Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 5 Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Naval Battles and Laser Beam


~Alessia’s POV~


The Imperial Navy is on its way to Lucca again. According to the scouting reports we found, there are two large magic ships, five medium-sized magic ships, small magic ships, galleys, sailboats, and many more.

After being released from the sea blockade, Lucca dispatched personnel to various locations to gather information. The earliest ships to return were those headed for the Kingdom’s navy headquarters, located one day to the north of Lucca.

As expected, the Kingdom’s navy headquarters had been taken down by the Imperial Navy, and the port seemed to belong to the Empire.

After Wataru-san went to stock up on food, we first had trouble getting the Galette into the city. We tied several ropes to the hull and had the soldiers we had called in pull it up to the cart.

We then gathered our families and told them to be prepared to escape if we had to and that our families could be targeted because of our prominence and urged them to be cautious.

Originally I wanted to hire an escort, but I couldn’t do so in Lucca, which was at war. We could have asked the marquis to help us, but it would have been conspicuous if we were protected by soldiers, and he would not be able to dispatch a skilled man. It would have been more harmful to us, so we decided not to do it.

If we had stayed at our parent’s house, we would have had to involve our family, so we are living in a house that the marquis has prepared for us.

The marquis is actively deploying weapons and soldiers on the Fortress. There have been sporadic attacks from the imperial army, and skirmishes have occurred, but they have not attacked in earnest. They seem to be shaken by the fact that the navy that had blockaded Lucca has been wiped out.

By gaining control of the sea, we were able to draw back the Imperial Army, which had been deployed on the seaside, and the siege of Lucca loosened a little. Just when there was a sense of relief, the news of the Imperial Navy’s discovery arrived.

“Alessia, I heard that the Imperial Navy has been discovered. Is that what the marquis is calling you about?”

“Yes, Ilma, that is correct. Two large magic ships, five medium-sized magic ships, and many others.”

“That’s a lot. Are we going to be okay?”

“I don’t know. We have to think about going into battle on the Galette.”

“He left it here in case something happens, so I don’t think we’ll have a problem fighting, but I’m worried about Lucca in the meantime.”

“Whew, Ilma’s right; it’s difficult. Lucca is also ready to intercept, so I think it will be fine, but…”

“Alessia, why don’t we evacuate with the ticket that Mage-sama gave us? We’ll be safe on the Fortress, won’t we?”

“I know what you want to say, Claretta. However, I don’t think we should use the ticket lightly in a situation where we are not in a tight spot. If someone finds out that we have the tickets, there will be a struggle to get them.”

“Ah, yes. We have to save it as a last resort.”

“Yes, it’s best not to use it. In the current situation, I think it would be best to trust Lucca’s protection and face the Imperial Navy on board the Galette.”

“But we can’t handle the large and medium-sized mage ships on our own.”

“Hmm… you’re right. We have four fewer people than we did the last time we fought them, and it’s going to be tough to sink them.”

Ilma makes a good point, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay cooped up in the city. What am I supposed to do?

“I know I said it’s best if we don’t use them, but what if we use our tickets to get a skilled person to come aboard?”

“That’s… Mage-sama gave us the tickets for the evacuation. We shouldn’t use it to reinforce our forces. If the situation was out of our control, I’m sure he’d be convinced, but I’m afraid to show the power of the Galette to a competent person under the current circumstances.”

“But the way Alessia said it, we can deal with the big ships. After all, the Fortress is going to be used to show its power, so he won’t be offended, will he?”

“There’s a difference between Mage-sama showing his power with his own consent and us showing it on our own.”

“Ilma is right. We must never do anything to offend Mage-sama. Let’s think about what we can do on our own.”

I knew that, Wataru-san didn’t want to stand out. Lucca would not be able to bear it if he were to abandon us in our current situation. He’s not the kind of person who gets angry easily and abandons you. It’s not absolute, so we have to be careful, though.


“We can sink the small magic ships, sailboats, and galleys, so it would be good if we could check the large and medium-sized magic ships while sinking those, but there are so many of them.”

“We probably won’t be able to stop them all, will we?”


“I think Alessia and Ilma are thinking too much about sinking the ship. If we can stall them and hold them off until Mage-sama returns, I don’t think we’ll lose the naval battle.”

“Stalling… yes, we can stall for time. That’s a great idea, Claretta; thank you.”

“Fufu, you’re welcome.”

“So, Alessia, did you come up with a way to stall?”

“Yes, I got an idea. Ilma, Claretta, I need you to decide if it’s possible for us to talk right now.”


“First of all, I don’t think we should wait for the Imperial Navy. Their numbers are too different, and even with the Fortress and the Galette, there is a good chance they will penetrate deeper into the harbor. And if the Imperial Army comes along with it, we’ll be out of options. So we will attack the Imperial Navy coming towards us. The Galette won’t get hit. If we can get into the fleet and scratch them as much as we can, they will be disoriented, and their legs will fall off. If it’s a small mage ship, a galley, or a sailing ship, we can sink it on our own. Especially if we reduce the number of small mage ships, it should be a lot easier when the Imperial Navy arrives in Lucca. What do you think?”

“Well… I think we can do it. We should ignore the large and medium-sized ships from the beginning and sink the ones that can be sunk. Then the large and medium-sized ships will have to take action to protect themselves.”

“Well, why don’t we just abandon the ships that are being hit and go ahead with only the large and medium-sized magic ships?”

“Claretta, that’s not going to happen. Even if we win, we will be punished for it. Even if we were to go ahead, it would be much easier to defend if we could destroy the small magic ships, galleys, and sailboats.”

“Then are you two sure this is the way to do it? If so, you two should get ready and gather the number of people to carry the Galette. I’ll go talk to the marquis.”


I go to the castle and request a meeting with the marquis. I never thought I’d meet the marquis so many times. Is it because of Mage-sama’s backing? The marquis is always willing to give us information and to make things easier for us.

I appreciate it, but as an adventurer, I feel suffocated. I’ve been told to ask the marquis for permission to do as much as possible. Well, I guess it’s not what we do that he wants to know, but what Mage-sama does.

“Let me guide you.”

“Thank you.”

I was guided to the marquis’s office.

“We just met at a military meeting a few minutes ago; what can I do for you?”

“I apologize for taking time out of your busy schedule. I have come up with a way to stall the Imperial Navy, and I have come to ask your permission.”

“That’s very helpful. Let’s hear what the plan is.”

“Yes, I thought that the defense on Lucca’s side would be disadvantageous due to a large number of enemy ships. I intend to attack the fleet that is coming toward us with the ship that Mage-sama entrusted to me and stall them.”

“…That seems a reckless plan, but do you think we have a chance?”

“Yes, I think we have a good chance. But there are too many large and medium-sized mage ships in their fleet. So we will focus on reducing the number of small magic ships.”

“Hmm… it is safe to assume that there is something that you cannot explain to us?”


“Alright, thank you.”


After getting the marquis’ permission, I joined Ilma and Claretta to carry the Galette and bring it down to the surface of the sea.

“Whew, let’s get going then.”


We travel north at full speed. The opponent has a fleet of ships and is traveling in line with the slower ships. If we can capture them a little further away from Lucca, we can attack them that way. After two hours of sailing at full speed, we found the Imperial fleet.

“We’ve found the fleet. Once we’re in, we’ll aim for the small magic ship. After a while, we’ll take off, rest a bit, re-enter, and repeat the process. We’ll sink as many as we can. Is that clear?”

“Ufufu, we’re all set.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

We’ll run into the imperial fleet at once, lay into the small magic ships, and hit them with our magic. After opening a large hole, we drive the ship toward the next target.

The fleet also launches an attack on the Galette.

“They’re definitely more aggressive than the last time.”

“Alessia, of course, it’s daylight. It’s bright and makes us an easy target.”

“That’s true.”

A thick pillar of light passed behind us as we launched for our next target after drilling a large hole in the fourth small mage ship.

“W-what was that? It penetrated through the small mage ship. Is it light magic?”

“I don’t know, but we don’t have time to think about it, Alessia; go on. Aim for where the ships are grouped, preferably on top of each other.”


“Claretta, the magic was probably shot from one of those big magic ships. Be careful.”


…After running around for a while and sinking seven small magic ships and two sailboats, we leave the area.

“Whew, that was exhausting.”


“I’m tired, too.”

“That light magic, they didn’t shoot at us once after that. I wonder if they couldn’t shoot more than once or if Ilma’s instructions to aim at where the boats overlapped was a good idea?”

“I wonder. I’ve never seen that kind of magic before, so I can’t judge. What about you, Claretta?”

“I’ve never seen it either. But I think it’s different from ordinary light magic. Maybe it is a unique skill.”

“I wonder if this ship’s barrier can repel unique skills.”

“I’m afraid to try. Alessia, do you want to continue?”

“I think it will be fine. I heard that it could repel dragon breath. Above all, the unique skills that were given by God are very special.”

“You’re right; if we turn back, we will have to fight when they arrive in Lucca. Let’s reduce the number here as per the plan. I’m afraid to test if it can be repelled, so let’s try to get as many overlapping ships as possible. As Claretta said, it might be okay, but let’s avoid as much danger as we can. Claretta, pay attention to the large magic boat. Once you get hit, that’s when it’s time to go. Is that clear?”


We repeatedly enter the fleet, aiming at places where ships are overlapping or shaded from the large magic ships. We managed to get past the occasional thick column of light, and we sank the ships.

“It’s pretty hard. But that light magic wouldn’t shoot at us where the ships overlap, would it?”

“Yes, Alessia’s right. It’s either a magic problem or a limitation.”

“We’re getting close to the limit of our magic, too. We’ve sunk most of the small magic ships; should we go back to Lucca?”

“…Well, if it’s not a magic ship, Lucca can handle it, and I want to report back on the light magic. Shall we return?”


“But after all that damage, I think the Imperial fleet should turn back.”

“Yes, we couldn’t touch the large and medium-sized mage ships. Maybe they think it doesn’t matter if they drop Lucca. Well, let’s go back and get as much rest as we can. Ilma and Claretta can both go back to sleep.”

“Alessia, can you steer the ship so we can sleep?”

“I don’t know if I can since we’re returning at full speed.”

“Well, we won’t be able to sleep, then.”

“Fufu, then, we’re going back.”


Back in Lucca, we push our tired bodies and bring the Galette into the city. We report that we have sunk most of the smaller magic ships and that we have a special light magic. I tell them the details of the magic, which seems to be well known in the military, and that it is a unique skill called laser beam.

It can’t shoot continuously, but it is very powerful, and it was decided to assign a very skilled magician that can use a barrier to the port side of the city.


~Alessia’s POV ends~


“Oh, they’re definitely fighting.”

“Alessia and the others? Master.”

“Yeah, they’re stopping, driving fast, meandering, and reversing. What do you think, Shea?”

“They must be fighting it.”


“Master, Dorothea-san and the others haven’t arrived yet, have they?”

“Yeah, it’s going to take a while.”

I pay attention to the Galette while playing with Rimu for a while.

“Ah, they are going back to Lucca. They have been fighting for a long time, right? Did they wipe them out?”

“If it took that long, then there must be some large and medium-sized magic ships. I think it would be tough to annihilate them all.”

“Ah, yes, that’s right. I wonder if Dorothea-san and the others were glad they didn’t waste their time?”

“I wonder. Marina might be pleased.”

“Hahaha. If it was Ness, would you be happy, too?”

“It’s a secret.”

“If it’s a secret, so be it. I’ll ask Marina-san later. We might be busy when we arrive in Lucca, so let’s take a nap, shall we?”



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  2. “The Galette won’t get hit. If we can get into the fleet and scratch them as much as we can, they will be disoriented, and their legs will fall off.”
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