I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3

Here’s the chapter, enjoy~

Part 3


A few minutes later, the three of them were standing in the bathhouse.

The marble bathtub was filled with clear water, and rose petals were floating in it.

“A-amazing! This is the bath…!”

“As expected of a royal palace, it is a magnificent bath. Speaking of which, where is Laila-sama?”

“She said she would be right here soon, so she asked us to go ahead and take a bath. For beauty, it is important to take care of yourself before taking a bath.”

While waiting for Laila, the three of them soaked in the bathtub together.

“Ahhhh…! It feels so warm and nice! It’s so different from bathing in cold water!”

Luna nodded her head in agreement with Tito, who looked as if she was about to be absorbed in the bathtub.

“I can understand that. But Yuuya’s bath is even more exceptional.”

“Yes, yes! It makes your skin smooth, heals wounds, and removes fatigue. Not only that, but it also revitalizes your magic power.”

The bath that Lexia and Luna are talking about is the item that Yuuya got as a drop when he defeated the Crystal Deer, a portable bath that can be carried around. You can enjoy a wide variety of baths, including cypress, stone, and Jacuzzi baths, and it also has a variety of beneficial effects.

“S-such an amazing bath…! Who in the world is Yuuya-san…?”

Next to the astonished Tito, Lexia looked at Luna with half-open eyes.

“Speaking of Yuuya-sama. Luna, what did you mean earlier?”

“What was that about?”

“You said something about training to be a bride.”

Luna then proudly puffed out her chest as if she had won.

“Fufu. Actually, I’ve been secretly practicing housework for Yuuya.”

“I knew it!”

“I wanted to help Yuuya recover from his exhaustion when we eventually get together.”

“I thought it was strange, but that’s how it was! It’s not fair! I also want to give Yuuya-sama a delicious home-cooked meal!”

“Well, some people are just not cut out for this kind of thing. Leave these things to me, Lexia, and you stay quiet… It’s for Yuuya’s sake, too.”

“What? What do you mean by that?”

“…The two of you, um, about Yuuya-san? Do you like him?”

Tito tilted her head as she glanced over at Lexia and Luna, who were arguing lively with each other.

Luna’s cheeks were flushed as she swept her gaze over the question.

“Oh, no, um… I don’t really know how I feel about liking him or anything like that, but when I think about Yuuya… I feel warm in my heart, or I want to be with him all the time, or something like that…”

“Geez, you’re still not being honest! You know Tito, Luna is my escort and my rival in love.”


“Rival in love, huh…?”

“Right, Luna?”


Next to Lexia, who proclaimed proudly, Luna grunted in embarrassment but eventually exhaled as if in contemplation.

“…I guess so. In the past, I would never have thought of sightseeing in the city like I do now, enjoying a relaxing bath, practicing cooking for someone else… But as I trained with Yuuya in the Great Devil’s Nest, I somehow found myself drawn out of the bottomless darkness… and Yuuya pulled me out of it. Yuuya is like a light to me.”

Her clear blue eyes have a loving light in them, and her cheeks are lightly tinted.

Lexia looked at Luna with satisfaction and puffed out her chest.

“That’s why, Luna and I are rivals! Well, I’ll be getting married first!”

“Mmm. I’m one step ahead of you, though.”

“T-that’s because Owen won’t stop the carriage…!”

Luna once kissed Yuuya on the cheek. When Lexia saw that, she naturally made a big fuss about kissing him too, but since Owen, her escort, had sent the carriage out without question, she was falling behind.

“(What kind of person is Yuuya-san who makes Lexia-san and Luna-san so crazy about him? I bet he must be a very wonderful person.)”

As Tito was thinking about Yuuya, whom she had not seen yet, she heard Laila’s voice.

“Fufu, it’s so lively, isn’t it?”


With her hair tied up, Laila exhaled as she soaked in the bathtub.

“Hah, it’s good to have a bath, after all. It’s so relaxing.”

“The royal palace of the kingdom of Sahar is quite spacious and luxurious!”

“Yes. …But is it safe to take such a leisurely bath now? If we were to be attacked right now, we would be in a lot of trouble…”

Laila looked up at the ceiling a little anxiously. But Lexia confidently shrugged her shoulders.

“Then don’t worry about it! Right, Luna?”

“Yeah. I have taken every precaution against assassins.”

As Luna responded, a man’s scream echoed in the distance.

“W-what was that?”

“It seems that the assassin has been caught by the strings that I have put around us.”

“A trap? When did you make such a thing?”

With a calm face, Luna scooped up the petals floating in the bathtub.

“You don’t have to worry about the assassins. I know how they work. A skilled assassin might be impossible to capture, but it is enough to prevent them from getting in. If there is an intruder, Tito will immediately notice them by the sound.”

“Yes, leave it to me!”

“…Lexia-sama, who are your escorts…?”

Laila asked fearfully, and Lexia’s chest puffed out.

“My pride and joy, Luna and Tito!”

“That’s not an answer, is it…?”

Laila was taken aback but eventually, let out a smile as if the tension had been released.

“Fufu. It’s strange. It is very reassuring, even though we should be worried about our lives being threatened in a foreign country. Lexia-sama, you have wonderful friends.


Luna shrugged her shoulders, and Tito smiled happily.




When they were warm enough, the four of them got out of the bathtub and washed.

Lexia suddenly reached for Tito’s tail.

“Come to think of it, what happened to Tito’s tail?”


When Lexia touched the base of her tail, Tito jumped up.

Ah, e-excuse me, it tickled me…”

Tito turned red and apologized.

And then, wondering what Lexia was thinking, she now grabbed Tito’s chest.

“Umyaaa!? Le-Lexia-san!?”

“What are you doing?”

“Hmm. Tito’s breasts are really soft and fluffy. I want to keep touching them.”

“Fuaaa, i-it’s embarrassing…”

Lexia turned her attention to Laila’s chest, savoring the feel of her soft, fluffy skin.

“Laila-sama is big, too…”

“Is that so?”

Laila tilted her head, but her breasts were so ample that they could be seen even through the towel.

Lexia exhaled and looked down at her breasts.

“Hah, I envy you. I wonder how they can get bigger?”

“Don’t you think you’ve got enough to worry about?”

“T-that’s right! And you don’t have to be concerned about the size of your breasts, Lexia-san; you’re still very attractive.”

“But men like big breasts, don’t they? I wonder if Yuuya-sama is the same?”

“I don’t know. Some men prefer slender women.”

“Or rather, I don’t think Yuuya cares much about the breasts.”


Lexia didn’t answer, and this time she stared at Luna’s breasts.

“…What is it? What are you looking at? …It’s okay. It’s not necessary to have too much of it because it gets in the way during battle. I like it this way──”

Before Luna could finish, Lexia gently wrapped her arms around Luna’s chest.

“Mmgh!? W-what are you doing…!?”

“Luna’s breasts are so beautifully shaped.”

“S-stop it! Don’t move your hands!”

“Well, they’re still beautiful. Why is that? Is it because you exercise? I wonder if I should exercise too? …I mean, your skin is as smooth as ever!”

“H-hey, Lexia! Let go of me…!”

“Ah, no, don’t run away! You can’t run away; this is the princess’s order!”

“You’re being unreasonable! Ugh…!”

As Luna tries to wriggle away, Lexia holds her close and enjoys the smoothness of her skin. At the sight of their bare skin covered in bubbles and overlapping each other softly, Tito said, “Hawaawa…!” and her face turned red, and she covered her eyes.

“Geez, Lexia-sama. Tito-sama is in trouble. Let’s get out of here before we catch a cold.”

“Yeah, right! I have to train for the pillow fight tonight too!”

“Are you planning on doing it every night…?”

Laila urged her to wash off the bubbles, then leave the bathroom and wipe off with a towel.

Lexia saw Tito squeezing her tail and immediately grabbed it.


“No, Tito, if you’re so rough, you’ll make your pretty tail stiff!”

“Ah, b-but you always do this…”

“I see. It dries quickly in the desert. But it would be a shame to spoil your beautiful fur.”

“Yes! Shouldn’t you gently pat it dry with a towel?”

“Just as we take care of our hair, we should moisturize it with some fragrance oil from the market. I know a thing or two about beauty, you know?”

“T-thank you, but you don’t have to do that…”

“No! Tito, you are a girl; you need to know these things from now on.”

“T-that’s right! That’s a good lesson for me…!”

Lexia gently brushes the dry and fluffy tails.

“By the way, Tito’s fur is really pure white. It looks like snow.”

“In the first place, there aren’t many white cat beastmen, are there?”

“Yes, Master said it was very rare.”

Tito’s fur, which had been groomed by the entire group, was dazzling and shining.

“Well, it’s so fluffy. It feels like you are touching a cloud.”

“How can I say? It looks more divine.”

“Your ears are so fluffy, too!”

“Ehehe, thank you very much. I’ve never been this fluffy before.”

Tito is gently stroked and squints pleasantly as she hugs her tail.

And so the girls’ night went on.




And the next day.

After breakfast, Laila was visited again by Prince Zazu.

“Good morning, Laila. You look much better, don’t you?”

“Yes, thanks to you.”

Lexia and the others watched from the shadows as the two exchanged pleasantries on the surface.

Zazu, unaware of this, looked at Laila with glistening, bloodshot eyes.

“Oh, that’s a wonderful complexion… I’m sure this would make for a good quality medium──”


“Oh, no, excuse me. …Fu, fufufu, it’s almost, it’s almost done. Then finally… Oh, I’m looking forward to it.”

Zazu went into his own world, staring into the void with wide-open eyes and mumbling.

Laila tried to change the odd atmosphere and spoke smilingly.

“By the way, I hear there’s a party tonight where all the nobles in the country will be gathering. Zazu-sama──”

“A party? Who’s going to attend? I don’t like noisy places!”

Zazu suddenly became agitated.

When he noticed Laila’s surprise, he pasted on a broad smile.

“No, I’m sorry… I have important things to do, so you can go enjoy yourself. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

With that, Zazu left with a brisk gait.

Lexia frowned as she watched Laila from the shadows.

“Tonight’s party is for Laila-sama’s unveiling, right? He’s her fiancée, so it’s only polite to escort her there. His eyes are glaring at her in a strange way, and I still think he’s suspicious.”

Seeing Lexia’s disbelief, Tito whispered to Luna next to her.

“Lexia-san, do you suspect that Prince Zazu is the mastermind behind the assassination?”

“Seems so. Well, there are too many mysteries in this engagement. Whatever the truth may be, I’d like to find out what the prince’s intentions are.”

“But how…?”

Then Lexia looked up with a glint in her eye like a detective.

“But this is our chance!”


“That’s right! Gossip is the flower of society! Especially at the evening parties where royalty and nobility gather, it is a rare opportunity to hear unexpected and confidential information. Let’s infiltrate the evening party and gather information about Prince Zazu! Then we can seize the evidence of his deviousness and free Laila-sama!”

Lexia’s jade green eyes flared, and she pointed a slender finger in the wrong direction.


“We call it Night Party Infiltration Mission!”


“That’s just how it’s done.”

And so, the next plan was decided.


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