I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Part 2


By the time they had finished taking care of all the livestock and put them in the shed, the area was dimly lit.

Luna laughed when she saw Lexia’s mud-stained face.

“Lexia, your face is covered in mud. How did you get like that?”

“Even Luna, who says so, has straw in her hair.”

“Fufu, I have worked a lot. It’s a medal for a lot of work, I guess.”

“Right! …Ara, Tito’s tail has so much straw in it, it looks like a broom.”


“Come here; I’ll brush it off.”

Under the starry sky, they were laughing at each other’s straw- and mud-covered faces when the camel owner boy came over to them.

“Thank you so much, ladies! We all appreciate it very much! Now the feast is about to begin, come this way, come this way!”

As Lexia and the others followed the boy, they saw a bonfire in the suburban square, with many people gathered around it.

On brightly colored rugs, there were meat wraps, thinly baked loaves of bread, steamed dishes, vegetable soups, and hot beverages.

“Wow, amazing! This is a feast!”

“Everything looks delicious! I wonder what that dish is?”

“I’ve never seen these nuts before. I wonder if they are available around here.”

Just as Lexia and the others’ eyes lit up, they heard an unexpected voice.

“Lexia-chan, Luna-chan!”


They turned around at the sound of a familiar voice. There, unexpectedly, was a woman they both recognized.




The woman called Iris laughed softly and waved her hand.

She was in her mid-twenties, with her light-pink-colored hair cut into a wolf cut and a calm atmosphere. She has long, slit eyes the same color as her hair and a clear bridge of her nose. Her well-proportioned figure is wrapped in light clothing, and she carries a sword.

Despite her gentle smile, her beautifully toned body exudes a well-honed strength.

This woman of exceptional beauty was, of course, one of the “Holy” chosen by the planet──the “Sword Saint” who has mastered the art of swordsmanship.

“Iris-sama, why are you here?”

“I have something to do in this area, so I just happened to drop by. I have a little connection with the people here, and they still invite me to their feast whenever I am in the neighborhood.”

The residents happily gather around the astonished Lexia and the others.

“So, girls, are you acquaintances of Iris-sama, the ‘Sword Saint’?”

“We were saved by Iris-sama when we were about to be attacked by monsters before.”

“After that, she has been looking out for us, and she keeps dropping by like this. We are very grateful.”

“Of course. I’m glad to see that everyone is doing well.”

Iris smiled carefreely and looked back at Lexia and the others, tilting her head.

“By the way, Lexia-chan, Luna-chan, what brings you to the Kingdom of Sahar?”

“We are looking for the entrance to the underground!”

“E-entrance to the underground…?”

“Huh? There’s no way anyone can understand that explanation.”

“What? That’s not true.”

“That’s true, but let’s start from the beginning and work our way back…”

Iris laughed deep down in her throat as the usual lively exchange began.

Iris looked at Tito, who was standing next to them with her ears and tail perked up.

“By the way, who are you?”

“N-nice to meet you; I’m Tito! I am Gloria-sama’s disciple! I’m traveling with Lexia-san and Luna-san right now!”

Tito, who had heard from Gloria about the other “Holy,” bowed her head nervously.

“! I see, so you are Gloria’s disciple.”

Iris was a little surprised and smiled gently.

“I am Iris. Iris Knowblade. Nice to meet you.”

“Y-yes! It’s my pleasure to meet you!”

Tito’s cheeks rose as she was enveloped by her soft gaze.

Then Lexia, who had finished her argument with Luna, explained to Iris how she came to be on this journey.

“So, we are on a journey to help those in need!”

“Right now, we are in the middle of a mission. …We’ve gotten completely sidetracked, though.”

“That’s fine; it’s part of helping people.”

“Well, that’s true, though.”

Iris was surprised by the fact that Lexia, the princess of a country, had come all the way to the Kingdom of Sahar with only Luna and Tito, but she laughed at her boldness and said, “It’s just like Lexia-chan.”

The camel owner boy stood up and clapped his hands merrily.

“Well then, let’s celebrate our new meeting and reunion! Let the feast begin! Have fun!”




A lively banquet began around Iris, Lexia, and the others.

Under the stars, people played instruments, sang merrily, and danced around the bonfire.

Lexia’s eyes lit up as she drank sheep’s milk, boiled with sugar and spices.

“It’s sweet and delicious! And it’s so rich and smooth. I’ve never tasted anything like it!”

“It has a unique flavor. I see; it has several kinds of spices. I’m learning a lot.”

“Whew, it warms me up…”

“The desert nights are cold, so I’m glad we have it. I love it.”

When the party was at its height, the boy introduced Lexia and the others to the group.

“They are the ladies who helped us take care of the animals. They are very hard workers.”

The residents burst into applause.

“Thank you for what you did for us, travelers! It was a big help!”

“Well, well, what a lovely young lady you are! Your skin is white like snow.”

“Where are you from? You can take this leatherwork as a souvenir if you like.”

“Here, it’s honey from the Kingdom of Sahar! Try it; it’s delicious!”

Iris warmly watched Lexia and Luna, surrounded by cheerful people, and called out to Tito.

“Is Gloria doing okay? Are the children living with her doing well?”

“Yes! Master and everyone is doing very well.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Is Tito’s training as a disciple of the Holy going well?”

Tito stammered and turned her head down. Her fluffy tail drooped.

“…Master always cares about me and tries to help me grow. But I can’t control my powers very well…”

“You can’t control your power?”

“Yes. …I once hurt a dear friend of mine when my power went out of control in the past. I’ve had Luna-san helping me, and I’ve been able to control it a little bit, but it’s still a work in progress…”

Iris looked over at Tito, who was looking down, but then gently opened her mouth.

“What does Tito usually think about when you fight?”

“Eh? Um… not to hurt people…. not to cause trouble for anyone…”

Iris narrowed her narrowed eyes and nodded.

“Then, next time, why don’t you change it up a bit? Instead of ‘don’t do this,’ think about what Tito wants to do.”

“What do I want to…?”

“Yes. It’s scary to imagine what would happen if you accidentally hurt someone or broke something that’s important to you. It is a very important feeling to be “Holy.” But if you think about it too much, you will be too tense, and it won’t go well, will it? So instead, if you listen to the true voice inside you that says, “I want to protect the people I love,” “I want to help them,” or “I want to fight with them,”… then you will naturally find the way to fight, won’t you?”

Tito’s eyes widened.


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Since she had hurt her dear friend in the past, she had always been afraid of her own power and had tried to suppress it. But that is not the case. What is important is how to use your power. How do you want to use it…──

She suddenly recalled the words that Lexia had told her.

“Tito’s strength is the power to protect others.”

She gently pressed her chest. The warmth that lit up in her heart during her time with Lexia and Luna began to take shape with Iris’s words.

Iris laughed softly.

“Don’t worry. Gloria chose you. Be confident and accept your power. Then you will be able to use them correctly.”

“Accept my power…”

Under the starlight, Iris’ words were gently placed on her lips as if they were a treasure.

Iris looked up at the moon with eyes that reminded her of something.

“…I also know the disciple of the Bow Saint. I know the girl suffered a lot of things, but she got over it and is fighting with us now. So Tito will be fine.”

“! The disciple of the Bow Saint-sama…!”

Tito, who had never met any other disciples of the “Holy,” leaned forward involuntarily.

At that moment, a group of young children came running up to Iris.

“Iris-oneechan, tell us about your journey again!”

“What kind of monster did you defeat this time?”

“Well, I don’t know. Where should I start?”

A woman with a baby in her arms comes to Iris, smiling softly. She has the camel owner boy with her.

“Iris-sama, this is a baby girl who was born last month. Please hold her in your arms.”

“Oh, she’s so cute.”

Iris gently holds the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. The baby looked up at Iris with innocent eyes lit by the fire.

“Hehehe, she’s my little sister! Isn’t she cute?”

“Yes. She has the same eyes as you.”

Iris smiles at the proud boy.

She noticed Tito peering at her with trepidation and narrowed her eyes.

“Do you want to hold the baby?”

“Eh! B-but if I hurt her, she’ll…”

“Don’t worry. Do it gently.”

Tito took the baby with trepidation. She had cared for young beastmen many times, but this was the first time she had ever held a human baby.

Then, in Tito’s arms, the baby laughed.

“! S-she laughed…!”

“Yes. Tito’s gentleness must have been felt.”

Tito’s heart trembled with the warmth that seeped into her heart.

Iris whispered softly as she stroked the baby’s round cheeks.

“It is our duty as ‘Holy’ to protect innocent lives like these children so that they can live in peace, isn’t it? We can overcome even the hardest of battles… for the sake of everyone being able to laugh from the bottom of their hearts without being threatened by ‘Evil,’ ‘Evil beasts,’ or monsters…”

“Duty as a ‘Holy’…”

“Yes. Tito must also become strong and become a great “Holy.” So that you can protect these children.”

Tito looked at the laughing baby in her arms.

“(…I also want to become a great “Holy” like Iris-sama and Master. I want to train a lot, grow and become strong in the true sense of the word. So that I can protect what is important to me…).”

She gripped the weight of her precious life and engraved her mission as a “Holy” in her heart.

Then Lexia and the others arrived.

“Ara, what a cute baby! She’s smiling happily.”

“Tito is very good with babies, isn’t she?”

The residents squinted at the baby.

“The baby is safe and sound, thanks to Iris-sama.”

“Iris-sama protects us from monsters and bandits when they come to this area.”

“It’s no big deal. If you ever need anything else, just call me.”

Many people were laughing in a circle around Iris.

Tito held Iris’s smile and words close to her chest as though trying to keep them safe.


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