both of us here. You don’t have to glare at me here; there are other ways to do it. Why are you adding fuel to the fire?

“I would like to accept your apology, but I am concerned that your son does not seem to be content with it.”

Eh? The innkeeper looks at him with a “what?” look, discovers the unfaithful son, and hits him unintentionally. I don’t understand how and why this situation is happening.

“What are you thinking? I came here to apologize for the trouble you have caused, but what’s with your attitude?”

It’s a great argument; please tell him more.

“Why did you hit me? It’s not right that such a dull man comes to see Girasole, but he also has a nice female slave behind him, and I can tell when I see him that he intends to approach Girasole with his money power.”

No, well, I’d like to get close to them, but…

“I did give him a message because you told me last time; of course, I shouldn’t have let that guy through to the room. You should have let me handle it. I wouldn’t have let that suspicious guy near Girasole.”

What a gut-wrenching thing to say, Stupid son-san. It’s true that the last time I came here to flatter them with souvenirs, but I don’t think I have to go that far as to suspect me of anything.

“What kind of nonsense is this? An employee of the inn has no authority to refuse a visitor, right?”

“I’m an employee now, but I’m the heir, and I can decide who’s not worth letting Girasole see. Just let me take care of Girasole. I know I know Girasole better than anyone else, don’t I, Alessia-san?”

Oof, he’s already turned out to be a total stalker now. Even Claretta-san has pulled back her wave of anger and is completely taken back. Wow, Carla-san is getting all teary-eyed; it’s so cute.

“Owner, it seems that your son is confused. It is truly unfortunate that since we have been here for so long, we are going to have to move to a new inn. Please complete the formalities.”

“Yes, certainly. I am very sorry.”

“No, Alessia-san, you are not leaving. I’ll take over the inn and protect you all, so you should retire, dad, I’ll be the owner of the inn from now on, and no one will go near the Girasole.”

“You, stop talking.”

The owner of the inn hit his son as hard as he could. Is he alive?

“I apologize for the inconvenience. Please come with me for the formalities.”

Everyone quickly began to pack up their belongings, and as expected, they realized that the man was in trouble. The owner of the inn bowed deeply to us as we left the inn.

“He was an even more eccentric employee than I thought, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, he was a very amiable young man to us, but we didn’t expect that.”

“I guess the Girasole’s got a lot of work to do today, so we’ll have the meal another time, huh?”

Carla-san froze with a look of dismay on her face, but as expected, she had a lot of things to do today, including finding a place to stay, so it would be impossible.

“No, we just need to find a place to stay and inform the adventurer’s guild, so the time will be fine, but the problem is where to cook.”

You’re so tough that you can move on to cooking right after experiencing that horrible experience, aren’t you?

“If you have the time, would you like to rent the backyard of my inn for cooking? I have the tools, so it’s a little inconvenient, but there’s nothing we can’t do.”

“Right, Carla is also looking forward to it, so would you mind if I ask you to do it?”

“Okay, then, let’s go.”

The landlady accepted my request, and we rented the backyard.

“Shall we make it then?”

It seems that only Ines, Felicia, and Claretta-san are willing to help. Carla-san was going to observe the process, and the rest of the group was either reserving a room at the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn, reporting to the adventurer’s guild, or playing with Rimu in their rooms.

I’m glad we can stay in the same inn, but this isn’t the A-ranked adventurer’s grade to stay in, so is it okay?

“Then, can I ask Claretta-san to prepare the chicken first? When you are done, please process the fish in this way, removing the bones and skin. Ines, please prepare the vegetable soup. When you are done, please remove the shells and backs of the shrimp. Felicia, when you have finished shucking the oysters, please help Ines.”


Carla-san, can you help us, too?”

“I can’t cook.”

Don’t look so sad, but she looks cute.

“Don’t worry; it’s easy. I need you to break this dry bread into pieces.”

“I can do that much.”

“Then I’ll ask you to do it.”

She breaks the bread with great enthusiasm as if she is happy to have something she can do.

“Um, Claretta-san, do priests have any magic that can help with food poisoning?”

“Hmm? Food poisoning? Yes, there is. It can be cured by purification magic.”

“Can you use purification magic, Claretta-san?”

“Yes, I can.”

Oh, I can make mayonnaise, then. If I can make tartar sauce, fried fish and fried oysters will taste even better.

“Now then, may I ask you to perform a purification spell on these cracked eggs?”

“Yes, of course, but what’s the point of casting a purification spell on the eggs?”

“Yes, it is an indispensable process for what I am about to make. Therefore, please be sure to cast a purification spell on them if you are going to make them, too.”

“I understand.”

Stir salt, pepper, and lemon juice into the purified egg yolks. I add a little oil to the combined liquid and repeat the process over and over again.

Even if everyone around me has more arm strength and stamina than I do, this is where I do my best.

Everyone looked at me like I was doing something strange, but they would be surprised when they tasted it later. I add mayonnaise to the hard-boiled egg and mash it, and after mashing it to some extent, I add chopped onions and mix them together. It’s too bad there are no pickles, but it’s enough.

I tried a teaspoon of tartar sauce to a curious Carla-san, and ahhhhh. After a little hesitation, she took a mouthful, and yes, it was cute.

“Delicious, Wataru-san, this is delicious. I love it.”

The other members who were cooking also heard her voice and gathered around, so I shared a bite with each of them. Everyone seemed to like it. As expected of mayonnaise.

The ingredients are prepared and dipped in a liquid of dissolved eggs and flour and then covered with breadcrumbs. All that’s left to do is fry them. I clean up around them first, get the room ready for eating, and then just fry them.

A large pan is filled with oil, and the hot oil is used to deep-fry the fries. A large quantity of fried food is completed.

I put out the fire and took the fried food to the room.

“I made fried fish, oysters, shrimp, karaage, french fries, and vegetable soup. The fried fish is delicious with this tartar sauce.”

“Let’s eat.”

Everyone takes the fries at once. Let’s try the fried oysters first. The oyster extract spreads in your mouth from the batter; it’s the most delicious.

“Rimu, is it good? Let’s try it with this tartar sauce next time.”

“…Delicious… Like…”

“I see that’s good; there’s plenty to go around, so let’s eat a lot of it.”


Everyone is eating silently, I know they like it because the fries are going down fast, but I’d like to know what they think of it. Oops, I have to eat, or it will be gone. The plump fried shrimp and the fried fish were all satisfying, not so much the cooking skill but the power of the fresh seafood.

“Thank you for the food.”

“Wataru-san, it was very good. I like the fried shrimp the best.”

“Alessia, you are wrong, the fried shrimp is good, but the best is the fried oysters.”

“Dorothea is wrong. Fried shrimp is the best, right, Marina?”

“I like fried oysters.”

“Marina, you! Ilma, you like fried shrimp, don’t you?”

“Ufufufu. I like the fish.”

“What about you, Carla?”

“I like all of them.”

“Wataru-san, can you tell me how to make this tartar sauce later?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Thank you.”

They’re arguing over which one is the best. I clean up and head back to my room with Rimu on my head.

“Whew, that was a lot of work. Thank you both for your hard work.”

“It was hard work, but it was fun. Master’s cooking was very tasty.”

“I enjoyed it too, especially the tartar sauce.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. But it’s still early afternoon. What shall we do afterward?”

“Yes, it was a lot of work, but in terms of time, it wasn’t that long, was it?”

“But you did a great job, and now that we don’t have anything pressing to do, how about we take it easy and flirt today?”

“I will flirt.”

If you say that to me, I have no choice but to flirt with you.


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  1. Show them your boat! They’ll be impressed.

    They’ll also think of you when they finally catch the attention of a noble that’s too powerful. I don’t think well of their long-term prospects in this society. Them being beautiful women is one thing, but being an A rank party of only women with no particular rumours involving men despite their growing reputation? Even if you tried, you couldn’t make better scum bait than that. Scum with noble status and political power are more interested in women as trophies than simply indulging in beauty. They want to seize what other people could not seize, to sully what other people could not sully. To conquer them, break their pride, and feel superior while showing off their submission to others. Unfortunately, in a feudal society you either need political power yourself or a suitable backer to resist such people head-on. Submit, be entangled in a storm helplessly, or run away: once things get to a certain point, those are your only options.

    Although the protagonist helping heroines out in a pinch and benefiting from it is a tired cliche of motivated storytelling, this isn’t even about that. No matter how rare such matters are, the circumstances are set as such that it’s basically inevitable in this specific scenario. It’s the psychology of scum and that of bigots in general combined that makes such tragedies inevitable if the wrong people have too much power and access to underhanded means. For both misogynists and human supremacists, Girasol is an uppity eyesore that need to be put in their place for the sin of being too excellent as “lesser beings.”


  2. Just out of curiosity, when Wataru talk about “flirting”, are they laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, and talking to each other in a flirtatious fashion, or are they cuddling/making out? I’m not sure if the translation is surviving the cultural differences between Japan and the English-speaking world.


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