Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 3 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Aiming For The Best Pudding and Planning a Trip to Palermo


I wake up with a daily kiss. Then I have breakfast and get ready to head out. I want to check out the new ship, but I also have to answer to Girasole and buy food. Let’s get it all done and enjoy the new ship as much as we can.

“It’s too early to go meet Girasole now, isn’t it? Shall we go shopping for food first?”

“It’s certainly early, but what if the Girasole has left on a request?”

“Ah, sure, but if they are busy, we can’t discuss it, so let’s stop by the inn and ask the landlady to let them know that we will visit them around 10:00, and if they have a request, to let us know the date and time when they will be back.”


I walked to the inn and went inside, and said, “Oh, good morning, Landlady-san. I’d like to ask you to inform the people of Girasole, please?”

“Good morning, Wataru-san. That is fine.”

“Please tell them that I will visit them today around 10:00 a.m., and if they are not here because of a request, please inform the landlady of the date and time they will be back.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Thank you. I’ll be back around 10:00.”

“Yes, I will be waiting for you.”

“Now is the time for shopping. I want to make something, so I need eggs, milk, and sugar. Do you know where I can find milk?”

“I have no idea. ”

“Milk? I’ve never seen it, either. It’s what they make cheese from, right?”

“There is cheese?”

“Yes. They sell it with dried meat for preservation.”

Yes, did I miss it? But I’ve never seen it in a restaurant or anything like that, have I? But I’m glad they have cheese.

“I’ve never seen it in a restaurant or anything, you know? Why?”

“Because it’s very peculiar and expensive. I don’t think you’ll ever see it in a restaurant because they don’t bother to use preserved foods.”

“I see; I would love to get my hands on some cheese and milk. Let’s go ask Camille-san if we can get some.”


I found Camille-san at the merchant guild and talked to her.

“Good morning, Wataru-san. How are you today?”

“I need some milk. Do you know where I can get some?”

“Milk, is it…? If that’s the case, there’s a village called Siena, about an hour up the river by magic boat, where they make cheese. You may be able to get it there.”

“Thank you very much; I will go there.”

“What do you use the milk for, Wataru-san?”

“I have something I would like to make. I will show you when I succeed.”

“I understand. I’ll look forward to it.”

“I’ll do my best to finish it. You can praise me if it turns out well.”

“Fufufu, I’m very strict, you know? Please do your best.”


Oh, I promised Camille-san to praise me by accident; I have to make the best pudding I can.

I leave the merchant guild and buy eggs and sugar.

“Ines, Felicia, can we check on the new ship tomorrow? I want cheese and milk, so we’ll go to the village today, but we have a little time before ten o’clock, so let’s go somewhere and have tea.”

“I’m getting impatient. I can’t wait to see the new ship.”

“I want to see it too, Master.”

“Rimu too.”

“I can’t wait to see it too. I want to take time to enjoy the new ship in a well-lit place at first, so today is not enough time. Let’s take our time tomorrow.”


I also want to enjoy the new ship as soon as possible, but I’m going to hold off for today so that we can enjoy the new ship.

After killing some time, I headed to the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn, “Landlady-san, where is everyone from Girasole?”

“Oh, Wataru-san, they are waiting in their rooms; I’ll go get them.”

“Thank you.”

“Hello, Wataru-san. Please go to our room.”

“Hello, Alessia-san, thank you.”

Ohfu, the atmosphere is even more murderous than the last time I was here. Are all the people staying at the inn Girasole fans?

“So, Wataru-san, how can I help you today?” Alessia-san asked me after we had finished our round of greetings.

“Oh, I thought I would take you with me to Palermo as long as you keep my secret.”


“Yes, Claretta-san.”

“I will keep your secret, I promise.”

“Calm down, Claretta-san. We need to hear what the others have to say.”

“Eh, yes, that’s right; I’m sorry.”

The shy dog-eared big-breasted beauty… cute.

“Fufufu, Claretta has always wanted to go to the cathedral; it can’t be helped.”

“Wataru-san, Wataru-san’s secret is not a bad thing, is it?”

“Yes, it’s alright, Alessia-san. My secret is not about crime.”

“I see. Then I will keep your secret. What about the rest of you?”

When Alessia-san asked, all the other members of the team pledged to keep the secret.

“So, Wataru-san, how much is the boarding fee?”

“The boarding fee? Well, I hadn’t thought about it. I didn’t think of it as a job, so I don’t really need it. It would be hard for me to accept money, on the contrary, because it would be like I’m working during the voyage.”

I didn’t think about it at all, because if anything, I’d rather pay for them myself.

“But it doesn’t work that way.”

“Really? Well, it will take three days from the time we arrive at the port town to the capital, so how about an escort during that time? Wouldn’t an escort of an A-rank adventurer be more than enough?”

“Is that so? Then we will escort you the whole way?”

“Then, I would like you to escort me when I go out to do business. The rest of the time, we’ll be sightseeing, so feel free to enjoy yourselves.”

“Okay, thank you, Wataru-san.”

“Yes, it’s a pleasure for me too.”

“So, Wataru-san, when are you planning to leave?”

“I can leave anytime after the night after tomorrow, so I’ll be fine according to your schedule.”

“Yes, we were going to go to the island too, but we’re going to cancel that. We have to get ready, so the day after tomorrow would be good for us. Is everyone okay with that?”

No one seems to have any objections. Oh, I’ll let them know we’ll take care of the food.

“Oh, we’ll take care of the food, so it’s okay.”

“It should take quite a while to get to Palermo; we can’t possibly bother you that much.”

“Oh, yes, that’s right; I’m sorry to cause you concern. One of my secrets is how to preserve food. Since you don’t need preserved food, shall we arrange a time to go shopping together?”

“Really? Then let’s go shopping together. When would be a good time?”

“Hmm, I have some things to do tomorrow, so how about the day after tomorrow?”

I’m just trying to enjoy my new ship, but I have to make sure I check the facilities well before I show Girasole around. It can’t be helped, can it?

“Yeah, okay. What time would work for you?”

“Right, how about the same time as today?”

“Yes, we’ll be ready for you. Thank you for your time.”

“No problem.”

Ah, as soon as the serious conversation was over, Rimu was taken away from me… Rimu’s charm is melting both Dorothea-san and Marina-san.

“Hey, hey, Wataru-san.”

“Hmm? Oh, Carla-san, may I help you?”

“If there is no need for preserved food, can we have delicious food every day?”

She asked with sparkling eyes. Wow, she’s cute… I have to live up to her expectations, don’t I?

“Yes, we can cook on the ship, so we can have a delicious meal every day.”

“I’m so happy.”

“Ufufu, Carla is not good at preserving food. She likes Wataru-san’s cooking too, so please make her happy.”

“Is that so?”

“Ilma likes Wataru-san’s cooking too, right?”

“Ufufu, yes, I like it.”

Ilma-san, your way of saying that is very erotic. Thanks for the treat.

“Thank you very much. When I get the ingredients in the village we’re going to today; I’ll make something special for you.”

“I’m looking forward to it. What will you make?”

“I’ll do my best, so please wait in anticipation. Please praise me if it turns out well.”

“Okay, I’ll give you lots of praise, so please do your best.”

Oh, I was able to follow the same pattern as with Camille-san. I had to make the best pudding to get lots of compliments.

“Yes, leave it to me.”

“U-um, Wataru-san, I’m sorry.”

“Eh? What’s wrong, Claretta-san?”

“Um, I wanted to go to the cathedral so badly that I couldn’t resist, and I’m really sorry that I asked Wataru-san to go.”

“Oh, there is nothing unreasonable at all. I was originally planning to go to Palermo, and it will be a pleasure to be with the Girasole people. I am very grateful to you, Claretta-san!”

“Thank you very much.”

“No, no, we are going to the cathedral, which is your long-cherished dream. Let’s enjoy it to the fullest.”


I just said something good, didn’t I? If it’s a bishoujo game, my favorability rating will go up.

(Master, your smile is dangerous…)

(Inez… Is it that dangerous?)

(Yes, very.)

(Thank you. I’ll be very careful.)

According to what Ines told me in a whisper, my smile is dangerous. I have to be careful… especially now it’s the first step for the Jacuzzi. I have to be very careful.

“So, everyone, I have some clothes you might want to make to use at one of the ship’s facilities. They cost five silver coins each.”

“Clothes? What kind of clothes for what facility?”

“Well, I don’t want you to be surprised, so I won’t go into detail, but it has to do with the baths.”

“Well, that’s not fair. If you say it’s for the bath, I can’t help but want to make it. What about you girls?”

Everyone else is on board. That’s kind of heartbreaking; I’m not lying about the bath connection, but the clothes are to increase the chances of me getting in there with them, and I hope they won’t get mad at me.

“Wataru-san, where do you think I should make it?”

“If you have time after this, I can take you there.”

“I don’t have anything planned for today, so I’m counting on you.”

“I understand. Shall we get going?”

“Yes, let’s all go.”

I put Rimu on my head and headed for the clothing store. I was afraid of the men’s stares as I left the inn with Girasole. I don’t think I’ll ever stay at the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn again.

I entered the clothing store.

“Welcome. Ara, your order isn’t ready yet.”

“No, I just wanted to request you the clothes I ordered yesterday for these people.”

“Well, they’re from Girasole, aren’t they? I’m honored.”

The clerk is brimming with enthusiasm… the Girasole is awesome.

They are happily conversing with each other while taking measurements… I was just smiling and watching them, but they kicked me out.

“Master. I thought it was indeed a problem to be smilingly observing a woman’s measurements.”

“…Oh, surely…”

Yes, smilingly observing a woman’s measurements. I’m not sure how much delicacy is in the word. I’ll apologize when the measurements are done.

After the measurements were taken and they let me in, I apologized. They laughed and forgave me, but I had to be careful.

“It’s a strange outfit, isn’t it? There are many of us, but they said they would work it out by the day after tomorrow, so we’ll be ready to go by the time we leave. ”

“That’s good to hear. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we will be waiting for you at the inn the day after tomorrow around 10:00 a.m.”

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

We parted ways with Girasole and set out for the village of Siena. We’ll get cheese and milk.


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