Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 6 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – 313 Platinum Coins and the Start of the Experiment


I’m curious about the platinum coins that Girasole gave me and how many are in the bag.

“So, I asked you earlier, how much is in there? There are so many that I don’t feel comfortable with.”

“I see; there are 313 platinum coins in all. I thought cash would be better than transferring the money to your guild account, so we withdrew it.”

313 coins…313 billion yen… That’s extravagant. Huh? There’s money from the Ryu scale in my account, too, isn’t there? Wouldn’t I be able to get my hands on a luxury liner for sure?

“I’d certainly be more grateful for cash… Alessia-san, I think, in my opinion, this commission fee is impossible. I’m also getting the rewards that the crown prince and the marquis gave me, which means that in all, I received more than 350 platinum coins…”

“No, the only money we actually gave out was 56 platinum coins. The other rewards from the war and the Ryu scale are all things we wouldn’t have been able to get without Wataru-san. And if Wataru-san does not receive the Ryu materials, our assets will increase. I think it is appropriate that the Ryu materials also belong to Wataru-san.”

No, no, no, only 56 platinum coins… 5.6 billion? How profitable is an A-rank party? At any rate, since it seems unlikely that Girasole will ever be in dire straits, I’ll just be grateful for the cash.

“No, this cash is enough. Please make use of the Ryu materials for everyone to use. The request is now perfectly complete. I would be happy if you could take it easy with the rest of us as you did before the request. It’s kind of sad when Alessia-san and the others use honorifics, so I would appreciate it.”

“Fufu, I understand. No, I get it, I really appreciate it, but if you prefer it this way, Wataru-san, I’ll do it this way.”

“Yes, please.”

“Wataru-san, could you also drop the polite language and speak to us normally?”

“I can’t imagine what it’s like for me to address Alessia-san and the others that way…”

“Is that so? Well, Claretta is also speaking in a way that does not drop the honorifics, so I understand, but it would be nice if you could break it up a bit and talk to us in a more casual way.”

“Haha, I’ll try to do it gradually.”

“Fufu. Gradually, it’s not so easy, is it?”

“Y-yeah, I’ll try.”


What is it? What happened? They’re suddenly friendlier than before. Did something happen while we were apart?

It should be a joy to see the distance between us shrinking, but it’s unexpected, and anxiety rushes over me. As I mumble, unsure of how to react, Heaven helps me.

“Master. A messenger from the merchant guild is here to see you.”

“Thank you, Ines. Should we greet him? Then, excuse us for a moment.”


I went outside with Ines and Felicia to meet the staff of the merchant guild.

“I have a message for you from the guild master. They are going to head up to this ship at one o’clock in the afternoon. From there, the guild master and the others will head out in another magic boat, and they want you to follow them. Are there any questions or requests?”

“No problem, as long as I don’t need any special preparation. There is nothing in particular I need, is there?”

“Yes, I have not heard anything, so I think it will be fine.”

“Please tell them I will be waiting for them at one o’clock. Thank you.”

“No problem, I’ll excuse myself.”

Hmm, one o’clock, huh…? I should have asked what kind of people would be coming. This kind of carelessness is not good.

I returned to the living room and told them that the master of the merchant guild would be here at 1 o’clock.

“Hey, Wataru-san, is it okay if we stay with you? If they are bringing a competent person, it’s not enough with only two guards, right?”

“Hmm, I wonder? If something goes wrong, it could cause Girasole to get into trouble with the Southern Count, the merchant guild, and the adventurers’ guild, right?”

“I know the master of the adventurers’ guild very well. He is the head of the guild, so he can be a cold-blooded judge when the time comes, but he is basically a good man. I think it will probably be fine. But if something should happen, please let us stay on Wataru-san’s ship.”

“Y-yes. Thank you very much.”

What is it? What’s really going on? Obviously, the Girasole’s favor has gone up a notch, hasn’t it? Is it because I saved Lucca? But I feel like things were normal after that, so I don’t know why. I don’t want to think about it. Let’s put it aside for now.

We ate lunch early, feeling slightly nervous, and waited for the master of the merchant guild. After dinner, Rimu and Fuu-chan chased each other around the ship, playing a game that seemed to have some kind of rules. It’s so cute.

“It’s almost time, isn’t it? Shall we wait outside?”

“Yes, I got it. But Wataru-san, you haven’t lost your polite way of speaking, have you?”

“Well, it’s a habit of mine, so I’ll take it slowly, please.”

“Fufu, okay.”

While we were chatting at the port, the master of the merchant guild and Camille-san came in with two strangers.

“Oh, Wataru, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. This is Marco-sama, a knight sent by Southern Count-sama. And this burly fellow is the master of the adventurers’ guild. There is one more, but you will have to wait and see.”

“It is my first time meeting you. My name is Wataru. I am pleased to meet you, Knight-sama, Master of the Adventurers’ Guild.”

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you too.”

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you, too. But why is Girasole here? Are you guys well acquainted?”

“…You should have read the report on Wataru’s relationship with Girasole. Didn’t you read it?”

“Hmm? Oh, that’s right. That reminds me, there was also a report like that. I forgot about it. Thanks, old man.”

“You’re so forgetful, but you remember the important things; that’s why you’re so hard to use. If you’re going to forget, why don’t you just forget the whole thing…?”

“That’s terrible of you, old man. Is it just my imagination that you said you could use me so casually?”

“You two are in front of Knight-sama and Wataru-san.”

“Hmm? That’s right. I apologize, Knight-sama.”

“No, no problem.”

“Let’s go. Wataru, that small magic boat is the one we will board. Follow behind us.”

“Yes, I understand.”

I returned to the Lutto and followed behind the small magic boat that had just departed. Where are we headed? After about an hour’s drive east of the harbor, the boat docked on the shore.

As we left the living room with the Lutto anchored behind the magic boat, the members of the Girasole started to make a commotion.

“Wataru-san, you must never leave the ship.”

“What’s wrong? Alessia-san.”

“There is someone over there that even a bunch of us can’t compete with. I’d rather not go out there if possible.”

After saying that, Alessia-san called out to the group that was down on the shore. I’m feeling awfully nervous.

“Dorothea-san, what’s going on?”

“Can you see the man with the spear over there?”

“Yes, I can.”

He has some kind of atmosphere. Moreover, he has a beautiful, austere appearance… which I don’t like.

“That person is Paris the Spear, an S-rank adventurer. If Wataru-san gets off the ship and is attacked, we will certainly not be able to protect you.”

“…Ehh, the guild master said he would prepare someone of ability, but he brought someone like that…”

Why would he bring someone like that? It’s too much even for a competent person. The guild master and the others come closer to Alessia-san’s call.

“What’s the matter? Come down quickly. We’re going to start the experiment.”

“But first, I have a question I’d like to ask you if that’s all right.”

“What is it?”

“Why is Paris-san the Spear here?”

“Hmm? Oh, he was just here when the old man from the merchant guild found out about it. It’s top secret.”

The master of the adventurers’ guild, he’s so subtle and light. And he’s talking loudly about how top secret it is.

“I wish you wouldn’t bring S-rank here so easily.”

“So, why don’t you people come down?”

“In case you don’t know, we are Wataru-san’s escort. You all understand Wataru-san’s position, don’t you? We can’t just let him down in the midst of people who we can never compete with. We’re not even sure we can buy enough time.”

“That’s a noble idea, but you can’t trust me, even if I am the master of the adventurers’ guild?”

“I trust the master as a person who can make cool-headed decisions for the guild.”

“Hmm? Is that a compliment?”

“You are praised in a subtle way. It means they trust you as the head of the organization. But as a human being, I’m not so sure.”

“Shut up. What are you going to do about it, old man?”

“Well, hey, Wataru. We can’t do the experiment with you there, so why don’t you come down?”

“Even if you say so, there is someone scary out there, isn’t there? I don’t want to get caught.”

“I told you that I would bring someone powerful with me. If I want to catch you, I will hide Paris from you from the start.”

“I have a feeling that’s the case, but what do you think? Alessia-san?”

“In the first place, there is little chance of betrayal, but the problem is that we can never prevent them from doing so if they are so inclined.”

“That’s true, too.”

“No, I hear you, but can’t you think for yourself?”

“Hmm, should I have made a contract with you that you would never betray me in this matter?”

“Excuse me. Alessia, it’s been a long time. May I ask you something?”

“Paris-san, it’s been a long time. Can I help you?”

“Yes, you know what I can do, don’t you, Alessia? Do you still think you can escape if you are on that magic ship?”

“Yes, I think we can escape if we are in this magic ship.” 

“Hahaha, I’m really looking forward to it. I also have confidence in my spear, but it is a barrier that Alessia, who knows my ability, judges that can escape from me, isn’t it? What would it be like? I can’t wait to try it out. I promise I won’t touch you, so why don’t you come down?” 

“Uh, Dorothea-san, isn’t that Paris in a dangerous mood?”

“Yes, he is usually an intelligent and gentlemanly man, but when he is told about a strong opponent or something that cannot be pierced with his spear, he gets very excited. Mage-sama’s barrier can repel unique skills, so I think he’s excited to try it out.”

“…He’s troublesome, isn’t he?”


“Good grief, what a trouble. We have no intention of betraying you. I’ll give you this muscle head as proof. You’ll tie his hands behind his back and then point a sword at him. Then there will be no problem. The master of the adventurers’ guild will be your hostage.”

“Hey, old man, don’t just decide on your own. If someone is to be a hostage, you should be the hostage.”

“I don’t like it. You should respect an old man, you idiot.”

After that, Paris was asked to leave, and the master of the adventurers’ guild was really tied and made to kneel, with Alessia-san and Ines holding swords to his neck from both sides. It’s like a scene right before an execution. Is that okay?

“What would happen if the master of the adventurers’ guild was about to be beheaded by an adventurer?”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“No, I have my thoughts, but I know what you guys are thinking: the S-rank is a real monster… The problem is that old man. He sold me out so easily.”

“I can’t say anything about that.”

“But, Alessia, why are you so devoted to that poor-looking young man?”

“Our current situation happened because we were introduced to the mage by him. He saved my family and my hometown. So I will do my best to protect him.”

“If that’s the case, it can’t be helped. I’ll put up with it for a little while.”

“Thank you very much.”

They told me that I could summon my ship at any time if things began to go wrong, and I was surrounded by women other than Alessia-san and Ines. This is a tremendous VIP treatment.

I move the Lutto away from the small magic boat and start the experiment.

“Okay, that’s enough. Paris, you may begin.”

The moment the master of the merchant guild said that, Paris-san’s figure disappeared, and after a banging sound, Paris-san, who was striking his spear into the Lutto, appeared. Instantaneous movement, huh?

A hostage can be retrieved in an instant… I wonder if Alessia-san and the others can react to it? But S-rank, huh? I hope their attack power will not exceed even the gods or something.

There are god slayers even in the novels… so let’s hope they don’t exist in this world.


Funds on hand: 62 gold coins, 58 silver coins, 72 copper coins.
Guild account: 33 platinum coins, 70 gold coins.
Savings ship: 478 platinum coins.
Pepper ship: 485 ships.


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