I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 13 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – The Heavenly Sacred Festival and Mysterious Encounter

Part 1


This was just a day before Kuuya and Meiko started living at Yuuya’s house──.


──Night woke up early in the morning.


Night always woke up at the same time, and after giving a small yawn, he went to the bedroom of Yuuya, his master, and his beloved family.

He then stood by Yuuya’s bedside, stopped the alarm clock just before it rang, and gently tapped Yuuya’s face with his paw.


“Nn…? Nn… ah, good morning, Night…”

Yuuya looked at Night gently with somewhat sleepy eyes.

Night liked the way Yuuya looked at him and slid his face close to his.

“Haha… thank you for everything.”


Yuuya also set an alarm clock, but instead of that alarm clock, Night was the one who always woke him up.

After completely waking up, Yuuya went straight to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast.

After seeing Yuuya off to the kitchen, Night went to Akatsuki and the others’ bedrooms.

There, he found Akatsuki and Ciel sleeping peacefully. And Ouma was there.

Night went to Akatsuki and dexterously shook Akatsuki’s body with his paw.


“Fugo… fugo…”

But Akatsuki showed no sign of waking up at all.


As Akatsuki breathed pleasantly in his sleep, Night sighed helplessly and gently pulled him with his mouth, carrying him to the dining table.

After carrying Akatsuki to the place where he usually ate, Night called out to Ciel.


“Suu… pii… Pii…”


Ciel, too, did not seem to wake up at all.

Again, like Akatsuki, Night carried Ciel to the dining table and gently set Ciel down in the seat.

Then Yuuya, who was cooking, noticed Night and smiled bitterly.

“Haha… You shouldn’t bother with it, Night.”


Night shook his head.

Yuuya could get up on his own without being woken up by Night, but waking Yuuya up was also an enjoyable morning routine for Night.

In contrast, Akatsuki and Ciel were brought to the table like this by Night each and every time, and while it was certainly disheartening, Night had no intention of changing this routine.

“Night is like a big brother, isn’t he?”


Although Night was unaware of it, the way he was dumbfounded and hands-on made him seem like an older brother to Akatsuki and Ciel.

In fact, Yuuya’s firm eldest son is Night, and Akatsuki is the second son who goes at his own pace. He considers Ciel, who is very sweet, to be the third son.

As for Ouma, he is much older than the others, so he has never really looked at him in that way.

Despite this, Ouma still slept freely in his room.

And it was Night’s job to wake him up.


“Mm…? Night, huh…? I’m still sleepy. Let me sleep like this…”

“Woof, woof!”

“No, I mean… hey! Don’t bite my tail! Alright, alright! I’ll walk by myself!”

When Night bit Ouma’s tail and dragged him away, Ouma quickly surrendered and reluctantly followed Night to the dining table.

By this time, Yuuya had also finished preparing breakfast, and Akatsuki and the others were beginning to wake up, albeit gradually.

“Fugo… fugo?”

“Supi… pii?”

“Hey, Akatsuki, Ciel. It’s time for breakfast, so get up. And good morning, Ouma-san.”


“Then, let’s eat.”

While everyone was eating breakfast together, Night suddenly remembered something from the past.


The “Black Fenrir” Night, who boasts of a fighting power comparable to that of the “Genesis Dragon,” has no parents.

The same was true for Ciel and Akatsuki.

Akatsuki is born naturally as a result of the self-cleansing action of the world of Argena itself, and Ciel is a special being born in conjunction with the birth of the “Holy King.”

Then, what exactly is Night?

In fact, even Argena did not know how the “Black Fenrir” Night was born.

A young “Black Fenrir” appeared out of nowhere, grew up and showed its power to the fullest, and then disappeared without notice.

That is why even Ouma knew about the combat power of Black Fenrir but not its ecology.

Night also did not know why he was born so suddenly.

That was why, shortly after he was born, he was attacked and unilaterally beaten by the Orc King of the Great Devil’s Nest.

Night was born with high status, but because he didn’t know how to fight when he was just born, he fell behind an opponent that he shouldn’t have lost to.

It was when he thought he was going to die without knowing why… that he met Yuuya.

Since then, a lot has happened, and he has a family of his own, including Akatsuki, Ouma, and Ciel.

He had nothing, but now he had an important person in his life.

Night suddenly looked at Yuuya, and their eyes met.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


Night shook his head as if to say, “It’s nothing.”

After finishing breakfast, Yuuya got ready for school and headed for the front door to leave.

“I’m off then.”


Night saw Yuuya off at the entrance.

As he stared at Yuuya’s back, he thought to himself that he’s going to take good care of him so that he can protect this precious house.





As usual, Night, who had been quietly staying at home on Earth, suddenly sensed a disturbing presence.

It was not Yuuya, nor was it the presence of anyone else that Night knew.

Ouma, who also sensed the presence, opened one eye.

“…It seems that someone has broken into this house.”




Night’s eyes widened at Ouma’s words.

Originally, the sage’s house in another world could not even be entered without Yuuya’s permission, so it was rare for a stranger to break into the house.

That’s why he had just ended up thinking the same thing about the house on Earth…

“Nothing surprising, right? It’s not much different from the last time Merl broke in.”


Night reconsidered what Ouma had said, but he didn’t want anyone to break into the house in the first place.

“Well… unlike that time, this time it seems to be just a burglar.”



Akatsuki and Ciel also seem to have finally recognized that a burglar has broken into their house, and they begin to panic.

If it had been a monster, or if it had been from the other world, they would have defeated it without question.

However, this was Earth, and even if the burglar was a criminal, they could not cause serious injury.

If they did, there was a possibility that it would cause trouble for Yuuya.

However, this did not matter to Ouma.

“It’s disgusting that you’re breaking into my bedroom. I will make you regret setting foot in this house…”


When a disturbing presence began to emanate from Ouma, Night hurriedly called out to him to restrain him.

“What is it? Why are you stopping me?”

“Woof, woof!”

“…Your master is not here? Well, that’s okay. Then take care of it as soon as possible. I can’t sleep comfortably in this situation.”


After successfully stopping Ouma’s actions for the time being, Night once again followed the signs of the intruding burglar and approached him, killing any sign of his presence.

He found a man who was rummaging through a chest of drawers in the room.

“Damn… what’s with this house? …It’s so big, but it’s got nothing on it…”

The man fished around the room while swearing.

It was true that the house that Yuuya inherited from his grandfather was big, but Yuuya’s house, which was originally poor, did not even have a television.

And since the storage room where the most valuable items were kept was located behind the bathroom, no burglar would have thought to search there.

Moreover, the items in the storage room were all of tremendous value, but to a common thief, they would be considered nothing more than junk.

It might have been unlucky for the burglars to target such a house.

But the most unlucky of all is──.


“Whoaa? Eh… W-what is it, a dog? …It surprised me…”

The man recognized Night and panicked for a moment, but when he realized that Night was still a puppy, he patted his chest.

“Heh… you think you’re a guard dog? In such a spacious house, no one will notice the barking of a puppy like you. Now, if you understand that, go away. Or else──”

“Grrrr… Woof!”


Before the man could finish his sentence, Night pounced on him.

The man quickly covered his face with his arm, and Night bit into that arm.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch. Y-you! L-let go of──.”



When Night lightly twisted his body while biting the man’s arm, the man was effortlessly knocked to the floor.

At first glance, Night looked like a puppy, but he was, in fact, a child of [Black Fenrir], who was comparable to Ouma, and a mere thief could not possibly be a match for him.

Moreover, unlike Ouma, Night was very gentle with the man, biting his arm but never ripping it off.

“W-what the hell is this dog?”


Night released the man’s arm, jumped up nimbly, and swung his paw in the man’s face.



The man was knocked unconscious in an instant.

After confirming that the man had fainted, Night walked out of the house with the burglar by the scruff of the neck in his mouth.

Then, dragging the man, who was still unconscious… Night headed to what turned out to be a police station.

Night carelessly lowered the man to the ground and barked lightly toward the police station.


“Hmm? Eh… What is this?”

The police officer who came out of the police station rolled his eyes when he saw the man lying on the ground in front of him and Night sitting a little next to him.

But the policeman soon realized that the man’s face was familiar.

“Ah! I-isn’t this guy the burglar who was recently wanted!”


“Eh? Oh, hey!”

After Night saw that the police officers had taken the man into custody, he hurried straight back to the house.

Remembering that Night had caught a pickpocket before and that criminals were to be turned over to the police, Night delivered the burglar to the police station this time as well.

When Night returned home after a day’s work, Ouma and the others were still lounging around as usual.


‘Mhm? It looks like it’s all over.”




Night was once again spending his time at home, being amazed at the state of the three of them, when Yuuya came home from school.

“I’m home.”


“Oh, Night! I’m home. Is everything alright today?”


The truth was that the house was burglarized, but Night prevented the damage before it happened, so he decided to keep quiet so that Yuuya wouldn’t worry about it.

After seeing this, Ouma and the others also seemed to have decided not to say anything unnecessary and remained silent.

“I see. Thank you for always keeping watch over the house.”


After being petted by Yuuya, Night barked happily.

──This was the daily life of Night.

He protected the house so that Yuuya could go to school with peace of mind.


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