I Was Connected to Earth’s Black Market From Another World With The Skill [Market]! – Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 – Unintentional Attacks


We must have been tired from the road trip. I, MyrRil, and the other members of the “Battlecry” all fell fast asleep, and it was almost noon when I woke up.

“Good morning.”

“Oh, good morning.”

Calmon’s mother, Tryn-san, was preparing food with her daughter-in-law, Rufia-san, and her granddaughter, Nora-chan.

“Good morning, Takifu-san.”

“Good morning, Uncle!”

Nora-chan is in high spirits this morning. She was wearing an oversized apron that I had seen before, and she was holding something like a ladle in her hand. She’s helping out; isn’t that great?

Even though she has an expression that says, “I’m a good and capable Onee-san,” she has flour on her nose, which is adorable.

“Where are Calmon-san and Kayson-san?”

“They went to town. They are buying a boat.”

“Already? They’re moving fast, aren’t they?”

“That’s true. Lafan men are stubborn and good-natured, while Lafan women are strong-minded and gentle. It’s been said that way for a long time…

“I can see that in Calmon’s couple, but what else?”

“Lafan people, both men and women have one unyielding dream.”

“Uh… Kayson-san’s dream is to own a boat, right?”

“Who knows? It’s a dream that is not easily shared with wives and children because it is said that if you talk about it, it won’t come true. But I know it all too well. I’ve been so nervous since last night.”

Dreams. What was my dream again?

I forgot what my dreams were in my former world. Maybe I never had them. And now I’m…

To make Myrril happy. To be happy with Myrril. Everything else is just a trivial, unimportant thing.

“Thank you, Takifu-san.”

“Thank you.”


Tryn-san and Rufia-san suddenly held my hand and bowed their heads with tearful faces, making me feel nervous. Even Nora-chan clung tightly to my waist.

What’s wrong?

“Thanks to Takifu-san, we can all live happily together as a family.”

“We, Rufia’s parents, too. Thank you, Takifu-san.”

“Thank you, Uncle Takifu. My father and mother were very happy.”

I patted Nora-chan’s head. She thinks of her parents first, not herself.

Hey, child, you’re a good one. I will give you sweets.

I stuffed a bunch of candies and chocolates into Nora-chan’s apron pocket and turned to Rufia-san and Tryn-san.

“Oh, you seem to have misunderstood, but it’s just that Calmon-san has finally been given a fair evaluation. It’s as if all the hard work he’s put in up to this point has paid off, or rather, the money he loaned us has been returned to him.”

“Still, it was Takifu-san who gave him the opportunity.”

I wonder if that is so. So far, I have always involved others without thinking, and even with regard to Calmon, it was only “by chance” that I helped him, so I feel a strange sense of guilt if people thank me too much.

“I appreciate everyone’s gratitude. But you see. You should see what Calmon-san can do when he gets serious.”


Well, neither Nora-chan nor Rufia-san seem to have a real sense that Calmon is a capable person. From what I’ve seen, I think he has a decent amount of skill…

Let’s put the responsibility for this on him. Let’s make him a hero and throw the whole duty on him.


◇ ◇


By the time lunch was ready, the sleepyheads had begun to get up in droves. First, the women. The men are still rolling around in their beds, snoring.

“Oh Takifu, you’re early…”

“I woke up because of a good smell…”

“Good morning.”

“You guys, it’s almost noon. Where are the men?”

“There’s still some booze left. They’ve been drinking till the early hours of the morning.”

How sloppy. I can’t speak for the others either, but you should learn from Calmon-san and his father.


“We’re home!”

I heard that Calmon-san and Kayson-san had returned. They are calling for Tryn-san and Rufia-san from outside. I heard Nora-chan cheering.

“It’s so big!”

“That’s your father and grandfather’s boat, you know.”

“A boat? Did they buy it already?”

We and the other members of the “Battlecry” went outside and headed for the sea. A few hundred meters down the hill from the house, a brand new boat was moored at the dock.

With two sail girders, it looked to me like a combination of a sailboat and a fishing boat. Thirty feet, or about 9 meters, bigger than I had expected.

“The stage is now set. All we need now is the pirates, and the cast will be ready.”

“Mir-san, aren’t you being a bit hasty?”

Tig and Louis, who were excited to see the boat, poked at Calmon happily.

“The boat is quite a nice boat, isn’t it? How does it feel to be on board?”

“Not bad. No, I think it’s a great boat.”

“No wonder. It’s my boat, after all.”

I don’t know what Kayson-san’s argument is, but I can tell that he likes it very much.

I’m glad I was able to contribute to the happiness of Rufia-san, Nora-chan, and the parents (and Calmon, for that matter). I’m happy for them, but…

Carmon, why do you look so reluctant?

“Hey, Calmon, what’s going on?”

“…O-oh. Well, a little.”

Tig and Louis looked at Calmon suspiciously. On behalf of his son, Kayson-san told us.

“We heard there were pirates again. They have taken a passenger ship belonging to a lord and are demanding a ransom.”


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