I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary In The Real World Girl’s Side: The Adventures Of The Splendid Maidens Changed The World – Vol 1 Epilogue

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The next day, the capital of the Kingdom of Sahar was thrown into the midst of mayhem due to a plan by Prime Minister Najum to overthrow the state.

King Braha, upon learning what had happened, immediately invited Laila, Lexia, and the others and apologized sincerely.

“I am truly, truly sorry. Najum will be severely punished, and I will make sure that my son will never do such a foolish thing again.”

Next to him, Prince Zazu also bowed deeply.

“I-I am sincerely sorry… that I have so far concentrated on magic research, but I will learn diplomacy properly… So, uh, Princess Laila… if you will, I would like to visit Regal next time to study magic…”

“Yes, with pleasure. Let us continue to be good friends and work together for the development of our two countries.”

Laila’s pleasant reply made Prince Zazu behave awkwardly, but he was said to be bursting with joy.




“Braha-sama looked so pale.”

“Well, it could have been a world crisis, not just for the Kingdom of Sahar. He would be in a difficult position for a while, being pursued by foreign countries and noble lords, and it was only natural.”

King Braha was very upset to learn that not only had the prime minister caused the unprecedented disaster but that it was Lexia and her group, who had visited the Kingdom of Sahar in secret, who had solved the problem.

Recalling King Braha’s dismay, Lexia cleared her throat and laughed.

“Anyway, that settles the matter!”

Lexia and the others stood in front of the gates of the royal capital to see Laila off. They were already prepared for their departure, planning to leave the Kingdom of Sahar after seeing Laila depart.

Beyond the flickering shimmer of the sun, they could see the arrival of the people from the Kingdom of Regal.

Laila once again bowed her head to Lexia and the others.

“Thank you very much. When I return to Regal, I will do my best for my beloved country and my beloved people.”

I am sure Orghis-sama and the people of Regal will be very happy to hear that.”

“Yes. Moreover, I have learned a lot through this experience.”

“? What?”

Laila gave a mischievous smile to Lexia, who tilted her head.

“While staying in the kingdom of Sahar, I tried to play the role of the obedient and ladylike fiancée, but I got bored. After all, the man who is to marry me must be a strong man who is capable of confronting me on an equal footing.”

“Fufu. It’s just like Laila-sama should be.”

Laila, freed from her unwanted political marriage, smiled radiantly.

“Besides, this matter will contribute to the development of friendship and magical research between our two countries. We also managed to get a hold of the weak points of King Braha and Prince Zazu, so we killed two birds with one stone.”

The actions of Prince Zazu and Prime Minister Najum toward Laila this time should have been thoroughly denounced as a national scandal, but Laila’s wish was granted, and the matter was dropped. Instead, Laila herself would serve as ambassador to the Kingdom of Sahar from now on, and it seemed certain that subsequent diplomacy would proceed in the Regal Kingdom’s favor.

“Turning anything into profit. Royalty is a tough lot.”

Luna laughed bitterly.

Lexia suddenly noticed that Tito was looking down.

“What’s wrong, Tito?”

“Um, I… got out of control again… and I’m really, really sorry─ubuhh.”

Lexia held Tito’s cheek between her hands as she tried to lower her head. She looked straight at Tito with her jade-green eyes.

“You have nothing to apologize for. We couldn’t have defeated the chimera and the evil beast by ourselves. It was only because Tito was there that we were able to win.”


“Lexia is right. Tito protected the royal capital of the Kingdom of Sahar and the many people who lived there. Gloria-sama would be proud of you.”

“That’s right! And that power that separated the evil beast! The prime minister said it was ‘Holy’ power… but how did you do it?”

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t remember much… But in the village where I grew up in the past, people said I had a mysterious power…”

“Hmm? It’s a great power, anyway! And you’re getting better and better at controlling your powers! Tito has grown up; you should be more confident!”


Lexia pinched Tito’s cheeks in satisfaction, but then she remembered something and hit her hand.

“Right! Speaking of growth, I can now use magic!”

“You? Magic?”

Luna revealed her disbelief, but Lexia puffed her chest with pride.

“It’s true! Watch me! [Lightning Storm]!”

Lexia held her hand up to the sky and shouted triumphantly──


“Nothing’s happening.”

“W-wait a minute! [Water Ball]! [Fire Arrow]! [Wind Spear]!”

“…No matter how much you want to show your growth, you can’t just lie about it, can you?”

“I didn’t lie! I’m really, really able to do it!”

Laila gives a helping hand to Lexia, who is teary-eyed.

“What Lexia-sama said is true. Lexia-sama defeated the chimera with magic and saved me. She did it with the most powerful magic I’ve ever seen.”

“You hear that?”

“So you weren’t lying… But how could you use such mighty magic?”

“Hmm, I don’t know, but my body got heated up, and bwaaah! Boom! Like that!”

“I can’t tell how horrible you’ve been conveying this.”

“Um, about that… here.”

Laila opened a handkerchief.

Then a fragment appeared from inside.

“Oh! The bracelet that Gloria-sama gave me! You picked it up!”

“It’s shattered; what happened to it?”

“When I defeated the chimera, it shattered as soon as I used the magic. Come to think of it; it glowed when I used the magic.”

Laila nodded to Lexia, who recalled the time she fought the chimera.

“It’s probably a magic tool that assists in the activation of magic. It was very valuable, but I think it shattered under the load of the magic.”

“Gloria-sama, she gave me something so precious.”

Lexia gently stroked the shattered pieces.

“But I see. I didn’t really learn to use magic, did I…?”

“The reason you were able to unleash such powerful magic, even with the aid of the bracelet, was because of Lexia-sama’s vast magical power. It was wonderful magic.”

Lexia’s face lit up when she heard Laila’s words.

“Oh, yes! Gloria-sama told me that I have special power!”

“Special power, you say?”

“Lexia-san has a mysterious power that can stop me from going out of control.”

At Tito’s words, Laila recalled, “That time…”

“Though. the principle is a mystery. How the hell did you do it?”

“It’s just my fighting spirit!”

“I can’t even talk about it…”

“What? I can’t help it if I don’t know what I’m doing! I just did it, and I did it!”

Laila pondered for a moment, then opened her mouth thoughtfully.

“Lexia-sama. Could that possibly be the power called [Breath of Light]?”

“[Breath of Light]?”

“Yes. It is a special power that affects people’s minds and is said to be possessed by a limited number of elves. It reflects the mind of the person who possesses the power and purifies the other person’s emotions──the power to dispel the fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, and sorrow that the other person harbors and return them to the state they were originally in… I think Lexia-sama received that power from your High Elf mother, if I may say so.”

“The power inherited from my mother…”

“Oh, so that’s how you were able to stop Tito’s rampage?”

Tito’s rampage was deeply related to her fear of herself. 

As if to confirm this, Tito nodded repeatedly.

“When Lexia-san’s voice reached me, I felt a warmth in my heart. It was like my mind cleared up and returned to my true self…”

“A special magical power that affects the people’s minds, huh? …Phew. What a power that is so typical of Lexia.”

At Luna’s gaze, Lexia happily puffed out her chest.

“I don’t know about that, but I think it’s the perfect power to stop Tito from going out of control! I knew we were meant to be friends! Keep it up, Tito!”

“M-my pleasure!”

Tito bowed her head happily to Lexia, who was closing one of her eyes.

The Regal Kingdom’s representatives are approaching.

Laila looked at Lexia and the others and narrowed her eyes.

“Thank you so much. My father also wrote to me and said he would love to thank you. When you return from your trip, please visit the Regal Kingdom again. I would like to express my gratitude to you again. …And, um, if you would like to, I’d be happy to meet with you all again.”

“Yes! Let’s all bathe together again and have a sleepover! In the meantime, I’m going to polish up my pillow fight skills! I won’t let anyone beat me this time!”

“What’s a princess to do when she becomes a pillow fight expert…?”

As Laila held her mouth and laughed, she heard a voice in the distance.

“Hey! Onee-chan and the others~!”

The city’s residents and soldiers had heard their departure and had come to see them off.

“Thank you so much for protecting the royal capital.”

“Please come back again. Here, take some souvenirs with you.”

“Thank you, the Kingdom of Sahar was such a wonderful country. I hope to hear more uplifting songs and music from you.”

Unaware that Lexia and the others are a princess and her escort, and thinking of them as just travelers, they take the hands of the three and express their gratitude with regretful farewells.

Among them were the camel and the boy who owned it.

Tito, who has heard from Luna about her own rampage, runs up to the boy and bows to him.

“Um… I’m really sorry for scaring you…!”

“No, I’m not! Tito-oneechan, you were so cool fighting the chimera! Thanks for protecting us!”

Tito cries as the boy holds her hand. Behind the boy, his mother smiles with a baby in her arms.

The soldiers of the city bow to Luna.

“When the chimera attacked the royal capital, we were too frightened to do anything about it… but seeing you fight so bravely woke us up. We will train properly and be able to protect this city and its people. Thank you so much.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Just keep on protecting the people of this city.”

Next to him, a camel sniffed at Lexia as if reluctant to say goodbye.


“Fufu, thank you for coming to see me off. It’s sad to say goodbye, but I look forward to seeing you again!”

Bright laughter echoed in the desert sky.

Lexia and the others saw Laila off to the Kingdom of Regal, waved goodbye to the warm people, and left the royal capital of the Kingdom of Sahar behind.




“It was a nice country, despite the harsh environment of the desert.”

“Yes! Everyone was cheerful and kind. There were many beautiful ornaments and handicrafts.”

“Speaking of which, is it really okay that I got this sword?”

Lexia suddenly pulled out the dagger hanging from her waist.

It is a treasured sword given by King Braha as a token of gratitude for protecting the Kingdom of Sahar. Braha gave it to Lexia, saying, “It is said that this treasure sword should be given to the person who saves the country from danger. I hope it will be of use to you, Lexia-dono.”

She held up the beautifully crafted, jeweled hilt to the sun.

“There is a legend about this sword. It is said that when the Kingdom of Sahar was once shrouded in a dark cloud of everlasting darkness, the sword, with a single swing, tore open the dark cloud and paved the way to the heavens.”

“Such an amazing tale? It is a very beautiful dagger, isn’t it?”

“Yes. And it is so light that even I can handle it.”

Lexia is waving the jeweled sword around, perhaps because she likes it so much.

“I don’t think a jeweled sword is something to be wielded so casually…”

“Ara, it’s a gift; it’s up to me what I do with it. Or should Luna or Tito use it?”

“I’m fine with the string.”

“I-I-I have my claws, too! I’m afraid it’s a treasure sword…!”

“Is it?”

The sword is sheathed carelessly with a slight tilt of the head.

Luna looked back at the white palace rising above the oasis.

“But we’ve been here longer than I thought we would.”

“Yes, you’re right. But we’ve helped a lot of people, so we’re off to a good start!”

“I guess it wasn’t a disturbance that could be summed up in one word… or rather, are we forgetting something…?”

“That’s odd; I was in just such a mood.”

Lexia and Luna tilted their heads.

“…Arnold-sama told you to send a letter every time you arrived in town, didn’t he?”

“Oh, I completely forgot.”

Lexia stuck her tongue out and pointed to the end of the desert.

“Well, that’s fine! Let’s move on, move on!”

“Sigh. If he hears about the incident in the Kingdom of Sahar, Arnold-sama might have a stroke.”

That is nowhere to be found.

Lexia held her lightly stained cheeks.

“I’ve grown up again, by the way! I wonder if I’m getting a little closer to Yuuya-sama now?”

“I wonder. Yuuya’s strength is out of the norm. He could have taken out a chimera or an evil beast in a matter of seconds.”

“!? Who is this Yuuya-san really…?”

“He’s the strongest and coolest man in the world, my husband!”

“You’re right about the first half, but… don’t talk about things that aren’t true with such pride.”

“What? It’s going to be a fact soon!”

“That’s not the point. Instead, Lexia should practice your housework… no, it’s nothing.”

“Why are you averting your eyes!”

Tito tilted her head while laughing at the lively exchange.

“By the way, we left before we could confirm it… Where are we headed next?”

Lexia then puffed out her chest.

“Of course, we’ll decide on that now!”

“You haven’t decided yet?”

“Oh, even though you just walked out with such an air of dignity!”

“That’s right! The best part of traveling is letting yourself go where the wind takes you and letting your mind go with no set schedule!”

“That’s why you’re always getting into all kinds of trouble!”

“Don’t worry; we won’t get into any trouble. Next, why don’t we continue south and go to the Southern Ocean? Or maybe we could go and see some of the Eastern cultures!”

At that moment, a shadow appeared over the three of them.



Lexia looked up at the sky, and Luna and Tito looked up as well.

As the three of them looked up, something fell from the blue sky.

It was a girl.


“””Eh… Eh… Eeeeeehhhhhhhh!?”””


A scream echoed across the land of sand, announcing the beginning of a new uproar.


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