Striving For The Luxury Liner – Vol 6 Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Idle Talk: Creator God’s Punishment and the Guild Master Who Apologizes


“Hmm… Wataru-kun ended up with only summoning…”

“Are you dissatisfied with something? The prince was brought down to his knees, the imperial navy was almost completely wiped out, the soldiers were transported, and although it was the people around him who did the moving, I think it proved the effectiveness of the ship summoning, just as Creator God-sama wanted.”

“…Yes, but, in the end, Wataru-kun didn’t even get inside Lucca. The only times he got off the ship were when he arrived in Lucca and when he stocked up on food. When he carried soldiers to the empire, he didn’t leave the wheelhouse and just ate and slept. ……What do you think about it, God of Light?”

“…That’s up to Wataru-san to decide. You have interfered a lot with it since you spoke with him last time, Creator God-sama. You can’t go any further.”

“Hmm, well, yes, I suppose so. But it’s kind of missing something.”

“Creator God-sama. Did you forget about the message you sent to Wataru-san? It was you who warned him to keep a low profile.”

“…I know. Well, I’ll wait and see for a while. The God of War and the others have quieted down, so there’s no problem, right?”

“It is not that they have quieted down; it is just that they can’t move because Creator God-sama has hurt them to the breaking point and is preventing them from recovering. I hope that’s enough.”

“Hmm, but it’s a rebellion against the Creator God. Aren’t I being kind enough not to annihilate them?”

“You were playing innocent and forcing them to get down on their knees. I think it was more self-defense than revolt.”

“Really? When he was coming toward me, the God of War was in full throttle, and the God of Magic was smiling, right?”

“I can understand how that feels.”

“…Uh, you mean you know how I feel when I get angry, right?”

“I wonder…”

“Which side are you on, God of Light?”

“Emotionally, I am on the side of the God of War and the others. But I am obligated to follow Creator God-sama.”

“…You are on my side after all, aren’t you?”

“I am obligated to follow you.”


“I am obligated to follow you.”

“S-speaking of that, Wataru-kun held a festival on the island of the dark elves, but it’s strange that they don’t honor me, but rather the Goddess of the Forest. What do you think?”

“Since this is the island of the dark elves, I think it is only natural that the Goddess of the Forest, who is worshipped by them, should be honored.”

“Hmm, I don’t think so. Since it involves Wataru-kun, I think they should worship me. …Can I send out an oracle to build a temple for me?”

“No, you can’t. You know that, and you are asking me.”

“I know, but don’t you feel it would be better if it were my temple? I’ll even provide the statues.”

“Don’t casually try to build a sanctuary. Absolutely not.”

“…What a bore. Shall we go visit the God of War and the others?”

“Creator God-sama is preventing the recovery of the God of War and the others. What are you going there for?”

“I’ll forgive them if they apologize.”

“You are losing the trust of the God of War and the others because you are saying such a thing. There is no way the God of War and the others will ever apologize to you.”

“Is that so? Then let’s stop going.”

“Not only stop going but also stop impeding their recovery.”

“You’re still going through this, aren’t you? It’s a punishment. I have to make them sorry.”

“If you don’t stop this, the God of Healing will be angry with you too. Because Creator God-sama is causing him a lot of trouble.”

“Umm, but still no.”

“….Huh, I won’t say anything more, but you’ll have to watch the limits.”

“Yeah, it’s alright. I am the Creator God, after all.”

“I understand. Then, Creator God-sama, I will resume my work.”





“God of War, God of Magic, are you okay?”

“Oh, God of Light. I still can’t seem to recover, and the pain hasn’t subsided.”

“Me too. I am very displeased, but we are powerless to resist the Creator God’s harassment.”

“Is that so? Creator God-sama is also said to be punishing you and will still continue to impede your recovery. He says he will forgive you if you apologize.”

“I don’t have to tell you; you know that.”

“That’s a foolish request. I would rather disappear than apologize to the Creator God.”

“…I know that. I would like you to be a little more friendly with Creator God-sama.”



“Huh. I wonder how things have gotten to this point?”

“Well, it must be an accumulation of various events. The God of War and I have been inconvenienced many times by nonsense.”

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll kill him every time.”

“…It’s troublesome to understand the feelings of the God of War and the God of Magic, isn’t it? Hmm? Someone’s here.”

“Oh, the God of Light came to visit too. You know, the God of War and the God of Magic aren’t getting any better at all. It’s their punishment for ignoring my advice.”

“Was it the God of Entertainment? It is not a punishment for ignoring your words, but a punishment from Creator God-sama.”

“Haha, what do you think about that, God of War, God of Magic?”

“It’s making my gut boil, you know.”

“I don’t deserve to be punished by the Creator God.”

“The God of War and the God of Magic are also stubborn, aren’t they? The God of Healing is also in trouble. Even though you haven’t recovered, you still want to drink alcohol, read books, and be selfish. You should warn them, too, God of Light.”

“Drinking alcohol and reading books? You mustn’t push yourself too hard when you’re so out of shape.”

“But I don’t feel so good after the Creator God beat me. I have to drink at least a little to keep myself going.”

“I’d be bored too if I didn’t at least read a book.”

“You guys are no better than Creator God-sama when you’re being selfish.”

“That’s a bit much, don’t you think?”

“God of Light, that’s a terrible insult.”

“Is that so? Doesn’t it change the fact that you’re selfish?”

“…It can’t be helped. I’m going to sleep in peace. Right, God of Magic?”

“I guess so.”

“The God of War and the God of Magic don’t want to be associated with the Creator God, do they? The God of War and the God of Magic are going to take a rest. God of Light, let’s have a talk with me.”

“Fufu, yes, I suppose so. Shall we talk slowly?”



~The Master of the Adventurers’ Guild of Barletta’s POV~


I don’t know what to do; it’s not a good idea to get involved in the war in the Kingdom of Brescia. But it’s a battle to defend their homeland, huh…? I guess they won’t be coming back for a while.

There are rumors that the port of Lucca has been liberated, but the Imperial Army is said to be surrounding Lucca, so the war is probably not over. But the Kingdom of Brescia is the furthest country from Palermo. It’s not so lucky.

…I have no choice but to go. But I’ve got a certain amount of publicity, so if they find out I’m there, I’ll be in trouble. If I go to Lucca in the middle of a war, I can’t honestly say I’m a guild master… Shall I go in private? A guild master from another country visiting a town in the middle of a war as a private… I think it’s unreasonable.

Let’s just go to the Kingdom of Thessaloniki, next to the Kingdom of Brescia. It will be easier to get information. Heading from the Southern City to the port city of Aarhus by sailing ship. I wanted to go by magic ship, but I couldn’t find a magic ship to go to Aarhus… I haven’t had any luck lately.

When I arrived at the port town of Aarhus after enduring a tedious boat ride, rumors were rife that the second prince of the Kingdom of Brescia had prostrated himself while the people and enemy forces looked on and that the crown prince had embarked on a campaign against the empire.

What could possibly have caused the second prince to prostrate himself? I don’t even know what it means for the crown prince to sail to the empire. There are some poor-quality rumors going around… Could it be that Lucca has fallen? That’s not good. Is Girasole safe?

I gather information, and to my surprise, the rumors seem to be true. And it wasn’t the work of the imperial army, but a mage brought by Girasole who cornered the second prince and forced him to prostrate himself. I don’t understand.

Moreover, it seems that the mage easily liberated the port town of Lucca and came to Aarhus with Girasole in a huge ship to stock up on food. Is there any chance that he will come again?

…If they come here again to stock up on food, then I should probably wait. However, if the port is open, I don’t think the mage will bother to come back to import food again.

As I gathered more information, I got some unpleasant information. A few days ago, reinforcements from the Beast Kingdom sailed from the port of Aarhus to attack the Empire. It seems that the mage is transporting the soldiers of the beast kingdom to the empire in a huge ship…

The mage brought by Girasole is going to the empire. Is Girasole going to follow him? …No. They’re going back to their homeland to defend it. They should not leave Lucca.

…But let’s head to Lucca as soon as possible. But I’ll have to push through in private. I’m not good at using my head, though I’m sure there’s a better reason.

I’ll go to the guild and ask for an introduction to a ship that will take me to Lucca. I couldn’t get on a magic boat this time either, so I took a sailing boat. I’m really unlucky.

When I arrived at Lucca, I couldn’t find the huge ship I had heard rumors about in the harbor. Believing that Girasole was still there, I presented my ID and entered the city.

The gatekeeper is surprised, but I don’t care. I told him to keep it a secret and headed for the Adventurers’ Guild. Even if I tell them to keep it secret, the lords of this city will probably get a report anyway… It’s a hassle.

I greet the guild master in Lucca and get some information about Girasole. He says they followed the mage on a huge ship… I know you’ve come back to defend your homeland, but you should just stay in your homeland.

When I asked him when they were coming back, he said they were going to follow the sailing ship to the empire and that it would take some time. And from there, they said they were likely to be involved in a war with the empire. …Is it over?

I declared that I would come after them wherever they were and apologize, but is it possible to go after an army that has gone to war with another country?

…It’s certainly an important concession, but after all this time, is there any good left in it? It’s a valuable medicinal herb cluster; they’ll carefully protect it. It’s a new place to make money; I can’t give up on it.

I’ve decided to go after them. I told the guild master in Lucca and asked him to introduce me to a ship that would take me to the empire.

…It was impossible. No wonder. Merchant ships don’t go to war; then, there is no escort for adventurers. Military ships would go, but they wouldn’t take part in the war, and they wouldn’t take people from other countries.

Now it’s either give up and go back or don’t give up and wait here. I can’t give up; I just have to wait until they return.

I sent a letter to Barletta and told them that it would take more time. I didn’t think it would take this long.

I waited for about a month. In the meantime, I gather information about the mage, but there is very little information, and it has not even been determined whether he is a man or a woman. Girasole has become very popular in this city. It’s a very troublesome opponent to pick a fight with.

The city is surrounded by imperial troops, but reinforcements arrive one after another, the defensive force increases, and the city comes to life.

Then, at last, a huge ship appears in the harbor. What is that ship? It’s more than I imagined. How powerful is the mage? I quickly boarded a ship and approached the gigantic ship. A ship is also launched from Lucca, and the wounded are being carried out of the huge ship.

I find Alessia, the leader of the Girasole, and call out to her. When she realizes it’s me, the look in her eyes turns cold all at once… I have to ask for forgiveness, but will I be forgiven? I’m getting quite anxious. We managed to arrange to meet at the Adventurer’s Guild in the evening and returned to the port.

I rented a room at the Adventurers’ Guild and apologized to Girasole in every word I could think of.

Well, rather than forgiving me, they seemed more concerned about the lack of work for adventurers because of me… But that didn’t change the fact that they had forgiven me.

I was brazen enough to ask them to put it in writing that they forgave me, and we parted ways. Now I can show this document to the Cardinal and the master of the merchant guild, and we can get some work done.

It is with a heavy heart that I realize that if I had listened to Girasole when they first came to me, the Adventurers’ Guild’s profits would have increased even more, but let’s think about the future, not the past. There is much to do after I return to Barletta.

The guild master has been away for nearly six months, and I’m sure there is a lot of work to be done… I was pissed off, and I didn’t realize that being a jerk would end up like this…

I’ll have to take responsibility for the trouble I caused the guild when I get back, and I’m sorry I picked a fight with the wrong person. Well, it wasn’t that we didn’t end up not seeing each other or getting forgiveness. Now, let’s try our best to get back on track.


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  1. “He says he followed the mage on a huge ship… I know you’ve come back to defend your homeland, but you should just stay in your homeland.”
    He followed? Who? Girasole? It’s a name of a rank A party of 6 adventurers, so it should be they, not he.


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