Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Dwarf Shopkeeper

「Fuaaa …

I felt very sleepy and went straight to the inn 『Falling Stars』 that Dia recommended. This is a three-story building made of brick and reddish brown wood, and plants are planted next to the entrance.

The landlady gave me advice to always keep the room clean, was a good person.

And now the result, i got a room and sleep immediately.


The room where i stayed is on the third floor.

I looked out from the window, i can see that the sun is going up and i i thought it was daytime already.


Certainly, I ate skewers early in the morning and then went to the meadow to test my skill. I arrived at this inn when they was still busy with breakfast.

In other words, I have only slept for a few hours.

No, it’s not like that.

「It could be that, I was slept for the whole day!!」

Looks like the day has changed, and it’s morning already.

「Huh, it’s been a long time since I slept so much.

I used the rough clothes i bought yesterday as a sleepwear. I didn’t want to go out as it is, so I couldn’t help but to use clothes that i brought from Japan. And go buy an equipment for everyday wear today.

Of course there is no sink in the room, but you can use water from a well in the inn’s backyard for free. If you want a hot water, they can prepared it for a separate fee.

There is a shared toilet on each floor, but there was no bath.

As soon as I washed my face. I went to the cafeteria, they already open for breakfast.

「Good morning, you’ve been sleeping a lot …

「Oh, yeah. Good morning

The good-hearted landlady prepared me breakfast with a bitter smile.

「Are you friend of Freutz’s and the others? i heard it in this morning

「Oh, yes. I just came from the village and they’re one of the few people that i just met here.

「Is that so? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

The landlady smiled and gave me some dessert fruit.

◆ ◆ ◆

I asked a room for today too, and left the inn. Because it was 3,000 Lotto per night, so I only have about 15,000 Lotto now

It would be better to buy equipment and take the medicinal herbs quest to make money.

20 minutes after walking straight out of the main street.

I arrived at the armor shop recommended by the innkeeper. It’s a wooden and old store. If you look into the store from the window, plate armor, etc. are on display.



When I was slowly going in, I wasn’t expecting it from the exterior, but there were a lot of colorful and stylish equipment.

The shopkeeper who greeted me is a short man with strong physique. With an impressive low voice, but I already anticipating that it might be a Dwarf.

「What an unusual appearance, are you an adventurer?」

「Oh, yes, I’m a Healer.」

「Oh..if you looking for a robe, it’s over there.」

「Oh, uh …」

If you said that you are a Healer, They will recommend you to look to a regular robe.

No, no, dont wanna.

「Etto, it’s true that i’m a Healer, but actually i’m an evasion Healer.」

「Nn?? What is that?」

「A Healer who raised evasion status, so he can avoid all attacks from monster. For example, in battle, i can become a vanguard and avoid all the monsters attacks.」

「I don’t understand but… You are a strange guy.」

The shopkeeper’s Dwarf told me that he has never seen an evasion Healer.

「So, what I want is equipment that make me easy to move.」

「I see, how much is your budget?」

「Is it possible to less than 15,000 Lotto?」

「That’s not good. Equipment is to protects the body, if it has special effects it wouldn’t cheap

According to the owner, if you want a good one, you need at least 50,000 Lotto.

With my current money, I can’t buy it now, though it’s not too expensive. There seems to be no choice but to collect medicinal herbs and earn money steadily.

「Alright, i’ll collect the money. Um, btw, what are these special effects again?」

「It’s a blacksmithing skill that we dwarves are good at. For example, this armor has a +3 defense status and this one is +1. Anything with a status greater than +3 can be said that very good and it’d be expensive.」

「I see」

As expected from a Dwarf!

Rather, I confirmed the armor. For things that have an effect, i’ve been told that you can feel the effect when you touched it.

As soon as I touched the armor, the information『Defense +3』 flowed into my mind.

「Are there any with evasion effect, especially the complete one.」

「That is umm… People usually doesn’t want equipment with that evasion effect though.」



I thought it a little, there was no evasion healer in this different world. Then I have to make an equipment with evasion status.

「Then, I would like to ask you for a set of equipment with evasion effect. Since I don’t have any in my hands right now, I will get the money by doing medicinal herbs quest and pay it later… can you do it?」

「It’s fine, It isn’t a problem…」

「Yay! Thank you!!」

Then, I have to go to pick the medicinal herbs at once.

When I tried to leave the shop, I was detained by the shopkeeper Dwarf oji-san.


「If you want, I have some custom-made one, there are several base clothes available.」

「Oh, I see…」

Custom-made equipment can be purchased in advance, and can give the effect later. But because it has not been given the effect yet, its durability is kind of weak.

Looking at the clothes lined up in the back, all have a good design.

「… How do you prepare this clothes?」

「Oh, my niece is the one who make it. I’ll just give it an effect and finish it as equipment.」

「I see」

「We are some disagreements between the design and functionality actually though.」

I picked up simple clothes that didn’t have much decoration. I want to focus on being easy to move, because I want to move forward and act as the vanguard.

The inside looks right with thin pants and thin outerwear.

「How much is this …?」

「Nnn, Maa, because i’m the one who will give the effects later. So, I will sell you this for 10,000 Lotto.」

「Yay! Thanks」

I borrowed the store’s fitting room and immediately changed the clothes.

「Oh, You doesn’t look like a Healer at all.」

「Not that I want to hide my occupation though.」

The truth is i’m a Priest in disguised as a subordinate Healer.

「Nja, if you get the money. I’ll give you that evasion effect later.」

「Yes, thank you. From now on, I will pick up the herbs and collect money.」

「Are you going to go to the slime cave to pick the herbs?」

「Slime cave?」

I tilted my head because the words that I just hear.

No, I can make a prediction that it’s a place full of slime.

「Oh, don’t you know it? It’s a dungeon where various types of medicinal herbs grow and the inhabiting monsters is nothing but slime.」

「Oh, that’s seems a good place!」

「At first, everyone thinks so. But there are a lot of slimes, and if you go deeper, a strong slime will comes out.」

That is why you can’t collect the herbs slowly. Even if it’s weak, if its in large number, it will be troublesome.

The shopkeeper Dwarf Oji-san said that there were incidents beginners who being negligent because there was only slime at there got beaten up by so many slime and became impossible to recover…. they were being completely down at least happens once every year.

What’s with that slime…Scary!!

But, I have the ability to avoid it, I’d be able to pick herbs without worrying about slime.

「Hey … there’s an interesting dungeon. Can you tell me where is it?」

「It’s okay, but don’t overdo it or you’ll be beaten up as well.」

「Of course.」

I thanked the Dwarf oji-san and leave the store.

And then heading to the slime cave that he just told me.





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