I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 12 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Part 4


What should I do…!

Then Merl quickly operated the device attached to her arm, and the next moment, Kaede and the others suddenly collapsed on the spot.

“H-huh? I’m suddenly sleepy…”

“I-I have to get away from here…”

The next instant, the group suddenly collapsed in this place.

“Due to an emergency situation, I have temporarily put everyone to sleep. At the same time, I have also sent out a radio signal to inhibit recognition, so it is safe to fight here!”

“Thank you…!”

Thanks to Merl, we confirmed that we could fight, and we each readied our weapons.

“Kaori, Lexia-san! You two watch over everyone who’s sleeping!”


“Leave it to me!”

We were going to face the monster while the two who didn’t have the strength to fight were watching Kaede and the others.

At that time, I activated my [Identification] skill…

“Wha-? It’s been blocked!

I was surprised that my skill did not work.

While I was surprised, Luna shouted.

“Yuuya, it’s coming!”


“At one time. We’ll take it down for now.”

Yuti foresaw the movement of the monster and tried to release an arrow, but…

“!? Confused. I can’t predict it…?”


“…Change. Shifting to a normal attack.”

Unexpectedly, even Yuti’s foresight could not be used, but Yuti quickly calmed her agitation and fired a sharp arrow.

However, the monster blocked the attack by using its own claws as a shield.

Moreover, even though the claw was hit when it was used as a shield, even Yuti’s arrow, which flew at a furious pace, did not seem to do any damage at all.

However, the fact that the claws were huge meant that the opponent’s vision was also blocked, and Luna did not miss that opportunity.

“Take this! Spiral!”

The countless threads that Luna unleashed were combined into one, and they spun at great speed, heading toward the monster.

This attack is a vicious technique that not only pierces the opponent’s body but also inflicts even more damage by tearing up the inside…



The attack, which was released by precisely exploiting an opening in the monster, did indeed reach the monster’s body.

However, Luna’s threads did not penetrate the monster’s body and dissipated on the spot.

“How can this be? My attack doesn’t work?”

“Then how about this!”

Then Merl raised a small knife she had taken from somewhere and thrust it at the monster’s claws.

“This is a mono-molecular knife! With this, any armor can be──”




Surprisingly, Merl’s knife was repelled without being able to inflict even a scratch.

Merl was blown away by the monster’s swing of its arm, but after adjusting her stance in mid-air, she landed safely.

“No way… such an attack couldn’t get through at all!”

“If physical attacks don’t work, then…!”

I quickly deployed my Magic Armor, clothed my body with magic power, and attacked again with the [Omni-Sword] in my hands.

I thought I could definitely finish it this time with the reinforcement from the magic power and the effect of the [Omni-Sword], but──.



Suddenly, the monster screamed.

The shockwave from its voice had a physical impact, causing the surrounding walls to crack and the windows of the building to shatter.

But even as I endured the shockwave, I managed to get within the monster’s chest and drew my sword──.


The [Omni Sword] did not slice through the monster’s body but passed through it as if it had just slashed through a cloud.

In the same way, I had fought with wraiths in the other world as opponents that were ineffective using physical attacks.

However, I could inflict damage on it using the weapons inherited from Zenovis-san, such as the [Omni-Sword], or with attacks infused with magical power.

However, this monster could not be damaged even by Zenovis-san’s weapons, let alone by magic power.

The [Omni-Sword] should be able to cut any object as long as the target is present, but it was as if the monster in front of us didn’t exist.

If I exerted any more power, the surrounding area would be in a terrible state, so I was fighting while purposely saving my strength, but I could no longer afford to do so.

Therefore, as the remaining means, I also invoked Holy Evil Creation and divine authority and attacked the monster…


“Not even the divine authority can get through, let alone the Holy Evil Creation…!”

Despite the fact that I had used a kind of all-powerful divine authority, to my surprise, it was completely unable to get through to the monster.

However, since the opponent’s attacks could penetrate us, we were left on the defensive.

“Hey, Yuuya! We’re not going to get anywhere if we keep going like this…!”

“Yes, but…!”

I couldn’t think of a way out of this situation, and I was desperately trying to think of something to do.





Suddenly, I felt a heat rising from the depths of my body.

While I was puzzled by the sudden situation, the heat gradually filled my whole body and overflowed out of my body.

Then, a strange purple aura began to rise from my body.

It was as if I was reacting to the monster in front of me…

“W-what is this…?”

I don’t know why, but I felt this is the second time I manifested this power.

But I was sure I had never seen this kind of power before.

The purple aura that erupted from my body shimmered and wrapped around the [Omni-Sword] as it was.


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I was surprised by the suddenness of it, but Luna and the others were watching me even more surprised.

“Yu-Yuuya… what is that power…?”

“F-for some reason, I can’t stop my body from shaking…!”

“Fear. When I see that power, I shudder…”


As for me, it was kind of eerie that an unidentified aura started rising from my body, but I didn’t have the same feelings of fear as Luna and the others.

However, it seems that Luna and the others were not the only ones who felt fear from this aura, and the monster in front of us, which had been on the rampage, changed its behavior.


It began to back away as if frightened by this purple power.

…I don’t know what’s happening, but with this power…!

When I charged at it with all my strength in my hand holding the [Omni-Sword], the monster showed a sign of running away for the first time in this battle and showed its back to me.

I didn’t miss that opportunity and swung down with my [Omni-Sword], and I was able to cut the monster, on which our previous attacks were ineffective, in half.


And the monster, whose body had been cut, crumbled and disappeared like ashes on the spot.

“I-is it over…?”

For a while, I held up the [Omni-Sword] and remained vigilant, but there was no sign of the monster’s revival.

The purple aura that covered my body just a few minutes ago disappeared as if nothing had happened.

“What in the world was that power…?”


As I stared dumbfounded at my hands, Lexia-san and Kaori came running up to me.

“Yuuya-sama! Are you okay?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. I’m fine, but… where’s Kaede and the others?”

“Kaede-san and the others are safe!”

Kaori’s words brought me some relief.


“This devastation… what should we do…?”

The back alley was in pretty bad shape because the fight against the monster was more difficult than expected.

“Oh, yes! Maybe I can do this much with my divine authority…”

When I activated my divine authority with thought and turned my attention to the surroundings, the surrounding walls and ground, which had been so battered and bruised, were instantly restored to their original state.

Seeing this, Lexia-san and Kaori’s eyes widened.

“Yuuya-sama, when did you acquire such power?”

“T-that’s amazing… Is that also magic…?”

“N-no, this is a different kind of power…”

“…You are getting stronger and stronger without me even knowing it.”

Whether or not I got stronger, there was no doubt that I had acquired much power.

However, it is certain that the divine authority of me and Iris-san, and others are not as all-powerful as that of the observers living in the heavenly realm.

Observers can even create life with this divine authority, but we do not have such power.

This is probably the result of the fact that the observers had to stop being human once and for all.

But even so, it seems that even my divine authority can do things like restore buildings like this to their original state with no problem.

“Let’s leave this place for now.”

“Right. Let’s use the anti-gravity device to carry everyone away while activating the radio waves that inhibit recognition.”

If we stayed here too long, there was no guarantee that the monster would not appear again, so we slipped out of the back alley and rested in a nearby park, waiting for everyone to wake up.

“…Hmm? H-huh? Where am I?”

“Oh, you’re awake?”

“Huh? Yu-Yuuya-kun!”

When I called out to Kaede, who was the first to wake up, she jumped up in a panic.

Perhaps caught by the voice, everyone else wakes up as well.

“Hmm? W-was I asleep?”

“Nn! What is it? Why am I here…?”

“A-as I recall, Yukine-san suggested that we go to see where the mysterious phenomenon occurred…”

“A-ahaaaahhh! Yes! What happened to that mysterious creature?”

Kaede looked around in a panic as she remembered that monster.

In fact, Merl had put everyone to sleep in an emergency, but the memory of seeing the monster could not be erased.

Hearing Kaede’s words, Rin and the others also remembered that time and hurriedly looked around…

“H-huh? This place, the park?”

Yeah. That creature has… vanished.”

“Vanished, you say…?”

“…Too bad. I wanted to take a picture.”


For the time being, we kept it under wraps that we had defeated the monster, and the story went in the direction of the monster’s spontaneous disappearance… How could Yukine say such a thing after what happened before? …She must have a lot of guts.

Anyway, after what happened, I didn’t feel like hanging out anymore, so we decided to part ways here.




“──That’s what happened.”

“Monster, huh…”




When I returned home, I told Ouma-san and the others about today’s incident, but he looked at me in a somewhat suspicious way.

“An unknown monster, neither an evil beast nor anything else, suddenly appeared in the city? I didn’t feel any such presence, you know?”

“Eh, you didn’t notice it, Ouma-san?”

“Oh. Isn’t it just your imagination?”

“It’s not my imagination… I actually fought with it…”

Certainly, Ouma-san would be able to sense immediately if an evil beast appeared on Earth in the state of being in this house.

Even Ouma-san, who has that much power, could not detect the monster this time.

“I’m not lying! I had a pretty tough time with it!”

“T-that’s right. I saw it with my own eyes.”


“I can’t believe it…?”

Lexia-san and the others told him so, but Ouma-san still didn’t believe it.

As I tried to figure out how I could get him to believe me, that mysterious purple aura suddenly overflowed from my body!

“E-eeh? Why all of a sudden?”

“Yu-Yuuya? What is that power…?”

Ouma-san didn’t seem to know about this power and looked at me with an astonished expression.

I noticed that the purple aura overflowing from my body was reacting to something.

Earlier it was shimmering as if rising from my body, but now it was flowing in that direction as if being pulled by something.

“Over here…?”


As if guided by the purple aura, I arrived at the storage room where the [Door to Another World] was placed.

There were a lot of mysterious things that Grandpa had collected in the room.

Then, I saw what looked like a very old scroll on a shelf in the storage room.

It seemed that the purple aura was responding to this scroll.

Lexia-san and the others looked at me with interest as I moved as if guided by the purple aura.

And when I reach for the scroll──.


“Hohoho! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in this world──Cough, cough, cough! Eh, what’s with all the dust?”


The purple aura and the old scroll reacted with each other, and suddenly a man appeared in the storage room.


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    I dunno, I feel like his grandfather will appear at some point in this volume, but I do not think it is this sudden figure. Plus, looking at the illustrations, i get the impression that we have not quite reached the point where his grandfather is supposed to appear. The figure that we think might be his grandfather in the illustrations seems to appear in illustration a few illustrations past the one we see in this chapter. And I think the illustrations seem to be shown in chronological order in the novel.

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