Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – The Dark Elf Island and Village


We returned to the ship and finished lunch.

“Whew, thanks for the meal. I’m thinking of showing up at the dark elf island after this; what do you think?”

“Master, my father said it would be fine for six months. I think it will still be alright.”

“Felicia is right, but they are just starting to build the village. They might need something. And if we go on a trip somewhere, we might not be able to come back for a long time, so let’s show our faces when we can.”

“I agree. You never know what’s going to happen. We’d better go when we can.”

“Thank you, Master and Ines. May I ask you for it?”

“Yes, it’s part of our agreement, so don’t worry about it. After this, let’s go gather food and buy things that may be needed to build the village.”


I went to the market and stores to buy food that would last a long time, medicine, tableware, clothes, carpentry tools, and anything else I could think of and asked them to deliver it to my ship.

“Is there anything else you think that might be needed?”

“I wonder. I think it’s good enough. Felicia, do dark elves have any special needs?”

“No, we were originally mostly self-sufficient in the forest. With this kind of support, I think they will be able to make a good living.”

“Then, I guess it will be fine. Since we could go on autopilot, we could leave after this, or we could take a day or so off.”

“I have no problem either way. Whichever is easier for you will be fine.”

“Me too.”

“Then let’s get going. I think we should inform the merchant guild and the Girasole. Let’s stop by the merchant guild and then go to the Black-tailed Gull’s inn.”


At the merchant guild, I tell Camille-san that I’m going out for ten days. Thinking about it, today was the third time I came to the merchant guild.

I didn’t expect to come here with Donnino-san, though. If I had planned my schedule properly, I wouldn’t have had to go at this time. I have to think ahead and act properly.

I arrived at Black-tailed Gull’s and asked the proprietress to make an appointment. I wondered if the word had already spread that Girasole had returned to the inn, and I found a group of men I had seen before sitting in the dining room.

Have they been staying here the whole time? Or is there an intelligence network being built? Something seems scary either way.

“Wataru-san, is something wrong?”

“No, Alessia-san, I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll be leaving the Southern City for about ten days.”

“Ara, really? Thank you for taking the trouble. We will be collecting information for a while since Dorothea is working so hard.”

“Hahahaha, since Dorothea-san has learned the taming skill, she must want to tame slimes as soon as possible.”

“Fufu, yes, that’s right. She said she wanted to tame cute children like Rimu-chan and Fuu-chan. Even now, in the guild’s archives, I have a feeling that the purpose has changed.”

“Dorothea-san has been taking good care of Rimu and Fuu-chan. I’d be happy if Rimu could have more friends.”

“Please help her at that time, will you?”

“Oh, that’s right. Are Claretta-san and Carla-san here?”

“Sorry. Claretta is at church. Carla is out too. I wonder if there was something you wanted to see them about? Can you leave a message?”

“I see… then please pass them the message. I have signed a contract with the merchant guild for pudding and ice cream, and I don’t mind if they make it, but could you tell them not to tell anyone?”

“Okay, they’re both delicious, they’ll be very popular, and I’ll be sure to let them know.”

“Thank you.”

After a brief chat, we leave the inn. I asked the proprietress about the Girasole fans. She said there are both those who have been staying there all along and those who came back after Girasole returned.

I’m glad I didn’t stay at the Black-tailed Gull’s Inn. It’s like guaranteed to be uncomfortable. We returned to the ship and loaded up the delivered luggage.

“Then we’re off. We’ll go out to the open sea and change to the Fortress, okay?”


I sit leisurely on the edge of the Lutto. The sun was shining, the sky was clear and blue, the clouds were white, and the sea was blue. Yes, it’s really good.

“Master, you look awfully happy; what’s wrong?”

“Oh, Ines. I wanted to try drinking a can of beer on a ship in the sea like this.”

“Ufufu, so you were very happy. Was it good?”

“Yes, it was very good.”

I always had an image of cruisers and canned beer as a set. The influence of TV is amazing, isn’t it? After finishing the bottle, I returned to the living room, satisfied with the beer.

“It’s about time to change to the Fortress, isn’t it?”


We boarded the Fortress and entered the observation baths. I wash my body and soak in the warm water while having a lovey-dovey time with Ines and Felicia.

I play with the floating Rimu and leave the bath after having had enough. I drink my second beer of the day, put on my yukata, and fall asleep in the massage chair. I feel so happy.

After the massage, we enjoy a buffet dinner. We watch a movie, have some lovey-dovey fun, and fall asleep. I guess I like this kind of life better than going on an adventure to a cave or something.

In the morning, I get my routine down, make breakfast, and make plans.

“Today, we’ll stay on the Fortress until mid-afternoon, then transfer to the Lutto and continue on to the Dark Elf Island, okay?”


“I’ll be reading manga at the vending machine corner. Ines and Felicia are free to do as you please.”

“”Thank you very much.””

“Oh, I won’t be moving much, so you’ll have to take care of Rimu, too.”


I go to the vending machine corner alone and put the manga I want to read on the desk. I buy fries, fried chicken, and cola, and I’m all set.

“Master, it’s almost lunchtime; what would you like to do?”

“Hmm? Already?”


On the desk, there is a stack of manga that I have finished reading… I guess time flies when you read this much. I read my favorite manga, so I got carried away.

“What do you want for lunch?”

“Master, I want curry.”

“Then let’s eat at the restaurant.”


At the restaurant, we enjoyed curry, pasta, and coffee jelly. Watch over Rimu, who is still eating.

“Wataru, I want curry.”

“Hmm? Okay, I’ll put some vegetables on it, too, okay?”


I put Rimu, who enjoyed curry, hayashi rice, and pasta until the time was over, on my head. I operated the newly discovered ramp and brought him down. I thought the ramp was external, so I didn’t know it was on the ship side too. Now it’s easier to transfer to the Lutto.

We move to the Lutto and repatriate the Fortress. The monsters that were around the Fortress gathered to the Lutto.

“As expected, the monsters are still coming. They don’t swarm like at the first time.”

“Yes, I think it’s because we had the monsters with us for five days that they came in such large numbers.”

“Yes, one day is only a few monsters unless we are spotted by a swarm.”

“Master, do you mind if I steer the ship?”

“Yes. I’ll stay in the living room and leave you two in charge.”


I took Rimu in my arms and went back to the living room. Felicia also likes to steer the ship. Well, it’s better to have some fun and relieve stress after a long time; let the two of them have fun.

I think that if they are in a good mood, the nighttime lovey-dovey service will be better.

In the early afternoon of the third day after leaving the Southern City, we arrived at the island of the Dark Elves.

“Wataru-san, it’s been a long time.”

“It’s been a while, Village Chief-san. Is there anything troubling you?”

“Thanks to your help, the village is taking shape smoothly.”

Yes, everyone seems to be in good spirits, and there really don’t seem to be any problems. The people around are smiling, and everything seems to be going well. I’ll need them to work hard. Otherwise, I won’t be able to finish things with Felicia.

“Well, that’s good to hear. I bought a bunch of stuff. Could you carry it, please?”

“Thank you again. I appreciate it.”

“Never mind, I’ll get them off the ship, and you can take care of the rest.”


We unloaded the food, tools, and wine we had bought. The village chief and others will carry them away. After carrying the last of the luggage, we go with the village chief to the village on top of the hill.

“Wow, things are going really well. The number of houses has increased a lot. Is that wood cut from the forest?”

“Yes, although the houses still need some work on the interior. More than half of us have houses. We have a few people working in the forest and cutting the wood. If we run it down from the river, it takes less labor, so we have a steady supply of lumber, and it helps. Well, it still needs to be dried before it can be used.”

“I am amazed that half of the houses have already been completed. Are the people in the forest doing okay?”

“Yes, they are the ones who specialized in hunting in the previous village. According to the report, the forest is rich, and no strong monsters have been found so far.”

“That’s good. It looks like things are going to be okay.”

“Yes, the villagers are working well. The village people are happy that they can live their lives without worrying about being seen. Thanks to you, Wataru-san. Thank you so much.”

“You should be thankful to Felicia. I am only helping you for my own reasons.”

It is really an assistance for my own desires. I’m more than a little embarrassed when I’m thanked in earnest, but I feel sorry.

Yes, how about a festival or something when the house is built for all of them as a break? And then Felicia and I will…. it might be good, it might be very good.

“Village Chief-san, when all the houses are built for everyone, why don’t we have a festival as a break? At the pace you are going, it can’t be that far off, can it?”

“A festival, huh? I’m sure the villagers would love that. At the current rate, we should be able to build a house for everyone in six months.”

“That sounds good. If it is possible for me to come at that time, I will bring a lot of drinks and treats. Let’s make a lot of noise.”

“No, no, I can’t take that much of your hospitality.”

“No, I’m involved in the immigration, and I want to make a big fuss anyway. Don’t mind the booze and the feast; it’s a celebration.”

“A big fuss… Yes, we don’t have to worry about being seen anymore. It is possible to make a big fuss about it. Wataru-san, I’m sorry to be so brazen, but I’m asking you to take care of this.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

We had a light chat and parted ways with the village chief. I went to see Cecilia-san.

“Well, Wataru-san, it’s been a long time. Is Felicia any help to you?”

“It has been a while. Felicia has been helping me a lot.”

“I see. Thank you very much.”

Cecilia-san looks happy to see Felicia after a long time. Felicia looks embarrassed, though.

“Felicia, you should help Cecilia-san with something. Ines, shall we go for a walk?”

“Wait, Master; we’ve been in trouble before when we went for a walk like this, haven’t we? Who was it again?”

“Hmm? Oh, I think it was Romano-san. Cecilia-san, how is Romano-san doing?”

“Romano? Romano has caused trouble for Wataru-san, so his father is living in the forest with him for an education.”

“In the forest?”

“Yes, he is going to re-train him strictly, so Romano has never come back from the forest.”

“I see. Thank you very much.”

Then we can rest assured.

“Then, Ines and I will take a walk in the village.”


We took a look around the village, and even though there were only a few of them, we could hear the sound of hammering here and there. There are more houses and open spaces. When the houses of the people who are now pitching tents are completed, it will be a small village.

But there aren’t enough people. It would be nice if we could meet some dark elves. Come to think of it, is it possible for a dark elf living in hiding and me living in the sea to meet?

“”””””Ah, it’s Wataru-sama!””””””

“Oh? It’s been a long time. How have you been?”

“”””””We’re fine.””””””

“Wataru-sama, can you tell us a story?”

“Yes, it’s good, but can you just call me Wataru-san or Wataru-niichan?”

“Why? Isn’t Mother and the others call you Wataru-sama?”

No, well, it’s great to be called “Master” by a beautiful woman. However, when a child and an uncle call you “Master,” it kind of turns me off.

“Hmm, well, I guess it’s because I’m happier to be called Wataru-san or Wataru-niichan.


Yeah, I like the energy. But a story, huh? I’m basically hiding in the back when it comes to stories that kids might enjoy, so I don’t have anything to say.

So I’m going to expand on the story of the cave.

“Wataru-niichan, you’re not fighting, are you?”

“I’m a merchant, so I don’t fight. But Ines, Felicia, and Girasole are strong, so that’s good, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

“And you know what’s going to happen next?”

“Are you going to fight?”

“I’m not going to fight.”


After the story was over, we left the children and went back to the village chief’s house.

“Wouldn’t the children have been happier if Master had fought, too?”

“Maybe so, but… But if I make up such a story, it will be talked about in this village for the rest of my life.”

“Ufufu, you’re right. You will be a great hero.”

“I would be too embarrassed to come to this village.”

We returned to the chief’s house, had dinner, and returned to the ship.

“The village seems to be in good hands. Did Felicia have anything on your mind?”

“No, from what my father and mother told me and from what I saw in the village, there didn’t seem to be any problems.”

“That’s good to know. Then I hope we can bring the dark elf migrants when the village settles down…”

“That’s right. I hope we can meet them somewhere.”

“We can’t look for them too flashy since they live in hiding, and we’ll try our best to persuade them when we get the chance.”


“Felicia, can we make the festival in six months to mark the end of one of the migration plans for this village? Of course, the migration of dark elves will continue in the future.”

“Yes, I think Master has fulfilled our contract well enough. Well, I, uh, look forward to working with you.”

Ugh, Felicia nods shyly; so cute. If this doesn’t cause any problems, in six months, I’ll be with Felicia until the end… Isekai Banzai.

“Ara, it’s impossible to get a luxury cruise ship by six months from now… Felicia is going to beat me to it. Master, don’t be satisfied with Felicia, and forget about me.”

“It’s alright. I’ve worked so hard to get this far, and I will never give up on Ines.”

“Fufu, good, then.”

We will definitely do something fun together. There is no way I can give up.

For the next three days, we helped build the village, played with the children, and explored the island. Exploring the island. We had a good time. The talk of the festival spread throughout the village, and the village became even more lively as they looked forward to the festival in six months.

The next time I come to this village… no, I won’t leave it unattended for six months, as expected, so I’ll come back one or two more times. With these thoughts in mind, we returned to the Southern City with plenty of lovey-dovey fun.


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  1. He should try to explain to kids that merchants can be more needed by society than heroes. Heroes are only needed when there’s some trouble, but without merchants the lives of people would be deprived of many things that aren’t made locally.


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