Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Business Negotiation, Equipment, and Lasagna


Morning, huh? I complete my daily routine, get ready, and go to the dining room. Over breakfast with the Girasole members, I reconfirm today’s schedule. By the way, Claretta-san is going to the cathedral separately. I feel lonely.

I put the pepper out in my room, borrowed a cart from the merchant guild, loaded it up, and headed for the Ciriaco Trading Company, wondering if I could wholesale it for four platinum and 50 gold coins.

Filippo-san said he priced it high, so I wonder if they will bargain a little. If they ask me the price, I’ll start with four platinum and 60 gold coins.

Arriving at the Ciriaco Trading Company, I spoke to an employee who was cleaning.

“Good morning; I have something to sell. May I have a word with the person in charge?”

“Good morning. If you don’t mind, could you tell me what your product is?”

“Yes, the product is pepper.”

“Very well. Could you please wait a moment while I call the clerk?”


The employee looked a little surprised, then showed me into the store and served me tea. Hmm, I knew pepper was precious. It was handled with care. After a little while, the employee came back with an older man.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Raimond, and I am the clerk of the Ciriaco Trading Company.”

“Nice to meet you, and sorry for the sudden visit. My name is Wataru, and I am from the Kingdom of Latina. I look forward to working with you.”

“It’s kind of sudden, but I heard that you can supply us with pepper wholesale. Is it okay if I confirm it?”

“Yes, all of the cargo on the carts is pepper, so please check them.”

We moved to the cart, and Raimond-san was seriously checking the pepper. I’ve seen this scene before, and I’m sure I’ll see it many more times until all the peppers are sorted out.

“That’s a great pepper. Can you wholesale all of it?”

“Yes, I can unload this and four more cartloads of pepper.”

“Is it the same quality as this pepper?”

“Yes, it comes from the same place, so there should be no difference in quality.”


We returned to the room and resumed negotiations.

“Wataru-san, how much can you give me for one cartload of pepper?”

“How about four platinum and sixty gold coins?”

“Hmm, isn’t that a little high?”

“Is that so? In Bergamo, the price was four platinum and fifty gold coins. I think the price would be a little higher in the capital.”

“Hmm, it is true that it would fetch more in the capital, but it takes only three days to get here from Bergamo by safe road. Isn’t ten gold coins for a cartload too much?”

Ten gold coins for three days, that’s about ten million yen… I certainly feel like I overcharged him.

“Then, how much would you be willing to pay?”

“It’s a first-class pepper, so it’s worth the high price, but… how about four platinum and fifty-three gold coins?”

“Well, I would be satisfied with one more gold coin.”

“Okay, I’ll give you four platinum and fifty-four gold coins.”

“Yes, thank you. What about the other four?”

“I will check them, and if they are first class, I would like to take them all wholesale.”

“I understand.”

With the help of carts and men, four carts of pepper are brought in. Raimond-san is carefully inspecting each one.

“Wataru-san, I have confirmed that all of them are of first-class quality. It’s for a total of twenty-two platinum and seventy gold coins, is that correct?”

“Yes, I would like the payment to be in platinum coins as much as possible. If there is not enough, please deposit the rest into my guild account.”

“Yes, I will do that. I can provide you with eight platinum coins today. Is it okay if I deposit the rest into your guild account?”

“Yes, please. I would also like to purchase some of the country’s recommended wines, please.”

“Wine? Ciriaco Trading Company also handles it. What kind of wine are you looking for?”

“I would like a recommendation, a popular wine of medium quality and above, with a large variety, for five gold coins, please.”

“Yes, sir, that’s quite a lot. How would you take it?”

“Would you mind taking it to the Solene’s Inn?”


Well, I feel like we had a good business negotiation this time. Well, it was more likely that I was being pushed around, but if I made twenty more gold coins, it was better than not making any money at all.

I have a commodity called pepper which is quite advantageous for business negotiations, but I’m sure people in normal business are negotiating harder and more fiercely than this pounding…

We left the Ciriaco Trading Company and headed to the merchant guild to return the carts. I return the cart and ask to withdraw thirty platinum coins while I’m at it. They said I could withdraw it tomorrow, which is going well.

“Next, I’m going to buy some new equipment… Does anyone know a store?”

“Fufu, It’s fine. I’ve already asked the adventurers’ guild for some reputable weapon shops and armor shops.”

“Thank you, Alessia-san.”

Alessia-san led us into the weapon shop first.

I picked up each of the bows on the lineup and pulled them one by one… It’s kind of easy to pull.

“Wataru-san, did you find one you like?”

“Oh, Marina-san, they all feel light. I’m at a loss as to what kind of bow to look for.”

“? Wataru-san, what is your level now?” 

“Level, is it? Last time I looked, it was 182.”

“If that’s the case, I don’t think you can find it here. I’ll ask the owner.”

Marina-san looked a little surprised. I guess she was surprised at my unexpectedly high level. I’m in a power leveling state while I’m at sea, so I’m only getting higher in level… I’ve only directly defeated horned rabbits and goblins yet.

Marina took me to the store owner.

“Owner, I want you to bring out a strong bow.”

“Hmm? I’m sorry, but there is nothing better than the bow you have in this store.”

“Not me. It’s for him.”

“Hmm? For this guy? If he was using a beginner’s bow, he should use the one I have lined up over there next. A beginner can’t afford a better bow than that one, you know?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, the ones that are lined up over there seem light to me, so I’ll need something stronger.”

“Hmm, I have some stronger bows over there, too, you know? But okay, just wait a minute.”

I know what he meant; I guess a dull guy with a beginner’s set doesn’t look like he has that kind of power.

The owner came back with a couple of bows. He made me draw the bows in turn…

“Hmm? This is just right, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t this guy a beginner? He doesn’t look like he’s been through life and death; is he high-level? I don’t really understand this guy.”

He’s almost right; I’m a beginner, and I’ve never been in a fight for my life, although my level is high.

I try out a few bows and pick the one I like. Twelve gold coins, that’s a lot of money. Ines and Felicia also got a new sword, bow, and small staff. It’s for a total of 58 gold coins… Or fifty-eight million yen, I’m afraid.

After that, we headed to the armor shop and picked out armor. I was honestly not sure what to expect, but I decided on my armor, and the ladies quickly decided on leather armor made of monster leather. Ines and Felicia are happily choosing their leather armor.

It took about three times as long to buy Ines and Felicia’s armor as it took me to buy mine… I’m not convinced.

It cost me one platinum and thirteen gold coins at the weapon and armor shops. It’s 113 million Japanese yen… I’m going to throw up; the soul of an ordinary man in me is rejecting an unbelievable amount of money.

“You all look like great adventurers with updated equipment.”

“Alessia-san, I’m a merchant, though.”

“Wataru-san, Marina told me about you. You are at a very high level. Why don’t you start being an adventurer again?”

“Even though my level has increased, I’m still not very good at fighting. I only got to this level thanks to Ines and Felicia’s help.”

“It is dangerous to have little combat experience, but having a high level is a great advantage. There is no harm in having little combat experience from now on. Our life in the sea has raised our level, and it will continue to do so in the future. We will continue to improve.”

“Hmm, I don’t think my personality is suited for this. I’ll take it easy and train, and if there are opportunities for actual combat, I’ll gain experience little by little at that time.”

“Really? I feel like it’s a waste, but… in Wataru-san’s case, there’s no need to force yourself to fight.”

“Well, I have two guards and Rimu, and if I get the chance, I will do my best.”

“Fufu, well, I can’t imagine Wataru-san forcing himself to fight, so maybe that’s for the best.”

Phew, I feel like I’m going to be thought of as a pathetic guy, but… if I say I’m going to do my best in combat, she’s going to say, “I’ll help you” and take me to some crazy place, so I’ll consider this a good thing.

We bought our equipment, so we went back to the inn, eating and shopping at the food stalls. Everyone else went back to their rooms to rest. It was late afternoon, and the dining room was empty, so I decided to try spreading cheese.

“Landlady-san, I’d like to meet the cook of this inn.”

“Yes, he is here. Please wait a moment.”

I hear a voice say, “Darling, a customer wants to see you.” …Is it a rule that the innkeeper is married to the cook? I think most innkeepers’ husbands are cooks.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. My name is Gino. How can I help you?”

A slender, cool-looking Onii-san came out… my motivation was rapidly withering. No, I shouldn’t be in such a bad situation that I have to be jealous of a riajuu*. Let’s switch it up. [T/n: Riajuu is internet slang for somebody who has a good life. It’s typically used by otaku and such on message boards like 2chan to refer to people who have girl/boyfriends and are popular with their peers.]

“I’ve got a few questions about cooking. If you’re interested in what I have to say, I’d like you to cook them for me.”

“That sounds interesting; I’d love to hear about it.”

I told him about the cheese and, incidentally, the milk. Cheese is a preserved and portable food in this country as well, and it seems only to be eaten roasted when camping.

I offered him cheese and milk, saying that he would have to try it to understand. I asked him to make pizza toast and carbonara for a sample.

“I was amazed… how such a simple dish could taste so good… Pizza toast, wasn’t it? You just spread tomato sauce on bread, put cheese on it, and bake it, right?”

“It’s simple, but it’s delicious. I have something I’d like you to make for me.”

We had the meat sauce, so I showed him how to make the white sauce. I handed him the recipe for lasagna and threw it in. I’ve never made lasagna because it seems like a lot of work, and I can’t explain it very well, though, can I?

But when I was thinking of a dish to spread cheese, I really wanted to eat lasagna. I’m counting on the pros. If it turns out well, they will serve it for dinner.

He said he would experiment with it, so I went back to my room… I wondered if lasagna would be served for dinner. I brought the wine from the Ciriaco Trading Company to the room and repatriated it.

“Ines, Felicia, now that the pepper business is over and we’ve bought the equipment, would you like to go with me to the cave to look for slime?”

“Ufufu, what does Master like to do?”

“Hmm, I want to see the slime, but I’m worried about the fact that we’re going to a cave. I have a feeling that creepy monsters might come out.”

“There will be bug monsters and stuff. But can Master refuse the requests of all the Girasole members?”

“Felicia is right.”

“Right. If they ask me to go with them, I think I’ll answer that I will go. Ines, Felicia, would you be okay in the cave?”

“Master, I am an ex-adventurer. I am used to it.”

“I’ve been in caves in the forest, and I’ve been in them to exterminate goblins and such, so I’m fine.”

“Really? Then let’s go and try out our new equipment.”


It was time for dinner, so we headed for the dining room. I hope the lasagna is ready. I take a seat with Girasole and ask Gino-san for it.

A few moments later, Gino-san himself came out with the lasagna. He put a large plate of lasagna on the table and cut it in front of us.

The cross-section of the lasagna was a visual assault, with layers of meat sauce, white sauce, pasta, and cheese dripping from the top.

We and the other members of Girasole were glued to the lasagna as it was being cut into pieces. The lasagna is served one by one in front of the ladies.


Everyone was crazy about the lasagna. The cheese is tender, the bread crumbs are crispy, and the rich meat sauce and white sauce are delicious… intertwined with the pasta.

“How is it, Wataru-san?”

“Gino-san, it’s very tasty. I gave you the recipe during the day, but I’m surprised it came out this perfect at night.”

“I was also surprised at how good this dish tasted when I tasted the sample. My wife and my employees loved it, and I would like to continue to study it.”

“Both the white sauce and the cheese can be used to make a variety of delicious dishes. I hope you will try them all.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

While we were talking, the ladies and Rimu were working on their second helpings. I hurriedly ate my own lasagna and managed to secure a second helping, too.

After the meal, we gather in Girasole’s room. On the way there, I saw Gino-san in trouble with another customer who was pressuring him to serve that dish, and I thought to myself, “Serves you right, Ikemen!”


Funds on hand: 7 gold coins, 53 silver coins, 76 copper coins.
Guild account: 63 platinum coins and 70 gold coins.
Savings ship: 73 platinum coins.
Pepper ship: 485 ships.


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