I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 12 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – School Idol Project

Part 1


After the exorcism by Kagurazaka-san.

I was being trained by Kuuya-san to practice spiritual power.


“Good, keep it up. If you are in a hurry, it will end up with an outburst of spiritual power. So, it is important to continue your training slowly.”

The goal of my current training was to be able to freely release my spiritual power at will and to be able to circulate my spiritual power freely within my body.

As a way to achieve this, I first needed to face my own spiritual power, so I focused on my own body while sitting in meditation.

This method was similar to the first time I sensed magic power, but at that time, I was unaware of this spiritual power that was lurking in my body.

…It was only after I completed the trial in the heavenly realm that I became able to sense the spiritual power in my body.

I don’t remember what kind of trial it was, but it was a test to cease being human, and I guess it was that act that led me to face my own existence, and this was how I came to manifest my spiritual power.

As I was thinking about this and manipulating the spiritual power inside my body, Kuuya-san gave me the signal to end the session.

“Alright, let’s call it a day.”


“Umu, umu. As expected of my descendant. You have quickly mastered the art of using spiritual powers.”

As Kuuya-san said, it had not been that long since I began training, but I was able to freely release and move spiritual power within my body without any particular difficulty.

The only thing I had to be careful about was that I don’t spread my spiritual power around too vigorously, but since Kuuya-san was watching over my training, I don’t have to worry about that at the moment.

In other words, I could say that my training was going quite well.

I continued with my training regarding spiritual power, but there were still many things I didn’t know about it.

“Um, Kuuya-san. I am training in this way, but what can I actually do with spiritual power and sorcery?”

“Well, right… It seems that there is a technique called magic in the other world, it can definitely do something similar to it. If magic consumes magic power to cause phenomena, then similarly, sorcery is a technique that consumes spiritual power to cause phenomena.”

“Does that mean you can create flames?”

“Yes. The only clear difference between magic and sorcery is that sorcery is more offensive.”


I tilted my head, and Kuuya-san continued.

“As I mentioned before, spiritual power is the result of the stain of death becoming a power. Therefore, its power is also close to ‘death.’ In other words, the sorcery that is released by consuming this power also has a high ability to kill. For example, if you compare a flame created by magic and a flame created by sorcery, the flame created by sorcery is much hotter, and above all, it does not disappear.”

“It doesn’t disappear?”

“Yes. Just as you cannot attack a demon without spiritual power, a phenomenon created with spiritual power can basically only be canceled by another phenomenon that is also filled with spiritual power. You must remember that.”

Indeed, the difference would be quite large since a flame created by magic can be extinguished even by water that is not separately imbued with magical power.

“I see…”

“In addition to this, the training you are currently undergoing to manipulate the spiritual power within your body, if you are able to do this, you will naturally be able to continue strengthening your body.”

In other words, it would be a sorcery version of the physical ability through magic.

“Due to having the demon’s constitution, you and I have never been able to develop proper muscles, but if you can handle your spiritual power, you will always be able to exert a force that cannot be compared to muscular strength. Unlike sorcery, which releases spiritual power out of the body, this one does not consume spiritual power…”

If it weren’t for this power, I wouldn’t have been able to fight against those demons.

──Thus, I spent peaceful days with Kuuya-san training me to control my spiritual power.

…To be honest, I’m curious about the demons that appeared in this world and the reason why they appeared in this world.

But I couldn’t exterminate the demons on my own.

I think Kuuya-san was concerned about this, too.

“You shouldn’t worry too much about it. Right now, you should only think about helping the people around you.”

This was what he said.

I was not sure that the underworld would leave the situation as it is where demons were unleashed in this world.

That’s why I’m learning how to use my powers so that I can protect those close to me from the damage of demons.

Come to think of it, Kuuya-san said earlier that I learned to handle spiritual power very quickly, but I wonder if there’s a reason for that.

At least, I didn’t feel a shred of spiritual power until I went to the heavenly realm…

It should be an unknown power, but for some reason, spiritual power seemed strangely familiar to my body.

When I asked Kuuya-san about it, he said,

“Of course it is. You have never been able to recognize it, and you have never had to use it, but it has always been there with you. Once you are aware of its existence, you will be able to use it just like breathing, without having to be particularly conscious of it.”

So it seems.

As a result, I am now able to release my spiritual power out of my body and use it with my weapons to some extent, so I should be able to deal with demons when they appear.

I was spending a reasonably fulfilling day in this way, and after finishing school today, I was about to go home…


“──Is Yuuya Tenjou-kun here?”



Suddenly, the classroom door opened vigorously, and there stood a male student.

The boy had a somewhat confident expression on his face… and wore such an atmosphere that attracted attention unintentionally.

However, when I was surprised by the sudden appearance of a complete stranger, Sawada-sensei, who was still in the classroom, held her temples.

“Hey, Kitaraku… What are you doing here? And don’t open the door so aggressively; it’s dangerous.”

Sawada-sensei, who would normally be on the side of the students, looked tired in front of the student who suddenly appeared.

I mean, that guy… called me, right? No, did I mishear it…?

While I was puzzled by the feeling of being called by a strange male student, that student laughed at Sawada-sensei’s words.

“Hahahahaha! That was rude of me! I just got carried away! As I said before, the reason I came here was because I wanted to talk to Yuuya Tenjou-kun!”

“To Tenjou?”

I knew it wasn’t a mistake to have my name called, and Sawada-sensei turned his gaze toward me with a dubious expression on her face.

The boy followed her gaze, and when he finally spotted me, his eyes lit up.

“Oh, there you are! You must be Yuuya Tenjou-kun…!”


The student took my hand as soon as he came in front of me.

“I’m always grateful for what you do for us! I always look forward to seeing what you do!”

“H-huh… Um, who are you…?”

I asked, and the boy’s eyes widened for a moment.

“Hmm? Oh, I see. You are a transfer student, aren’t you? I’m Sou Kitaraku. I’m the student council president of this Ousei Academy!”

“Ee… Eeeeeeeeeeehhh!”

I didn’t expect him to be the student council president and was surprised to hear him say that.

Well, come to think of it, I haven’t seen the student council president since I came to this school…

I had seen the other student council members, including Kaori, greeting each other at athletic and school festivals and other events, but I had never seen the student council president.

I hadn’t been particularly concerned about that until now…

“Well, I’ve done so many things that I’ve been on the teachers’ radar. They won’t let me stand in front of everyone anymore!”

What did you do to deserve that?

No wonder I’d never seen or heard the student council president address the class!

I was surprised at the situation, which was unbecoming of a student council president, but the person in question did not seem bothered by it and laughed boldly.

Seeing the student council president like that, Sawada-sensei let out a tired sigh.

“It’s not a laughing matter… it’s true that all the events you’ve been involved in have been successful, but you certainly can’t take it lightly with the effort that went into them… That’s why the other teachers are stopping you. If you would just think a little more about what you’re doing, you’d be able to act as a normal student council president, you know?”

“I won’t be such a boring student council president!”

“Do as you please…”

Apparently, this student council president is quite a unique person.

“So, Kitaraku. I have a very bad feeling about this… you, what’s your business with Tenjou?”

“Oh, that’s right!””

The student council president Kitaraku, who remembered his purpose thanks to Sawada-sensei’s words, said to me with his chest puffed out.

“Yuuya Tenjou-kun! I would like you to raise the school idols of our school!”


I couldn’t help but ask back at the unexpected words of the student council president.

The other classmates who were listening around the room were also darting their eyes at the student council president’s words.

However, only one person, the student council president, alone was convinced and took my hand.

“Oh, you’ll take care of it! Then let’s start talking about the details──”

“W-wait a minute! I didn’t say I’d take on the job.”

“Hmm? Didn’t you just say ‘yes’?”

“I was asking back!”

It should not have looked like I agreed to it by any stretch of the imagination, but apparently, the student council president didn’t think so. That’s strange… is it possible for there to be such a difference in perception…?

Then the student council president let go of my hand and tilted his head.

“Hmm… that I was mistaken. But what do you want to ask back?”

“No, I want to hear it all back from the beginning…”

As well as the school idol, and I’m the one who will raise it, and I don’t understand the situation from what it’s all about.

Sawada-sensei, who had been quietly watching what was going on, let out a sigh.

“Hey, Kitaraku… are you trying to start something weird again?”

“What do you mean by strange? I’m just proposing a means to spread the word about how wonderful this academy is!”

“This direction is too crazy…”

Everyone in the class, not just me, nodded in agreement with Sawada-sensei’s words.

Then Luna, who was getting ready to leave as well, asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know what it is, but what is this school idol thing that guy was talking about?”


To be honest, I don’t know how to explain it.

I am not very familiar with those things as well.

Shingo-kun, perhaps sensing my concern, appeared out of nowhere.


“Oh! W-where did you come from…?”

“T-that’s not the point. School idol is…”

Shingo-kun’s explanation, which was even more enthusiastic than usual, helped not only Luna but also me to understand the school idol thing somewhat.

“I see… So, there is such a culture in this world… and when it comes to a position of gaining popularity among the people, it may be similar to that of a saint or a hero, like Mai.”

Luna was a little overwhelmed but seemed to understand the concept of idols by matching it with her own knowledge.

“Ah, Kitaraku-senpai…!”

“I-I’ve been looking for you…!”



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