It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 5 Prologue & Chapter 1 Part 1

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Prologue – Encounter with the Demise


One day, I, Kou Kousaka, was suddenly transferred from modern Japan to a different world.

With the help of my cheat skills such as [Creation] and [Dexterity], I finally arrived at the royal capital, only to be told an unexpected fact by the God of War, who was sleeping in the underground of the capital.

Apparently, this world is in danger of being destroyed by a monster called ‘Zogral.’

Zogral has the ability to absorb all things and has swallowed up numerous worlds and taken them into itself.

And the next target is apparently this world where I live.

No kidding.

I have been released from a lifestyle of constant overwork in Japan and am now enjoying freedom in a different world after a long time.

I would do my best to refrain from solving any world crises, but the situation in the world is not so sweet.

In the royal capital, multiple calamities (White Dragon, Green Dragon, Yellow Dragon) and great calamities (Lust Dragon, Wrath Dragon, Envy Dragon) appeared as if they were targeting me, and furthermore, the Demon God Dragon, born from the fusion of the Wrath Dragon and Envy Dragon, had sealed almost all of my cheat skills.

It was a truly desperate situation.

Still, I did not want to give up, and as a result of my persistent efforts, I was able to fuse with the “Sparkling Greedy Dragon,” the great calamity that laid dormant inside me, and defeated the Demon God Dragon with the power of “Awakening,” which continued to evolve indefinitely.

After releasing the fusion, I fell asleep due to extreme fatigue, and when I woke up the next time, it was the following night.

I slept for about 30 hours.

I had never slept for such a long time in my life, and as expected, I was seriously surprised.

However, thanks to the long sleep, the fatigue from the fierce battle had completely disappeared, and I felt better than usual.

Iris, Lily, and Leticia had come to visit me in my room at the guest house, but Lily and Leticia disappeared along the way.

From there, it was just Iris and me talking alone, but suddenly something unusual happened.




An irresistibly unpleasant sound, as if someone had scratched the glass with a claw, rang out.

Looking out the window, one corner of the starry sky was protruded inward and countless cracks originated from this point.

The cracks in the starry sky gradually widened and connected with each other, eventually becoming a dark-colored crescent moon.

Crawling out from the cracks was a huge bubble.

The surface was a poisonous purple color, and just looking at it gives me goosebumps.

“…Could that be it?”

Iris said in a trembling voice.

“It is said to have created a calamity, a great calamity──”


I nodded.

I felt a great power swirling in the depths of my body.

I guessed that the Greedy Dragon sleeping inside me must have noticed its presence.


The “bubble” of demise that would destroy the world had finally revealed itself.


Chapter 1 – I Faced the Demise

Part 1


A huge purple bubble was floating in the night sky──.

As I look up at it, I activate my [Appraisal].


Zogral: An incarnation of destruction that swallows everything in its path. It indiscriminately absorbs anything that touches the surface of the bubble and incorporates it as part of itself. Its inside is connected to another dimension and has an infinite expanse.


The description of the appraisal was almost identical to what the God of War had said.

So the new information obtained was that Zogral’s inside is connected to another dimension.

I wonder what kind of place is this other dimension.

I was curious about it out of pure curiosity, but as expected, I was not going to risk my life to find out.

“For now, let’s join up with Lily and Leticia, shall we?”

“That’s right. Zogral hasn’t moved yet, so let’s get ready while we still can.”

I nodded at Iris’s words and activated [Auto Mapping].

A translucent window appeared in front of me, displaying a map of the surrounding area.

“Show me the location of Lily and Leticia.”

As I said this, two red dots of light appeared on the window’s map, almost in the same place.

Apparently, they were both in the garden of the guest house.

Iris and I left the room together and walked quickly down the corridor.

On the way, Iris called out to me.

“Hey, Kou.”

“What’s the matter?”

“After this battle is over, do you want to go shopping for clothes?”

“That’s so abrupt.”

“It’s like a wish. If we make plans for the future, we’ll be able to hold on even if we have to struggle against Zogral, won’t we?”

“That’s true. But why the clothes?”

“Kou doesn’t have many clothes, does he?”

“Well, yes, that’s true.”

The only thing I have, excluding the Fenrir Coat and other equipment, is the suit I wore when I first arrived in this other world.

I don’t know about wearing a suit as casual wear, but I don’t have any other clothes that look like regular clothes because I was never really interested in fashion, to begin with.

The main reason that I could get by with just one suit was thanks to the fact that [Item Box] also had a clothes-cleaning function.

“I mean, how did you notice that I hardly have any clothes?”

“We’re always together, you know. That much I do notice.”

I guess that’s true too.

Looking back, I’ve been with Iris almost every day since I met her until now.

I have a feeling that we’ll be together for a long time to come.

“Then, after the battle with Zogral is over, let’s go shopping for clothes for Kou. That’s a promise.”

“All right. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Fufu, I’m looking forward to it.”

Iris smiled happily.

Watching her expression, I also feel warm. I’ve got a reason why I can’t lose to Zogral.

To keep my promise to Iris, I will definitely win.


We left the guest house and headed straight for the gardens on the estate.

Lily and Leticia were near the pond, and they immediately ran over to us.

Both of them seemed to be aware of the situation and had serious expressions on their faces.

“Kou-san. I am always ready to fight.”

“The battle is finally coming, isn’t it? My arms are ringing.”

Lily and Leticia already seem to be fully ready to fight. By the looks of things, there is no need to question their intentions again.

Good grief.

Everyone is so dependable.

While I was smiling bitterly, Leticia called out to me.

“Then, Kou-sama, I would like to ask you to say a few words before we go out to the battlefield.”

“That’s very sudden.”

I’m at a loss. What on earth should I say?

I pondered for a moment, then cleared my throat and opened my mouth.

“After this battle is over, Iris and I promised to go shopping for clothes. In order to keep my promise… I have to defeat Zogral. I’m sorry, but I need your help.”


I realized after I said it, that’s a very private reason. Should I have talked about the fate of the world or something like that?

I looked at the three of them to see their reactions, regretting inwardly.

“Ara, ara, well, well.”

Leticia was the first to speak up.

“We can’t possibly lose with that. Don’t you think so, Lily-sama?”


Lily nodded with a strong will in her eyes and turned to Iris.

“I am going to do my best for Iris-san’s sake. Please count on me.”

“Uh, thank you…?”

Iris nodded, looking puzzled, and turned her gaze toward me.

“Why are Leticia and Lily so motivated…?”

“I don’t know.”

However, they both seem to be even more enthusiastic, so I guess it’s a good result.

While I was thinking about that, Lily told me.

“Kou-san, you’ve changed, haven’t you?”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. In the past, I think we would have talked about protecting the people of the royal capital or something like that.”

“Well, yes. To be honest, I feel like I said something out of character.”

“I think that shows how open you are to us. You can’t talk about personal matters with someone you don’t know well.”

Leticia chuckled as she continued.

“Well, the battle with the Demon God Dragon was really tough, and we overcame so many crises together, so if you still kept your distance from us, I can only cry.”

“Don’t worry. I’m counting on you all.”

I concluded the conversation by saying that and turned my gaze to Zogral floating in the sky.

Fortunately, there was still no movement from it.

It didn’t look like it’s going to come down to the ground, and if possible, I didn’t want to cause any damage to the royal capital.

Considering this, the sky should be the battlefield.

I concluded so in my mind and opened the [Item Box] and called up the equipment for battle.


──Armored Bear Armor.

It is a rough-looking armor made of an armored bear.

In addition to its high defensive strength, I can swing a large sword with ease thanks to the “Monstrous Power S+” effect it grants, and the “Hearing Enhancement A” is also useful in some cases.

In my protective gear, it is in a position where it is truly a “behind-the-scenes” help.


──Fenrir Coat.

It is a jet-black coat created from Fenrir fur, and I always wear it over my Armored Bear Armor.

Its defense is quite strong, and there is no telling how many times I have been saved by the “Divine Speed Blessing EX.”

It is truly my lifeline.


──Bastard Gauntlets.

It was originally called the “Black Spider’s Gauntlets” but was transformed into a new form by incorporating materials from White Scorpion through [Creation].

The “White Scorpion’s Thunderbolt EX,” which releases lightning, will be of great use when dealing with numerous enemies.


A golden light spreads out, and in an instant, the armor is equipped.

Furthermore, I took out a flying potion from my [Item Box].

I gave Iris, Lily, and Leticia four bottles each, as well as one for myself to drink.

“This time, it might be a long battle. The effects of the flying potion will wear off in 30 minutes, so just be careful about that.”

“Um, Kou-san?”

Lily raised her hand in a reserved manner.

“I can fly by myself.”

Lily said so, folding her hands and closing her eyes lightly.

The next moment, her entire body was enveloped in a silvery glow, and pure white wings spread out from her back.

“Thanks to inheriting the power of the God of War, I can now fly. I don’t need the flying potion.”

“I see. The only thing is, we don’t know what Zogral will do against us. There is a possibility that it might block the power of the God of War, so please have a flying potion with you as insurance in case of an emergency.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah. I’m asking you to do this for my peace of mind.”

“I understand. Thank you for your concern.”

Lily’s face relaxed, and she accepted the flying potions.

I gave them what I had to, so let’s finish my own thing.

I opened the flying potion and drank it all in one gulp.

A rich, full aroma like that of a fine wine spread in my mouth.

Soon after, the “Wind Blessing S+” activated, and my body floated softly in the air.

“I will get close to Zogral. The three of you will follow behind.”

“I understand.”

Iris nodded at my words.

“Kou, be careful, okay?”

“Of course. If it attacks, use your judgment and avoid it.”

After I said this, I manipulated the wind and rose to a great height.

When I reached a certain height, I looked down and saw the royal capital.

A large crowd of people was outside, looking up toward Zogral.

Well, of course.

Anyone would be startled if a big purple bubble suddenly appeared in the sky.

I was worried that panic might break out, but the king, Octo di Nordic, had the “Charisma A+” skill, and if there was a commotion, he would probably shout at the people to calm them down.

I took my gaze away from the royal capital and gained altitude again.

As I gradually got closer and closer to Zogral, I realized once again the enormity of my opponent.

The Demon God Dragon was nearly 200 meters in length, but Zogral was even larger than that.

It was probably more than five times as big as the Zogral, with a diameter of more than one kilometer.


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Could I win?

Bigger was not necessarily stronger, but I still had the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Looking closely, I saw the crescent-shaped crack through which Zogral had passed when it first appeared in this world was closing up.

I am not sure what that is, but perhaps it is a hole connecting the outside and the inside of the world.

Eventually, the crack was completely sealed, and after a pause of a few seconds, a change occurred in the Zogral.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle──.

Translucent jellyfish-like tentacles appeared all over its spherical body.

Perhaps it noticed our approach and took up an intercepting posture.

If I had to venture a name for it, I would call it the second form of Zogral.

I decided to stop ascending for the time being and looked around to see what was going on.

I felt a strange presence from the new form of Zogral.

Hostility, murderous intent, malice──.

I felt such negative thoughts from Zogral, which should have neither will nor emotion.

It might be dangerous to approach it carelessly.

I opened my [Item Box] and held Gram Imitate in my right hand and Gram Origin in my left.

As I was looking up at Zogral, Iris, Leticia, and Lily caught up with me.

“The shape of the Zogral has changed.”

“Maybe it’s wary of us.”

I replied to Iris and turned my attention to Leticia.

“Leticia had fought with Zogral before, right? Do you recognize that figure?”

“No, I don’t.”

Leticia shook her head apologetically.

“The only thing is, after my defeat, Zogral must have eaten many worlds, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it had acquired a new power.”

“──Somehow, I feel that Zogral’s atmosphere has changed.”

It was Lily who muttered that.

“It is hard to describe, but just a few minutes ago, the atmosphere was almost like a natural phenomenon, just existing there. But now I sense a kind of hostility toward us.”

“That’s for sure.”

I nodded to Lily’s words.

“In the first place, Zogral is strong enough to kick the gods to the curb easily, so if it wants to destroy the world, it should just get on with it itself. And yet, it sent in calamities and great calamities, and so on, maybe there is a change happening with Zogral.”

I hope those changes have weakened it, but I don’t think things will be so simple in the world.

It might be a more difficult battle than I had imagined.

Just as I was thinking that──.

One of the tentacles wriggled.

I reflexively shouted.

“It’s coming!”

Immediately after.

The tentacles were reaching out toward where we were, and they were reaching out at great speed.

“I won’t let it!”

Iris readied her Holy Dragon Spear Fimbul.

Immediately afterward, the “True Dragon God Barrier EX” was activated, and a wall of silver light blocked the path of the tentacles.


As soon as the tentacles touched the barrier, they disappeared as if sucked into the tentacles.

“No way!”

Iris shouted in astonishment.

In previous battles, the “True Dragon God Barrier EX” had blocked many attacks from calamities and great calamities, but it seems that Zogral’s absorption ability far exceeds the performance of the barriers.

“Everyone, avoid!”

I shouted as I made a large left turn and left from the spot.

Iris quickly recovered from her shock and took evasive action to the left, just as I had done.

Lily and Leticia were moving to the right.

Then, a tentacle rushed through the empty space.

“That’s a very long tentacle.”

I muttered to myself.

There was a distance of at least 500 meters between Zogral and us.

The tentacles had extended that far and were still extending.

Eventually, we reached the ground.

It was a mountain to the north of the capital.

The tentacles moved as if they were caressing the mountain and then shrank back to the main body of the Zogral.

The movement was reminiscent of a cord returning to being stored in a vacuum cleaner.


The entire mountain that had been stroked by the tentacles had vanished, transformed into a flat wilderness.

“It absorbed the mountain…?”

Iris muttered right beside me.

“If that had been the royal capital…”

“It would have been wiped out.”

The worst-case scenario was on my mind.

The Zogral tentacles stroked the city from one end to the other.

Just by doing that, the lives of millions of people living in the city would be extinguished.

Of course, my friends like Milia and Relic will be no exception.

…..I absolutely must prevent such a situation.


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