It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – I Tried to Collect Items Filled with Memories

Part 1


I quickly got up from the bed and left the infirmary with King Octo.

I couldn’t sit still if he told me that something terrible was happening, couldn’t I?

We went out on the deck of the Blaznir and looked up at the sky.

There was a strange sight.

“What is that?”

Iris gulped.

Everyone else was also surprised.


The sky was tinged with a poisonous purple.

Why is this happening?


…Analysis in progress.

Analysis completed.


The voice of [Full Assist] echoed in my mind.


It seems that Zogral is trying to forcefully break the barriers of the greedy dragon.

It is presumed that the sky has turned purple due to the aftermath.


Are the barriers safe?


We certainly cannot let our guard down.

The time until the barriers collapse is estimated to be about 45 hours.


That means the morning of the day after tomorrow is the time limit.

Since it was originally supposed to be the night after tomorrow, that means the time limit has been shortened by about half a day.

I’d better hurry.

I told everyone who was present about the analysis of [Full Assist].

“There is still some time left, I guess.”

Leticia muttered as she looked up at the sky.

Her expression was grim, and it was clear that she was concerned for the safety of her brother, the greedy dragon.

“The next step is to go to Relic-sama and get the pieces of emptiness, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. But it is enough for me to do it by myself. You are all probably tired from the ritual, so take your time and get some rest.”

“Then, I think you are tired too, Kou-san.”

It was Lily who said that.

“I am not too tired, to begin with.”

“I’ve had a good night’s sleep, so I’m rather full of energy.”

Milia said with a gut pose.

“I’d rather have something to do, but isn’t there anything I can do to help?”


As I was pondering this, I heard the voice of [Full Assist] again.


As I told you earlier, inside Zogral, the instinct that wants to destroy everything and the will that wants to stop it exist separately.

Currently, the instinct is overwhelmingly dominant, but if the power of the will surpasses it, it will be able to lead Zogral to self-destruction.

For this purpose, I would like to ask you to collect from the people the items that are filled with their hearts’ desires.


“Wait, wait. That’s taking a leap too far. What do items that are filled with the heart desires have anything to do with Zogral’s will?”


I beg your pardon.

The time limit has shortened, and you seem to be in a hurry.


“It doesn’t matter. I mean, you are just like a human being, rushing to a conclusion in a hurry.”


I have inhabited you as a [Full Assist] and have seen the people who live in this world.

That must have nurtured my emotions.

Let me return to the story.

Zogral’s will was originally generated by being touched by many thoughts.

It is estimated that if we use an item filled with emotions as material for [Creation], we can create an item that amplifies Zogral’s will…


“Estimated? So you are saying that this is not reliable information?”


Originally, I was going to make a proposal after conducting a detailed analysis, but the situation is what it is.


“I see. There is a possibility that the time limit will suddenly shrink in the future, and the decision of [Full Assist] is a convincing one.”


However, this proposal is only based on a presumption.

There is a possibility that the recipe will not appear even if you collect the items that you have put your heart and soul into.

I leave the decision of whether or not to implement it to Kou Kousaka.


“Such is not the case; the answer has been decided from the beginning. [Full Assist] has been my partner who has been by my side ever since I came to this world.”


Thank you very much.

If [Full Assist] had a physical body, I would have expressed my gratitude with my whole body.


It would be interesting if I could create a body for [Full Assist] someday with [Creation].

I called out to Iris and the others, thinking about that.

Then, I told them that I wanted to collect items that were filled with feelings and the reason for that.

“I understand!”

The first to respond was Milia.

Her voice was as energetic as ever.

“I’ll go to the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters and ask for their cooperation!”

“Then, I will call on the people in the royal capital.”

King Octo said in a reliable manner.

“The people of the royal capital are well aware of your activities. I am sure they will bring you many things.”

“Shall we also make our appearance?”

“Yes, that’s right. I will do my best.”

“I have confidence in my voice. You can count on me.”

Iris, Lily, and Leticia are also lending a hand.

I’m grateful for that.

“By the way, where should we take the items we’ve collected?”

“For the time being, I think we’ll just go to Blaznir.”

I answered Iris’s question and called out to Surara, who was standing by my feet.

“Surara, can I leave it to you to pick it up?”

“Yes! Leave it to me! I’ll take it exactly as you say.”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you!”

All right.

Now we know what we’re going to do.

All we have to do now is to get moving.


So, from here on out, I’m going to separate from everyone else and act alone.

I put on my Fenrir Coat and activated “Divine Speed Blessing EX.”

I don’t have a second to spare right now.

While I searched for Relic’s location with [Auto Mapping], I ran through the streets of the royal capital at ultra-high speed.

It seems that Relic is on the third floor of the Royal Academy.

I have already received permission for passage from King Octo.

It seems that he is willing to tolerate a certain amount of activity because of the state of emergency.

I drank a flying potion and flew into the sky.

The window of Relic’s laboratory was left open, so I went in through there, deactivated the “Divine Speed Blessing EX,” and returned the Fenrir Coat to my [Item Box].

Relic had his back turned to me and was working on deciphering an old document as if he was hunched over a desk.

“Hm-hmm. I see, I see. …It is possible that some of the people who came to this world had [Future Sight].”

“Is that so?”


When I called out from behind him, Relic was so startled that he fell off his chair.

“Ko-Kou-san, isn’t that you, Kou-san? Don’t scare me.”

“I’m sorry. I heard something about [Future Sight], by the way…”

“I was actually working on deciphering ancient documents, and it seems that people who were involved in the establishment of ancient civilizations may have had [Future Sight]. Oh, [Future Sight] is a skill to know future events, and it is said to be theoretically possible for it to exist. Think of it as an upward compatibility with Lily-san’s [Foresight].”

“You mean the people in ancient civilizations had it?”

“Technically, people from other worlds who came to this world during the time of ancient civilization.”

“It’s all a bit complicated.”

“I agree.”

Relic gave a small shrug and continued to speak further.

“I’ll come back to the main topic, but actually, there is an interesting description in this ancient document. When the sky turns purple, the time of battle is near. You must entrust an item that is filled with your feelings to the one who has the power of [Creation]. That is the only way to avoid destruction.”


I was surprised by Relic’s words.

The description “when the sky turns purple” is exactly what the situation is now, and “entrust the item containing your feelings” is similar to the proposal of the [Full Assist] mentioned earlier.

If this description was to be believed, then it was correct for us to try and collect items that were filled with feelings.

While I was being convinced by myself, Relic approached me.

“By the way, Kou-san, what are you doing here all of a sudden? Is there something you wanted to see me about?”

“Yeah. Can you give me the pieces of emptiness? King Octo has given his permission for this. I need it to defeat Zogral.”

“I understand. You are going to use it to save the world, aren’t you? Please wait a moment. I’ll bring it all.”

Relic stood up after saying that and went to the next room.

Rustling, rustling.

Thud, thud, thud.

I heard some kind of violent noise, but I wondered if he was okay.

Soon, Relic returned with an unsteady gait.

He was carrying a large wooden box in both hands.

“Kou-san, I brought it for you. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, I don’t mind. That was a loud noise. Are you alright?”

“Oh, yes, no, I’ve always been bad at cleaning up. I know where everything is, but it takes me forever to get it out.”

With a laugh, Relic put the wooden box on the floor and opened its lid.

The wooden box was filled with pieces of emptiness.

“So many?”

“Perhaps the people with [Future Sight] had prepared them for this occasion.

“If so, I would be very grateful.”

I said that and stored the entire wooden box in the [Item Box].

Then a recipe for [Material Alchemy] popped into my brain.


Piece of emptiness x 200 → Crystal of emptiness x 1


Okay, just as I expected.

I immediately activate [Material Alchemy].


Crystal of Emptiness: A crystal that contains the “emptiness” that is part of Zogral. Inside lies the power to control time and space.


Then, the recipe for [Creation] also comes to mind.


Fenrir Coat x 1 + Crystal of Emptiness x 1 → Fenrir Coat Void x 1


This one is also executed immediately.


Fenrir Coat Void: A Fenrir Coat that has evolved dramatically by incorporating the Crystal of Emptiness. Gives the wearer the ability to control space-time.

Granted effects: “Physical Defense Strengthening S+,” “Magic Defense Strengthening S+,” “Divine Speed Blessing EX,” and “Time-space Control EX.”


Physical and magical defenses were originally S but have been increased to S+.

The “Divine Speed Blessing EX” remained unchanged, and the “Time-space Control EX” was added.

This effect seems to give the equipped person the ability to control time and space.

I took out the Fenrir Coat Void from my [Item Box].

The overall form had not changed, but the inner part was dyed purple.

It is the same color as Zogral’s body.

As I slipped the sleeves on the coat, I felt something tremble deep inside my body.

The voice of [Full Assist] echoed in my head.


The link with Fenrir Coat Void has been established.

The space-time domination ability has been made into a skill called [Space-Time Domination].

From now on, it can be used just by thinking about it.


“I see. What exactly can it do?”


The contents are diverse, so we will perform a high-speed installation.

Is that okay?


“Yes, no problem. Do it right away.”

I nod, and the information immediately starts pouring into my head.


I see.

I’ve heard that [Space-Time Domination] is super-compatible with [Spatial Manipulation], and that’s certainly true.

The range of effect is a radius of 500 meters centered on me, and within this range, I can warp freely and recognize everything that exists within the range.

It can also do a wide range of other things; for example, it can give “Divine Speed Blessing EX” to my friends within its range, and conversely, it can stop the time of my enemies.

It is truly an ability to control time and space.

While I was pondering this, Relic, who was standing next to me, approached me.

“Um, Kou-san. …Did [Creation] go well?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. It worked, thanks to you. It seems like I will be able to compete with Zogral.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’m going to continue deciphering the archives. Is there anything else I can do to help?”

“Actually, there’s something I’d like you to give me.”

I’m going to explain that I’m collecting items that are filled with feelings.

“Okay! Then, please wait a moment.”

Relic answered in a cheerful voice and brought a notebook from his desk.

“This is a record notebook I used to write in when I was in the underground city of Aunen. There were so many things to write down that I used up the whole notebook. I think it’s filled with a lot of memories because I wrote down everything that was moving to me at the time.”

“Can I look at it?”

“Of course, of course.”

“Then, I’ll take a look…”

I opened the notebook.

The book contains a lot of information about the underground city in detailed writing.

There are sketches of the Helper Slime and sketches of the houses in various places.

“But isn’t this valuable research material?”

“Yes, well. But I’ve already made a backup.”

Relic took out two notebooks from a drawer.

“These are notebooks I made using a prototype photocopying device. This one is the spare, and this one is the spare of the spare.”

“You even made a spare for the backup?”

“Kou-san always says that. You never know what will happen in this world. So I decided to have an extra spare. …So you can take that notebook with you.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“No problem. …I’m sorry, this is all I can do for you.”

“This is enough. I really appreciate it.”

“Um, Kou-san. …Please be safe.”

“Leave it to me. When I return, I want to hear the rest of your decipherment of the archives.”

“Yes! I am sure it will contain great things, and you should look forward to it!”

“Yes, I’ll be looking forward to it!”

I said that, put Relic’s notebook in my [Item Box], and decided to leave the laboratory.

Since the flying potion still had some effect time left, I jumped out of the window.

I headed straight for the central square of the royal capital at full speed and found that a large crowd had already gathered there.

Perhaps they had already begun to gather the memorable items?

As I stepped onto the deck of the Blaznir with this thought in mind, people around the ship looked at me and said.

“It’s Dragonslayer-san!”

“The king told us to bring you all sorts of things!”

“You need them to defeat the monster in the sky, right? Feel free to use them!”

Such voices could be heard from everywhere.

“Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate it.”

I answered as loudly as I could and bowed deeply.

Immediately after that, there was an uproar of cheers from the surrounding people.

“It’s okay, Dragonslayer-san! You have saved us so many times!”

“Thank you for protecting the royal capital three times!”

“All I can do is watch, but let me help you at least this much!”

Warm words came from all over the place.

Just listening to these words, my heart starts to heat up.

I felt strongly that I was not the only one fighting the war.

I strongly felt so.


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