Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – How Many Slimes Can I Avoid?

Slime cave, a place that where you can collect many medicinal herbs.

It is far from the city than yesterday’s dungeon, across the grassland and a shallow forest. I walked for two hours. Of course, it was hard for a gamers body.


I’m tired, so i used [Heal] on my body.

Immediately, the body becomes easier, and it’s true after all, one person reaffirms that healers are necessary for the party.

The slime cave has a warning sign with a slime picture at the entrance. I couldn’t read the letters, but the Dwarf oji-san told me that there was a sign.

A stream runs right next to it, and a small wild animal living in the forest, not a monster, is drinking water. There is Rabbits, Fawns, Raccoons and so on … make you feel relaxed. mixed with such an animal, and there was a slime too, but good, it didn’t see me.

「Yosh, let’s go」

As soon as I entered the cave, a slime appeared.

「Uhh, I’ll just avoid it.


Although it trying to hit me, as expected it would be Miss!

The cave is very humid and has a lot of moss. Water is dripping from some places, and slime will probably like water … I thought.

And if you look closely, you will notice that herbs were growing between the moss.

「Oh, it’s so dark, that’s way it’s hard to see, there is so many medicinal herbs!

I was wondering if it’s weeds were growing from the ground, but all were light green herbs. Certainly this is a great cave for collecting herbs.

if you do not consider the number of slime inhabitants though-but.

I noticed there were five more slimes on my feet. Even though it was only a minute into the cave, they welcomed me so intensely.

「There are only low-grade medicinal plants that grow near the entrance…..Should I go further?」

Because the amount I can carry is limited, it is more efficient to collect herbs that are higher grade than those that are low. I want to quickly find a party and get ready and go to the dungeon together. Of course, also gathering information to return to Japan.

「But it really is, there’s only slime here.」

I just walking for 5 minutes, but there are already 10 slime at my feet.

Miss, Miss Miss.

The evasion is smooth, but when i get so many slimes in this short time, i get a little anxious. i can avoid a powerful blow, but it’s bad for my sight if i came with this lot of violence.

I can’t beat even a slime, so I just have to go deeper. This is a dungeon, so if you go to the next level, the slimes will not follow.

Increasing my walking speed, and I continue to go deeper. I want to check the location of the stairs as soon as possible.

「Uwaa, there are even more slime」

This is more than i expected.

When I went straight, there were about 10 slimes waiting me

The current slime has increased to 12, 13, no…

「20 slimes … can I hold them?

As expected, it is not unavoidable to be attacked.

However, anyway slime will increase even if it goes forward or back. Then i should just go further, capture the boss room and get a treasure chest.

I’m not going to sneak up, but go ahead while pulling the slime.

Fortunately, I am relieved to be able to find the stairs to the next level immediately. Suddenly, the question arises as to how many I can hold a slime.

Right now, there are about 20 slimes trying to hit me.

Miss Miss Miss.

Miss Miss Miss Miss.

「Is it okay if it has a little more?

I called it an experiment, used [Shield] to my body and decided to test how many slimes that I could hold. Fighting with a lot of slime is something everyone should experience at least once.

I walked a little in the dungeon, not going too far from the stairs to the next level. As a result, another slime comes quickly.

「Where is this slime coming from…

Is the slime that lives in the dungeon dividing and proliferating forever? When I walked with such questions, I felt uncomfortable.


I tilted my head and noticed something.

「Nn? the Shield?

Miss Miss, Ton, Miss!

It feels like, the slime is eating [Shield] on my body. However, not everything is eaten. Most attacks are still miss.

They already consumed 2 of the 5 [Shield] effects.

I must hurry, I saw the slimes that is trying to attack me now there are already around 30.

As expected, it is difficult to avoid over 30 slimes …

Unfortunately, if more slimes gather, it will be an example of full-body slime incident. Healers who didn’t raise his defend stats are just waiting for a miserable future if they can’t escape.

Ton Ton Ton!

「Huh !?

Suddenly, the shield that would have been left 3 was broken.

I saw more slime. I feel like I’m drowning in the slime sea.



It was a moment- a shock blow me away.

It’s a slime that I’ve always avoided. I didn’t think it was so powerful. If i doesn’t stand up immediately, i will be attacked by the slime.


I recovered the damage I had received and starts running to the stairs to the next level.

Worst, about 40 slimes rushed towards me. A small number of them looked like cute mascots, but now they were very scary.

There was even a feeling that I would be swayed by Poyopoyo voice for a while.

「I must run quickly….」

I have run quicky while avoiding the newly encountered slime with ease.

「Good that, slime movement is slow」

if I was a little late, I might have been swallowed by the full-body slime. I arrived at the stairs going to the next level and went ahead.

「Hah,hah,hah…i’m so tired」

I sat because of the turbulent breaths and took a deep breath.

I feel relieved because there is no slime right away.

「But I just made a slime monster house …

It seems that there are not many people who visit this cave. I hope i won’t find a flock of slime anymore. I mean, if I can’t move forward, I have to turn back …

「Maa, after a while they will be scattered in the cave.

So it’s okay.

I concluded to myself that I shouldn’t think too much.

「In the meantime, i can hold it only up to 30 slimes. I don’t need to worry if it’s that much

There is so much that I need right now, such as goods, equipment, money and maybe weapons.

My level is still 1, it’s not good, and i only get the skill just from the spellbook yesterday. For this, i need to hurry and collect the medicinal herbs as much as i can and go to the boss room.

Since my breathing has calmed down, I will continue.

Then after walking for a few minutes I met the first slime. Compared to the first level, I’m relieved because there are fewer slimes, but wait, the type of slime has changed.

「A feathered slime?

The slime with poyopoyo sound jumps on the ground, but this time that feather slime has a great jumping power, makes a popping sound and jumps higher than my height.

And attacked me with magic skills from above it’s head.




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