Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Parade and Departure to Southern City


Six days had passed since the day I made the cheese fondue.

After that day, everyone except Carla-san was down with a hangover. Carla missed dinner and couldn’t wait until breakfast time, so she came to my place early in the morning to get her food.

When I answered the early morning knock to see what was happening, I was surprised to see Carla-san with tears in her eyes. I wondered what was wrong, but then I heard a thin voice saying, “Food,” and a loud rumbling sound of her stomach.

After giving her some food and listening to her story, I heard that she woke up in the middle of the night and somehow managed to endure until now. Should I praise her for putting up with it so well?

Ines and Felicia are also down with hangovers, so I head to the dining room alone… Claretta-san and Carla-san are already in the dining room. I greet them and take a seat.

Carla-san ate at least two servings of food about an hour ago, didn’t she? Is she going to eat breakfast too? Carla-san happily chewed on the breakfast that was brought to her. …You eat like it’s a matter of course, don’t you, Carla-san?

After that, I took soup to Ines and Felicia. I received a report from the merchant guild that five days later, a parade was to be held from the merchant guild to the cathedral to present the Ryu’s scale to the public. The day ended with me taking care of the hangovers.

The parade was originally supposed to be organized by the adventurers’ guild, but they have been left out. I was afraid that if we neglected them too much, they would come back to us with a grudge.

After that, I spent everyday sightseeing, lingering at the inn, lingering at the inn, going to the cathedral, and lingering at the inn. It was a kind of tiring five days without finding anything to do.

Now I am watching the parade with Ines and Felicia. First, about 20 knights on horseback ride down the street.

Next, a large carriage with a two-meter tall shiny green Ryu scale and the Girasole sitting around the scale passes by.

Finally, another 20 knights on horseback proceed.

They are going to go to the cathedral like that and present the Ryu scale to the Pope. The streets are full of people because the merchant guild had advertised all over the place that they could see the Ryu’s scale.

I heard later that the reason the Ryu scale was shining so brightly was because the mud had been removed before the presentation, and it had become shiny. I wondered if they had waxed them.

“Fuh, it was a huge crowd. It was even more spectacular than I thought it would be. It’s not normal for a knight to accompany a gift from adventurers, is it?”

“It’s certainly unusual for an adventurer to be escorted by a knight to present a gift directly to the Pope. But if Master hadn’t refused, you would have ridden in that big carriage, wouldn’t you?”

“I think so. The guildmaster didn’t want Master to decline the parade. Maybe you were sitting right in front of the scale.”

“I’m glad I declined. If I had been there, I would have stood out from the crowd.”

“I would have liked to have seen it.”

“I wish I could have seen it.”

“You would have both laughed if you had seen it. The crowd was so big, let’s go back to the inn. Rimu, it’s not safe for you out here, so please go back to your bag.”


“I’m going back.”

We return to the inn and enter the room. Now everything that needs to be done in the capital is done. The rest depends on the plans of the members of Girasole.

After sunset, I had dinner in the dining room and was relaxing in my room when Girasole returned.

“Thanks for your hard work; I saw the parade. Everyone was so beautiful, and the crowd was so excited.”

“Whew, I’m exhausted. It was tougher than I thought to keep smiling through the whole parade.”

“That sounds really tough. Did the offering go well?”

“Yes, it was a little nerve-wracking because I was just following the rules, but I managed to get through it without a hitch.”

“Thanks for all your hard work. Would you like something sweet?”


After handing out the pudding to everyone, I handed some to Rimu and Fuu-chan and asked them to continue the story.

“Then, for the donation of the Ryu scale and the discovery of the cluster, we received 100 platinum coins, which we will give half to you later. They also offered us titles and land, but we turned them down. Is that okay?”

Eh? A hundred platinum coins is ten billion dollars, right? Plus, a title and land? How extravagant is that? Even though it’s a Ryu, it’s still 10 billion for one scale. It scares me.

“If you Girasole members don’t have a problem with it, it’s fine.”

“We can’t afford it if they give us titles and lands.”

“But 100 platinum coins…? I wonder what will happen at the auction… Alessia-san, I’m starting to get scared.”

“They think it’s worth a title, land, and a hundred platinum coins. I can’t imagine what would happen if countries were competing against each other at the auction.”

“I really don’t know what would happen if countries were competing with each other… and with their own interests at stake.”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“The guildmaster of the merchant guild was very agitated. He said he’s going to be leaking all kinds of information, right?”

“…Even if I were invited to, I wouldn’t go to the auction.”

“Hahaha, you make a lot of money all at once, and a lot of people know about it, so all kinds of trouble will come pouring in.”

“If that happens, please evacuate us to Wataru-san’s ship.”

“Of course, you are welcome. And what are you going to do tomorrow?”

“Well, since the capital is so awkward right now, should we go to Bergamo?”

“Well, speaking of which, shouldn’t you try to improve relations with the adventurers’ guild?”

“I think it’s fine. I’m not like we’re on bad terms with all the adventurers’ guilds, and to be honest, I don’t want to see that guildmaster again. Everyone is fine with that, right?”

They didn’t object to it either. They were really angry. I don’t think I would have behaved like that either, but I didn’t know they would hate it so much… I’ll have to be careful.

“Then, will it be okay if we leave tomorrow morning? Is it okay if you don’t greet the people of the cathedral, Claretta-san?”

“Well, if you could delay our departure a little, that would be very helpful. The cathedral people are also up early in the morning, so I will just greet them and come back. Would you be okay if we leave after that?”

“We don’t mind.”

“We don’t mind either.”

“Well, then, you must be tired today, so let’s disperse.”

“Oh, wait. Yes, here’s 50 platinum coins.”

“Yes, thank you. Good night.”


But 50 platinum coins are about 5 billion yen. Is it really something that you would give to someone? I accepted it without hesitation, though… I have 5 billion yen now. I just think of it in Japanese yen, and my common sense seems to collapse. Let’s think of it this way: I just have 50 platinum coins in my pocket.

I summon my savings boat, deposit the 50 platinum coins, and repatriate it. I’m going to bed now. Good night.

I finish my morning routine and have breakfast with Girasole.

“Good morning, Wataru-san. You are leaving today, aren’t you?”

“Good morning, Gino-san. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“I am the one who has been indebted to you. Thanks to you, Wataru-san, we have more specialties. Thank you very much. You must come back again.”

“Yes, you can make various arrangements with the recipes I gave you, so please give them a try. Next time I come back, I hope to have a delicious dish that I have never tasted before.”

“Hahaha, next time you come, please make a reservation about a year in advance.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Yeah, it’s nice to have a silly exchange between men… Hmm? Is it possible that I came to another world and I don’t have any male friends? No… Like Guido-san… no, I only have senior co-workers, escorts, and craftsmen acquaintances.

Aldo-san and the others are like… teachers… I’ll admit it, I don’t have a single male friend. I feel like this is a problem.

I was caught off guard and realized something shocking in the morning. Ines, Felicia, Girasole and Camille-san… I’ve come to another world, and all I’ve thought about is women.

After breakfast, I see Claretta-san off to the cathedral to say goodbye. When she returns, we’ll be departing. Let’s put the sad fact aside and prepare for our departure. 

I return to my room, repatriate the things I don’t need for the travel, and summon the things I do need. As there is no need for much preparation, we soon run out of things to do, and while we are chatting, Claretta-san returns.

We rented a carriage from the merchant guild and departed for Bergamo.

In the carriage, Dorothea-san and Marina-san were playing with Rimu and Fuu-chan. They bumped into each other, and Fuu-chan was bouncing and rolling around. Something must be amusing because they repeat it over and over again.

It’s like a new apprentice who is repeatedly challenged by siblings in sumo practice, only to have them beat him back. I hope they enjoy it.

Dorothea-san and Marina-san are watching with smiles on their faces.

“Marina-san was able to successfully tame Fuu-chan, and Dorothea-san is next. Are you looking for a slime that can use fire magic?”

“Right, I don’t know. I kind of thought it would be fire magic, but what do you think?”

“Well, since you put it that way… why don’t you pick one that you want to be with, Dorothea-san?”

“Well, a normal slime would be fine, but… there are battles to be fought, after all. So, I’ll look for a slime that can use fire magic.”

“I see…when you say a fire, would you mean a volcano?”

“I can’t think of anything else. First of all, we need to gather information.”

“Good luck. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.”

“Yes, I’ll ask for your help then.”




The trip ends uneventfully. We spend one night in a small village and another night at an encampment on the way, and after a while of driving, the port town of Bergamo comes into view before the sun sets. There were no monsters, and I wondered what it would be like to spend three days and two nights just enduring the vibrations of the wagon.

“Master, is it alright if we continue into the city?”

“What’s wrong, Felicia?”

“No, when we left this city, we sailed in a ship and joined each other later, didn’t we?”

“Speaking of which… would it be a bad idea?”

“I wonder…”

“…What do you think, Dorothea-san?”

“I think it’s fine to go into the city. But we can’t use the ship in the city.”

“Wouldn’t everyone like to take a shower or something?”


“Then please stop the carriage. We’ll go out to sea and enter the city by ship, right? We’ll meet up with you at Selis’ inn.”

I got off the carriage and headed for the secluded shore with Ines, Felicia, and Rimu. But I completely forgot that we were leaving by ship.

We went out to the shore, summoned a ship, and entered Bergamo. If we sailed earlier than scheduled here, we would get our anchorage fee back, so we paid 20 silver coins for ten days.

Huh? There are members of Girasole in the port. What’s going on?

“Everyone, is there a problem?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong. I’m sorry, but we were waiting here for you to let us use the shower. Ah, we already reserved a room for Wataru-san at Selis’ inn.”

I see; they wanted to use the shower. We had been just wiping ourselves with hot water for quite a long time. After finishing the shower, we relaxed in the salon and drank a cup of tea.

“Phew, a shower feels good after all.”

“Ahaha, I’m glad you like it, Alessia-san. So what are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know. I don’t really have anything to do in Bergamo, and there was talk in town about the Ryu scale. It’s going to get awkward, so let’s get out of here early.”

“There are already rumors about it? Even though we left the capital the day after the parade.”

“Yes, maybe someone who arrived earlier than us told the story, but we were surprised too.”

“Well then, shall we stock up on provisions today and sail tomorrow? The question is, where are we going?”

“Well, it is said that there is some human supremacy influence around this country… so it might be better to go back to the Southern City.”

“It is easier to gather information in the Southern City. If we go back and gather information and find information on slimes that can use magic, I would like Wataru-san to take me there again. Is that alright?”

“I’m fine as long as we go through a place where we can sell pepper, Dorothea-san. Besides, Rimu will be very happy to have another friend.”

“Thank you, Wataru-san. Then let’s go back to Southern City and look for Dorothea’s slime.”

Oh, now I’m with Girasole again. Even if I’m like a man who has been used by women for his vehicle, I’ll be fine if it’s with big-breasted beauties.

Deciding to return to Southern City, we headed for food shopping. I buy a lot of delicious-looking food at markets and food stalls and repatriate them. After securing enough food, I return to Selis’ inn and go to sleep.

In the morning, after completing the morning routine with Ines and Felicia, we head to the dining room.

“Good morning.”

“”””””Good morning.””””””

“Can we leave after we eat?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Rimu and Fuu-chan’s sharing trip is over, and we leave the inn.

Well, since we’re in a kind of different country, I think we should visit a few more places, but… it’s dangerous and a lot of trouble. Maybe we should go around a lot by the sea for a while.

Go to the ship, get the anchorage fee refunded, and set sail.


Funds on hand: 5 gold coins, 13 silver coins, 36 copper coins.
Guild account: 33 platinum coins, 70 gold coins.
Savings boat: 153 platinum coins.
Pepper boat: 485 boats.


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