Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – First Dungeon

After completing the adventurer’s registration, I immediately decided to be a Healer at some party. ―― Seems there is no party that can be asked so far for me, a Healer with Evasion stats.

However, since it is free to speak directly to those who are coming to the adventurer’s guild, I decided to look for a party that would need a Healer.

The first thing I asked was a four-man party.

They have 2 Vanguard, one with a bow and one with a robe. Healers are rare, so they must be Magician.

「Excuse me.」


I spoke to the Vanguard person in my early 20s, who seems to be the oldest.

「I’m a Healer, I’m looking for a party.

「Oh, Healer! It’s unusual to meet a Healer here

Oh, it’s a good start.

The Vanguard man also confirmed with other party members and seeing me with bright face. I can hear everyone whispering in surrounding that said Healer will be helpful.

「We would like to ask you first because it’s the first time we’ve met. Do you have any combat or party experience?

「No, I have no experience yet … but i don’t think i will be a nuisance. I’m a Healer and can look after myself, so I think it’s okay if you don’t protect me.

The good thing about Evasion Healer is that they can avoid enemy attacks, so you don’t have to worry about Healer being surrounded or killed by Monsters.

After it, you can just defeat the enemies that came to me.

「No, but. Everyone started from zero, so what does it mean that you don’t need to be protected? If a monster attacks you, Healers can do nothing about it.

「No problem, I raised my Evasion stats. So i can just avoid monsters that attacked me and you can just need to kill that monsters afterward.


The man opened his eyes wide after hearing my words.

「It may not be very mainstream, i’m an evasion Healer.

「No, Eh, umm, I’m sorry. I can’t bring you into our party.


Said that, the party members out of the adventurer’s guild building.


Why they don’t understand about Evasion Healer.

Ah, there’s no use to think about it. There are still other parties, so let’s talk. I called out to the five people in the break space.

A party with two vanguard and three rearguard. Two people have a bow and one person has a cane. Probably a Magician, not a Healer. Then there is a hope.

Speak to the vanguard man who seems to be the leader and watch the situation.

「Hi, my name is Hiroki. I’m a Healer, and I’m looking for a party.

「Healer! it might be good for our party that is only vanguard and rearguard who focus on attack.


This may be a good touch.

When I thought so, the members of the rearguard also joined the conversation.

「Nice, we dont need to use potions if we have a Healer.

「If you can use skill [Shield], vanguard work will be much easier.

The Magician and Archer say happily, but unfortunately i don’t have [Shield] skills. I’m worried that I might be refused because of lack of experience.

When thinking about how to explain, a Magician woman asked me a question.

「What skills can you use?

「Because i just started, so it’s only [Heal] and [Regeneration].

「Ah, It’s good….」

When she hear my answer, she shrug her shoulders and said, 「unfortunately, you don’t have skill [Shield].」

「Healing alone will help, but Healers need to be protected and need to know their formation.

「Oh, don’t worry. I’m an evasion Healer.

「Evasion? It is the first time i’ve heard it. did you raised your evasion?

Based on the previous failure, I emphasized that evasion Healer is a very useful profession. I said that even if the enemy comes, there is no need to protect me, and even if i get hurt, i can heal myself, so you don’t have to worry about it.

But the answer was the same as the previous party.

「Wow, but we can’t carry one more burden with us.


「I’m sorry, Healer. If you get stronger, let’s hunt together.

「No, I’m sorry for your taking your time.

Despite my disappointment, i sees off the five who leave the adventurer’s guild. Only Archer’s girl who carries a big backpack, is she a newcomer or something?

If i can bring the luggage maybe i can enter the party, that may be fine. I thought it was a moment.

「I don’t have physical strength

Because i’m a gamer, i have no strength and endurance. Instead, we are proud of our ability to concentrate for a long time.

「Alright, next then…

Although it has been refused, there are still other people. When I looked into the adventurer’s guild and tried to speak more, everyone turned away from me.

Oh, is that so?

Judging by the attitude clearly indicated that Healers who use evasion were not necessary.

Since it can’t be helped, I go back to the counter and call out to Harla-san.

「Excuse me, is there any monster around here?」

「Eh? Monster? they are outside the city or in the dungeon. However, the dungeon has a strong individual called dungeon Boss, so the danger is very high.

「I see….」

Basically, party adventurers hunting in dungeons. For beginners and solo is in outside of the city … they often kill monsters that live in the forest.

「Can you tell me about the dungeon around here? And are there any quests other than subjugation that can be received in the dungeon?

「When you leave town and go straight down the highway and go to the right side of the fork, there is a rocky spot. that is the dungeon … is it possible you want to go there?

「In the meantime, I just wanted to see the dungeon. I don’t want to die, so no need to worry.

That’s why I tell Harla-san that there is no need to worry.

Then she thought for a while, and told me about the quest.

「There is a quest to collect herbs that grow in dungeons, you can take them without fighting monsters. But monsters in the dungeon will still attack you, you know?

「Ah, no worries, it’s okay, i’ll take it.

It seems to be an ingredient for making potions, and it seems that this a quest with no time limit. They will buy whatever amount I collect, so I want to take it.

However, it’s already night. Because I don’t have money to stay at an inn, it’s better to go to the dungeon and collect the herbs and rent an inn with the money i get.

Luckily, I always sleep in prison. Even if i stay up all night, there won’t be a problem. Thus i go to the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

「So, this is the dungeon…」

I came to the dungeon as Harla-san told me. The place was immediately known and there was a staircase leading to the basement.

There was a simple tent next to it, and there was a rest space. No one is using it because it is late at night.

「Let’s go inside」

When i go down the stone steps, it looks like an intricate maze.

「I see, it’s definitely a dungeon …

There are torches at regular intervals, and the lights are sufficient.

The width of the road is large enough for several adults to walk side by side. This would allow you to fight with long-edged weapons.

As there is no monster immediately after entering, I expect that it will increase if i go deeper.

Unlike games, we can’t go back if we die here … it’s uncomfortable.

There weren’t many people, so I decided to draw a map in the notebook that i got from Ren.

When i walk and turn the first corner, there is a monster like a light green mucus. It’s a Slime. It was my first meeting because no monsters appeared on the road to the dungeon.

「Even though i’m a Healer, if it’s slime, probably i can beat it?

Slime usually is a small-fry.

Can be defeated at level 1.

「Oh, but I don’t have a weapon.

How about try it with bare hands?

It seems to be sticky, and if it gets swallowed up by the slime body, it won’t accumulate, perhaps.

Thinking about that, the slime noticed me and came to attack me. The gesture is a little cute.

It is trying to hit me, but of course it always missed. Since all the attacks from the Royal Castle soldiers were miss, there is no reason for the slime to hit.

Miss Miss Miss.

Haha, it ’s too easy. After all, it’s the power of the evasion Healer. Why don’t the adventurers notice it?

If you raise your recovery to a certain value, you can raise evasion instead of defense.

However, if you are surrounded by a large number of monsters, you will need a lot of evasion power, so it would be a little easier if you had equipment to strengthen your body.


「For now, it’s time for me to attack.

Somehow I didn’t like to do it with my bare hands, so I tried to kick the slime. However, my legs were repelled by the body and no damage to the slime.



「I know my attack status value is 1, but …

I didn’t expect for it to be no damage at all. The idea is shattered as if it can be beaten about 100 times while avoiding it.

Certainly, everyone has a minimum status.

「Can’t be helped, I’d better just keep going.

I might find the herbs plant and possibly a treasure chest as well.

First of all, because i don’t know the situation, there is no need to forcibly defeat the monsters.


I noticed that there were two slimes attacking me.

But I ignored it because there were no attacks that hit me.

「… For the time being, let’s just ingnored it.

If i can’t beat it, that can’t be helped.

I searching for the medicinal herbs through the dungeon with the slime for the time being.

The goal is to make money and stay at an inn and buy clothes.

I think I will need a lot.

And the slimes is further increased and went to the deep of the dungeon with three slimes now.





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  1. So evasion, is it like he’s dodging or his stats are so high that even if they try to hit him and the attack lands, it counts as a miss due to his evasion? I feel like it is the second one.


  2. This has to be the most forced story I have ever read. I’d be embarrassed to put my name on this word swill if I had vomited it onto paper.


  3. ….. makes no sense, if you know people will diss you for having points in evasion, just omit that fact. Its not as if you loose anything doing so, nor will they since you have a ridiculously high healing stat. So just drop your stupidly high pride over your evasion and just get a party.

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