Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Arrival in Aarhus and High-Speed Jiggle


The next morning after enjoying our first buffet after a long time, I finished my routine, put on my hood, and… didn’t decide where we were going to gather in the morning.

“Ness, Shea, where do you think everyone will gather?”

“Well, the custom on the Fortress is the vending machine corner next to the restaurant, so they might gather in front of the restaurant.”

“I agree with Ness.”

“Let’s go to the restaurant then.”


When we arrived at the restaurant, everyone was gathered there as Ness and Shea had expected. Either I’m dull, or these girls are sharp… unfortunately I think it’s the former.

“Good morning, everyone.”

“””Good morning.”””

“Would you mind if we have a buffet breakfast? There is another restaurant, and if it’s too tight, I could serve you something ready-made.”

“I’d love to try the breakfast buffet.”

Carla-san quickly declared. The others seemed to have no problem, so we went into the restaurant.

Since I was in the mood for Japanese food this morning, I had salmon fillet, thick-baked egg, miso soup, and pickles. Simple but tasty. For Rimu, I add sausage to the same thing.

It’s kind of strange that I’ve been having a proper breakfast more since I came to the other world. Maybe it’s because I’ve become more physically active, but I don’t feel strong unless I eat a proper breakfast. Before I came to the other world, I stayed up until midnight and didn’t have breakfast, which was an unhealthy lifestyle when I think about it now.

After finishing the Japanese breakfast, I went on to the Western-style menu and ate slowly. If I ate normally, the magic of the buffet would make me eat too much, and I would not be able to move. That’s not a good thing to do in the morning.

After finishing breakfast, we sat on the sofa in front of the vending machine and discussed today’s plans over a canned coffee.

“We’ll probably be in the vicinity of our destination by this evening if the distance is four days on a regular magic ship. We can continue to search for the town during the night, or we can stay at anchor until morning and search for the town when it gets light. I assume that Dorethea-san and the others have never been to Aarhus before, have they?”

“Yes, we have never been to Aarhus because we traveled overland. Even in the middle of the night, there will be at least some lights on. I have heard about the general location, but considering the possibility of passing by, it would be better to wait until the morning to look for it for sure.”

“Well, then, we have little to do until tomorrow morning, so we are free to go. If there is something you want to do, just let me know. By the way, I plan to watch a movie after a light training session.”

“Rimu also watches.”

“Okay, I’ll watch it with you after training.”


The girls are going to watch the movie as well, so we all decided to watch the movie after training. What movie shall we watch…? Thanks to the ship connection, maybe we can watch Titanic… We won’t get a scratch even if we hit an iceberg, but still, it’s not a good omen.

Maybe we can watch the Pirates of the Caribbean…? Comedy is still more acceptable right now, and I can enjoy the music… Or let’s go with Mac and Me. It’s a comedy, and the music is fun. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

After training is over, and we wash our sweat off in the bath, we stock up on snacks and juice and head for the theater room.

It is much larger than the Fortress. There is a stage and a piano. I wonder if there is a piano in this world? Though, I can’t play it, and I have a feeling it would be useless.

I put the piano aside for later and watched the movie. As expected, the Mac and Me is accepted, and everyone seems to enjoy watching it. The bigger the screen, the more intense and enjoyable it is.

We spent the day in movie mode, with meals and breaks in between.

In the morning, I completed my routine, put on my hood, and switched my awareness. I headed for the restaurant and met up with Dorothea-san and the others.

“Good morning.”  

“””Good morning.”””

We are scheduled to arrive in Aarhus today, so let’s try another restaurant… Hmm, let’s call it the cafeteria. When I order from the menu in the cafeteria, which has a breakfast set, a coin slot appears next to the menu.

After paying, a magic circle appears on the table, and the breakfast set I ordered comes out… It’s kind of creepy, but…

“Dorothea-san, is it possible to eat this?”

“Even if you say so, I don’t know anything about Mage-sama’s skills.”

“…I’ll just have to try it. I believe in you, Creator God-sama.”

With trepidation, I tried the salad and found that it was just an ordinary salad. Is this all right?

“Mage-sama, is everything alright?”

“…Yes, it tastes normal, and so far, no problem.”

Well, Creator God-sama said the facilities are available, and it’s okay, but it’s not so subtle that food comes out of the magic circle. Well, it’s too late now when I take food out of the summoned ship. Let’s not worry about it from now on.

The girls also ordered and started to eat the breakfast set that came out with trepidation. Let’s talk about our plans for today.

“After we leave the ship today, we will continue on in search of Aarhus. There will be ships coming and going, so we’ll probably find out soon enough, but please keep your eyes open.”

“We’d better go on deck and check, wouldn’t we?”

Dorothea-san seems to be very enthusiastic.

“Hmm, it’s hard to imagine that we will miss the city, so it’s fine to check on deck. It’s more about when we get to Aarhus. The Stronghold would run aground, and we wouldn’t be able to get into the harbor…”

“I heard that a big ship is coming into the harbor, so why don’t we go inside?”

“It’s twice the size of a large ship, and even in Lucca, it was impossible to get near the harbor. Even in Aarhus, it would be difficult.”

“I see. We will have to discuss various matters with the Goffredo Trading Company.”

“Yes, the money they gave us for the food was quite a lot, twenty platinum coins. I guess they want us to buy as much as we can.”

“Twenty platinum coins worth of food…? There are less than 20,000 people living in Lucca, so it must be necessary. I wonder if it is possible to stock such a large quantity.”

“I guess we’ll have to consult with the store about that as well. Well, it’s hard to tell here, so let’s get going, shall we?”


“Master, shall we take the Lutto and see what we can find? If we find it and anchor there, Master will know where it is.”

“That would be great. It would be conspicuous to summon the Lutto after we reach Aarhus, Ness, please?”


“Then I will go with her. When we get to the harbor, I’m going to tell the Goffredo Trading Company about Mage-sama, and then I’m going to deliver the letter to the lord.”

“Well, it would be better if there were more of you. I’ll have Shea follow me, and Marina-san and Carla-san will go first with the Lutto.”

“I think it would be strange for Mage-sama to be accompanied by only one follower. I think it would be better to leave Carla as Mage-sama’s escort, me to the lord, Marina to the Goffredo Trading Company, and Ness-san to wait on the Lutto.”

“Understood, then I will give the letter of the Marquis to Marina-san.”

“No, it should be Mage-sama who will take care of that. It may contain information about you in the letter.”

“I-is that so?”

Oh, since I’m the one who is asked to do it, does it mention me? If it says that a suspicious mage is going to the store, it would be strange if Marina-san came to the store.

“I understand. Then, when you are ready, please gather in front of the ramp.”


“Oh, wait a minute. I’ll renew your ticket first.”

I issued and handed out tickets for everyone for the Stronghold, and we dispersed to prepare for the trip.

Whew, I hadn’t thought about going ahead with the Lutto. It would be a lot easier for me if they went ahead and made the preparations, but I feel bad about leaving it to them.

Well, I’m sure they will rely on me where necessary, and I’ll do what I can to make things right.

“Ness, you’ll probably have to pay dockage and other fees, so take this with you.”


I gave her ten silver coins and one gold coin for her. After getting ready, I headed for the ramp and found that everyone was there. Adventurers are quick to prepare, aren’t they? After seeing off the members who had gone ahead of me, I returned to the dining room to discuss over a cup of coffee.

“I know where the location is since the Lutto went ahead of us. There is no problem with taking it easy, so you are free to go. I will call you when the Lutto approaches.”


Our schedule has changed, and we have some free time… Let’s relax in the massage chair. Checking the three boats that I somehow know where they are… Oh, if the Galette moves, I’ll know something is going on in Lucca. Coincidentally, I was right to leave the Galette behind.

If the Galette moves around at high speed, it means they are in the middle of a battle, unless… Alessia-san goes blasting off in the Galette to relieve her stress… I’d like to believe that she wouldn’t do that in the middle of a war.


“Hmm? Rimu, what’s wrong?”

When I opened my eyes, I saw Rimu and Shea. He followed Shea because she was going to eat sweets, but I wondered if they had finished eating.

“Rimu wants to shake, too.”

“…Rimu want to sit on the massage chair too?”


…Is it okay to use a massage chair for slime? Does it need a massage before that?

“Hmm, I think it’s fine since your level is up, but if it looks dangerous, get out of there right away, okay?”


I’m a little nervous, but I’m going to put Rimu on the massage chair. …Shoulders and back are pointless. The vibrations in the bottom area is making Rimu jiggle at high speed like never before.

“Ri-Rimu, hey, are you okay? You’re jiggling so fast. Are you feeling sick?”

“It’s fun.”

If it’s fun, is it good? I’m anxious, but if it’s fun, it’s hard to stop him…

“Master, is Rimu-chan alright?”

Shea also looks anxious. I know, that high-speed jiggle makes you anxious, doesn’t it?

“I’m anxious too, but Rimu says it’s fun. What should I do?”

“Is he having fun…? If he doesn’t feel in any danger… is it okay?”

“We can’t judge that, can we?”


His level is higher than most adventurers out there, and I shouldn’t be too overprotective, but the slime massage chairs and the situation is too strange for me to worry about.

While we were all a bit nervous, Rimu conveyed his happy thoughts to me. As I watched on, the massage chair came to a halt.

Whew, it’s finally over. It’s not enough when I’m sitting in the massage chair, but this time it felt much longer.

“Is it over?”

“Yes, time is up, so I guess this is the end.”


More? I can’t do that. My heart can’t handle the worry.

“Hmm, Rimu, I think we’re done this time. It’s your first time, so we’ll see how it goes.”


I could feel his sad feelings, but Rimu was patient with it. Rimu is a really good boy.

“I can’t believe you can put up with this; Rimu is a really great kid.”


“Yes, Rimu is a very great kid. Shall we go back to the cafeteria and have a snack?”


I’m going to take this opportunity to praise Rimu and distract him with a snack. I feel sorry for Rimu, but I want to prevent him from continuing to jiggle at high speed.

We return to the cafeteria and order pancakes for Rimu. Rimu jumps with joy at the pancake that comes out of the magic circle. Rimu’s lack of hesitation is adorable.

Carla-san joins us, and we chat in a relaxed manner.

“Mage-sama, it’s sad that there is no vending machine corner on this ship.”

“I agree. I like the vending machine corner too. Well, this ship has a cafeteria for the lack of a vending machine corner, so please enjoy it here. The Fortress will return when the war is over. Shall we have a good time at the vending machine corner then?”


When Carla-san gets less anxious, the reduced interest turns to food, doesn’t it? If I keep supplying her with good food, one day she’ll be my lover… That’s impossible. I can only see herself being crazy about good food.

Hmm… The Lutto stopped and hasn’t moved for a while. It looks like they’ve arrived in Aarhus, which is less than an hour away, so let’s get ready to disembark.

“Carla-san, the Lutto has docked and is less than an hour away, so please prepare to disembark.”


I slowly get the equipment ready and go out on deck to look for the city… I can see a fairly large city on the other side of the Lutto. After passing by the Lutto, we approach the harbor just in time to avoid running aground. I guess we can’t dock next to the harbor after all. It looks like it will be difficult to load supplies because of the distance.

I lower the ramp and climb aboard the Lutto as it approaches.

“Ness, thanks for your help. Is everything all right?”

“Yes, no problem. I also let the guards know that a large ship was coming into the harbor, so I think we should be fine.”

…Informing the guards? …Ah, would there be a commotion if a huge, strange ship suddenly approached? I’m kind of an insensitive protagonist… who has been aware of his own insensitivity a lot lately.

In terms of romance, I must be favored by a lot of women, although I am unaware of it. I hope so.


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  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    I don’t know… I think eating (and cooking) activities in this novel are written in too much detail. Looks like a daily activity log rather than a story to me. Lots of wasted chapters. So, now I’m not surprised if this novel has reached 400+ chapters. Looks like a lot of chapters were cut in the manga version too.


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