Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Avoiding The Boss Attack

The dungeons were not as complicated as I had imagined. If you go deeper into it, you will see a staircase that goes down to the basement.

「How deep is it?

Because it’s dim light, i can’t really see the downstairs.

And now, there is about 10 slime trying to attacked me desperately.

Miss Miss Miss Miss!

「Cute slime…」

There were no monsters other than slime in this floor, nor that medicinal herb from the quest.

I have to go further down.

When I step down the stairs, the slime were clinging to me has gone away.


What happened?

「Oh, the slime can’t go downstairs, is it the rule?

In that case, i tried going up the stairs once more, and going down.

Yeah, they really didn’t follow me. Good then.

As i go deeper into the dungeon, i can’t walk with monsters all the time. There must be a limit with my evasion, and I don’t want to get hurt so much in the first time.

However, if there are no monsters in the next floor, i can go quite far.

「Hmm, isn’t it better for me to test the limit of my evasion now?

Ok, let’s do that」

The next level was a mouse monster.

Next is a dog monster. After that, multiple species monsters came out at the same time.

And I got to the 10th floor.

「Oh, the interior on the aisle has become a little luxurious.

Maybe this is the template that becomes beautiful when you go deeper. I was happy and looked around and noticed that a pale orange herb was growing.

In the meantime, I have found and picked a light green herb several times. What I found this time is a rare herb.

「Yosh, yosh. It feels good」

As soon as I started picking medicinal herbs, I heard a growl with low voice.

「Uwaa, what’s that?」

Because suddenly, my shoulder shook in surprise.

Until I came here, the size of the monster I encountered was only as high as my waist.

However, my intuition warned me that the current growl was clearly not on that ratio.

I picked the medicinal herbs in a hurry and pushed them into the bag.

…… what will I do?

Do I have to run away or do i have to believe in my evasion and continue as is?

If i think about security, of course, i can escape. However, given that I didn’t take a single hit before coming here, I still felt that I could afford it.

「No, i don’t want to run away!

Let’s go ahead.

I will walk carefully. If I get attacked, and hurt I have to run as far as possible.

There are no monsters up to the first turn. To that point, it will be approximately 30 meters straight.

I feel bad and sweat on my back. I walked to the corner, took a deep breath and then looked into the aisle so that I could look into it.


I couldn’t stop trembling and closed my mouth with both hands.

「Judging by the look, it must be stronger than the monsters on the previous floor!.

I curses with a low voice and turns my gaze again.

There is a bear monster that was beyond my height. No, it’s a bear, but it has a horn from its head and a red ear.

It seems as if the air is trembling.

Do i think that it was fortunate to seen one? …?

As expected, if there are several, it will be troublesome.

But I don’t know whether the attack power is high or not. I went in front of the scary monster and looked straight ahead. To be honest, my legs are trembling, but I have to hold it.


The bear monster attacked me in a straight line as soon as it seen me.



Miss Miss Miss!

「It was more than I expected.

The bear monster trying to beat me in a great shape, but it doesn’t rub anything.

But I can’t defeat the monster too.

–Afterall, I want to be able to defeat it somehow.

Well, I will not raise my attack status. If i do it halfway, i definitely won’t be able to defeat the strongest ranked monster. So, it’s better to have a party with firepower job and defeat it.

「Yosh, I’ll just pick medicinal herbs as they are.

Delicious food and warm bed, bath too. Let’s welcome them tomorrow without worry.

I ignored the bear who came and picked the pale orange medicinal plant.

According to information from Harla-san, I need 3 bundles to sell it, and each bundle of this medicinal plant cost 1,000 Lotto. This is pretty good.

But because it’s such a simple quest, the price is usually cheaper. Because you have to fight the monsters, it may be difficult.

And it takes time to defeat it, I can understand that this bundle is cost 1,000 Lotto.

Miss Miss Miss.

Miss Miss.

「Yosh. I picked more than enough…


Since it grow at regular intervals, I was able to pick a lot of pale orange herbs. Counting it is 20 bundles. The total is 20,000 Lotto and i can stay at the good inn.

「Fuuhh, I’m relieved.」

Because I crouched when picked the herbs, I stretched my body.

And looking back, …


There were three bear monsters.

「Seriously, I was scared..」

However, there is no problem because i avoids everything.

Of course i can’t attack it too.

I can avoid it, but I’m really sweating. I have to go forward or go home.

It’s a good idea to go back to the surface once you’ve completed the quest.

Yes, to the surface …

「Walk from here to the surface?

Wow, so troublesome.

Now that I am on the 10th floor, I have to climb 10 stairs and walk to the surface.

First, climbing stairs are more tired than down the stairs.

–Is there any teleporter device in here?

Since this is the 10th floor, usually it will be the place to take a break. If there is, it will be in this floor.

So I decided to explore in this floor a little with the bears.

◆ ◆ ◆


「Gurururu, Gao !!

Like a beastmaster, I have 5 bears with me. I was scared at first, but I got used to it, so it looks like a cute kitten.

It’s my strength to adapt quickly.

What appeared before me is a slightly luxurious door decorated with jewels.

A clean light blue door that doesn’t look suitable in a dusty dungeon has lights on both sides. Do they have a door that leads to the lower level that looks like this? It can’t be like that!

「It’s probaly a room with treasure chest … or a boss room?

I heard that this dungeon is near the city, so the difficulty level is low.

When i think about it, the boss must be quite strong!

But even i’m with 5 bears here, in this margin i still can avoid the attack, so if it is about the boss in this dungeon, I might still can afford it. I laughed thinking it, I shook my head and opened the door without hesitation.

Just like when i go downstairs, the monster doesn’t follow me.

The inside is quiet.

「Is there a treasure chest?

The room is about 50 meters wide with a dark shadow in the center.

The eyes gradually become darker, and the person who was seen is surely the boss here. He has a huge club in his hand just standing there.

It’s an orc that usually comes out early in the game.

The sharp eye catches me and seems to want to attack me now. ――No, It kicked the ground with his thick legs and rushed towards me.

It’s cool if i greet it with a sword here …

Unfortunately there are no weapons.

I didn’t have any money to buy it.

 ―――― Etetete

「Huh, isn’t it a small-fry …



「Haha, it’s a hundred years too fast for you to hit me, Orc.

Thinking that if he can hit me with that club.

It’s a pain in my stomach to think that i get hit with that orc club and make me blow.

While whistling, I splendidly avoided the club attack from the orc. Slowly proceeding through the room, there is another door in the back.





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