Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 3 Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – The Employee Again and Guided Tour of the Ship


A man with murderous intent stands in front of me and shouts loudly… It’s the employee of that inn…

Wow, there’s definitely going to be trouble now. It’s a shame play in the middle of a big crowd. Should we leave the cart behind and run away? [T/n: Shame play: The act of satisfying perverted sexual preferences by inciting shame. Typical examples are being subjected to abusive language or being forced to dress up in embarrassing outfits. In some cases, the term “shame play” is used to describe the thrill of having a pretty woman curse at you.] 

…But why? I know we’re physically stronger than him because of the level, but I don’t think we can run away from him. The employee will chase us wherever we go; he is a man who will not give up.

“Carla-san, Claretta-san, are you still with that kind of man? Even if he’s a baggage handler, he’s not someone you should have by your side.”

He’s been dissing me from the very beginning. Not even a baggage handler is allowed to be with them, huh…?

“Um, you are the employee of the inn, aren’t you? I don’t think it’s your place to say anything to the two of them.”

“Is that alright? You girls are the A-rank party Girasole. You don’t deserve such a middle-class inn, and the man there is just as much of a pest gathered around you. Please come back to my inn.”

Eh? Are you ignoring me? Eh? A pest? This is where I should get angry, right? But, you know, people are gathering here, and I’m the one who gets angry and retorts? It’s embarrassing, right? I think it’s better to act calmly and maturely here.

“Well, Employee-san, this is a main street, and it is not your place to meddle in the inn’s affairs. Can you please leave without making a scene?”

“I promise you the best service if you come back. You will have the best room and the best food, and I will be your personal attendant. You are still having difficulties, aren’t you? With my inn, you don’t have to go shopping. Just let me know, and I’ll have it ready for you.”

He ignored me… that’s right, my words were out of the employee’s earshot. I was about to burst into tears.

(Um, Ines, my words are not getting through. What do you think I should do?)

(Ufufu, I think you should just shut up and watch.)

(But that sounds kind of pathetic.)

(Don’t worry, Wataru-san. I’m used to it now, and I’ve already taken countermeasures, so just watch me for a while.)

(Eh? Claretta-san, will it be okay?)

(Yes, no problem.)

(I understand.)

Is it okay that the person at the center of the situation is participating in the whispering? What about the employee? …Oh, he’s acting so pompously. He’s talking loudly about how wonderful he and his inn are without even looking at here. That sounds pleasant.

“So, what’s going to happen now?”

“Yes, I think they will be here soon. Oh, here they are.”

A group of men is rushing over. Oh, they jumped on the employee… Hmm, the employee’s rampaging wonderfully. After slamming and wrestling, the employee was dragged away…

“What is going on?”

“Yes, those people are employees of the innkeeper. So that guy was sneaking out and causing a ruckus, and they’re that guy’s retrievers.”

“How did they get here so fast?”

“Yes, the inn is a long-established business, and there are many people around here who know the innkeeper. When someone finds that employee, they will let the owner know.”

Is this the same pattern every time? My talking to him was a complete waste of time, wasn’t it…?

“I see… Shall we continue shopping?”


After finishing the shopping, we returned to the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn. I’m feeling pretty tired. The other members of Girasole had already returned, so I led them to the ship.

“Please come on in.”

I gave them permission to board the ship and let them all in. The members of Girasole are very curious.

“Please sit down and wait while I prepare some tea.”

I ask the six of them to sit on the sofa and stools in the salon.

“Here you go.”

“Wataru-san, this is a very different kind of magic ship, isn’t it? The outside of the ship looks a little bit like a strange magic ship, but the inside is beautiful; I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s just amazing.”

“Thank you, Alessia-san, and now, I’ll tell you my secret.”

“Eh? Oh, yes, you are going to tell us the secret of the ship, aren’t you?”

“Well, it’s more my secret than the ship’s, but it’s easier to understand if you look at it, isn’t it? You’ll have to watch and see. Ship summoning.”

A magic circle appears inside the ship, and a rubber boat emerges.

“This is my unique skill, ship summoning. This ship is also summoned by my skill.”

“U-unique skill…? It should be a secret, right?”

The people of Girasole are also surprised and dumbfounded… and even their dumbfounded faces are beautiful… beautiful women are unfair, aren’t they?

“Yes, and we’ll load the food we’ve bought onto this boat I summoned.”

Ines and Felicia helped me load the food into the boat. Oh, by the way, where’s Rimu? Oh, he’s playing at the sky lounge.

“And the ship is repatriated. Now the food in it will be preserved while time is stopped. Hey, it’s going to be okay, isn’t it, Claretta-san?”

“Y-yes, Wataru-san, I am too surprised to know how to answer, but I understand.”

“Anyway, we will load all the food into the boat.”

I summoned two more boats, loaded all the remaining food into them, and repatriated them.

“I still have more secrets, but it is hard to explain them here, so I will explain them after we go out on the voyage. It would be troublesome if someone discovered my skills. Please keep it a secret, everyone.”

“Y-yes, it will certainly cause trouble. Alright, I will keep the secret. Right, everyone.”


“Thank you very much. Okay, let me give you a tour of the ship. First of all, this is the kitchen. If you twist this faucet, water comes out anytime. This is the refrigerator and freezer, where you can chill drinks and food. There is fruit juice in the fridge, so you can drink it whenever you like. And this is the stove. You put a pot on it, and you can cook.”

“I know it’s kind of cool, but I don’t really know what to do with it.”

“No problem, you’ll learn as soon as you use it. Ines and Felicia got used to it right away. If you have any questions, please ask as many times as you like. Next, here’s the guest room, which can only accommodate two people.”

“Oh, Alessia, that’s not fair. Me, too.”

“Hey, Alessia, Carla, Wataru-san is explaining.”

“”I’m sorry.””

“Hahaha, well, you’ll have plenty of fun once we sail, so for now, just listen to my explanation.”


“Here is the restroom. I feel strange explaining it to you, so please ask Ines and Felicia later. Also, if you twist this sink, water will come out.”

Oh, before I knew it, Rimu was in Dorothea-san’s arms.

“This is the owner’s room, the room I usually use.”

“Wow, what a big bed, and it’s so soft.”

“Yes, it’s my favorite.”

“And here is the shower room. This is where we cleanse ourselves. It’s quite comfortable, so you should try it too. I’ll leave it to Ines and Felicia to explain.”

“Ufufu, you’re cleansing yourself, huh? How did you get so dirty?”

Ilma-san, please don’t look at me like that. I know what you mean, but it’s a misunderstanding.

“W-well, when you’re sailing, the sea breeze makes your body sticky, so I’m sure you’ll use it often. Now that I have given you the full tour, what do you have to say? Do you have any questions?”


“What is it, Dorothea-san?”

“If I don’t know how to use something, I will ask Ines-san and Felicia-san, but could you tell me the rules that I must follow on this ship?”

“The rules, huh…? There are no specific rules. I will explain later that killing is prohibited on the ship. When training, please do not engage in hand-to-hand combat.”

“I understand. Right, everyone?”


Other than that… I can’t think of anything in particular, so I guess it’ll just have to wait until later.

“Um, Wataru-san, this is a rather brazen request, but I’d like to sleep with Rimu-chan. Can I ask you for it?”

Dorothea-san, who is usually so sharp, is looking shy… Okay.

“Um, Wataru-san?”

“Eh? Oh, you want to sleep with Rimu?”


“I think it’s fine if Rimu is okay with it; I’ll ask him now.”

I’m jealous of Rimu. I wonder if there is such a technique as sharing the senses included in the tame skill…

“Rimu, next, we are going on a voyage with Onee-san’s from Girasole. At that time, Dorothea-san wants to sleep with Rimu. Do you mind if you sleep with Dorothea-san?”

“Dorotea? Rimu, like.”

“I see… Rimu says he likes Dorothea-san. How about sleeping together?”


“Yes, you sleep together.”

“Rimu, Dorothea, sleep together.”

“Then next time, you and Dorothea-san will sleep together.”


“Dorothea-san, Rimu doesn’t mind sleeping with you.”

“Thank you, Wataru-san. I’m looking forward to sleeping with you next time, Rimu-chan.”

I wish I could sleep with them, too, though I wouldn’t ask because I’d be a confirmed pervert if I did.

Dorothea-san and Rimu are having fun lovey-dovey… I’m so jealous.

“Wataru-san, are you sure it’s okay to sail tomorrow?”

“Oh, yes, Alessia-san, it’s fine. What time do we leave?”

“Well, is 6 o’clock too early?”

“It will be fine with me.”

“Then we’ll leave at 6 o’clock, please. Well, we’re going to leave now.”

After seeing off the Girasole members who were leaving, I headed to Donnino-san’s place with a bottle of alcohol and a piece of paper with the toy rules written on it. Oh, by the way, I left my first hut behind, so I have to carry three huts, so I’ll borrow someone from Donnino-san.

“Good evening, Donnino-san.”

“Oh, Wataru, it’s ready. I hope you brought the liquor?”

“Yes, I brought it with me. These are the rules for the toys.”

“Oh, I’ll try the toy one next time.”

Oh, no, all he can see now is the booze. The atmosphere is so refreshingly spewing that I should just go home.

“Donnino-san, we can’t carry all the toys ourselves, so can you lend us a hand?”

“Hmm? Yes, take the young guys around here and go on your own.”

The young craftsmen laughed and carried them to the ship. I felt sorry for them, so I gave them one silver coin.

I tied the hut to a big fishing rubber boat. It was an easy job since we had the manpower. Now we have three hut boats, although one of them is shabby. What’s the inside of the new hut boats like?

Yeah, they are all boarded up, and I feel more secure. It’s a rubber boat with a soft bottom, so it’ll be comfortable enough with a blanket.

Lanterns, a small desk, shelves, etc., will be set up. It’s enough just for sleeping. Next, let’s try out the toys they made for us.

“Ines, Felicia, these are Reversi and Jenga. I’ll teach you the rules; now, let’s play.”


We start with Jenga, which is simple enough for first-timers to enjoy. Carefully pulling out the stick and placing it on the top, the two of them are so cute that they make a noise every time the stick is about to fall over.

Every time it falls over, there are screams and cheers, and the loser asks for one more time. It’s a lot of fun, but I found some serious flaws. It was not a good toy to play with on a boat; it could not be played with while the boat was running or when the waves were big. I wish I had realized this before I made it.

Reversi was also a good experience. At first, I could easily beat both of them because they were caught in a lot of flips, but gradually they realized the importance of the corners and edges, and the game became more interesting.

To my surprise, Rimu became interested in playing Reversi, so I taught him the rules, and he began to play well with both of them. He was able to move the pawns, place the stuck stones on the board, and turn them over with ease.

Even though they were against Rimu, they didn’t want to lose to a slime, so they fought desperately and managed to win a hard-fought victory. It’s not very mature, is it?

Rimu also looked sad because he had been losing so many times, so I played a game with him and lost to him. I know it was not a good act, but it was the best way to make Rimu happy. Rimu is too cute, bouncing his body around and making me happy.

“Well, we have an early day tomorrow, so let’s have dinner and go to bed.”


“No, you’re not a child anymore, so please bear with it. We have a lot of games with Girasole tomorrow, and we can’t afford to oversleep, so we’re done for today.”


From tomorrow, we’ll be with Girasole, so let’s enjoy lovey-dovey today as much as we can. Good night.

Hmm… Morning, huh? I finish my daily routine, and my fuzzy head clears up.

That’s right… today is the day I’m going on a boat trip with Girasole. I’m going to do my best to get along with them. To be honest, I’m hoping for a lucky slip as well. Okay, I’ll make it a fun boat trip.


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