It Seems The Production Skill Acquired In Another World Is The Strongest – Vol 5 Chapter 5 Part 6

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Part 6


I’ve been running around so much recently that I haven’t had time to take my time and consider what to take with me.

As I laid on my bed and turned my attention to the [Item Box], I saw a few recipes floating around.

There were some new ones.

Apparently, there are some recipes that were unlocked after I obtained the [Space-Time Domination].

First of all──


Three Emperor Dragon Bracelet x 1 + Yellow Dragon of Quake Carcass x 1 → Four Emperor Dragon Bracelet x 1


This was the first recipe.

The yellow dragon seemed to be of earth attribute, so this should give me the four attributes of fire, ice, wind, and earth.

Let’s give it a try.


Four Emperor Dragons’ Bracelet: A bracelet that seals the power of the fire, ice, wind, and earth dragons. The wearer is given the highest aptitude for fire, ice, wind, and earth magic. If the wearer possesses [Creation], they can activate [Magic Creation EX] and [Elemental Decomposition EX].

Granted effects: “Successor to the Four Emperors EX,” “Special Equipment S+,” “Magic Creation EX,” “Elemental Decomposition EX.”


The ability to use earth magic was to be expected, and the “Magic Creation EX” now incorporated an earth element, but what was more noteworthy was the “Elemental Decomposition EX.”

By consuming magic power, it was said to be able to break down anything it touched into elements and made them disappear.

This was truly a special move.

I had the sense that powerful equipment was being prepared for the final battle.

Here’s the next recipe.


Punch Rabbit Pajamas (for men) x 1 + Sleep Sheep Fur x 1 = Good Sleep Pajamas x 1 (for men)


I made pajamas from the Punch Rabbit’s fur before, but it seemed that by adding the Sleep Sheep’s fur that Tidal gave me, I could make an item that would give me better quality sleep.

It’s going to take me a while to get to sleep today, so let’s make it.


Good Sleep Pajamas (for men): Pajamas made with a generous amount of Punch Rabbit and Sleep Sheep fur. It lulls the wearer into a deep sleep.

Granted effects: “Texture S+,” “Sleep Induction S,” “Restful Sleep S+,” “Fatigue Recovery S+.”



There were quite a lot of effects granted.

Punch Rabbit’s pajamas were A+ in texture, so this is a further improvement over that. In addition, it was increased with “Sleep Inducing S” and “Fatigue Recovery S+.”

Incidentally, although these are for men, it seems that the Punch Rabbit pajamas (for women) that I gave to Iris earlier can also be converted into Good Sleep Pajamas (for women) by [Creation] with the Sleep Sheep fur.

…But, it would be kind of strange to visit Iris’s room now and ask her to let me create her pajamas with [Creation].

As I was thinking about this, the voice of [Full Assist] echoed in my mind.


I have a suggestion for Irisnote Fafnir’s item.

It is possible to create a new weapon from the materials of the Lust Dragon and the Holy Dragon Spear Fimbul.


Is that so?

If so, I could visit to discuss weapons aside from pajamas.

I jumped out of bed and went to open the door of my room.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

“Kou, are you awake?”

“Yeah. I just had something to tell Iris. I’ll open the door now.”

“Eh, to me?”

“It’s about an item.”

I said that and opened the door.

There stood Iris, apparently after a bath, her skin slightly upturned.

…She is beautiful.

I honestly feel that way.

“Kou, what’s wrong?”


I couldn’t help but be fascinated by it.

I came back to myself and told her about the strengthening of the Holy Dragon Spear.

“I understand. I’m certainly not comfortable fighting Zogral as it is now, and I’d like to ask you to strengthen it.”

“Oh. …I mean, what’s the point of standing around talking? Come on in.”

“Yeah, sure.”

So I invited Iris into my room.

We sat down side by side on the long sofa in the room.

“Can I borrow your Fimbul for the time being?”


Iris said so and took out the Fimbul from her pouch.

I took it and put it in my [Item Box].

After that, I put the carcass of the lust dragon through the [Dismantle] process and obtained the scales and dragon core, just as I did with the demon god dragon.

Then, a recipe popped into my mind.


Holy Dragon Spear Fimbul x 1 + Lust Dragon’s Core x 1 → Infinite Spear Fimbul Mimir x 1


Infinite spear?

Sounds like a great name.

Anyway, let’s use [Creation].


Infinite Spear Fimbul Mimir: A new spear created by Kou Kousaka. It incorporates the unique ability of the lust dragon, “Multiplication,” and as long as its magical power lasts, it can create other spears of the same kind and use them as weapons. Also known as the ‘Infinite Spear Gungnir.’

Granted Effects: “Duplication Creation EX,” “Flying EX,” “Absolute Freeze EX,” “Collapse of Phenomena EX,” “Extreme Dragon God’s Barrier EX,” “True Dragon God’s Blessing EX,” “Fake Mastery of Space-Time A+.”


There are so many EXs…

The “Duplicate Creation EX” consumes magic power to create Gungnir, which is automatically directed toward the enemy by the “Flying EX.”

In doing so, the “Absolute Freeze EX” stops the enemy’s movement, so the attack seems to hit absolutely.

In Norse mythology, Gungnir is said to “always hit the enemy if thrown,” but in this world, Gungnir is said to secure its accuracy by freezing the enemy.

In addition, the “Collapse of Phenomena EX,” which causes the spear and the frozen enemy to disappear together by causing the freezing power to go out of control, has also been added.

The barrier seems to be stronger than before.

Also, like Leticia’s and Lily’s weapons, it has been given the “Fake Mastery of Space-Time A+”.

At any rate, there is no doubt that a reassuring weapon has been created before the final battle.

I took out the Fimbul Mimir from my [Item Box].

The form is a little more sharply angled than the Fimbul was.

It looks like it’s been enhanced.

I explained the effect to Iris and handed her the spear.

“Thank you. …With this, I think I can stand up to Zogral.”

“Yeah, I’m sure of it.”

With “Fake Mastery of Space and Time A+,” it should be able to fight Zogral in a close dimension.

“Oh, and I have one more recipe for you.”

I said and told her about the women’s version of the Good Sleep Pajamas.

Iris then said, “Just what I needed.”

“I was actually having trouble falling asleep. I wonder if you could make it for me?”

With that, Iris pulled out of her pouch a pair of Punch Rabbit Pajamas (for women).

Then, as she was about to hand them to me, she said, “Oh!”

“I’ve washed them properly, so you don’t have to worry.”


Is that important?

In the first place, they’re cleaned when I put them in my [Item Box].

Anyway, I put the pajamas in my [Item Box] and activated [Creation].


Good Sleep Pajamas (for women): Pajamas made with a generous amount of Punch Rabbit and Sleep Sheep fur. It lulls the wearer into a deep sleep.

Granted effects: “Texture S+,” “Sleep induction S,” “Restful Sleep S+,” “Fatigue Recovery S+.”


Okay, it’s done.

The description and the effects were the same as the men’s version I have.

I took out a pair of pajamas from my [Item Box] and handed them to Iris.

“You should be able to sleep well if you wear these.”

“Thank you. Then, let’s see…”


Iris is looking around the room for some reason.

“Can I stay here for a little while longer? I mean, if you’re already sleepy, I don’t want to force you to stay.”

“No, I’m fine. What’s wrong?”

“No. I just thought maybe we could talk.”

“You’re more than welcome. Well, we can’t move until noon tomorrow anyway.”

“That’s true. …We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Distance-wise and otherwise.”


I nodded to Iris.

“When I left Aunen, I didn’t think I’d be involved in something this big.”

“It’s a real surprise, isn’t it? I knew Kou was a peculiar man, but this is more than I expected.”

“I’m surprised too. …I can’t let Zogral beat me to avenge myself.”

“That’s right. …By the way, Kou.”

“What’s up?”

“When the preparations for defeating Zogral are ready, you will leave for the battle, right?”

“Yeah. Maybe tomorrow evening. …I’m worried about Lily and Leticia if things drag on too long.”

“So that means we’re less than a day away from the final battle.”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“I don’t really feel that way. I’ve done what I had to do, and I’m just going to give it my all.”

“Kou is strong.”

Iris said this and leaned a little toward me.

The scent of the shampoo is wafting through the air.

“Hey, Kou. I──”

Iris was about to say something.

Knock-knock, knock-knock.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Are you awake, Master-san? It’s me. All the Helper Slimes are here too.”

Was this voice Surara?

What’s going on?

Iris and I looked at each other.

“Anyway, I’ll check it out. Iris, what were you going to say?”


Iris looks flustered for some reason and shuts her mouth.


“Really? Well, let me know later if you need anything.”

I got up from the sofa and opened the door.

There was Surara and a group of other slimes.

“Master-san! We’ve come to bring you a good night’s sleep!”

Surara announced with a big smile on his face.

Following him, the other slimes said.

“The soft, soft, sticky Helper Slime futon!”

“Warm, soft, and refreshing!”

“Now you’ll sleep well until morning!”

Sleep well?

I don’t know what it means, but I guess it means sleeping together.

It must have been a proposal made out of concern for Iris and me.

I’m grateful for the offer.

“I understand. Iris is in the room too. Shall we all sleep together?”


Surara shouted in surprise.

“Are we interrupting something?”

“No, of course not.”

I invited Surara and the others into the room.

When I told Iris what had happened, she replied, “Well, then, let’s all go to bed.”

Iris went back to her room to change into her pajamas.

I designated the pajamas as clothing in my [Item Box] and changed them in an instant.

Now I’m ready for bed.

When I turned around with that thought, something unexpected happened behind me.

“This bed is too small for all of us! I’m going to swallow it!”

One of the slimes swallowed the double-sized bed in the room.

“I’ll give you a bigger bed instead!”

Another slime spits out a king-size bed from its mouth.

Come to think of it, the inside of a slime’s body is a pseudo [Item Box].

But still…

It’s always an amazing sight to see.

I was stunned when Iris, in her pajamas, came back.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ko.u …What do you think?”

“That’s pretty cute.”

In fact, it was just as I said.

Iris usually has a dignified appearance, but her fluffy and fancy pajamas also suited her well.

“Fufu, thank you. That makes me so happy.”

Iris said a little shyly.

“Then, Master-san, let’s all lie down together!”

So, as I lay down, Surara and the Helper Slimes came to surround me.

Seeing this scene, Iris giggled.

“They’re kind of cute, aren’t they?”

“You think so?”

“Yes. …Well, I’ll leave it at that.”

Iris said so, too, and lay down on the bed.

“I will turn off the light then. Good night.”

“Yeah, good night.”

“Good night.”

However, the room is not only occupied by Iris but also by Surara and many other Helper Slimes.

If it’s this lively, it’s going to take me a while to fall asleep.


By the way, Helper Slime is soft and warm.

I’m getting sleepy…



* * *


After saying that, Iris went back to her room.

…When I think about it, we slept together in the same room.

Well, Surara and the others were with us too.

With a subtle sense of embarrassment, I left my room.

I went out on the deck and took a breath of fresh air.


I looked up at the sky and saw that Zogral was still there.

There was nothing wrong with the barrier.

Lily, Leticia, wait for me.

I’ll be right there.


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