Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 4 Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Quiet Story: Ilma’s Concerns


When we met Wataru-san, he was an ordinary young man who had a small magic boat that could go to the island, and although his life was in danger, he was somewhat carefree.

After several requests to the island, living conditions were improved, a tent raft was built, and a bathing raft was built. It became possible to eat delicious meals, and on the bath raft, I found out that Wataru-san was a bit H and had a weakness for women.

He is an unusual young man who is a little bit H and loves slime for some reason…

The other members also became fond of Wataru-san and began to ask him whenever there was a request on the island. After a while, I was surprised that Dorothea and Marina started loving the slime together with him.

When we found a holy slime on the island, Dorothea and Marina insisted on it as a souvenir for Wataru-san. I was beyond surprised and uneasy when the serious Dorothea and the taciturn Marina said that they were willing to use it for someone other than their member, even if it weighed only a small amount during the quest.

Now I can understand that it was simply loved for the slime. But at the time, I seriously wondered if Wataru-san had brainwashed them. Well, no matter how I observed him, he was not the type of person who could do anything nefarious, and the misunderstanding was cleared up.

After a while, I felt his eyes on my chest, teased him a little, and he hurriedly looked away. Such a young man said he was going to try the pepper trade.

I was worried, but he seemed determined, and the next thing I knew, he was off to the pepper trade. The others were worried, too, but Alessia heard him say that he had a secret and confidence in his ship.

After a while, he came to visit with souvenirs from the southern continent in a strange way. I was surprised to see him with two beautiful and skilled slaves, but the two slaves seemed to enjoy themselves and seemed to have a good relationship with each other.

He has survived a dangerous voyage and has two beautiful slaves with him. Normally, I would not be surprised if things were getting better, but he was still carefree and vulnerable to women, and he promised to treat Carla to a cooking session.

The next day, when he came to cook, he got into trouble with the successor to the innkeeper. I felt sorry for him, but when he learned how genuine Alessia and the others were, he looked at me with sympathy, so I decided to have him help Alessia and the others correct their perceptions.

It was like he thought that Ilma was a sensible person, and it was not that I got angry at his surprised look and decided to involve him.

Our party was made up of childhood friends, so there were no men in the group. Perhaps it was because we had been fighting off the advances of the ill-mannered adventurers, but we had no interest in men and, except for myself, had little awareness of our own appearance.

I would say that we are a party with a very high level of good looks. However, the other members of the party have grown tired of being repeatedly approached by male adventurers and have only built superficial relationships with men, so they are indifferent to their good looks.

I think our relationship with Wataru-san is a kind of miracle created by his harmless atmosphere. I expected that he would become a little more aware of the opposite sex, but… he’s not good at fighting, good at cooking, and a little H but none of the masculine atmosphere, so we have created a relationship that is almost the same as dealing with a female friend. It hurts my head.

It helped that Wataru-san explained that the innkeeper’s successor problem was caused by a man’s possessiveness, which made the members a little more aware of the situation.

The mixed fries that he cooked after cleaning up the innkeeper’s problems were very tasty. In terms of food, Claretta and Carla were completely watered down.

When we asked him what his next plans were, he said he was going to go back to the pepper trade. Repeating dangerous voyages over and over… he seems cautious and timid, but he says he’s going on another dangerous voyage. Either I’ve misjudged the man, or the ship’s secrets are that trustworthy… He seems to be a simple man, but he has a lot of depth.

He came back from the pepper trade easily and visited us with souvenirs, still as carefree as ever. He told us that he had bought a lot of accessories and that we could choose whatever we liked, something I wondered how he would do as a man.

When we asked him about his future plans, he said he was going to Palermo, which made Claretta gasp. Well, she had always wanted to see the cathedral, so it was no wonder. We had tried to go there, too, but we were hesitant because of the troublesome countries we had to cross on the way, both by land and by sea.

He asked us to let him think about it because of the secrecy of the ship, but we got the OK the next day. We prepared for the voyage, went shopping, and were shown to the ship.

I look at the interior and am amazed at the atmosphere, which I have never felt before. Then I am dazzled by the secret he told us. Is he OK when he so easily tells us that he has a unique skill?

Somehow, I can see through his thinking that he thinks he can just run away if it becomes a problem without thinking too deeply. I wonder if he realizes that his ability to store large quantities of food, for example, is an ability that would definitely be surrounded if the country found out about it. I can only imagine his anxiety.

We learn the secret of the success of the pepper trade when we are attacked by monsters. I think it’s a cheat. The unreasonable performance of unique skills frightens me. I felt sorry for the monsters who were played until they were tired and easily defeated after the escape game was over…

I was surprised at the Lutto, but the Hideaway is also a ship of unbelievable level. I’m worried about him easily revealing a ship that could have been kept hidden.

Perhaps, but I somehow understood the reason because he seemed to be enjoying himself in the bath. He seems to have so much fun when we get in there together.

Well, it is a wonderful bath, and we enjoy it very much. If we are in first, he doesn’t come in later out of concern. He’s a little H, but I think he’s a gentleman. (Maybe he’s just a bit wimpy…)

When we arrived in Palermo, we were helped on land by hut boats and food stores and saw where he makes huge profits by selling pepper.

His skills got us through a cave with strong winds where we could not go on. His skills are not strong in limited situations, but they are rare skills that can be used in a variety of situations depending on how they are used.

Despite having the Ryu scales, he was more afraid of standing out than gaining fame and refused to show himself as much as possible.

I am horrified that he, an ordinary young man with a weak will, is endowed with a powerful unique skill that, depending on how he uses it, can fight with the nations.

He is a good man, a likable young man, but he is carefree and vulnerable to women… If he were to be used by the empire or a human supremacist country, it would certainly cast a shadow over the future of the beastmen.

It is even scarier that he could be taken advantage of by a beautiful woman without even knowing what she means…

I think that we should not let him go. Fortunately, he likes us, but other than me, the other members of the group are considered only good friends.

Should we discuss this among ourselves? Or am I just thinking too much…?


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