Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 1

Here’s the chapter, enjoy~

Chapter 1 – Departure to Palermo and Onboard Guidance


On the morning of departure, I prepared myself enthusiastically and got ready for the pickup.

“Ufufu, Master, if you push too hard, you’ll draw attention to yourself.”

“I think the normal Master is better too.”

“Eh? Can you tell how enthusiastic I am?”

“Your eyes are so intense.”

“You’re breathing hard, too.”

“W-well… it calms me down a little.”

Boat trip with Girasole… it does take a lot of energy, doesn’t it? …Oh, no, calm down. If I’m all fired up and spinning out of control, I’m going to get turned away. Calm down… calm down…

Yes, it takes strength because you have expectations. A dull man and a shining beauty, they are like the moon and the stars. It makes me sad to think about it, but if I don’t realize it, I’ll end up like that employee. I can’t be like that one.

“Whew, I’m calm now. Thank you.”

“You seem to have lost a lot of energy… are you okay?”

“Haha, I’m fine. Just a little dose of reality, that’s all.”

I’m a little depressed, but I’m a hundred times better when I hug Rimu.

“Is that right?”

“Yeah, it’s almost time to go, so let’s go outside and wait.”


After a while outside, I heard footsteps approaching.

“Good morning, everyone.”

“”””””Good morning.””””””

“Anyway, let’s get going and get on board.”

We greet each other individually and give them permission to board the ship.

“Is there any problem if we leave as we are?”

“Yes, it’s fine. Thank you very much.”

“Then, we will depart.”

I go up to the flying bridge and let the ship depart… Huh? I can’t use the autopilot because we are going to a new place for the first time…

I guess this means I can’t get associated with Girasole too much… I’m losing all my tension at once. Ah, I was soaring so high that I didn’t even notice that. I can hear the happy voices from the salon. I feel lonely…

After running the ship for a while, Ines and Felicia came to take turns. I’m glad I taught them how to steer the boat. I’m about to go to the salon when I notice an important problem.

“Ah, Ines, if the monsters attack, I’ll explain to Girasole about this ship, so you can’t play the escape game out of the blue. You must come back to report properly.”

I look at Ines, who lightly looks away as she replies, and think from the bottom of my heart that I’m glad I noticed. They immediately came in to switch after going out to the open sea, and it was definitely a deliberate mistake.

They must have been planning to surprise the members of Girasole, a game of escape with the monsters out of the blue.

“Felicia, if Ines is about to go out of control, stop her, okay?”

“Yes, I understand.”

Aside from Ines, Felicia is calm and dependable. I’m sure she’ll take care of it if I ask her to.

“Then, I’m counting on you.”


Ines replies a little dissatisfied; I’m kind of afraid to go back.

“Is there anything inconvenient for you all?”

“It’s very comfortable. Thank you for your efforts in navigating the ship, Wataru-san.”

“Thank you very much. Oh, Alessia-san, would you like me to explain the schedule for the trip to Palermo?”

“Yes, please.”

“Well, the ship will run from morning until sunset, except for meals and rest breaks, and we are scheduled to arrive in 17 days, right? We will be traveling on the open sea, not along the continent, as we will be subject to on-site inspections.”

“Wataru-san, may I have a word?”

“Yes, it’s alright, Dorothea-san.”

“The on-site inspection is certainly troublesome, but I don’t think it’s a risk worth taking to increase the chance of being attacked by monsters by moving through the open seas. You may be harassed, but it won’t kill you, and you may not even have to undergo on-site inspections.”

“Yes, normally that would be the case, but this ship is surrounded by barriers. There won’t be any damage from monsters, so the on-site inspection is more trouble than it’s worth. The barrier is said to be strong enough to easily repel dragon breath, and the sea serpent’s attacks have been completely ineffective.”

“Is that so? It’s a unique skill, so it’s possible, but it’s hard to believe.”

“Well, that’s true. I can only ask you to trust me until then because I will be able to confirm it when we are actually attacked by the monsters.”

“Ah, no, you have succeeded in the pepper trade twice, and I do not doubt you. I just can’t imagine it. I am sorry.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it. In fact, I was also worried about goblin attacks when I didn’t know the effects of it. So I think it will be alright if you confirm it yourself.”

“Yes, thank you very much. You are not wearing any protective gear, are you, Wataru-san?”

“Yes, wearing protective gear can be tiring, so it would be good for everyone to remove their protective gear after the check is complete to make it easier. At the very least, you can prove that you have had time to put on your protective gear.”

“You seem absolutely sure of your security. Have you really ever repelled a dragon breath?”

“No, but it is guaranteed by someone I trust, so I know I am not mistaken.”

Since it is guaranteed by the Creator God, it should be fine, right? He had a slightly restless personality, but he is the Creator God, after all.

“I’m wondering who guaranteed it. Can you tell me?”

“Hmm, it’s a secret. If it’s my secret, I can tell you to a certain extent. But in this case, I can’t tell you if it’s okay to talk about it.”

“I see. I’m sorry to ask such an intrusive question.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it.”

After talking for a while, Ines came to inform me of a monster attack, the usual gluttony shark.

“Everyone, the monsters are here; let’s go outside, and I’ll explain it to you in a real battle.”

When we went outside, a gluttony shark was about to jump on us with its big mouth open. We’re in a ship, and I’m used to it by now, but if I weren’t in a ship, I’d be cowed.

Girasole, being an A-rank adventurer, calmly assesses the situation. I wanted to hear a little scream or a cute voice, but they were instantly prepared to fight. They are beautiful but powerful and honestly scary.

“Amazing, a gluttony shark is usually a hopeless opponent when you meet one on a ship, but when it attacks the ship, I don’t even feel the vibrations.”

“Yes, it repels attacks on the hull without a scratch.”

“Well, as you can see, it’s a powerful barrier. Even with the sea serpent, the result will be the same as it is now. Then, after Rimu and I hit them with the bow and stone, Ines and Felicia took them down.”

I ask the two of them to beat it after we hit it with the bow and the stone.

“Are we going to beat it? It’s been a long time, and we’re going to experience it sooner or later, so I’d rather play the game now.”

“Ines, it’s only the first day, and you don’t have to rush so much… I understand. Just wait until I finish explaining.”

“Ufufufu, okay.”

Hmm, I’m weak.

“And so, the two of them are playing a game of escape when the monsters appear as part of their ship-handling training. There is no danger of the ship being overturned, but it will be shaky, so if the ship starts to maneuver roughly, please assume it is an attack by monsters.”

“A game of escape?”

“It’s a game where you have to navigate the ship without running away from the monsters that are chasing you while avoiding contact with the ship’s barrier system.”

“Why would they do that?”

“It is embarrassing to say, but it is for training and to pass the time. It’s a long voyage, and we have a lot of time to kill… Well, we’re going to play an escape game now, so you can experience how this ship works.”

“Yeah, okay, but you’re in a situation where you’re being attacked by a gluttony shark, and you really have a lot of time to spare.”

“Yes, you can go outside once you get used to it, but just in case, let’s see it from inside the salon this time. Ines, Felicia, go inside and start in a little while.”


“Okay, let’s go inside.”

We all go inside and sit on the sofa, and the speed of the ship increases. The ship is swaying, and everyone is conversing without a care in the world. Does it look like there is no problem?

Felicia enjoys the game of escape to the fullest when she has permission, too. I guess it’s just that she likes to maneuver the ship, after all.

“Is everyone okay with the game of escape suddenly starting up like this?”

“Yes, it’s a little startling when you’re not used to it, but this level of swaying is not a problem.”

Marina-san and Carla-san are enjoying the shaking, and the other members are relaxing, drinking tea and such. As expected of an A-rank party.

After a while, Felicia came to call us to say that the monsters were tired. We all went outside, and once again, Rimu and I attacked it, then Ines and Felicia finished it off.

I summoned a boat under the monster, took the magic stone, cut the monster into pieces, and then repatriated it.

“This is roughly how we deal with the monsters. I think it proved safer, at least for the time being.”

“Yes. I didn’t think I’d end up feeling sorry for the gluttony shark, but I think it’s safe enough. Thank you, Wataru-san.”

I knew this method was pitiful, even if it was against a monster. I’m glad there are people who sympathize with me. Ines and Felicia are happy to play the game of escape, so I thought I was an anomaly.

“No, I’m glad you agree. Well, this is generally how we sail, so please relax and enjoy the voyage. Are there any questions?”

“May I?”

“Yes, Alessia-san, what is it?”

“Is it okay if I go outside if I want to do some exercise?”

“Yes, you may train outside on the forward and aft decks, but as I said before, please do not engage in any physical contact. If you do anything that could injure anyone on board, you will be thrown out from the ship, so please don’t do that, even in training.”

“I understand. It’s a really great ship.”

“Is there anything else?”


“Yes, Carla-san, what is it?”

“When will Wataru-san’s special food be ready?”

“Would you prefer it to be sooner, Carla-san?”


She’s got a big smile on her face. Very cute. The pudding is confirmed; what should I make for the main course for dinner? I have milk and butter, and I’d like to have a cream stew. I can make both before dinner, or I can make them now.

“Well, let’s make them now, shall we? We can have them for dinner.”


“Wataru-san, I’ll help you.”

“I’m counting on you. Claretta-san.”

First, I’ll make the pudding, which will take a while to cool, and then the stew. I’ll have them put up with the food from the stalls for lunch. Put sugar and water in a pan and heat until the sugar turns brown. When it’s ready, put it in a ceramic cup and add a little hot water.

While the milk is warming, whisk the eggs in a bowl with the sugar, carefully mixing them together. Pour the warmed milk into the bowl and mix thoroughly with the egg mixture.

Strain the pudding liquid through a fine-mesh cloth and pour it into the cup with the caramel sauce. Submerge the cup just before boiling water, cover, and heat for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it steep for another 10 minutes, then let it cool and put it in the refrigerator.

“Wataru-san, this is an unusual dish, isn’t it? Is it good?”

“Hmm, it was very popular at the place I was at, so I think it will be fine here as well. Please look forward to it after dinner.”

“Fufu, I’m really looking forward to it.”

“No, I don’t want you to get your hopes up too high, so please be moderate.”

“Fufu, Wataru-san, please look behind you.”

When I turned around, I saw Carla-san staring at me with a sparkling face… things are expected of me…. but I can’t help it anymore. I wish I had vanilla essence, at least… The expectations are so heavy. Now let’s make a white stew.

I ask Claretta-san to peel potatoes, onions, and carrots and cut them into large pieces. Fry the chicken in butter, add the cut vegetables and saute with salt and pepper.

Then mix in the flour, cheese, milk, and chicken broth. I wish I had consommé, but I don’t. Can I substitute it with chicken broth…?

“Wataru-san, this is the first time I’ve ever made a stew with milk. I’m anxious, but it smells good. Is it safe to expect this one too?”

“I think it will be fine as long as the milk is acceptable. The rest is done if you cook it slowly over low heat. Thank you for your help, Claretta-san.”

“No, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to dinner. Oh, by the way, Wataru-san, I asked you before to teach me how to make mayonnaise.”

“Mayonnaise? I don’t mind teaching you… Oh, wait a minute. It might be dangerous to spread the recipe around.”

“Is there a problem?”

“Yes, mayonnaise is easy to make if you know how to make it, although it takes a lot of energy. But the problem is that without the use of purification, you can’t tell from the look of it. Purification isn’t commonly used, is it?”

“Yes, the church has users, but it is impossible to use purification in everyday cooking… I’m sorry, but I’ll refrain from doing so.”

“Well, if it is made by the church, it might not be a problem. If the church sells it, you can trust it.”

“The church?”

“Yes, the church has priests who can use purification, and they also have an orphanage. It’s hard work, and the orphans may resent you for it, but the priests do the purification, and the orphans do the stirring. If a portion of the proceeds went to the orphans, wouldn’t that make everyone happy?”

“I think it’s a very interesting idea. The mayonnaise would definitely sell, and more people would come to the church. If the orphans can earn an income, they will be able to afford to start their own businesses. If it is successful, how much should they pay you, Wataru-san?”

“I don’t need a payment.”

“That’s not the way it works.”

“Is that so? Then, please donate half of the money paid to me to the church and the other half to the orphanage.”

It’s a light novel rip-off, and I can make money with pepper. This is where I can get some good feelings from Claretta-san! Making mayonnaise at the orphanage is also a template, right?

“Is that okay? Wataru-san is a merchant, but you are a strange one.”

“Really? Well, it’s not a success story yet, and I might regret it if huge profits are made. If that happens, I would like you to comfort me.”

“Fufu, I’ll think about it when the time comes.”

Oof, Claretta-san is a tough one…


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