I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 13 Prologue

Volume 13th, here we go. Hope you can enjoy this volume as well, cheers~

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A few days have passed since the battle with the false god.

The Magic Saint Odis devoted himself to researching magic at his residence located on Heavenly Mountain as if to relieve the fatigue of the recent fierce battles.

“Theoretically, if we combine this magic with another magic, it should be more powerful…”

Odis wrote something down in detail on a piece of paper in his hand. It was hard to believe that research could lead to relief from fatigue.

However, Odis loved to study magic, and this time was more important to him than anything else.



“Master! Something’s coming, you know?”

“Master! Something’s coming!”


His twin apprentices, who were tending to the medicinal herbs in the garden… Ruri and Rill called out to him, and his research was interrupted.

“What is it? What in the world…”

As Odis headed out, looking annoyed, Ruri handed what looked like a letter to Odis.

“Yes, Master! This just came for you, you know?”

“A letter?”

“Yes! A cool bird flew over and dropped the letter, you know?”

“Yeah. Just when I thought I saw a cool bird fly by, it dropped the letter.”

“Who in the world…?”

Odis received the letter, and his eyes widened when he saw the name of the sender written on it.

“This is…”

Odis looked at the letter immediately, but his expression became more and more clouded.

The twin noticed the change in Odis and looked at each other.

“Master? Are you okay?”

“Master? Something seems to be wrong, isn’t it?”


“…No, I’m fine. I’m sorry, but I’m going to be away from home again.”



“You just got home, didn’t you?”

“You just got home!”

The twins were complaining, but Odis quickly prepared and ran out of the house.

“What in the world… that guy is thinking? I have to go join Usagi and the others first…”

He then headed for Usagi, recalling the contents of the letter.




Meanwhile, Iris, who likewise has been spending her days in training while hunting evil beasts since the battle with the false god…



While training with her sword, Iris suddenly heard the sound of a bird’s cry.

She stopped her training and looked in the direction of the bird’s voice to see a hawk monster… [Assault Hawk] flying toward Iris.

Surprised at the appearance of a monster she had never seen before in her current location, Iris readied her sword to intercept it.



Just before the Assault Hawk collided with Iris, it dropped something and soared away.

Iris was appalled at the situation but then notices something on the ground.


“…A letter?”


She twisted her head to see who had sent the letter, and her eyes widened.

“This is…!”

Iris immediately checked the contents of the letter.

Then, just like Odis, her expression turned grim as she read the letter.

“Why now… but if this letter was sent to me, then it must have been sent to the other Holy, as well…”

After reading the letter, Iris quickly got ready and left the place.

“…I wonder what that man is thinking? I think I should meet up with Usagi and the others and exchange information with them…”

Thus, Iris also went to Usagi to discuss the matter mentioned in the letter.




“Ugh… Rin-chan, what should I do?”

“You still saying that…?”


Meanwhile, on Earth──.

Kaede and Rin were hanging out together on their day off. The reason was that Kaede was worried about a certain matter, and she wanted to talk to Rin about it.

After enjoying shopping and other activities, they moved to a nearby café as Kaede wanted to consult with Rin, which was the purpose of the meeting, and she immediately held her head in her hands.

“Because… because!”

“If you’re so anxious, you shouldn’t have taken the job…”

“That… Yuuya-kun said he would take care of it…”

“Hah… You’re always so easy to understand, aren’t you?”

“T-t-that’s not true!”

Yes, what Kaede wanted to discuss with Rin was the matter of the school idol that she had come forward to participate in the other day with great vigor.

“What are you worried about in the first place?”

“I-I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sing and dance properly.”

“Isn’t that the same for the other girls?”

“T-that maybe so, but I thought Merl-san and Yuti-chan would be the same, but…”

“Ah… Certainly, I thought about it during the athletic festival, but those two have amazing athletic skills, don’t they?”

“Even Lexia-san and Luna-san are so beautiful… I’m afraid I’d stand out in a bad way…”

“What are you talking about? Kaede is also cute enough. You should be more confident.”

“Eeehh…? I wonder about that…”

Kaede still had an anxious look on her face while Rin smiled wryly.

“Good grief… At least, I think you are much prettier than me. If I were a little prettier, I might consider being an idol, too.”

“No way! Rin-chan is cute too, and you can certainly be one right now!”

Rin was not often described as pretty because she had a different atmosphere from Kaede, but there was no doubt that she still had a gorgeous appearance. But Rin did not have much awareness of this.

“Hahaha! Thank you. But I don’t think being an idol would suit me.”

“I don’t think so… Besides, Rin is also good at athletics, and I think you’re definitely suited for it… What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?”

“Hey, hey, why are you trying to get me involved too…?”

When Rin unintentionally retorted to Kaede’s words, Kaede plunged forward on the table.

“Well… If Rin-chan is there, I can feel at ease…”

“So, be confident. Kaede is not that bad at athletics, and you are a good singer, too.”

“I-is that so?”

“That’s right. Besides, you haven’t even started practicing yet. If you give it a try, it might be perfect for Kaede!”

“I doubt it…”

Kaede was still somewhat in doubt.

However, her expression was more relaxed than when she was first consulted.

“Whatever it is, I said you’re going to do it, so you’re going to have to do your best.”

“You’re right… it’s a great opportunity, and I hope I can enjoy it.”

“Besides… You have to show off your cute side to Yuuya, don’t you?”


In the end, Kaede regained her vigor with Rin’s words. Rin smiled at Kaede’s reaction and clapped her hands.


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“Now! Let’s not think about it too hard; we’re going to have fun today!”

“Right… Oh, by the way, I heard there’s a new sweets store opened near here?”

“Oh, that’s nice! Shall we go over there then!”

Thus, Kaede and Rin went on to enjoy their holiday to the fullest.




──The boundary between the underworld and the present world, which was destroyed by the soul of the false god, has now been restored.

However, the soul of the false god had annihilated not only the boundary between the underworld and the present world but also the boundary between the various worlds.

“──Here is another…”

While the inhabitants of each world began their own activities, a young man landed in the world of Yuuya and the others.

The young man was short, with a plump build and an overall sense of roundness.

The hair on his head was rather thin and extended down to his eyes, giving him a dark impression.

The young man looked around as if trying to catch his breath.


“I-I… have to take over this world…”


The young man looked at nobody, but it was as if he was afraid of something.

He stared at his trembling hands and muttered quietly.

“…The foreigner to this world is… me. But I have to do it… or everyone else will…!”

The young man gritted his teeth and eventually made a decision and looked forward.

And then, as if to blend in with the crowd, he disappeared.


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